Cancer: Step Outside The Box (Pt 4

Study Shows Anxiety May Be Caused By The Gut

'Researchers have finally found conclusive proof that the balance of bacteria in your gut may have more to do with your mood than any other contributing factor. Do you struggle with anxiety? Irritability? Depression? How about your friends or children? If yes, then this recently published study done by researchers at McMaster University may provide one of the keys to unlock mental clarity and wellness.'


Vaccination Adjuvant Works By Killing Cells: Cause of Autoimmune Disorders?

'Adjuvants are known to increase the ability of vaccines to cause the immune system to make antibodies. Aluminum has been used because it's particularly effective. However, how it works was unknown until a study just published in the journal Nature Medicine. What they found is quite disturbing. Aluminum in vaccines causes cell death, but not of a normal sort, as in apoptosis.

This may be the explanation for much of the autoimmune disease that's experienced by so many people today. Freestanding DNA and other bits of cells are not normal.'


Food, Control and the Growing Police State

'Food has always been a tool the elite have used to control the masses. When you control the food supply, you control everything, even life and death. A starving man is more likely to sell his soul for a potato then someone with a full tummy. The relatively free market of food production and distribution that has been in place in this nation for a few centuries now has led to unrivaled prosperity.

Food can, in fact, be grown for practically nothing if you have the land, the time and can afford to buy just a few heirloom seeds to grow the organic vegetables necessary for good health. This will save you money, is better for you than grocery store vegetables which may be genetically modified or may contain unwanted chemicals, and helps you to become less dependent on the state for your survival.'


8 Ways to Detox Your Body in Less Than 30 Days

Genetic Armageddon: Humanity's Greatest Threat

'Pandora’s Box has surely been opened. A dangerous genetic experiment has come out of the shadows, and the human-animal hybrids, chimeras and other transgenic clones it has yielded now threaten to endanger and irrevocably alter life as we know it. 

The controllers of elite-funded science and R & D have wantonly tampered with the genetic code of the planet, ignoring the rather obvious dangers posed by cross-species experimentation and flagrantly jeopardizing the earth’s delicately-balanced biodiversity. In a special video, Alex Jones addresses the profound risks posed by genetically-modified hybrids now featuring prominently in the field of biotechnology.'

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11 Herbs for Strong Bones

'Our bones define us, make us beautiful, provide leverage for movement and allow us to stand upright. We build bone until our third decade. After that, a steady loss begins, like sand slipping through an hourglass. Nevertheless, while osteoporosis has become a major public health problem, it is not inevitable. A number of strategies will keep your bones strong—and some of them run counter to the party line on osteoporosis prevention.'


Raw Milk Unfreedom and FDA Propaganda

'On the raw milk front, has some interesting survey results on comparative raw milk regulations on a state-by-state basis. To summarize, thirty states allow consumers to transact with raw milk producers while twenty states prohibit that act of freedom. And don't forget that federal laws prevent the sale of any raw milk, from anywhere, over state lines. The fed's response to the good white stuff moving over state lines is sending in armed soldiers in full battle gear to destroy the enemy.'


Medical Doctor Treatments Kill

Health Videos - Medical Doctor Treatments Kill

'Dr. Peter Glidden states that medical treatment is the third leading cause of death in the United States. Why? And why is it allowed to continue? Dr. Glidden explains the dangers of conventional drug based medicine. He also talks about the evolution of the medical field and how prescription drugs started to take over.'

Is Your Doctor Getting Away With a Class A Felony? -

Health Videos - Is Your Doctor Getting Away With a Class A Felony?

'Dr. Joel Wallach says many effective cures will never become mainstream due to powerful pharma and insurance lobbies. Withholding those cures, he says, should be a class A felony. Your doctor is not required to cure you. That's one of the main reasons Dr. Joel Wallach says many therapies aren't mainstream. He also talks about why that trend might be changing.'

Lavender Effective Against Drug Resistant Staph Infection, MRSA

'Lavender has long been noted for its calming effects, but its benefits go far beyond that. It fights fungal infections and drug resistant bacteria with 100% effectiveness.'

'Lavender has long been a favorite plant for use in essential oils and for its lovely scent in sachets. Those are useful and pleasant effects, but hidden inside this unassuming and easy-to-grow plant are abilities that modern medicine can't provide. Among other benefits, lavender can counteract drug resistant staph infections (MRSA) and fungal infections. And that's not the end of lavender's health benefits. It's one of nature's great gifts, providing all of the following benefits:' 


East Asian Mushroom Doubles Life Expectancy of Cancer Patients

'There's hope for liver cancer patients. And it doesn't come in the form of toxic chemicals or invasive surgery...which kill you before the cancer does. This remedy is an all-natural compound. It boosts the immune system and can double your survival rate after surgery. And if you don't have liver cancer, it can keep you from getting it.' 


