Don't Be Fooled By Expensive Superfoods - Foods With Highest Antioxidants Are The Cheapest

'The top six foods with the highest antioxidant values on the ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) scale are cheaper and more readily available the more expensive alternatives with lower ORAC scores.Although cocoa and acai are popularly promoted in health circles as the top superfoods having the highest antioxidant values, this is only hype as part of their marketing efforts to promote what has quickly become a billion dollar industry. The fact is, they don't even make the list of top six foods with the highest ORAC values which is one of the most accurate methods of measuring antioxidant capacities in biological samples.

ORAC units or "ORAC score" were developed by the National Institute on Aging in the National Institutes of Health (NIH). While the exact relationship between the ORAC value of a food and its health benefit has not been established, it is believed that foods higher on the ORAC scale will more effectively neutralize free radicals. According to the free-radical theory of aging, this will slow the oxidative processes and free radical damage that can contribute to age-related degeneration and disease.'

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Nevada SB 412 to make felons out of natural health practitioners

Marti Oakley, Contributing Writer
Activist Post

'Here’s another piece of the steamroller being perpetrated by those God-fearing, bible quoting, God is moving on my heart, Republicans.   Another state under siege by Republican legislators as they do their part in the nationwide assault on natural healthcare practices and implement a backdoor Codex Alimentarius.

“Dirty Harry” Reid(D) did his part by passing the fake food safety bill with one “unanimous” vote,  on the Federal level, accomplished with every Democrat and Republican Senator other than himself voluntarily exiting the Senate chamber before the vote.   That bill included the query of “How and whether to implement Codex Alimentarius”.

Well, now we know how they will do it.'

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Scientists Warn That Drugs of the Future Will be Designed Specifically to Control the Human Mind

'It may sound like something out of a science fiction plot, but Oxford researchers say that modern conventional medicine is gradually developing ways to change the moral states of humans through pharmaceutical drugs, and thus control the way people think and act in various life situations. These new drugs will literally have the ability to disrupt an individual's personal morality, and instead reprogram that person to believe and do whatever the drug designer has created that drug to do.' 


Pot law quashed by Ontario Superior Court ruling — because doctors refuse to prescribe medical marijuana

This file photo from 2010 shows a Toronto protest against a raid on a medical marijuana club. COLIN MCCONNELL/TORONTO STAR FILE PHOTO 

' “Lawmakers and enforcers are looking for guidance on how to react to an Ontario Superior Court decision quashing Canada’s marijuana laws.

On Monday, a St. Catharines judge ruled the federal medical marijuana program unconstitutional because patients are largely prevented from legally accessing the drugs they need. Justice Donald Taliano also struck down the country’s laws against possessing and producing cannabis, giving Ottawa three months to fix the program before marijuana is effectively legalized." '


25 Shocking Facts That Prove That The Entire U.S. Health Care Industry Has Become One Giant Money Making Scam

25 Shocking Facts That Prove That The Entire US Health Care Industry Has Become One Giant Money Making Scam

'What is the appropriate word to use when you find out that the top executive at the third largest health insurance company in America raked in 68.7 million dollars in 2010?  How is one supposed to respond when one learns that more than two dozen pharmaceutical companies make over a billion dollars in profits each year?  

Is it okay to get angry when you discover that over 90 percent of all hospital bills contain "gross overcharges"?  Once upon a time, going into the medical profession was seen as a "noble" thing to do. 

But now the health care industry in the United States has become one giant money making scam and it is completely dominated by health insurance companies, pharmaceutical corporations, lawyers and corporate fatcats.  In America today, just one trip to the hospital can cost you tens of thousands of dollars even if you do not stay for a single night.  

The sad thing is that the vast majority of the money that you pay out for medical care does not even go to your doctor.  In fact, large numbers of doctors across the United States are going broke.  Rather, it is the "system" that is soaking up almost all of the profits.  We have a health care industry in the United States that is fundamentally broken and it needs to be rebuilt from the ground up.'


Vegetarians Have a Lower Risk of Heart Attacks, Cancer, Stroke and Diabetes

'Vegetarians experience a 36 percent lower prevalence of metabolic syndrome than non-vegetarians, suggests new research from Loma Linda University published in the journal Diabetes Care. Because metabolic syndrome can be a precursor to heart disease, diabetes, and stroke, the findings indicate vegetarians may be at lower risk of developing these conditions.

