Why Is Red Wine Good For Your Heart?

Why Is Red Wine Good For Your Heart?

'I stand by the research that my guilty pleasure, red wine is so loaded with antioxidants that it’s necessary to indulge in it regularly. It’s known for polyphenols found in grapes, which protect the body from free radicals that damage cells. Damaged cells can lead to a host of ailments down the line as well as aging.

Red wine has been specifically associated with cardiovascular health. While it makes sense that this results from the protection of cells in the body that lead to the breakdown of the cardiovascular system, a new study published in Food Research International points to more precise benefits.'


FDA Wages Secret War on Raw Milk Farmers Using KGB-style Spying and Infiltration Techniques


'After weeks of investigation, NaturalNews can now reveal that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is waging a clandestine war on raw milk dairy farmers through a network of government spies who are coached on infiltration and social engineering techniques. Resembling the Stasi East German police or KGB of the former Soviet Union, these undercover FDA agents meet each month for a "spying roundtable" phone conference called the Raw Milk Call during which techniques of infiltration are openly discussed and encouraged. NaturalNews can now reveal that the majority of these undercover FDA agents are women, who are more easily able to infiltrate the raw dairy community with techniques of social engineering.' 


Chemtrail Hell

Vaccines are Dangerous


The Government Says So!

'Finally! The mainstream admits that vaccines are dangerous and cause certain side effects, sometimes serious ones! AP writer Lauran Neergaard did not have the nerve to put in print that the rare but really serious side effects include death but we can rest assured and trust (not really—I am being sarcastic here) the Institute of Medicine’s assertion that there is no link between vaccines and with autism and type-1 diabetes.

According to the first comprehensive safety review in 17 years (required by law) the side effects that doctors long have known about, such as fever-caused seizures and occasional brain inflammation are risks parents take every time they take their kids in for shots.
“All health care interventions, however, carry the possibility of risk and vaccines are no exception,” said pediatrician and bioethicist Dr. Ellen Wright Clayton of Vanderbilt University, who chaired the institute panel. The Institute of Medicine found convincing evidence of 14 side effects:'


Alternative Cancer Cures Suppressed

Health Videos - Some Cancer Treatments are Being Suppressed

Health Videos - This Could be the Cause of Most Cancers

FDA Propaganda Attempts to Destroy the Dietary Supplement Industry


'It is not surprising that FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg would use blatant and deceptive propaganda to attack the dietary supplement industry. As a self-proclaimed “zealot for the advancement of regulatory science,” Hamburg would like the consumer public to believe the earth is flat—and that dietary supplements cannot prevent and help treat disease. 

She is well-educated in science, especially neuropharmacology and the new genomic science, thus it poses a dilemma for her when study after study demonstrates the power of dietary supplement ingredients. These studies show that dietary supplement ingredients influence the human genome in ways that prevent disease as well as offer practical solutions to help treat most common, age-related diseases that afflict millions of Americans. Such diseases include type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and many resistant forms of cancer.'


10 Herbs and Spices to Make You Healthy


'Spices do more than make food taste great. Recent research is showing that spices can reduce signs of aging, inhibit degenerative disease, and promote health and wellbeing. The Mediterranean diet, so often associated with good health and lack of disease, relies heavily on the use of spices. But you don't have to follow the Mediterranean way of eating to gain the amazing health benefits these inexpensive flavor boosters have to offer. 

Spices have been highly valued throughout history. In 2300 B.C. the Assyrians wrote that the gods drank sesame seed wine before creating the earth. Spices were the currency that sent adventurers across unknown oceans to find new trade routes. Columbus discovered the New World during a trip in search of spices, and the British Raj occupied India to access its spice and tea trade.'

Is ‘Blood Stagnation’ Making You Ill?


'We all know that blood circulates in our bodies. But what you may not know is that aside from being a vital nutrient substance blood can also be a cause of pain in the body. One of the ways blood causes pain is when it becomes “stagnant.” That is, locations where blood becomes “static” (e.g., sluggish) in the organs and tissues.

The following list of common ailments related to the quality of blood, paints a picture of how many different issues are related to the quality of our blood.'