Consolidation of Seed Companies Leading to Corporate Domination of World Food Supply

'Throughout the history of agriculture across the globe, farming has always been a diversified sector of the economy. Small, self-sustaining, family farms were the order of the day in most cultures. Even as small farms grew larger and more specialized over time, many of them still saved seeds or purchased them from other farmers, which kept control of farming in the hands of the people. But today everything has changed, as large chemical and agribusiness firms have acquired or merged with seed companies and other agricultural input companies. 

They have successfully gained a foothold on genetically-modified (GM) crops with transgenic traits. These primary factors and several others have facilitated a crescendo towards the global domination of agriculture by corporations, and thus the world's food supply.' 


The Whole Wheat Hoax

'Is whole wheat bread more healthful than white bread? 

The vast majority of shoppers — including those with a high "health IQ" — think so. And that’s just what food marketers want you to believe. But the truth may knock you for a loop.
You see, many “whole wheat” products are just as bad as white bread — and some are even worse. 

Keep reading and I’ll blow away the smoke that may be clouding your eyes so you can “hokum-proof” your whole grain purchases and bring home the real McCoy.' 


Things You Should Know About Arthritis

'Osteoarthritis, also called degenerative joint disease, occurs to some degree in all of us as we age. As we go through life, our joints accumulate evidence of wear; on x-ray, this evidence includes decreased joint space, thickening of bones where they meet to form a joint, and even bone spurs. 

Show me an x-ray of anyone who is 35 years or older and chances are really good that I can show you multiple signs of some stage of osteoarthritis - call this an inevitable consequence of living in a world governed by gravity. 

The goal for all of us should be to minimize wear and tear, thereby decreasing our risk of developing painful stages of osteoarthritis. Here are some thoughts on how to accomplish this:'


Children are dying from ADHD Drugs

'We did all we could to convince state and federal government about the methods used in the miss-diagnosing of thousands of children with in ADD - Attention Deficit Disorder and ADHD Attention hyperactivity disorder of ADHD and psychotropic drugging of children with Ritalin and other drugs.

Since the death of our 14-year-old son Matthew caused from the use of Ritalin prescribed for ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) our family has been informing others world wide via the internet about ADHD and the dangers of psychotropic drugs in memory of our son and countless other children that have died over the years as a direct result of using psychotropic drugs.'


Moms for Marijuana (Yes, You Read That Right)

'Starting an international movement to promote the benefits of cannabis was never Serra Frank’s intention when, in 2005, she created a simple MySpace page.

The Boise, Idaho, native had been suffering from interstitial cystitis since 2002, although it took seven years to get a correct diagnosis. Interstitial cystitis is not a pretty medical condition. A chronic inflammation that prevents the walls of the bladder from expanding properly, which in turn causes them to crack and bleed, it can hurt like hell. When Frank’s symptoms first surfaced in 2002, she was pregnant with her second child. Her doctor prescribed Percocet, an acetaminophen/oxycodone combination, but it failed to quell her pain.'

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Thyroid Disease: Are You Sick, Tired, Overweight?


by Dr. Mark Hyman

'ARE YOU ONE OF THE 30 MILLION women and 15 million men who have a chronic medical problem that is both under-diagnosed and under-treated? Are you suffering from vague symptoms that you think are normal parts of life, such as fatigue, feeling sluggish in the morning, and having trouble with your memory, concentration, or focus? Do you have dry skin or fluid retention? Is your sex drive not what it used to be? Are your hands and feet cold all the time? Is your hair thinning, your voice a little hoarse, your fingernails a little thick? Is your cholesterol high? Do you have trouble losing weight or have you gained weight recently?'


Healing Yourself with Sound

'When you’re plagued by lethargy, stress and anxiety, the simple practice of healing sound can renew your sense of well-being. If you try the ancient Taoist Qigong practice of human sound healing, you’ll find it simple to use but profound in its benefits.' 

Does Sound And Music Have A Healing Effect On Our Body?

Who owns our health? Building a medicinal garden

'Dr Vivienne Lo has created a medicinal herb spiral in central London to address issues around the use of food and herbs as medicine in everyday home remedies or as dangerous substances to be regulated.'
Healing Your Liver with TEA

6 Ways Food is Being Used as a Weapon

'Because of massive corporate consolidation of agriculture, centrally coordinated global regulations, a devalued commodity-dollar and unrestrained commodity speculation, chemical and genetic modification, and real or manipulated food shortages; there is indeed a war being waged -- with food as the primary weapon.  Understand, this is a not purely a war on food, but rather a war on the general population. Therefore, it is crucial to understand these tactics in order to defend against them.

