Panera Bread CEO Says Pay What You Can

'One in six Americans live in “food insecure” homes. This means one in six Americans is seriously hungry, likely under-nourished or malnourished and doesn’t know when he/she will have their next meal. When Panera Bread Founder and CEO Ronald Shaich learned this, he thought about how Panera Bread opens two restaurants every week, employs 60,000 people, and he knew Panera’s resources could have impact on America’s hunger problem. He personally set out to help, pitched his board (with a lot of respect and credibility under his belt), created a foundation and the result is a new kind of chain restaurant: pay-what-you-can Paneras.'


Radiation Cruelty in Hospitals

'Modifying physician behavior is hard thing to do but we have to do it and do it now in the radiation departments. How doctors and hospitals relate to and use radiation in both diagnosis and treatment of disease needs to come under full review and in most cases be brought to a halt.

Radiation at extremely low levels is a health hazard that
medicine is not dealing with as shown by its use of dangerous
levels of radiation in both its diagnosis and treatment of disease.

We have talked earlier about evacuation as a prudent response to radiation exposure so as to avoid ever-higher levels of nuclear contamination. In this chapter we call for doctors to abandon the use of CAT scans and mammograms as well as a complete abandonment of the use of radiation in cancer therapy. Dentists also must abandon at a minimum their three-dimensional scans that expose their patients to unnecessary extra radiation.'


Vaccines & Liberty: Let Freedom Ring

Getting Used to Life Without Food, Part 1


 By F. William Engdahl

Wall Street, BP, Bio-Ethanol and the Death of Millions



'Our planet has everything we need to produce nutritious natural food to feed the entire world population many times over. Yet, we face a decade or more of famine on a global scale because key forces and interest groups have decided to artificially create a scarcity of nutritious food, writes F. William Engdahl.'


Gather rose hips for health

'Vitamin C-rich rose hips can be found in dried form in most health food stores, but why not gather your own? You’ll save money and you’ll know where they came from and the conditions in which they grew. Furthermore, you’ll be adding to your own self-sufficiency by locating and gathering a nutrient-dense food source to nourish yourself and your family. 

Growing along the main irrigation canal in the small farming community where I live are hedgerows of wild roses. In spring they produce lovely pink blossoms. As the petals fade, a green hip, or hypanthium, begins to swell at each blossom’s base. 

From mid-September into October when they are fully red and ripe, and before frost tinges their foliage with autumn color making the hips harder to see, I gather bagfuls for making soup, wine, syrup, jelly, and tea.' 


Synchronized Circadian Rhythms: Nature’s Cancer Fighter

'We have evolved in synchronicity with our rhythmic environment, anticipating and adapting to our surroundings for optimization of our internal and external resources.
Our bodies follow innate biological clocks governing cellular, metabolic and developmental processes which fluctuate minute to minute, hour to hour, day to day, following 24-hour cycles, 2-day cycles, weekly cycles, monthly lunar cycles, seasonal cycles annual cycles, 7,8,12, and 60 year cycles, life cycles, and more.' 


Cruel Ignorance & Diabetes

'The global diabetes epidemic is ballooning because of cruel ignorance. Cruel ignorance is a disease of modern man. When we look at contemporary medicine we see this disease commonly playing itself out and costing people and their children a lot of suffering and sometimes even their lives.'


Beware! Vaccines May Soon Integrate With Foods Such As Yogurt

'Australian scientists are devising a vaccine which can be swallowed in food instead of being injected. 

Clinical trials led by Dr Barry Marshall have identified certain strains of a stomach bacteria as the basis for edible vaccines.

The results mean Dr Marshall and his team will apply for approval to trial their first edible vaccine containing a bug with a flu vaccine attached to it within a year.'