A previous analysis of data from 52,700 men and women in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, found that those who did not eat meat had significantly fewer cancers overall than those who did.' 

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Packaged “All-Natural” Foods

'Packaged, so-called “all-natural” foods. They’re coming at you — fast and strong. As this recent article in the Chicago Tribune points out, all the big players in processed food manufacturing are jumping on the bandwagon of “all-natural” and “healthy” foods: 

The companies that introduced products such as Doritos, Miracle Whip, Butterfinger and the venti caramel Frappuccino now maintain that the future lies in the health and wellness category. 

A wave of products expected to hit grocery stores in the next year will raise the ante for shoppers’ attention and compete for their trust. What constitutes “healthy” will ultimately be decided by consumers at the cash register. 

Apparently the big wigs are starting to notice that health-conscious consumers are chipping away at their market share. So, they’re making changes. They’re making processed foods “healthier” in the hopes of appealing to this growing segment of the population with the allure of products that “align with organic principles” without actually carrying the heavy price tag of organics.'


Medical Mind Games and Proving Ginger Is Therapeutic

Written by Thomas Corriher
The Health Wyze Report

'CNN recently ran a report titled, Ginger May Help Chemo Patients With Nausea. Wow! This means that modern medicine (allopathy) 'discovered' that ginger is useful in 2009. This is especially underwhelming for people knowledgeable about traditional medicines, because they have already known this for... what... 4,000 years and counting.  I never cease to be underwhelmed by what allopathic medicine offers us, but for some reason snake oil comes to mind.  This was supposedly news, because establishment doctors "discovered" and "proved" that ginger was useful, in 2009 no less.

Perhaps ginger's effects were never "discovered" before now because it cannot be patented by the pharmaceutical cartel, and therefore it cannot be "regulated" by the industry.  With all the backlash against chemotherapy now, perhaps they felt that they had better throw us a bone to keep the restless natives at bay.  However, they just could not leave it at that.  They have been running their cons so long that they just could not stop themselves.'


Healthcare scoring for the “dead pool”: hedge funds betting on how long you will live

 Marti Oakley, Contributing Writer 
Activist Post

'Those medical records that are now available to anyone and everyone who might have a financial interest in your “health” (the same records about you that you yourself can no longer gain access to in most cases),  are for sale to stakeholders, investors and interested parties.  Insurance companies are particularly interested.

As we stated in an earlier article, when Obamacare is implemented it will establish a health score to be applied to your records and updated with each doctor visit. This score will be available to insurance companies with the accompanying medical data that will allow them to determine how much of a risk you pose to the profits they anticipate by insuring you under a hedge fund.

You will be rated as to how much of a risk you represent to the system.  This score is being used to determine what and how much healthcare you are eligible to receive.  As the bill clearly states, panels will determine what risk you pose to the system and weigh that against the odds you can recover, and if you do, what would be the value of your future contributions to society?  Odds not good?  Off to the dead pool you go!

'Enter the insurance companies.'


Canadian marijuana laws are ruled unconstitutional — government has 90 days to fix them or pot becomes legal

' “An Ontario Superior Court judge has ruled that the federal medical marijuana program is unconstitutional, giving the government three months to fix the problem before pot is effectively legalized.

In an April 11 ruling, Justice Donald Taliano found that doctors across the country have “massively boycotted” the medical marijuana program and largely refuse to sign off on forms giving sick people access to necessary medication.

As a result, legitimately sick people cannot access medical marijuana through appropriate means and must resort to illegal actions.'


False Assumption That Salt is "Bad" For Us Is Creating Iodine Deficiency

'According to the WHO, iodine-deficient communities have IQs up to 13.5 points lower than similar but iodine-sufficient communities, even mild deficiency may have an impact on the developing brain of fetuses and young children. 

'Most people get their iodine from their diet, with many countries now cheaply addressing this issue through a programme of salt iodisation. The UK is yet to join this programme and does not require salt producers to iodise their salt.

But some experts argue that salt could be just what we need for healing, health and longevity. Modern salt, they agree, is unhealthy. But common table salt has almost nothing in common with traditional salt, say the salt connoisseurs. 

