Meet the Dad Who Cured Son's Cancer with Cannabis

Carrot juice: Key to rejuvenating the liver

By Ingri Cassel

'Fruits and vegetables grown organically in healthy soil contain all the elements needed for nourishing the human body. By extracting the pure liquid locked up in the cells of plants and drinking this juice immediately, we are getting essential enzymes, vitamins and minerals into our bodies in the most easy-to-assimilate form possible.

Freshly extracted juice can be compared to a blood transfusion from the plant to the human body. When the juice is taken within a few minutes of it being extracted, the energy and vital nutrients of the plant goes directly into the bloodstream. Today there are many health retreats, therapists and living foods "coaches" who specialize in creating specific juice combinations for cleansing and rebuilding various organs and body systems. 

Dr. Benedict Lust once said, "There is something more behind these health, raw juice cocktails than simply satisfying the palate. They satisfy and nourish the twenty-six thousand billion cells of the body. When people form the health cocktail habit, they put liquid life into their bodies." 

Even the famous naturopath Paul Bragg was quoted as saying way back in 1935 that "[t]he continuous and persistent practice of getting the liquid life of fruits and vegetables into our system is one of the secrets of keeping young. They revitalize the bloodstream, giving sparkle to the eye, color to the lips and a spring to the step." 

These raw juices are very rich and should be sipped slowly and even "chewed" like solid food, swishing each mouthful so that it is thoroughly mixed with saliva before swallowing. According to Dr. John Christopher, 1 ½ pints of saliva are available for digesting each meal and it is the saliva that stimulates the production of the other digestive enzymes such as hydrochloric acid.' 


They Want to Ban Our Times Square Vaccine Billboard Message

 by Dr. Mercola

'It is a short 15 second public service message on the CBS Jumbotron on Times Square in New York City that encourages everyone to make informed vaccine choices. The message is sponsored by the nonprofit charity, the National Vaccine Information Center, and made possible by a donation from It has been shown hourly since March 22, 2011 alongside much bigger ads for a variety of products marketed by large corporations.'


Scientists to Fix 'Bad' Fat by Suppressing Peptide That Regulates Memory & Learning

Crazy scientist saying, 'So what if he's lost his mind? He also lost weight!'

Scientists hope to suppress a peptide to help lose weight. So what if it causes memory loss, inability to learn, turns you into a nervous wreck, and damages your heart and blood vessels? At least you'll die thin!
'The more modern medicine tries to "fix" your body, the bigger the mess they make. The reason is often that they don't notice anything outside the little thing they're looking at. The latest example is a bunch of mad scientists at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine who think that suppressing a peptide will magically turn "bad" fat into "good" fat. The fact that the protein, called NPY, is also important in other functions, such as vasoconstriction, memory, anxiety, and learning...well, that doesn't seem to matter.'


J.P. Morgan's Food Stamp Monopoly: The More Americans That Fall Into Poverty The More Money Jamie Dimon Makes

Population Reduction is REAL! Watch and Learn People!

Obama Ends States Rights For Medical Marijuana

'The Obama administration’s position on medical marijuana, circa 2011 (via the May 2, 2011 letter sent from the office of the United States Attorney, District of Arizona, to the Arizona Department of Health Services re: the implementation of the voter-approved Medical Marijuana Program):
“The United States Attorneys Office … will vigorously prosecute individuals and organizations that participate in the unlawful manufacturing, distribution and marketing activity involving marijuana, even if such activities are permitted under state law.”
A lot can change in two years — including the administration’s attitude toward the state-authorized use and distribution of cannabis for medical purposes.'


FDA Claims Power to Seize Food Without Evidence of Contamination

'A few hours ago, the Food and Drug Administration declared it no longer needs credible evidence to seize food that may be contaminated. Ignoring the Fourth Amendment entirely, the FDA claims that based on mere suspicion that a food product has been contaminated or mislabeled, and that serious illness or death will result, it can hold the food for 30 days while it then looks for evidence.' 

