Evidence Based Medicine Is a Fraud. Here’s Why.


'Evidence Based Medicine, EBM, is the current calling card of conventional medical treatment. Just the sound of it carries the cachet of high quality medicine. Who wouldn’t want health treatments to be based on evidence?

'The reality, though, is that EBM is fraudulent. It gives the impression of proof for efficacy of medical treatment, but is largely a smokescreen designed to sell medical products.
We should first take a hard look at the reality behind so many of the studies evoked to support EBM treatments. It’s becoming a well-known scandal that much of what passes for science in medical journals is at best useless, and at worst is devastatingly harmful—as demonstrated in the mass drugging of women going through the natural process of menopause.'


The Dangers of Gardasil with Dr. Russell Blaylock

Seven Diseases Big Pharma Hopes You Get in 2012

money & pills

'It used to be joked that a consultant is someone who borrows your watch to tell you what time it is. These days, the opportunist is Big Pharma, which raises your insurance premiums and taxes while providing you "low-priced" drugs that you paid for.

How did Pharma get a good third of the United States taking antidepressants, statins, and Purple Pills, albeit at low prices? By selling the diseases of depression, high cholesterol, and gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD. Supply-driven marketing, also known as "Have Drug - Need Disease and Patients," not only turns the nation into pill-popping hypochondriacs, it distracts from Pharma's drought of real drugs for real medical problems.

Of course, not all diseases are Wall Street pleasers. To be a true blockbuster disease, a condition must (1) really exist but have huge diagnostic "wiggle room" and no clear-cut test, (2) be potentially serious with "silent symptoms" said to "only get worse" if untreated, (3) be "underrecognized," "underreported" with "barriers" to treatment, (4) explain hitherto vague health problems a patient has had, (5) have a catchy name - ED, ADHD, RLS, Low T or IBS - and instant medical identity, and (6) need an expensive new drug that has no generic equivalent.

Here are some potential blockbuster diseases Pharma hopes you get in 2012.'


Merck - Too Big to Prosecute?

'There is a surprising reason why the government won't go after drug companies for serious crimes.

It is because government programs like Medicare, Medicaid, and the Veterans Administration would then be barred from doing business with them!'


The Evolution of Revolution: Occupy Your Home

'This week Occupy Wall Street has taken an interesting turn that pushes the movement in a whole new direction. Most of the original camps may have been disbanded, but it is becoming apparent that this was a blessing in disguise. If anything, the establishment should consider those original encampments a warning shot, because they were only the first phase in this new American Revolution.

After being treated like animals by militarized police for exercising their right to free speech, many of the protesters are learning that begging and pleading with this kind of corrupt organization is not going to get them anywhere. But I guess there’s nothing wrong with asking nicely first, right? That surely would be the respectable thing to do, so we can definitely understand everyone wanting to play nice at first.

However, playing nice and “working within the system” all comes to an end when the politicians are just laughing while they send in their goons to violently attack you.The only way that “we the people” will truly win this revolution is if we take matters into our own hands in a series of small battles where we call the enemies bluff every time they attempt to assert their illegitimate authority.'


Homemade Italian Dressing in about FIVE Minutes!

Evidence-Based Medicine: Neither Good Evidence nor Good Medicine

 'Evidence-based medicine (EBM) is the practice of treating individual patients based on the outcomes of huge medical trials. It is, currently the self-proclaimed gold standard for medical decision-making, and yet it is increasingly unpopular with clinicians. Their reservations reflect an intuitive understanding that something is wrong with its methodology. They are right to think this, for EBM breaks the laws of so many disciplines that it should not even be considered scientific. Indeed, from the viewpoint of a rational patient, the whole edifice is crumbling.' 


ALL the Vaccines Are Contaminated - Every Last One of Them

'Have you been rushing out to get a yearly flu vaccine or diligently taking your children for the 40 or so mandated childhood vaccines?

That's really a shame because you have unwittingly been trading a run-of-the-mill flu or just the measles, for loading up your or your children's bodies with cancer and other deadly viruses, a destructive bacteria, a chemical selected to damage fertility, and with synthetic DNA that threatens to damage your own DNA - the biologic code for your existence.'