Just look at the rose-coloured crystals of Himalayan rock salt, or the grey texture of Celtic salt – both pride themselves on traditional harvesting, avoiding heat treatment or refining methods – and you know you're getting something special, not least that when you taste them, they actually have flavour. And unlike the sodium chloride you find on most kitchen tables, unrefined rock salt contains more than 84 different minerals.' 

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Where is the Evidence?

 by Dr. Ben Kim

Your Mind-Body Connection is ON at All Times

'Here's the thing: it's not just the big ups and downs that affect your health via your mind-body connection. This connection is on at all times. 

Every thought and emotion that courses through you influences your health. Your thoughts and emotions affect blood flow, the strength of your immune system, healing capacity, and every other aspect of your physiology. 

You can see evidence of this undeniable connection between your ongoing emotions and your health in everyday life. Have you ever woken up from a bad dream, covered with a thin coat of sweat? Nothing but your dream – thoughts and emotions – caused a series of chemical reactions that resulted in real physical change: production of sweat from your sweat glands. 

Have you ever had your mouth water at the thought of eating a particular food that you had a strong craving for? How about saliva production at the thought of drinking a large glass of cold, tart, super sour lemon juice? Clearly, your thoughts and emotions are capable of causing physical contraction of your salivary glands.' 


North Carolina not the only state trying to criminalize alternative health services

Marti Oakley, Contributing Writer
Activist Post

'A closer look at the attempt by North Carolina legislators to criminalize anything other than state sponsored health care is quite revealing.  Below is the bill text, sort of, with some observations about the language, or lack thereof, defining what this bill is actually intended to do.

What is apparent is that it is the first step in implementing various aspects of Codex Alimentarius which excludes any health practice not listed in the Codex.  Codex specifically targets and intends to end the use of alternative therapies and also vitamins and supplements.

Please note that this bill does not contain any statement of legislative intent.  In other words, what is the intention of this bill, exactly?'

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Me and my operation: The beam of light that can kill lung cancer in 15 minutes

Dan Moulden was injected with light-sensitive dye that was then lasered - after the treatment his tumour had disappeared

'The doctors said that this time, since I had only one lung, they couldn’t operate or treat the tumour with radiotherapy, for fear of damaging the lung so badly it would kill me.
They estimated I had 12 months to live and handed me palliative care leaflets. My wife, Jean, and I left the hospital in shock. 

I was then referred to a chest specialist, Dr Jeremy George, at University College Hospital London. When I saw Dr George three weeks later, in June 2006, he did another bronchoscopy and told me that since the changes were small, they would simply keep an eye on me.
I saw him every three months for a bronchoscopy. I felt well, so in 2007 we booked a holiday to the U.S. to see our daughter and three grandchildren, who live there.
But just before we went I had another appointment with Dr George — it was bad news: my tests showed the cells had changed into early cancer. 

Then he told me about a trial they were running for early lung cancer patients. They could inject a light-sensitive dye into me. 

I’d then have a laser put down my throat and this would be switched on when it reached the diseased part of my lung. The dye would release a type of oxygen that would destroy the tumour. He said I wouldn’t need a long recovery and could be home within a few days. Suddenly I was being offered this wonder cure that would save my life.'


Nuclear Nightmare


by Dr.Mark Sircus

'Japan said it is considering expanding the area covered by a compulsory evacuation order, with no immediate end in sight to the world’s worst nuclear accident since Chernobyl. At this point we should all sit up and take notice of what is happening and what could all so easily happen.

Emergency workers were pumping nitrogen into the quake-damaged Fukushima Daiichi plant to prevent further explosions. Now we hear things are getting so hot inside the destroyed reactor buildings that they cannot approach. On April 6, Reuters reported, “The core at Japan’s Fukushima nuclear reactor has melted through the reactor pressure vessel,” Rep. Edward Markey told a House hearing on the disaster. “I have been informed by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) that the core has gotten so hot that part of it has probably melted through the reactor pressure vessel.” America’s NRC said that some of the core of a stricken Japanese reactor had probably leaked from its steel pressure vessel into the bottom of the containment structure, implying that the damage was even worse than previously thought.'