Cancer Surges In Body Scanner Operators; TSA Launches Cover-Up

'Fearful of provoking further public resistance to naked airport body scanners, the TSA has been caught covering up a surge in cases of TSA workers developing cancer as a result of their close proximity to radiation-firing devices, perhaps the most shocking revelation to emerge from the latest FOIA documents obtained by the Electronic Privacy Information Center.

After Union representatives in Boston discovered a “cancer cluster” amongst TSA workers linked with radiation from the body scanners, the TSA sought to downplay the matter and refused to issue employees with dosimeters to measure levels of exposure.'


50 U.S. Health Care Statistics That Will Absolutely Astonish You

40 U.S. Health Care Statistics That Will Absolutely Astonish You

'The U.S. health care system has become one gigantic money making scam, and you are about to see the statistics that prove it.  Today, the United States spends more on health care per person than any other country in the world by far.  The health insurance companies and the big pharmaceutical corporations are raking in gigantic mountains of cash and yet the quality of the health care that we receive in return is rather quite poor.  People living in Puerto Rico have a greater life expectancy than we do.  Residents of Cuba have a lower infant mortality rate than we do.  We are the most medicated population on the planet and yet we are also one of the sickest.'


Whooping Cough Outbreaks in Vaccinated Children Become More and More Frequent

Baby swirled

'The lesson of these outbreaks is that the modern medical paradigm is deeply flawed. Now it's caught with its knickers down and no decent explanation, since those it claims to have protected are victims.'



What Is Causing These Outbreaks?



So, what do we really know about the increasing outbreaks of whooping cough? The only statement that can be made with clarity is that vaccinations are failing.

If pertussis vaccinations ever worked, then they are losing effectiveness. If they never worked, then something is making us more susceptible to whooping cough. There are many possible reasons for this:
  • The vaccinations could be causing the evolution of new strains of whooping cough.
  • The vaccinations could be damaging the immune system, making us more susceptible to whooping cough.
  • The pertussis vaccinations could be opening the door for the sister disease, parapertussis.'


Vaccines as ‘Cluster Bombs’

 'What happens is that vaccines force foreign protein into the body, bypassing all mechanisms used by the immune system to avoid such invasion.

Think of organ transplants.  The immune system must rid itself of what is foreign.  It will not stop until it has.  It will attack itself to do so if necessary – so fundamental is integrity of self versus invader.

Imagine this were happening to your own home.  People have doors and windows and alarm systems exactly to stop invaders.  Normally we think of them coming to steal but imagine they came to stay, to take over.  

The need to eject them and keep the home your own would be unceasing.  Imagine they came in not through the doors or windows for which you had defenses, but through the chimney, through the ventilation system, though the electrical system, and there was no way to be rid of them.  Would it be your home anymore?  Would you be safe?' 


Genetic Modification Gone Wild: 10 Signs That Our World May Be Destined To Resemble A Really Bad Science Fiction Movie

'Did you know that today scientists are actually producing mice that tweet like birds, cats that glow in the dark, "monster salmon", "spider goats", cow/human hybrids, pig/human hybrids and even mouse/human hybrids? 

The very definition of life on earth is changing right before our eyes. Many scientists believe that genetic modification holds the key to feeding the entire planet and healing all of our diseases, but others are warning that genetic modification could literally transform our environment into a desolate wasteland and cause our world to resemble a really bad science fiction movie.

For decades, scientists around the globe have been fooling around with DNA and have been transplanting genes from one species to another. But now technology has advanced so dramatically that just about the only thing limiting scientists are their imaginations.'


Make Your Own Yogurt

Make Your Own Yogurt

'I’ve made my own yogurt nearly every week for more than 10 years, beginning with a starter given to me by a friend from yogurt-loving India, and using the last spoonfuls of one batch to make the next. It’s a satisfying ritual of continuity and caretaking. And the yogurt is less expensive and better than anything I can buy. It’s free of stabilizers, sweeteners and waterlogged fruit, and it’s fresh tasting and tart, not sour. I start every day with a bowl of it.' 