Here are six ways food is being used to wage war against the population:'

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Vitamin D is better than ANY vaccine and increases the immune system by 3-5 times

The Smear Campaign They Used to Try to Shut Us Up

'This respected organization wrote a letter to CBS, pressuring them to take this message down, which was leaked to bloggers who started a smear campaign. Can you really trust conventional health education when they are so desperate to hide this?'

by Dr. Mercola

'Barbara Loe Fisher is a pioneer in vaccine education and safety, and the founder of the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC).
In an effort to educate and offer a counterbalance to the massive amounts of traditional mass media exposure on vaccines, which rarely ever mentions the potential dangers, we co-sponsored a message that was featured on the New York Time Square’s Jumbotron in March of this year. It was a 15-second spot that ran every hour, 24/7 for five weeks. To say it caused a stir would be an understatement. Here, Fisher discusses the controversy that ensued.'

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Healing Cancer Alternative No Operation No Chemo No Drugs

'This interview was recorded in April 2011 on the Joy For Life Retreat Australia. The woman speaking has healed herself from cancer by consuming mostly green smoothies and doing Byron Katie's 'The Work '.'

Murdoch and Vaccines: Exposure of Crimes Reveals a Much Larger Story

'But what has not yet been covered is the media circus Murdoch’s London Times created internationally as it fabricated lies against a respected British doctor, with consequences that could impact the lives of billions of children in the world.

The London Times headlines read:
Callous, unethical and dishonest’: Dr Andrew Wakefield, MMR scare doctor Andrew Wakefield makes fortune in US ,Andrew Wakefield & MMR – the investigation – by Brian Deer ,London Times : MMR doctor Andrew Wakefield ’abused his position of trust.’
Andrew Wakefield was a respected British gastroenterologist who began research into digestive problems in autistic children in collaboration with other doctors in the UK, after being called by parents seeking help.  His work indicated severe digestive issues and he asked for more investigation of the MMR vaccine.'


VRM: Vaccine Clinic – A Concise Compendium To The Problem With Vaccines

Factors determining the extent of vaccine derived neurological damage: 


'Vaccines are injected into deep muscle tissue/subcutaneously, either route which literally bypasses one’s natural defences altogether. Thus the body is left vulnerable to multiple live viruses, heavy metals, antibiotics, detergent & other additives found in the shots. The vast majority of infections enter the body through the nasal passages & the Gastro-Intestinal Tract or the guts. that’s where 80% of the body’s immune system is situated – at these junctures; so that’s your first line of defense.

These ingredients get a backdoor entry into the most vulnerable areas of the body, in particular to the Brain & Spinal Cord. They also target vital organs such as the Kidney & Liver; which also inhibits the body from fighting back & building up any kind of healthy immune response. Your Kidneys are designed to flush toxins out of your blood, while the Liver sequesters & chelates heavy metals & other debris from your system. 

Your last guard is essentially neutralized over time by this vast accumulation of  toxicity.'


Gundersen Discusses the Situation at the flooded Ft. Calhoun and Cooper Nuclear Power Plants.

Gundersen Discusses the Situation at the flooded Ft. Calhoun and Cooper Nuclear Power Plants. from Fairewinds Associates on Vimeo.
Gundersen says "sandbags and nuclear power shouldn't be put in the same sentence, but it is a lot better than Fukushima." Gundersen explains that Ft. Calhoun was already shut down and has much less decay heat. He stresses that the auxiliary building and containment building are not his major concern. A small building, the intake structure, which contains the emergency service water pumps is needed for cooling the nuclear fuel and should be protected.

Another Nuclear Plant, Cooper (about 90 miles south of Ft. Calhoun), is still running and poses a bigger threat because of it's decay heat. Gundersen believes that both Nuclear Plants will "ride out" this problem, as long as an upstream dam does not break. It an upstream dam were to break, he says, "All bets are off". 

Walnuts Are Drugs, Says FDA

'Seen any walnuts in your medicine cabinet lately? According to the Food and Drug Administration, that is precisely where you should find them. Because Diamond Foods made truthful claims about the health benefits of consuming walnuts that the FDA didn’t approve, it sent the company a letter declaring, “Your walnut products are drugs” — and “new drugs” at that — and, therefore, “they may not legally be marketed … in the United States without an approved new drug application.” The agency even threatened Diamond with “seizure” if it failed to comply.' 


150 human animal hybrids grown in UK labs: Embryos have been produced secretively for the past three years

'Scientists have created more than 150 human-animal hybrid embryos in British laboratories.

The hybrids have been produced secretively over the past three years by researchers looking into possible cures for a wide range of diseases.

The revelation comes just a day after a committee of scientists warned of a nightmare ‘Planet of the Apes’ scenario in which work on human-animal creations goes too far.'

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