Kamal Meattle on how to grow fresh air in your home

Cannabis could be used to treat epilepsy

Cannabis plants are being grown at a secret facility in the south of England in the hope of producing a new treatment for epilepsy.

Cannabis plants are being grown at a secret facility in the south of England in the hope of producing a new treatment for epilepsy.

'Researchers at the University of Reading have discovered that three compounds found in cannabis leaves can help to reduce and control seizures in epilepsy. 
They are now using extracts from the plants grown in huge industrial-sized greenhouses in the south of England to develop new drugs that could ease the misery of millions of epilepsy sufferers around the world. In the UK alone there are more than 500,000 people who suffer from epilepsy. 
Dr Ben Whalley, who is leading the research at the department of pharmacy at the University of Reading, said tests in animals had shown the compounds effective at preventing seizures and convulsions while also having less side effects than existing epilepsy drugs.'


Why I Love My Honey

by Dr. Al Sears

'Honey reminds me of romance. I call my dearest friends honey when I want to remind them how sweet they are to me. 
But I also use honey for healing.

Ayurvedic practitioners in India have used honey for nearly 5,000 years.
Ayurveda is a holistic health system that evolved in ancient India. The term combines two Sanskrit words to mean “knowledge of life.” It’s the oldest system of medicine in the world. And it is still practiced widely in India, where the government recognizes it.

Not long ago, I traveled 8,000 miles to search out the roots of Ayurveda.
My travels took me to Ayurvedic universities, hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and ancient “healing houses.” Eventually, I arrived at Ayurveda’s birthplace in the isolated country backwaters of the south Indian state of Kerala.

I visited the original Ayurmana or “ancient healing house” and watched the Ayurvedic masters use honey for nearly every skin treatment they created.'


French Research Body On Radioactivity Says Risks No Longer Negligible, Warns Pregant Women And Infants To Stay Away From ‘Risky Behavior’

'A month into one of the largest nuclear disasters in history, officials in both the Japanese and America government have continually downplayed the risks while independent groups have screamed bloody murder over the dangers of high and low level radiation.

Radiation has been found in milk, rainwater, and tap water throughout the United States as well as in certain areas of Europe.'

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Farmers choose cotton over food crops

 From William Neuman in the New York Times:

“SPEARMAN, Tex. — 'Tight supplies of corn, soybeans and wheat have sent prices skyrocketing in the last year, prompting worries of a looming global food crisis.
In other years, American farmers have responded to high prices by devoting more land to staple food crops.
But this spring, many farmers in southern states will be planting cotton in ground where they used to grow corn, soybeans or wheat — spurred on by cotton prices that have soared as clothing makers clamor for more and poor harvests crimp supply.
The result is an acreage war between rival commodities used to feed and clothe the world’s population.

“There’s a lot more money to be made in cotton right now,” said Ramon Vela, a farmer here in the Texas Panhandle, as he stood in a field where he grew wheat last year, its stubble now plowed under to make way for cotton. Around the first week of May, Mr. Vela, 37, will plant 1,100 acres of cotton, up from 210 acres a year ago. “The prices are the big thing,” he said. “That’s the driving force.” '


The Emergence of Vaccine induced Diseases

'On virtually every level, whether it is food, water, medications or the contamination of our environment across the board including the air we breathe, we, as human beings, are under attack. The view of the worlds’ populations by corporate, scientific, pharmaceutical, military and even our respective governments is, one of contempt. None view the populations of the earth as anything more than potential test subjects for a wide array of experimentations of all kinds. We are the test rats in the maze. In fact, we are considered disposable and detested by the world’s elite.' 


Fluoride Poisoning It's All Over

'German and Austrian scientists knew in the early 1930s that an overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism) could be successfully treated by bathing patients in water containing minute amounts of fluoride. They had discovered nearly a century ago that fluoride blocked thyroid function. For the US government, long partnered with the pharmaceutical industry, to then force this same treatment on a nation of people with healthy thyroids under the lie that fluoride "prevents cavities in children," is unconscionable. 

