Mineralized Herby Butter

EFT Tapping: How to Put Your Health Literally into Your Hands…

'How many times have you tapped your fingers against a table without even realizing you are doing it?  Are you nervous at that time?  Preoccupied?

How about drumming your fingers on the steering wheel or dashboard while driving?  Are you stressed or anxious at that time?
What if someone told you that you could actually change your health—both physical and emotional—with that same tapping motion?  Would you believe them?

You should.  Recent studies have shown that simply tapping your fingers on specific points on your body can help ease anxiety and depression, alleviate pain, and even aid in weight loss.
Skeptical?  We were too.  Until we uncovered the stunning research.'


Nuclear Nightmare


 by Dr. Mark Sircus

'If millions of Japanese wondering what they need to do to get out of harm’s way are confused, there is good reason for it. The Japanese government as well as the American one and health officials around the world are themselves confused about the potential dangers to the people of the greater metropolitan Tokyo area, which is practically in the shadow of the out-of-control nuclear power station. Imagine how they feel being so close. It’s a nuclear nightmare up there in northern Japan. Is there anyone who really wants to doubt that? Top U.S. officials have testified before congress this week that the situation in Japan has reached catastrophic.
proportions on par with Chernobyl. 

Both the Secretary of Energy Steven Chu and Gregory B. Jaczko, the chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission gave dire testimony before the House Energy and Commerce committee. This is not the same story being told in Tokyo, at least not yet. But Japan’s nuclear agency spokesman conceded that a “Chernobyl solution” of burying the reactors in sand and concrete was in the back of the authorities’ minds. A day later it is moving to the very front of their minds.'


Ginkgo Found to Protect Against Radiation Damage


 'In their article, Chang-Mo Kang of the Korea Institute of Radiological and Medical Sciences in Taegu and colleagues describe their use of an assay for radiation-induced programmed cell death (apoptosis) to evaluate the protective effect of ginkgo extract against radiation exposure that occurs during accidents or occupational overexposure. In one experiment, white blood cells from human donors aged 18 to 50 were treated with one of four concentrations of ginkgo extract or a 9 percent saline solution before being exposed to gamma rays.

The researchers found a significant dose-dependent reduction in apoptotic cells among those treated with ginkgo. While radiation-induced apoptosis occurred in nearly one third of irradiated cells not treated with ginkgo, the number declined to 5 percent or less in cells treated with the herb.'

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Flying Blind-- Low Level Toxicity

It is the inability to see the effects of chronic, low level toxicities on human health that has been, and remains, our greatest failing as intelligent beings. 
--Dr. Boyd Haley 

'One of the greatest alarm calls in human history has gone unnoticed for years and as a result, the previously low levels of toxicities are moving higher leading to a general contamination and weakening of the public. As each toxic catastrophe has hit this past year—vast fires in Russia, the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster, another one in China, continued output of unimaginable tonnages of heavy metals and chemicals by industry, and now this Japanese super disaster—the world gets darker and more dangerous with more people getting sick and dying.'


Weed Eater: Edible Weeds


'Thirty years ago, while living on a farm in Reynolds, Missouri, I used to help a neighboring hill woman in her large, wonderful garden in exchange for fresh farm eggs and firewood. As we pulled weeds, Mrs. Glore, who was old enough to have outlived three husbands, would declare: “Why, youse can eat these. It’s lamb’s-quarters. It’s wild spinach, and it’s good fer ya! Even better than the store-bought kind!”

She’d incorporate the weeds into the evening’s dinner, doubling or tripling the yield of her garden. Over the years, I’ve developed my own appreciation for plants that others yank out and throw away. Weeds have survived centuries of adversity and are often much more durable than cultivated plants. Many do well without irrigation, are resistant to frost and trampling, and offer themselves freely and abundantly.'


Fight cancer and heart disease with one crunchy snack


By Dr.Allan Spreen

'I keep sunflower seeds in my kitchen cabinets, at my desk, and in the car. These crunchy seeds contain lots of natural vitamin E. In fact, just a quarter cup of sunflower seeds contains almost 100 percent of your Recommended Daily Allowance of this fat-soluble vitamin. 

As you'll recall, vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that patrols your body for harmful free radicals that lead to disease and aging. It also blocks free radicals from damaging cholesterol in your body. You see, every cell in your body needs a certain amount of cholesterol, but when attacked by free radicals, it becomes oxidized (or unstable). And cholesterol, once it has oxidized, can stick to blood vessel walls and lead to atherosclerosis. But eating a handful of sunflower seeds each day will give your body the tools it needs to flush out these unstable molecules. 

But that's not all...'


