This Vitamin Can Radically Reduce Damage from Radioactivity from Fukushima

 by Dr. Mercola

'As understanding of Vitamin D increases, it is becoming apparent that its most active form, Vitamin D3 (calcitriol), may offer protection against a variety of radiation-induced damages. Vitamin D’s protective action is carried by a wide variety of mechanisms, including cell cycle regulation and proliferation, cellular differentiation and communication, and programmed cell death (apoptosis).
A paper on the subject argued that vitamin D should be considered among the prime nonpharmacological agents that offer protection against low radiation damage and radiation-induced cancer -- or even the primary agent.'


“No right to any particular food” says FDA as their campaign against the food movement racks up yet more casualties 
'And the FDA is even re-stating its contention that there is no such thing as a right to eat the foods of our choice…except re-stating the argument in ever-more arrogant and dismissive terms than originally. In its first response last year to the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund’s suit against the agency and its prohibition of intersate raw milk sales, the FDA stated, ““There is no absolute right to consume or feed children any particular kind of food.” '


Statin Drugs Provide No Benefit: Study of 4 Million People


Disgruntled man questioning taking drugs in his hand

'A population-based study in Sweden shows that the massive deployment of statins has provided no benefit. Three times as many statins were being taken by Swedish people in the year 2000 than in 1998. Yet, the numbers of people suffering or dying from heart attacks were unchanged by it.

Not only does this demonstrate that the massive push to press people into taking statins has been based on flawed ideas, it also turns the claim that randomized double blinded placebo controlled (RDBPC) drug trials are the gold standard.

The study with the unwieldy name, "No connection between the level of exposition to statins in the population and the incidence/mortality of acute myocardial infarction: An ecological study based on Sweden's municipalities", was published today in the journal BioMed Central.(1) The authors' conclusion is quite clear. They do not hem and haw about it:
Despite a widespread and increasing utilisation of statins, no correlation to the incidence or mortality of AMI [acute myocardial infarction] could be detected. Other factors than increased statin treatment should be analysed especially when discussing the allocation of public resources.'


Radiation and Chemtrails Assaults: Additional Support for Your Immune System (part 2)

'We have a long-term planetary-wide epic tragedy unfolding. It is the most serious man-made catastrophe that we have faced in our human history. We are all being assaulted on several fronts with a three-pronged attack: (1) a decades-long hazardous brew of daily Chemtrails battering that is affecting our entire biosphere; (2) long-term and very dangerous ionizing radiation exposure, with Fukushima as a new and critically toxic addition; and (3) the release of nano-bioweapons into our environment (more on that below).'


Fluoride In The Water - a Sinister Way to Dumb Us Down?

Mercury and Fluoride - The Dumbing Down Of A Population

Health Benefits of Ginger and a Recipe for Real Ginger Ale

'Long before the creation of Canada Dry and other sugar-laden soft drink versions of ginger ale, people used to make and drink real ginger ale for its refreshing taste and health benefits.
Real ginger ale is made guessed it, real ginger! And ginger has long been used by Asian cultures to treat and prevent a variety of physical ailments.'


Trailer for "The Double Victory Garden"

Read more and buy the DVD-- so you can start your own "Double Victory Garden."

Fighting Radiation Damage the Natural Way with Cannabis

by Dr. Mark Sircus

'Dr. Ben Whalley, middle, with Dr. Gary Stephens and Dr. Claire Williams at their secret cannabis farm near London. These researchers have discovered that three compounds found in cannabis leaves can help to reduce and control seizures in epilepsy. Dr. Whalley, who is leading the research at the department of pharmacy at the University of Reading, said tests in animals had shown the marijuana compounds effective at preventing seizures and convulsions while also having fewer side effects than existing epilepsy drugs.'

'Cannabinoids, the active components of marijuana, inhibit
tumor growth in laboratory animals and also kill cancercells.
Their use in the case of childhood cancer is compassionate.'


In the Grip of Mad Scientists: Business as Usual for Monsanto, Fort Detrick, and Atlas Venture

By Barbara H. Peterson
Farm Wars

'Imagine, if you will, a world in which health sciences, disease control, cancer research, bio-weapons research, vaccine development, biotechnology, food and agriculture, national defense, and chemical companies all work together under the military. 

Then imagine, if you will, that a certain chemical company under the guise of a life sciences operation, produces an herbicide/defoliant for military use so destructive and highly toxic that contact with it causes cancer, diabetes and birth defects. And then that same chemical/life sciences company partners with a funding corporation whose team members include the ex-partner of the inventor of the world’s first completely synthetic organism, which was recently unleashed in the ocean and has since turned its ever-hungry sites on human flesh. 