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Editor's Note: 'I show in Human Race Get Off Your Knees that the plan to ban the private growing of food using the excuse of 'safety' goes back at least many decades into the early part of the 20th century. In truth, even beyond that.

The idea is to stop the population growing food for themselves so that the only source of what bravely passes for food are the global producers and biotech corporations who are systematically poisoning the world through the cumulative effects of the genetically-modified, chemical-infested shite invariably packaged in plastic so that the food absorbs its poisons, too.'

-David Icke

FDA threat to your health: Vitamins, supplements and alternative health therapies as “medicinal”

'Even as the FDA has for decades routinely given a seal of approval to toxic and deadly medications and vaccines, claiming they are safe, and as hundreds and thousands of people, if not millions, have died or have been permanently injured as a result of their incompetence and gross dereliction of duty, this agency continues its assault on natural remedies and aids claiming they need to be regulated by FDA.' 


Boy with Brain Cancer is Cured after Secretly Being Fed Medical Marijuana by his Father

'A desperate father whose son was suffering from a life-threatening brain tumour has revealed he gave him cannabis oil to ease his pain. And he has now apparently made a full recovery. Cash Hyde, known as Cashy, was a perfectly healthy baby when he was born in June 2008 but became sick shortly before his second birthday. At first he was misdiagnosed with glandular fever before his parents Mike and Kalli, from Missoula in Montana, were given the devastating news he had a serious brain tumour. The little boy had to have arduous chemotherapy treatment to reduce the growth, which had drastic side effects including seizures and a blood infection.'


83,000 Chemicals And Growing: Is It Time To Stop Regulating and Start Banning?

' "It's time to stop regulating additional chemicals that are quickly becoming a burden to our health and environment," says public health consultant Lawrence Chow. "It's time to put our foot down and start banning chemicals outright, especially those we know are already harmful."

Toxic chemicals are invading every facet of our lives from our schools to our workplaces. They are gradually deteriorating every single system in our bodies and causing so many diseases, that it's now difficult to isolate exactly which chemicals are causing each disease. Here's a a small summary of major systems in the human body and the
effect of common chemicals on each.'


L.A. Chemtrails Outreach at Venice Beach

Here's a photo montage of the first "Outreach at the Beach".
Three Los Angeles-area Grassroots-Activist groups (Organized by Chemtrail Documentary Filmmaker, Michael J. Murphy) united to promote Chemtrail and Geoengineering Awareness for an afternoon at Venice Beach on Saturday, April 9, 2011.
Participating Groups:

Video Produced by: "SANCHEZ in MONTEBELLO"
Photography by: "SANCHEZ in MONTEBELLO"

Music: "Something In The Air"
Performed by: Thunderclap Newman (Featuring Zoot Money)

The Fluoride Deception exposes the truth about water fluoridation and the phosphate mining industry

Belgian Court Rules AGAINST Compulsory Vaccination

'The Belgium court at Tournai recently ruled in favor of individual human rights when it rescinded Belgium’s long-time mandatory polio vaccination law. That is a rather bold concession to and enforcement of individual human rights especially since the World Health Organization (WHO) in May 1974 initiated its Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI) to vaccinate all the children of the world.

Probably one of the issues authorities had to grapple with was: Children in Belgium are unlikely to get polio these days except when they receive the polio vaccine. What?

Yes, those children who do contract polio are getting it from the very vaccine that’s supposed to ‘immunize’ them against it. That is not an anomaly in Belgium; it also has been happening in the United Kingdom.'


Goldman Sachs created the food crisis — “Foreign Policy” tells how they did it

'Don’t blame American appetites, rising oil prices, or genetically modified crops for rising food prices. Wall Street’s at fault for the spiraling cost of food.'

' “Demand and supply certainly matter. But there’s another reason why food across the world has become so expensive: Wall Street greed. It took the brilliant minds of Goldman Sachs to realize the simple truth that nothing is more valuable than our daily bread. And where there’s value, there’s money to be made. 