Seaweed and Iodine: More Ways to Protect Your Family from Japan’s Nuclear Crisis


'Since I can’t seem to focus on anything other than the nuclear crisis in Japan, as everyday there is more somber news of fires, I decided to share with you more ways you can protect your family from radiation in addition to yesterday’s post.  Finding potassium iodide in the United States may be next to impossible, and we’ve been told by local health food stores that any surplus is being shipped to Japan, as it should be.  There are other options that may be more appropriate for the amount of radiation that will reach the United States.

Here’s a summary of posts I have encountered today that are worthy of sharing.'


Dr. Blaylock: Japanese Radiation Could Pose Threat to U.S.


' “Most of the health risks are not going to be due to acute radiation poisoning,” he tells Newsmax. “It’s going to be a risk of increased cancer.

“When we look at Chernobyl, most of West Germany was heavily contaminated. Norway, Sweden. Hungary was terribly contaminated. The radiation was taken up into the plants. The food was radioactive. They took the milk and turned it into cheese. The cheese was radioactive.

“That’s the big danger, the crops in this country being contaminated, the milk in particular, with Strontium 90. That radiation is incorporated into the bones and stays for a lifetime.”

If radiation does arrive in the United States, people would need “to change their diet. They need to stop eating Western farm products,” Dr. Blaylock says.

They might also need to take several supplements that can protect against the effects of radiation, he suggests.

“Taking these supplements not only protects you against radiation but a lot of other diseases including cancer, brain degeneration.” '


A Dead-End Job Is Worse For Your Health Than Being Unemployed


'There are some who don't need an excuse to skip a day's work - but this could be a good reason to quit your job altogether.

A badly-paid or temporary job can be as bad for a person's mental health as none at all, researchers claim.
Little job security, demanding work and poor managers can all impact on a person's well-being just as much as unemployment

A University of Lancashire study, which included in-depth interviews with 24 men and women in management and non-management positions in a variety of job sectors, found anger is widespread at work. It most often erupts over immoral behavior (cheating, lying, stealing) or when people feel they've been unfairly treated (unjust criticism or heavy workload).

Other common triggers of workplace anger include incompetence, disrespect, failure to communicate or exclusion.
In fact, people who are unemployed can feel better-off mentally than those who are in poor jobs of low 'psychosocial quality', the report added.'


Kelp Sea-Veggie Salad Recipe

Can Iodine Help With Hair Loss?


'It is clear that the micro-nutrient iodine (as well as iron, magnesium and zinc) is a key essential element for the normal growth and development in all of the body’s organ and tissue systems. In fact, iodine, in combination with the aforementioned minerals are often considered the best “hair growth minerals” you can take for healthy hair. And if you are currently experiencing hair loss, it may be a good idea to supplement with these, as hair loss can be one of the most common signs of a deficiency in iodine.' 


The Difference Between Radiation and Radioactivity And How To Protect Yourself


'Radiation is a process in which energy particles or waves travel through a medium, space or object. It does not deposit itself in plants or the organs or tissues of animals or humans. It is typically measured in mrems, rads and sieverts.

Radioactivity is the release of energy by emitting ionizing particles (
ionizing radiation). The emission is spontaneous, and it is released into the environment, biosphere, plants, animals and human beings.

There are more than 400 radioactive isotopes that are released in a nuclear accident such as
those now admitted in Japan. Out of those isotopes, there are many that are too short lived to be dangerous to humans. However, approximately 50 of these isotopes are indeed very dangerous to humans including strontium-90, cesium, iodine, plutonium, and tranuranium elements, since they can be absorbed by the human body.'


Iodine Treatments for Radiation Exposure

'Clearly we are just at the beginning of this disaster and very far from its end, and already it is unprecedented in scope. “If this accident stops right now it will already be one of the three worst accidents we have ever had at a nuclear power plant in the history of nuclear power,” said Joseph Cirincione, an expert on nuclear materials and president of the U.S.-based Ploughshares Fund, a firm involved in security and peace funding.

There is absolutely zero chance that this disaster in progress is going to stop now or any time soon, so precautions need to be taken right away by every citizen in the northern hemisphere that is downwind and on the track of the jet stream that will quickly carry radioactive materials first to North America then to Europe and beyond to Russia. This is all going to be much worse than people want to believe, so rush to get your iodine right now! Get your hands on whatever you can for in a few days there will be no iodine to have of any type.'


Free Peter Davy-- Cannabis Prohibition Kills

'Peter Davy, a 51 year old cancer survivor from Timaru, New Zealand is facing prison for cultivating Medical Cannabis. If sent to prison he has vowed to go on a hunger strike to end the injustice for all medical cannabis users in New Zealand.'

Panic Buying: Stocks Of Potassium Iodide Exhausted In U.S.


'Health websites sold out, readers struggle to find radiation-fighting pills anywhere.