Corporations Have Redefined Food as 'Stuff'

Countries define food as "any item that is to be processed, partially processed, or unprocessed for consumption."

'Food is defined as "any substance consumed to provide nutritional support for the body. It is usually of plant or animal origin, and contains essential nutrients, such as carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, or minerals. The substance is ingested by an organism and assimilated by the organism's cells in an effort to produce energy, maintain life, and/or stimulate growth."

In the legal definition, the essence food - what is in it, what it does - is not considered, only what is done to it or with it. These countries define food as "any item that is to be processed, partially processed, or unprocessed for consumption." 

Perhaps in recognition of the removal from food of what makes it food rather than any other material, the word "food stuffs" is used, which include any substance to be ingested by humans. This could be "stuff" insufficient to sustain life or even antithetical to it.'

Read more... 

First Aid Ointment Comes from Calendula Flowers

'As my friend relayed her story to me, I became excited to write about it too, since there are no prescription drugs or salves that do all that Calendula can. My friend dabbed the cream on her bruises and scrapes, took a nap and woke up significantly better. Within days, she was as good as new. 

This inspired me to research calendula. I wish I knew about it when my children were young. A few European studies have concluded calendula to help soothe wounds and improve healing. It has antifungal, antiviral, and even anti-tumor properties! I think calendula would be fantastic for cradle cap and diaper rashes, or any rash for that matter.'


Medical Marijuana Saves Baby's Life

by Dr. Mark Sircus

'There is no surprise in the above clinical picture. Doctors, medical officials and the American federal government have got to be kidding themselves and everyone else with their negative and closed-minded attitudes toward medical marijuana. Though medical marijuana laws are being passed in state after state, oncologists prefer to remain stupid about how it can be used for cancer patients.'


New Documents Prove TSA “Mischaracterized” Safety Aspects Of Full Body Scanners

'However, yet another document obtained and released by EPIC now shows that a Johns Hopkins study actually revealed that radiation zones around body scanners could exceed the “General Public Dose Limit.”

At the time we pointed out that Dr Michael Love, who runs an X-ray lab at the department of biophysics and biophysical chemistry at the Johns Hopkins school of medicine had publicly stated two days previously that “statistically someone is going to get skin cancer from these X-rays”.

“…we have a situation at the airports where people are so eager to fly that they will risk their lives in this manner,” Love said.

In addition, several other scientists have continued to speak out over the health hazards associated with the x-ray technology, noting that the body scanners are far from safe.'


Meditation can cut heart attacks by as much as half

Transcendental Meditation (TM) movement shows its founder the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi:  
Transcendental Meditation was popularised in the 1960s through the Beatles who learnt the technique through their guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Photo: GETTY 

"The prevention of heart attack and stroke and actual lengthening of lifespan by an alternative treatment method is exceedingly rare, if not unprecedented.
"If Transcendental Meditation were a drug conferring so many benefits, it would be a billion-dollar blockbuster." 


Frankenpot – Marijuana gone GMO!

By Barbara H. Peterson
Farm Wars

'Marijuana Growers: Hang onto your pot, here come the genetically modified genes! It is painfully obvious that mad scientists have gone wild and are in charge of our health and food supply. And now, they want to grab hold of Mary Jane, Weed, Cannabis, Pot, Marijuana, or whatever else you want to call it. Yeah, we know it has medicinal properties, and so do they. That is one of the reasons it has remained illegal for so long. 

Someone growing a plant in their backyard and foregoing over-the-counter pain medication, or making a tincture that helps fight cancer just might cut into Big Pharma profits, and we can’t have that. At least not until it can be strictly controlled by the very drug companies that specialize in delivering, for a hefty price, a barrage of drugs designed to, at the very least, incapacitate, and not actually cure anything.'


Basics of the Human Immune System Prior to Introduction of Vaccines: Are Vaccines Turning Our Children’s Immune Systems Inside Out?