In 1991, Goldman bankers, led by their prescient president Gary Cohn, came up with a new kind of investment product, a derivative that tracked 24 raw materials, from precious metals and energy to coffee, cocoa, cattle, corn, hogs, soy, and wheat. 

They weighted the investment value of each element, blended and commingled the parts into sums, then reduced what had been a complicated collection of real things into a mathematical formula that could be expressed as a single manifestation, to be known henceforth as the Goldman Sachs Commodity Index (GSCI).'


Nourishing the Heart of Your Pet

“I am the rug beneath your feet that buffers you from all the harshness of life.” – Dog

'A lot has been written about the benefits of having a pet, but there’s more to that relationship than many of us realize. A lot of pet lovers surely will appreciate the results of an experiment that Institute of HeartMath Director of Research Dr. Rollin McCraty conducted with his 14-year-old son and 15-year-old dog.

Institute of HeartMath had already found that heart-rhythm entrainment, or synchronization, occurs between people when they are feeling love and care for each other. Rollin wanted to see if the same thing happened between people and their pets.'


Medicinal Herbs Are Held to a Higher Standard Than Big Pharma's Poisons

Big Pharma Money Casts Shadow Over Herbs

'As the EU's draconian directive to drastically limit our access to medicinal herbs takes full effect today, it needs to be noted that nature's remedies will now be held to a higher standard than drugs produced by Big Pharma. When drugs are approved, the last consideration is whether they interfere with the actions of a herb or food. However, herbs are now expected to name all potential interactions with drugs—and the drugs receive preferential treatment over the herbs!'


Making a Killing: The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging

Mom Talks About Taking on the Food Industry

Eric Schlosser, “Fast Food Nation” author, on why being a foodie is NOT “elitist”

 From the Washington Post: 'Video clip of Eric Schlosser is not directly related.' -- The Bovine

' “At the American Farm Bureau Federation’s annual meeting this year, Bob Stallman, the group’s president, lashed out at “self-appointed food elitists” who are “hell-bent on misleading consumers.” His target was the growing movement that calls for sustainable farming practices and questions the basic tenets of large-scale industrial agriculture in America.

The “elitist” epithet is a familiar line of attack. In the decade since my book “Fast Food Nation” was published, I’ve been called not only an elitist, but also a socialist, a communist and un-American. In 2009, the documentary “Food, Inc.,” directed by Robby Kenner, was described as “elitist foodie propaganda” by a prominent corporate lobbyist. Nutritionist Marion Nestle has been called a “food fascist,” while an attempt was recently made to cancel a university appearance by Michael Pollan, author of “The Omnivore’s Dilemma,”who was accused of being an “anti-agricultural” elitist by a wealthy donor.'


Toxic Brew of Chemtrails and Fukushima Radiation. . . .

To Paul,

'Today (5/1) in Oregon's Willamette Valley there were massive chemtrails being sprayed, almost every half hour. As if tons of radioactive Fukushima rain wasn't enough... even on the dry, sunny day the government has to poision us! It was absolutely unbelievable to see how many chemtrails there were today, which is why I am going to attach these photos I took of them (I could have attached dozens more)... 

I cannot believe our ignorant government is doing this and then not telling anyone about it... Shame on those bastards! Even though I know there is so much other crap going on in the world today, I was hoping you could post these photos in a small headlines segment. People need to start questioning the barium and aluminum chemtrail poisoning now!! 

All of the photos were of different chemtrails taken between 12:30 and 2 pm on 5/1 ... I greatly trust the Health Maven website, and I was hoping that you could post these photos because I know that NO ONE else will.... Thank you for all that you do, and keep up the good fight Mr. Fassa!'