Then imagine that same company with a monopoly on our food supply… Sound like an episode out of the Twilight Zone or Dr. Who? Well, it’s not. It’s history, and it’s documented.' 


Wilderness Family Naturals still in business, despite FDA prosecution

“Once upon a time, in the year 2000, Annette and Ken Fischer decided to start a business supplying healthy nutrient dense products like coconut oil, dried berries, and spices over the Internet. They started the business in their home in the remote forests of Minnesota and named it Wilderness Family Naturals.

The couple worked hard, involved their children as helpers, and gradually grew the business so much that they had to move it out of their house to a small town about twenty miles away, so they’d have regular mail and delivery service and the ability to hire employees. After another couple years, they moved to even larger facilities in the neighboring town of Silver Bay, a town of 2,000 people. 

Soon Wilderness Family Naturals was the town’s second largest employer, with close to thirty people, and it was selling its coconut oil, dried berries, and herbs to people all around the U.S.'


GMO Created Foods May Be Used as a Biological Weapon

'Genetically modified organisms (GMO) which are used to create new food seeds and crops, are being tied to use as a potential biological weapon in creating infertility in places around the world. A report published on May 28th tied together that the international organization Codex, which is seeking to regulate every food, mineral, and herb in the world used for consumption, does not consider GMO created products as food, and thus they are being placed in a separate sphere of attributes that can be used for alternative functions. Including birth control and creating infertility in a nation or population.'


The Best Salad in the World

Smoking Gun Aimed at Vaccines: CDC Study Shows 1 in 6 Children Developmentally Disabled.

Hispanic woman with baby

'The CDC has published a study in the journal Pediatrics with the horrific news that 1 in 6 children in America is developmentally disabled, and the vast bulk of that increase was in autism, with nearly four times (289.5%) as many children suffering from it in 2008 than 1997. As ever, they claim to have no idea why.'

However, there is a smoking gun within the study itself—and it's aimed directly at vaccines. The report to the public states:
Hispanic children had lower prevalence of several disorders compared to non-Hispanic white and non-Hispanic black children, including ADHD and learning disabilities (with the exception of stuttering, which is more common in Black children).


Magnesium, and radiation protection

Homegrown Food

It is in a list of medicinals that prevent and treat cancer that we find helpful substances that treat and strengthen us against radiation contamination.

by Dr. Mark Sircus

' “In the years leading up to Chernobyl, some dairy farmers in Austria were using remineralization as a part of their operations. They added rock dust to liquid manure as well as combining it with compost, thereby removing odors and greatly increasing soil biota. As a result, cows had twice the normal lifespan and produced much more milk. Amazingly enough, after Chernobyl, the cheeses that were remineralized (as well as biodynamic cheeses) measured no radioactivity whatsoever. Austrians would stand in long lines in order to buy these safe, remineralized products,” ' writes Joanna Campe.

'Iodine is obviously not the only substance that we should run to in the face of increasing radiation threats. Magnesium is a vital mineral whose lack leaves us open to not only radioactive damages but also those from heavy metals and thousands of chemicals, which we are commonly exposed to. Mercury and now a long list of radioactive particles are floating in the environment like invisible clouds that have spread out everywhere. They are raining down on us, damaging and damning our future. We can no longer be passive about building our defenses against the toxic onslaught.'


WHO Lists Cell Phones as Cancer Hazard

'The United Nations’ health agency, the World Health Organization, now lists mobile phone use in the same “carcinogenic hazard” category as lead, engine exhaust and chloroform. But no adverse health effects have been established, the agency explains. The decision to list cell phones as a cancer hazard came after a team of 31 scientists from 14 countries examined peer-reviewed studies on cell phone safety.' 


Herbs for Memory: Maintain Your Brain

dementia 1

'Many people wonder whether mislaying the keys or blanking on the names of acquaintances at cocktail parties telegraph an insidious downslide into dementia. Taken alone, minor episodes of forgetfulness are normal. People with dementia don’t just forget a friend’s name, but much of their shared history. It becomes difficult to interact with other people, think abstractly, solve problems, speak, write, and comprehend printed and spoken words. This chronic, progressive condition can eventually erode the ability to perform simple tasks as basic as getting dressed in the morning. 