'In what may be the most comprehensive review to date on the pathophysiology of adverse vaccine reactions, neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock has compiled a mass of evidence that repeated stimulation of the brain’s immune system results in intense reactions of microglial and astrocyte cells, which serve as the brain’s immune system, with each successive series of vaccinations. This is primarily the result of vaccine adjuvants that are expressly added for this purpose. [1-3]

Although the human immune system is incredibly complex with an immunologic memory capacity that might challenge modern computer systems, its basic structural components are the essence of simplicity with a series of defense systems comparable to a medieval castle with an outer mote, plus outer and inner walls of defense.'



'In what sense is all this population control? When you move in on the mind and make arbitrary diagnoses and follow up with highly toxic drugs, you are essentially waging war on the brain. These figures should indicate the scope of that ever-expanding war.

Call it profit-seeking, call it pseudo-science, call it incompetence. There are many ways to frame the issue. But the effects are no different from what happens on a battlefield. Great and lasting damage. And professional ignorance is no excuse, because these facts are out in the open, for anyone to examine.'


Fluoride & the Pineal Gland: Study Published in Caries Research

'The wheels of science grind very slowly. Finally, the first half of the work that was the subject of Jennifer Luke's Ph.D. thesis; presentation in Bellingham, Washington (ISFR conference) in 1998 and a videotaped interview I had with her, has been published in Caries Research. 

In my view this work is of enormous importance and could be (or should be) the scientific straw that breaks the camel's back of fluoridation.'

It seems that this myth - about the benefits of fluoride - is a particularly tough one to die. We should give credit though ... that campaign, originally undertaken to avert liabilities for industrial fluoride poisoning, was vastly successful - and we're still not quite over it.


Farmer to Farmer: The Truth About GM Crops

Farmer to Farmer: The Truth About GM Crops from Pete Speller on Vimeo.

'A short documentary following British farmer Michael Hart as he investigates the reality of farming genetically modified crops in the USA 10 years after their introduction'

How to Drink Your Way Out of Fatigue


 by Dr. Mercola

'Juicing is a powerful tool that can accelerate your progress towards optimal health, and Cherie Calbom, aka "The Juice Lady," is an expert on this subject. Virtually every health authority, even conventional doctors, recommend 6-8 servings of vegetables and fruits per day but very few of us actually get that. 

I've found juicing to be a simple and easy way to virtually guarantee that you'll reach your daily target for vegetables. Juicing also allows you to add a wider variety of vegetables to your diet that you might not normally enjoy eating whole, and makes it easier for your body to absorb all those wonderful nutrients. 

Cherie Calbom earned her nickname "The Juice Lady" back in 1991, when she worked for the Juiceman company. But her passion about juicing began way before that, as she healed herself from a multitude of disabling health problems through juicing in her late 20's.' 


Cat's Claw as an Anti-Inflammatory

Why Are Food Prices Rising So Fast?

'If you do much grocery shopping, you have probably noticed that the cost of food has been rising at a very brisk pace over the past year.  So why are food prices rising so fast?  According to Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, inflation is still very low and the economy is improving.  

So what is going on here?  When I go to the grocery store these days, there are very few things that I will buy unless they are on sale.  In fact, I have noticed that many of the new “sale prices” are the old regular prices.  Other items have had their packages reduced in size in order to hide the price increases.  But with millions of American families just barely scraping by as it is, what is going to happen if food prices keep rising this rapidly?'


Boost Your Brainpower and Stay Sharp Longer

'Memory problems start small. Misplaced car keys… wracking your brain for a familiar word… or forgetting a name you should know. 

But then it happens more and more often. Eventually, you start worrying. How long before these little slips make daily life difficult? 

But you may be able to avoid those little slips. You may even be able to make your memory sharper and rebuild your brainpower. Several recent studies show how.
Three new studies show that fruit juice may be a key to better memory.'