The Nuremberg Code of ethics pertaining to human experimentation labels it an act of crime, stating, "The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential." Today, 70% of the US is being forced to receive this thyroid-blocking chemical via their water without consent or medical monitoring for overdose, allergic reaction or blocked thyroid function. The benefits are being reaped by the largest of US industries: The pharmaceutical industry. Fluoride has created a nation of suffering people seeking more drugs to treat blocked thyroids and fluoride toxicity. We might drink bottled water, but most of us cannot avoid the bathwater.' 


Industry’s war on nature: ‘What are the bees telling us?’

'While industries continue to pollute the planet with their toxic chemicals, toxic waste and toxic spills, Earth’s pollinators sing a swan song that leaves no doubt as to the folly of modern civilization.  Our ability to hear and appropriately respond to the crisis of declining pollinators will determine humanity’s survival.

“In 1923, Rudolf Steiner, an Austrian scientist, philosopher and social innovator, predicted that in 80 to 100 years honeybees would collapse.”  Queen of the Sun

Steiner believed the industrialization of bees would lead to their demise. It looks like he was right. In the past two decades, the United States has lost 100-300 billion bees, and the problem has spread to Europe and beyond. But several factors above industrialized beekeeping operations contribute to this massive die-off.


Bioidentical Hormones, Waking Up From the Synthetic Hormone Nightmare

 by Jeffrey Dach MD

'Shirley is 52, and suffering from menopausal symptoms of hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia and mood disturbance. The next chance she had, Shirley asked her doctor for bioidentical hormones. Instead, her doctor offered her a prescription for Lexapro, an SSRI antidepressant. Shirley declined the prescription and ran out the door crying all the way home. A few days later, Shirley was sitting in my office asking, "Why won't my doctor give me what I want, bioidentical hormones?" '


Medical Marijuana Rules Finalized In Arizona, Washington, DC

'Regulations have been finalized to allow for the sanctioned-use and dispensing of medical cannabis in two more regions of the country: Arizona and in the nation’s capitol, Washington, DC.

In Arizona, representatives from the Arizona Department of Health Services have
approved rules governing the state’s soon-to-be-implemented Arizona Medical Marijuana Program. Voters directed the state to approve regulations regarding the use and distribution of medicinal marijuana in November when they decided in favor of Proposition 203 — making Arizona the fifteenth state since 1996 to legalize the physician-authorized use of cannabis. Program rules, physician certification forms, and answers to frequently asked questions are all available online from the Arizona Department of Health Services here.'


Learn to Cook to Reclaim Your Health

'Recently, at one of my national speaking events, I was approached during the Q&A session by a woman who started talking to me about food, a common occurrence at these types of gatherings. Not too long after the conversation started, she began to complain about how bad the food industry is in this country, and how hard it is to find healthy options in restaurants and stores. Then she asked me, "What do you see as the new trend in eating and food?" 

My response was something that I tell all of my clients: the new trend is actually an old trend. Think back to the days when preparing our own meals was commonplace, back to when we knew exactly where our food came from (and exactly what it was for that matter), and back to when we allowed ourselves time to plan for and cook our meals, as well as to enjoy them.' 


Japan Nuclear Radiation Found In Food Being Bought In California Stores

'As reported live last night on the Intel Hub radio show and again today on The Alexander Higgins Show, Japan nuclear radiation including i-131, Caesium 134 and Caesium 137 are now being detected in a wide variety of foods being bought on store shelves in California. In the first food chain tests made public, radioactive contamination was found in spinach, strawberries, topsoil, grass, and milk. Of the isotopes detected, radioactive iodine has a half-life of 8 days outside of the human body and 100 days inside of the body. The C-134 has a half-life of 2.0652 years and the c-137 has a half-life of 30.17. C-135 with a half-life of over 2.3 million years has not been detected.'


A warning EVERY cancer patient needs to hear

'The very best con man might not fit your idea of what a con man looks and acts like. For instance, some con men wear stethoscopes around their necks. I'm not talking about doctors in general, I'm talking about a certain type of oncologist who knows how to work the system, tell his patients what they want to hear, and turn a nice profit. 

If you or someone you know or love has cancer (and unfortunately, that covers just about all of us), you have to be on the lookout for one of the cruelest and most disturbing con jobs in medicine.'

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NOTE: Health Maven agrees with this article -- except for the author's conclusion RE "asking questions"Instead we feel the author should be promoting alternative cancer cures -- not Big Pharma's chemo scam.