There are more than 60 types of dementia. The most common type is Alzheimer’s disease (AD), which afflicts more than 35 million people worldwide and 5.5 million Americans. This is followed by vascular dementia (also called multi-infarct dementia) and Parkinson’s disease (a disease that impairs muscle control).' 


Rense & Tim Flanagin - Radiation In Your Home And Your Body

These Undeniable Facts are Ignored by Mainstream Doctors

by Barbara Loe Fisher
Memorial Day is for remembering those, who have fought and died to defend America and preserve our civil liberties, including freedom of thought, speech, religious belief and conscience. So every Memorial Day I remember the children, who have died after receiving state mandated vaccines, and honor their mothers and fathers, who grieve for them.

Death Has Always Been a Vaccine Complication

From the first human vaccines developed two centuries ago, smallpox and rabies vaccines, death has always been a complication of vaccination.1 2 In 1933, the whole cell pertussis vaccine's ability to kill without warning was first reported in the medical literature when two infants died within minutes of a pertussis shot.3 In 1946, American doctors detailed the sudden deaths of twins within 24 hours of their second diphtheria-pertussis shot.4 In 1986, the U.S. Congress passed the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act and has awarded over $2 billion dollars in compensation for deaths and injuries caused by vaccines.5


CDC admits flu vaccines don't work (which is why you need a new one every year)

'I'm always amused by the purchasing process of electronics or appliances at big box stores. On one hand, as their sales associate calmly explains to you, whatever product you're buying is such high quality that you'll be extremely satisfied with your purchase. But on the other hand, it's also such a complete piece of junk that you'd be smart to add on a two-year extended warranty so that when the gizmo breaks five seconds after you open the box, you can get a replacement for free. 

The CDC and the vaccine industry are fronting a similar bit of contradictory logic. "Our vaccines work so well that they offer almost total immunity from the flu," they claim. And yet somehow they also work so poorly that they "wear off" after a year and require you to be re-vaccinated annually.'


GMO Study: You’re Eating Insecticide…

'Most Americans remain blissfully unaware (or don’t care) they are eating genetically-modified (GM) organisms every day. Passivity and blind faith in the USDA, FDA and EPA have largely contributed to this attitude. Perhaps that will change now that a new study reveals an insecticide produced in GM corn actually gets absorbed into the human body. 

If you haven’t been paying attention to your food lately, biotechnology giants such as Monsanto thank you for that. Because behind your back, they’ve succeeded in replacing 86% of US corn with their patented insecticide-producing “frankencorn”.'


Radical Healing Interview with Rudolph Ballentine

Radical Healing Interview with Rudolph Ballentine from Himalayan Institute on Vimeo.

Pepsi Uses Aborted Fetal Cells In Flavor Enhancers

'Scores of prolife groups are calling for a public boycott of food giant, PepsiCo, due to its partnership with Senomyx, a biotech company that uses aborted fetal cells in the research and development of artificial flavor enhancers. LifeSiteNews previously reported on Senomyx’s partnership with major food corporations, most notably PepsiCo, Kraft Foods, and NestlĂ©. Pro-life watchdog group, Children of God for Life (CGL), is now joined by major pro-life organizations calling upon the public to target PepsiCo in a boycott. Pepsi is funding the research and development, and paying royalties to Senomyx, which uses HEK-293 (human embryonic kidney cells) to produce flavor enhancers for Pepsi beverages.' 


Smoking-pill Suicides Overlooked in Missing Reports

'Hundreds of reports of suicides, psychotic reactions and other serious problems tied to the popular stop-smoking drug Chantix were left out of a crucial government safety review because Pfizer Inc., the drug’s manufacturer, submitted years of data through “improper channels.”
Some 150 suicides — more than doubling those previously known — were among 589 delayed reports of severe issues turned up in a new analysis by the non-profit Institute for Safe Medication Practices.'


Big Pharma’s Sugar Daddy: The U.S. Congress

'I had the distinct pleasure of viewing a live feed of the press conference held on the steps of the U.S. Vaccine Court in Washington, DC, where attorneys representing clients and families damaged by vaccines, particularly autism disorder spectrum disabilities, challenged the U.S. Congress to investigate what’s really going on with the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, the U.S. Vaccine Court set up under the statute creating that law, and its unfair compensation tactics.

While reading a companion article, “Unanswered Questions From The Vaccine Injury Compensation Program: A Review of Compensated Cases of Vaccine-Induced Brain Injury” by Mary Holland, Louis Conte, Robert Krakow and Lisa Colin, published in the Pace Environmental Law Review at, I became totally incensed when I read the following:'