German New Medicine - How You Control Your Own Healing

The Healthiest Children In The Future Will Be Unvaccinated


'The emerging generation of unvaccinated children will be among the healthiest in the world, and they'll have their parents to thank. The refusal of significant numbers of parents to vaccinate their children has created a sizable population numbering in the millions around the world and has raised a number of important public health issues, namely why do we continue to vaccinate at all.

Unvaccinated children will never have dangerous, immune suppressing, carcinogenic, neurotoxic and infertility promoting chemicals pumped into their bodies. These include those chemicals that are found in almost every FDA approved vaccine.' 


Indiana Sheriff rebuffs FDA; protects farmers


'John Moody at Food Clubs & Coops notes that the second Raw Milk Freedom Riders event will ride from Wisconsin to Chicago.

He also reports that Elkhart County, IN farmers David Hochstetler and Richard Hebron were subpoenaed by the US Dept of Justice at the behest of the FDA. But, Sheriff Brad Rogers stepped in and notified the DOJ that if they wanted to have any dealings with those under his protection and jurisdiction, they would have to go through him.'


Nano Chemtrails

'If you did not enjoy "traditional" chemtrails raining down on you, you are not going to like the new version, which the United States Air Force promises will feature aerial dumps of programmable "smart" molecules tens of thousands of times smaller than the particles already landing people in emergency rooms with respiratory, heart and gastrointestinal complaints. Under development since 1995, the military's goal is to install microprocessors incorporating gigaflops computer capability into "smart particles" the size of a single molecule. 

Invisible except under the magnification of powerful microscopes, these nano-size radio-controlled chips are now being made out of mono-atomic gold particles. Networked together on the ground or assembling in the air, thousands of sensors will link into a single supercomputer no larger than a grain of sand. 

Brought to you by the same military-corporate-banking complex that runs America's permanent wars, Raytheon Corp is already profiting from new weather warfare technologies. The world's fourth largest military weapons maker bought E-Systems in 1995, just one year after that military contractor bought APTI, holder of Bernard Eastlund's HAARP patents.' 


The Five Levels of Healing

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The First Thing to do When a Cold or Flu Strikes

Powerful Profile of a Flu Vaccine Victim

Practicing The Power of NOW - Eckhart Tolle - Full Audio Book

So What Does it Mean that Studies Reveal that Moderate Drinkers Are Healthier than Teetotalers ?


 'We all know that drinking too much can be bad for us; but did you know that drinking too little could be hazardous?'

'I don't want to go to rehab, but a raft of recent studies show that moderate alcohol consumption lowers our risks for many dire conditions including heart disease, stroke, gallstones, diabetes and dementia. Some studies even suggest that the answer to pesky menopause symptoms comes in six-packs and goes great with pretzels.

The keyword here is "moderate." Some studies define this as one drink per week; others as up to four drinks per day. This haziness notwithstanding, these studies show that heavy drinkers are far more likely than moderate drinkers to die from certain diseases.
But so are people who don't drink at all.

It's a bell curve. But while one half of the bell is well, duh, the other half -- the half involving abstinence -- is pretty shocking. In study after study, abstainers get sick and die sooner and in larger numbers than moderate drinkers.'


OWS Still Alive! West Coast Port Shutdown Action Announcement

'Anti-corporatism protesters from across the United States are heading towards Washington D.C. to “Take Back the Capitol,” saying the US Congress does not represent them. "The Capitol is the people's house, and we're here to declare an economic emergency for the 99 percent," said an activist, John Butler, NBC Washington TV network reported Monday on its website.

The United States Capitol is the meeting place of the US Congress, located in Washington D.C, sitting atop Capitol Hill at the eastern end of the National Mall. A political action group in Washington known as “Our DC” has planned to launch several days of protests starting Monday night at the National Mall, which is an open-area of the National Park Service in downtown Washington. Along with other US partners, the group is hosting thousands of people from all over the country. The action is called "Take Back the Capitol."' Read more...

10 Natural Tips To Boost Immunity This Winter


'Flu season is headed our way and in a few weeks many will suffer, but you don't have to be one of them if you start boosting immunity now. Here are 10 simple ways to prep your body so it's 


Demand Demonic Big Pharma Stop Torturing Innocent Animals for Toxic Fake Drugs that earn them BILLIONS

The greatness of a society and its moral progress can be judged by the way it treats its animals. ~Mahatma Gandhi.