Every Cancer Can be Cured in Weeks

Health Videos - Every Cancer Can be Cured in Weeks

More Insanity from Oncologists

 'The New York Times recently ran a story entitled, “Hot Chemotherapy Bath: Patients See Hope, Critics Hold Doubts.” It states, “The therapy, which couples extensive abdominal surgery with blasts of heated chemotherapy to the abdominal cavity and its organs, was once a niche procedure used mainly against rare cancers of the appendix.” '

'Most academic medical centers shunned it. More recently, as competition for patients and treatments intensifies, an increasing number of the nation’s leading medical centers have been offering the costly—and controversial—therapy to patients with the more common colorectal or ovarian cancers. And some hospitals are even publicizing the treatment as a hot “chemo bath.”'


Which Cancer Prevention Technique Has Nothing To Do With Drugs or Nutrition?


'A large body of evidence continues to support past research about the anti-cancer effects of exercise and link between physical activity and cancer prevention. "We now believe physical activity is a primary component of preventing cancer," said Abby Bloch from the American Cancer Society's advisory committee on nutrition and physical activity.

The anti-cancer effects of exercise are due to increases in a protein that blocks cell growth and induces cell death, according to Australian researchers.'

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Top 14 Antioxidant-Rich Foods For Super Health Benefits 7

'It’s common knowledge that antioxidants protect us from dangerous substances called free radicals that can lead to many chronic diseases. Science touts antioxidants and their role in everything from preventing cancer and heart disease to boosting the immune system and slowing the aging process. AgingCare.com has asked top doctors to give their choices for antioxidant-rich foods and drinks that lead to major health benefits. 


Patients sue drugs firm over the diet pills that 'left them suicidal'

Action: Obese patients who took the drug Acomplia are taking legal action because they claim it left them depressed and suicidal

'Obese patients who took a diet pill to curb their appetites are taking legal action after they claim it led to them becoming depressed and suicidal.

The Government demanded that the drug, Acomplia, be taken off the market two years ago after it was linked to severe psychiatric problems.

At least one person in Britain taking the drug committed suicide and there have been nearly 1,300 reports of other psychiatric side effects, figures from the medicines watchdog show.'


Success of Energy Healing Awakens Higher Consciousness

'Medical care is another area that people are re-evaluating. Though all of us have benefited from modern medicine in some way, there are limitations. Many of us have watched as friends and family members battling illness were ravaged by chemotherapy, surgical blades and harsh drugs. Other times, we’ve been told by doctors to basically give up hope because they say an illness is “incurable.” This has led to the search for a more holistic way of healing. 

The first thing to understand about healing is that only the body can heal itself. The goal of any treatment must be to allow the imbalanced immune system to regain harmony to the degree that it can heal the body. The next thing to realize is that we are more than a physical body. Just as there are frequencies of light outside the visible spectrum, such as infrared and ultraviolet, so are there aspects of our bodies that are outside our perception. The physical body is just one aspect of the energetic body or field that truly defines “life.”' 


Government Protects "the Children" From Parents and Raw Milk


This dumbed-down piece on the website Real Raw Milk Facts is one of the most inept propaganda pieces I have ever seen making the case against raw milk. The author of the piece, Richard Raymond, invokes hyperbolic history and distorted facts to make the case that, under no instance, should any person be able to freely purchase raw milk. Among the many reasons he wants to see federal laws against the sale and purchase of raw milk: the CDC and the FDA do not endorse raw milk. He writes:

'Laws are written for a reason, usually to help keep us safe. Parents who find ways to circumvent the laws should be held responsible when their children suffer because of their actions.
But to buy this product and feed it to your children? Might as well lock them in your car on a 100 degree day while you stop by the casino to try and win the jackpot.'  "


Autistic Girl Stolen from Her Father and Forcibly Drugged by the Canadian Government: The Corrupt Business


by Heidi Stevenson

23 August 2011

Photos of Ayn Van Dyk

 Ayn Van Dyk


Since being grabbed, Ayn has been placed on three different antipsychotics. She and her father are just one example of families devastated by this racket.

'It started with an incident that happens in homes all over—a little girl got out of her back yard and disappeared. The immediate ending was happy: Her father desperately searched for her, then phoned the police to report her missing. A couple of hours later she was found in a neighbor's yard, unharmed and playing quietly. On her return, she ran into her father's arms.