Paul Joseph 
Watson Propaganda Matrix 

'We are getting numerous reports from readers that stocks of potassium iodide, which is used to protect the body against the effects of nuclear fallout, are completely sold out across the United States. 

Checks of health supplement websites in the U.S. also confirmed that stocks are completely exhausted. With the threat of radioactive particles from the stricken Fukushima nuclear reactor complex drifting towards the United States on prevailing easterly winds, many Americans are attempting to protect themselves by acquiring potassium iodide, which protects the thyroid gland from radiation and cancer caused by radioactive iodine.

U.S. manufacturers of potassium iodide have been swamped with demand, reports CNN. One Williamsburg, Virginia-based company “Has received hundreds, if not thousands, of calls from potential buyers in Asia as well as repeat U.S. customers suddenly seeking to replenish their stockpiles of the drug.” '


Medicinal Cooking with Dale Pinnock

How Does the Drug Industry Get Away with Broadcasting Those Deceptive Ads?

'We’ve all seen them in newspapers and magazines, on TV and the Internet -- cheerful people in glossy, picturesque ads claiming that by taking a little magic prescription pill their lives were immeasurably improved.  

As the TV ad fades, a cautionary voice quietly recites a host of “risk factors,” potentially catastrophic consequences that could result from taking the magical pill. One can’t but wonder if the cure is worse than the ailment.

A well-known ad features Dr. Robert Jarvik, a pioneer in the development of the artificial heart, pitching Pfizer’s cholesterol drug Lipitor.  He comes across as a trusted expert with your best interest at heart, but viewers would not know that he is neither a cardiologist, nor licensed to practice medicine. (Lipitor’s 2009 sales were $5.4 billion.)'


Admitted Japanese Nuclear Meltdown Now Means Detrimental Health Effects Worldwide


'Some videos have now clearly shown the full scale of the explosion which is "unlikely" to have cause anything but a major release of radioactive uranium into the atmosphere. The radiation plume will eventually travel thousands of miles towards Canada and the United States and then circulating the planet.

"It is obvious the Japanese are attempting to cover up the deadly seriousness of events unfolding in their country," reported

As a result of alternative video reports and journalists, the Japanese government is now changing their story, admitting over 300,000 people evacuated and possibly tens of thousands dead.' 

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Why Aren't GMO Foods Labeled?

by Dr. Mercola

'You can avoid sugar, aspartame, trans-fats, or MSG if you're a savvy reader of labels. But if you want to avoid genetically modified organisms (GMO's), it's not so easy. They're not listed on labels. You could buy organic foods, which by law can't contain more than 5 percent GMO's -- but now that might not work either.
The U.S. Department of Agriculture has approved three new kinds of genetically engineered foods -- alfalfa, a type of corn, and sugar beets. And the FDA will likely soon approve GM salmon, which would become the first genetically modified animal to be sold in the U.S., but probably not the last. And the FDA and USDA will not require any of these products, or foods containing them, to be labeled as genetically engineered.

This despite the fact that over 95 percent of people polled say they think GM foods should require a label.'


'Imaginary Panic': The WHO Admits that the H1N1 Pandemic was a Multibillion Dollar Fraud....

'The Swine Flu ‘pandemic’ turned out to be nothing more than a storm in a teacup generated by a flurry of conflicts of interest. A majority of European Health Committee MEPs have nonetheless recently approved a report by Anne Delvaux (PPE) endorsing the existence of what was really an imaginary panic and calling for ‘more cooperation between member states’ to deal with future pandemics.' 


The Vaccine Industry vs Robert F. Kennedy Jr.


Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Interviews Dr. Boyd Haley on Mercury Toxicity Alzheimer's and Autism 

Please watch the interview of Dr. Boyd Haley, Professor Emeritus at the University of Kentucky, by environmental lawyer, Robert Kennedy Jr. Dr. Haley is a leading international expert on mercury toxicity. Kennedy and Haley discuss what exposure to mercury is doing to the human race, especially the connection between mercury and both Alzheimer's and autism. Kennedy has championed numerous environmental causes but he said this about the link between toxic vaccines and autism, "This is the most important issue I've ever worked on." 

The Vaccine Industry vs Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
by Dr. Mark Sircus 

'In reality doctors and the medical elite are lying to the public. Without a scientific leg to stand on they go on insisting there is no problem injecting the deadly nerve poison thimerosal into children. At this point parents know more about medicine than the doctors and the doctors just cannot stand the humiliation. They would rather hang onto their pride and let kids be injected with thimerosal, which is fifty percent mercury by weight, then humble themselves before their patients. They would rather see families destroyed and lives lived in misery, pain and disease than just admit they are wrong. 