Regards, Nicholas Anderson

How to get rid of hormone disrupting BPA for good

by Dr. William Campbell Douglas

'Wish you could just flush all the BPA right out of your body? Too bad -- this hormone-like chemical is in you, right now, and there's not much you can do about it: A new study finds you can completely cut out all foods from BPA-laced containers and STILL have plenty of this junk left over days later. Thank your local chemicals industry lobbyist for that. Researchers recruited five families from the San Francisco Bay Area that regularly ate and drank processed and canned foods, frozen dinners, and meals microwaved in plastic containers -- all top sources of BPA exposure.' 


Herbal Medicines Banned as EU Directive Comes into Force

'Patients have lost access to hundreds of herbal medicines today, after European regulations came into force. Sales of all herbal remedies, except for a small number of popular products for 'mild' illness such as echinacea for colds and St John's Wort for depression have been banned. For the first time traditional products must be licensed or prescribed by a registered herbal practitioner. Some of the most commonly used products were saved after the Health Secretary Andrew Lansley approved a plan for the Health Professions Council to establish a register of practitioners supplying unlicensed herbal medicines. However, many remedies were lost as it was only open to those who could afford the licensing process which costs between £80,000 to £120,000.' 


Instead of Blaming Vaccines for Seizures. They Falsely accuse the Parents of Shaken Baby Syndrome

'One of the biggest cover ups and miscarriages of justice is vaccine induced injuries. Parents are threatened and coerced by Doctors and Social services if the child does not get these shots.They are breaking the law they are told.The truth is there is no law requiring parents to vaccinate their child. 

This is one of the biggest frauds of the century were the parents is damned if they do by allowing their child to get shots because of the fetal side effects. The Parents are damned if they don't if they do not know their rights and risk social workers removing the children from their custody for child neglect because the parents did not vaccinate the child.' 


Red Clover Blocks Damage from MSG

 'You've probably been reading about the hazards of excitotoxins. One of the most deadly of this group is neurotoxic monosodium glutamate (MSG), found in many processed foods and used heavily by restaurants. So what can you do when friends or family want to eat out and this knowledge can spoil the fun? A recent study has found that pre-treating yourself with a supplement of red clover before eating food laced with this neurotoxin can block damage from MSG. This is good news indeed.'


The Dangers of the Medical Industrial Complex

by  Dr. Mark Hyman, MD

'YOUR DOCTORS THINK they make decisions based on medical evidence.
But they don’t!

In fact, half of medical evidence is hidden from your doctors. And the half that’s hidden is the half that shows drugs don’t work.

The bad news is that drug companies are not policed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) the way they should be. A drug should be proven both effective and safe BEFORE it is prescribed to millions of people.
Sadly, that often isn’t the case.

Let me share with you two recent examples that highlight the dangerous collusion between drug companies and our government agency. They show why the FDA should really stand for “Federal Drug Aid.” '


Iodine Is Essential for Everyone

by Dr. Mark Sircus

'This book tells the iodine story that has become especially important as radiation levels increase because of the nuclear disaster in Japan. Everyone needs to hear the iodine story for there is nothing more important in the entire world now than taking our daily iodine supplements. An appropriate public health response to the nuclear disaster in Japan starts with iodine because any lack of the nutritional type will attract the radioactive type like honey attracts bees.

The last thing anyone wants to be walking around with is a thyroid so starving for iodine it will take on the nasty radioactive isotope of iodine instead. It is very important to know that Dr. David Brownstein has tested 5,000 of his patients and has found out that 95 percent of them are iodine deficient and other iodine researchers he has talked to have found similar trends in their patients as well.'


Are You Toxic from Mercury?

' “Mercury exposure and toxicity is a prevalent and significant public health threat,” according to physicians Drs. Mercola and Klinghardt. A well-established neurotoxin—a substance that is damaging to the brain and nervous system—mercury has been linked with brain diseases like Alzheimer’s and is potentially linked to autism. 

Research shows that people with Alzheimer’s disease often have blood levels of mercury up to three times higher than people who are not suffering from the disease. In another study, researchers added small amounts of mercury to cultured neurons in a laboratory and found seven cell features that are used in the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease.'