But then, four days later, the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) of British Columbia, Canada, abducted her. They said it was voluntary—but it clearly wasn't. They said it was to alleviate the burden on her father—but he didn't want to be alleviated. So, she was taken forcibly. Little Ayn Van Dyk, an autistic child, a child in a loving home who requires the constancy of her family even more than most children, was ripped away from everything she knew and loved. She wasn't even given the chance to take her own toys or clothing.'



Massive Assault Against the Children

What doctor would vaccinate the above child?

'The medical charity, Doctors Without Borders (MSF – Medecins Sans Frontieres), launched a mass vaccination against measles on the 18th of August 2011 at a refugee camp in southern Ethiopia hosting Somalis. The vaccination program is targeting children under 15. Many if not all of the Somali refugees also suffer from malnutrition reported aid agencies. “Malnutrition is very high,” said MSF emergency coordinator Guillem Perez. A drought in the Horn of Africa has left some 12 million people facing starvation. 

What is wrong with this story? Seems like a normal enough thing to do—go into a refugee camp and vaccinate everyone. But there was a time, when doctors were doctors, that they would not vaccine children when their immune systems were compromised by the flu or even a bad cold. Certainly no doctor in his right mind would vaccinate if their patients had a high fever or any serious acute situation going on.'


Beat the Heat With a Healthy Summertime Smoothie


'Nothing says refreshment quite like the summertime smoothie. These blended concoctions are a great way to cool down and power up, especially in the summer heat. The downside? Many commercially available smoothies you might find at your local convenience store contain refined sugars, artificial colorings and flavorings, and other unwanted, highly processed ingredients. However, it's easy to make your own smoothie and include delicious healthful ingredients that will give you sustained energy, powerful nutrition and sweet relief from that summer heat.

Smoothies are an easy way to maximize your fruit and vegetable consumption. The benefits of fruits and veggies are backed up by numerous studies -- not to mention common sense and the wisdom of grandma.'


Real Death From Above: The Morgellons Epidemic

Diabetes, Cannabinoid Therapy & Magnesium


'There is nothing more needed in medicine today than a way of treating diabetes and metabolic syndrome because these syndromes lead directly to cancer, heart disease and stroke. I wrote New Paradigms in Diabetic Care to address what doctors and medical officials are loath to face—the real causes of diabetes. Diabetes is not the hopeless disease that most doctors would have us believe. There are safe treatments and lifestyle changes that will prevent diabetes from destroying your life.'

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta declares that
33% of the babies born this year will be diabetic by the year 2050.
Dr. Alan Cantwell

'Dr. Gregory T. Carter, Clinical Associate Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine, University of Washington School of Medicine says, “Marijuana is a complex substance containing over 60 different forms of cannabinoids, the active ingredients. Cannabinoids are now known to have the capacity for neuromodulation via direct, receptor-based mechanisms at numerous levels within the nervous system. These have therapeutic properties that may be applicable to the treatment of neurological disorders including anti-oxidative, neuroprotective, analgesic and anti-inflammatory actions, immunomodulation, modulation of glial cells and tumor growth regulation.[10] Intracellular changes and altered signaling of the neurons seems to be the principle effects of the cannabinoids in marijuana.'


Diet and Culture of Abkhasian Centenarians


'The Abkhasians had a way of life that is out of reach for modern man, or so it seems! One of the arguments that is often used to promote modern medical technology (vaccinations etc) is that we are living to be much older than we used to. I must point out that even with all of our advanced medical technology, we still haven’t managed to extend our lives, with most of our faculties (including sexual vigor!) still intact, as long as the Abkhasians or other long-living peoples (110-130 yrs) managed to do without any of our medical intervention.' 


FDA Says: "So What?!!...We Must Depopulate


'When Michael Delaney of the FDA called Dr. Betty Martini at 2:45 AM she was amazed.  She confronted Delaney, and demanded: "FDA hasn’t answered my 'Imminent Health Hazard' petition on aspartame, and people are sick and dying all over the world.”