When it comes to thimerosal science is now totally against the medical elite and the pharmaceutical companies as well as your local friendly doctor. But with their money and power the pharmaceutical companies have maintained a long list of medical officials who sustain a medical horror that has neurologically damaged millions of children. Robert F. Kennedy Jr., speaking on national radio this week on the Imus show,[i] expressed this graphically, indicating those medical officials, when they speak about thimerosal in vaccines, use “high sounding language, but under questioning they fall apart because the science is so clear that thimerosal is deadly. 

The scientific evidence is now so overwhelming (that thimerosal is toxic) that it’s almost bizarre the way medical officials defend its safety. They have no defense and they know it. It’s an institutional bureaucratic cover-up.” On the Scarborough Country show Kennedy went on to say, "One in every 166 children has autism. Plus one in six have other kinds of learning disorders, other kinds of neurological disorders, speech delay, language disorders, ADD, hyperactivity, that all seem to be connected to autism -- to Thimerosal. There are literally hundreds and hundreds of studies that connect Thimerosal to these disastrous neurological disorders." '


New report from NASA finds that nearly 50 percent of the population along the Gulf Coast is experiencing sickness indicative of chemical poisoning related to the BP oil spill

'Along the Gulf Coast, the marketing blitz for spring break is rolling out as the oil from the BP blowout 11 months ago continues to roll in along with increasing numbers of dead infant dolphins, in numbers completely without precedent. The beaches remain polluted with toxic oil and dispersant even as local politicians and government officials insist everything is fine and the oil miraculously gone. Thousands of pounds are collected each day from the few areas that remain under scrutiny, all of those being in highly visible resort areas.

In one zone on Ft. Morgan beach in Alabama, a record 17,000 lbs was collected in one day after a winter storm rolled through. Along the beaches of Alabama in areas not frequented by media or guests, dead infant dolphins are left uncollected in the sand. Current plans by mayors of resort communities along the Gulf Coast will have thousands of vacationers, including at-risk populations, once again making sandcastles and sunbathing on toxic, polluted beaches.'


Treatments for Nuclear Contamination


Iodine – Glutathione – Natural Chelation – Clay – Baking Soda

'It is too early to call everyone in North America to prepare for a radiation cloud streaming down radioactive particles from the accident in Japan. According to the media and government, America is not at risk due to radioactive fallout from the recent Japanese nuclear accidents in several reactors but that could change in a heartbeat as authorities race to combat the threat of multiple nuclear reactor meltdowns. Nuclear plant operators are working frantically to try to keep temperatures down in several reactors crippled by the earthquake and tsunami, wrecking at least two by dumping sea water into them in last-ditch efforts to avoid meltdowns.

Now, just hours after writing this above paragraph we get a report in the New York Times indicating that even best case scenarios include radioactive releases of steam from the crippled plants could go on for weeks, months or even years. So prepare we must. "Pentagon officials reported Sunday that helicopters flying 60 miles from the plant picked up small amounts of radioactive particulates — still being analyzed, but presumed to include Cesium-137 and Iodine-121 — suggesting widening environmental contamination. More steam releases also mean that the plume headed across the Pacific could continue to grow," printed the Times.'


Olive Leaves Just As Effective As Drugs In Lowering Blood Pressure, Except They're Natural


'The study, published in Phytomedicine, found an olive leaf extract (EFLA 943 from Frutarom, Switzerland) to be as effective in treating high-blood pressure as a common medication blood pressure medication (Captopril/Dexacap from Dexa Medica).'

The researchers also found that unlike the drug, olive leaf extract also significantly reduced plasma triglyceride levels.
“Olive leaf extract, at the dosage regimen of 500 mg twice daily, was similarly effective in lowering systolic and diastolic blood pressures in subjects with stage-1 hypertension as Captopril, given at its effective dose of 12.5–25 mg twice daily,” said the authors, led by Prof Endang Susalit, from the University of Indonesia.'


How to End Migraines


'MORE THAN 10 MILLION Americans have migraines creating a burden of mostly unnecessary suffering.(i) These severe, nearly disabling headaches can occur from once a year to three to four times a week. They can last from hours to days. They are often associated with an aura, light sensitivity, nausea, vomiting, and severe throbbing pain on one or both sides of the head. Migraines are even associated with stroke-like symptoms or paralysis in some cases … The cost to society is also enormous.'


7 Flower Remedies for Depression


'Everyone feels down sometimes. Perhaps  you’re overwhelmed, exhausted from chronic illness, or dealing with life circumstances that feel hopeless.  Of course, you should always consult a doctor if you experience depression, particularly if you have suicidal thoughts or tendencies, or can’t cope with life.  But, if you just need a little support from a natural remedy to help you through one of the inevitable rough patches in life, Bach flower remedies can help.'