Radiation From Cell Phones and WiFi Are Making People Sick -- Are We All at Risk?

'Consider this story: It's January 1990, during the pioneer build-out of mobile phone service. A cell tower goes up 800 feet from the house of Alison Rall, in Mansfield, Ohio, where she and her husband run a 160-acre dairy farm. The first thing the Rall family notices is that the ducks on their land lay eggs that don't hatch. That spring there are no ducklings.

By the fall of 1990, the cattle herd that pastures near the tower is sick. The animals are thin, their ribs are showing, their coats growing rough, and their behavior is weird -- they're agitated, nervous. Soon the cows are miscarrying, and so are the goats. Many of the animals that gestate are born deformed. There are goats with webbed necks, goats with front legs shorter than their rear legs.

One calf in the womb has a tumor the size of a basketball, another carries a tumor three feet in diameter, big enough that he won't pass through the birth canal. Rall and the local veterinarian finally cut open the mother to get the creature out alive. The vet records the nightmare in her log: "I've never seen anything like this in my entire practice... All of [this] I feel was a result of the cellular tower."'


U.S.-Canadian Border Deal to Streamline GMO Approval: Confirmed


'Our report sounding the alarm that Obama and Harper’s secretive border deal, due to be signed next week, would be used to fast track GMO acceptance has been confirmed. The details have been kept under wraps, but recent reports revealed that the ‘Beyond Borders’ security and law enforcement deal would also seek to ‘harmonize’ U.S. and Canadian regulatory standards for food, auto and other trade sectors.

The Globe and Mail confirms that the North American Union security perimeter initiative, sold to the public as new security measures at the border, has a second major component– the Canada-U.S. Regulatory Co-operation Council.

Mr. Harper… said there are two issues on the joint security and economic agenda of the two countries. One, he said, is the border and perimeter initiative, and the other is Canada-U.S. Regulatory Co-operation Council.

“We are seeking ways of ensuring security in North America while at the same time making sure that we continue strong Canadian access to the American market,” Mr. Harper told reporters.
This will encompass far more than just the terms under which food can cross the border– it will put approval for biotechnology on a fast track in both countries and impose FDA and other regulations on both countries.'


Coast To Coast AM - 1.2.2011 - 1/12 - Alternative Cancer Treatments

Loss of Probiotics & Enzymes: ‘Harmonizing’ World Trade Puts Canadians’ Health at Risk


'In the face of thousands of annual deaths from pharmaceutical drugs, a recent study showing a direct—and probable cause and effect—link between vaccines and autism, and incontestable fraud and slanting of studies in the medical science realm, Canada is on the verge of banning nearly all probiotics and enzymes as “unsafe”.'


BioWar : Elite develop Genetically engineered weapons to eliminate ethnic and racial groups

5 Popular But Harmful Drugs That Can Be Replaced With Marijuana


'The notion that any authority can determine what a sovereign human being can and cannot ingest into their own body is the very essence of control. Banning any substance from responsible adult consumption no matter how harmful should simply not be permitted in a free society. 

However, certain substances are deemed so harmful by “experts” that they claim to adversely affect society as a whole and thus they’re banned from the population. Of course, force of laws with guns and jails have never been able to eliminate their use throughout history. So, as a practical matter, banning any substance from society always tends to do more harm than good.


Mainstream Media MIND CONTROL with Surprise Celente Prediction at End

The Amish medical experiment — no vaccines, no autism; is there a link?

Have the Amish been part of an accidental medical trial? Photo via West Virginia Outpost

' “People outside the alternative health community are often confused by the lack of autism in the Amish people. The Amish do not experience autism, or any of the other learning disabilities that plague our technological society.'


The Great Culling


Chemtrails - David Icke - Alex Jones - Stewart Swerdlow

Flu Vaccine Damages Children’s Immune System. Is the Risk of Cancer Increased?


'Not only does the influenza type A vaccine offer little or no benefit, it also weakens the immune system in children—making them more prone to every other influenza virus. It is, at best, a crap shoot as to which influenza strains will make the rounds in any season. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that people continue to get the flu after having the vaccinations.

Potentially even worse, though, is that the particular part of the immune system harmed by the vaccine also defends against cancer.'