Delaney replied with a shocking admission of a government cover-up of its covert clandestine Depopulation Agenda, and brazenly exclaimed: "So What?!!  We have to Depopulate!!" '

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To Drug or Not to Drug?


'So how do we do it? How do we transition our belief systems to one of undeserved trust in the often deadly drugs - to trust in our own vitality, our inherent healing mechanisms? How do we incorporate the natural or energy medicine that we have been told over and over is weak medicine, is voodoo, is sheer lunacy as my critics will readily blurt out all over the internet. 

I know for a fact that the skeptics are drinking the allopathic kool-aid and are dependent on surgery and pharmaceutical drugs. Just about every conventional medical doctor I worked with was on some sort of pill. The critics want scientific proof that homeopathy, acupuncture, yoga, energy medicine, happiness, physical activity, creativity, and spirituality create lasting health.'


A Mental Healing Science from Russia

'A last-minute notice of a seminar in Phoenix results in this remarkable Talk For Food program, when Adam talks with Alexander Teetz (“tates”), of the SVET Center in Hamburg, Germany, becoming one of the first media people to discuss the groundbreaking healing work of two Russians, Grigori Grabovoi and Arcady Petrov.

'The SVET Center for Mental and Spiritual Technologies was founded by Svetlana Smirnova, a neurologist from Omsk, Siberia, and student of Arcady Petrov, whose school teaches, among other things, clairvoyance. Petrov, who himself studied universal principles espoused by Grabovoi and presented himself as proof of said principles when his gallbladder regenerated, has witnessed and facilitated many cases of organ regeneration at his Moscow clinic.

Interest in their healing methods, wherein consciousness and intention are integral aspects, in conjunction with a series of outlined exercises, is growing. The principles indicate that their power to transform our reality rests within each of us, with no regard to nationality, title, social or economic standing, or severity of disability. A willingness to be one with the Original Information Matrix of Creation, is all that is necessary.

Smirnova and Teetz have been instrumental in translating the works of Grabovoi and Petrov from Russian into German, and now, into English. In only their third trip to the United States, their path (and hearts) led them to Arizona, and now, into your mind.

The world is surely headed for a wonderful change.'

Happiness: 69 Year-Old Women Has Not Used Money In 15 Years

'Heidemarie Schwermer, a 69-year-old woman from Germany, gave up using money 15 years ago and says she’s been much happier ever since. Heidemarie’s incredible story began 22 years ago, when she, a middle-aged secondary school teacher emerging from a difficult marriage, took her two children and moved to the city of Dortmund, in Germany’s Ruhr area. One of the first things she noticed was the large number of homeless people, and this shocked her so much that she decided to actually do something about it. She had always believed the homeless didn’t need actual money to be accepted back into society, only a chance to empower themselves by making themselves useful, so she opened a Tauschring (swap shop), called “Gib und Nimm” (Give and Take).'


Children Under Siege: Big Pharma Defines 'Better'

'Featuring Chill EB - Psycho/pharma spends billions of dollars a year marketing mental 'disorders' & drugs for kids -- yet these drugs are documented by international drug regulatory agencies to cause mania, psychosis, hallucinations, suicide, violence, homicidal ideation, heart attack, stroke and death. What's more, they are being prescribed for psychiatric disorders that are simply a checklist of behaviors.'

What If It's All Been a Big Fat Lie? (Part 1 of 6)

The Health Benefits of Yoga


'When some people think of yoga, they imagine having to stretch like a gymnast. That makes them worry that they're too old, unfit, or "tight" to do yoga. The truth is you're never too old to improve flexibility.

The series of yoga poses called asanas work by safely stretching your muscles. This releases the lactic acid that builds up with muscle use and causes stiffness, tension, pain, and fatigue. In addition, yoga increases the range of motion in joints. It may also increase lubrication in the joints. The outcome is a sense of ease and fluidity throughout your body.

Yoga stretches not only your muscles but all of the soft tissues of your body. That includes ligaments, tendons, and the fascia sheath that surrounds your muscles. And no matter your level of yoga, you most likely will see benefits in a very short period of time. In one study, participants had up to 35% improvement in flexibility after only eight weeks of yoga. The greatest gains were in shoulder and trunk flexibility.'


Gregg Braden - The Science of Miracles (1 of 6)