It's Wrong To Make Money Selling Stuff That Hurts People

by Dr. Mark Sircus

'As usual, the Times only publishes skewered vaccine information that leans further than the Tower of Pisa in Italy. Historian Michael Wilrich cannot help himself from deliberately smearing all the information on the Internet and cannot help himself within the framework of a sentence spouting the usual hypnotic propaganda that casts childhood vaccination as a positive helpful thing when we know for a fact that it hurts and even kills children. I dare the New York Times or any medical doctor or governmental health official to deny this fact that is easily available by looking at the history of the Federal Vaccine Court or in the governmental VARS database.'


Dr. Robert Mendelsohn on How to Talk to Your Doctor

With House set to debate healthcare, government finds up to half of Americans under 65 have preexisting conditions

'As many as 129 million Americans under age 65 have medical problems that are red flags for health insurers, according to an analysis that marks the government's first attempt to quantify the number of people at risk of being rejected by insurance companies or paying more for coverage. The secretary of health and human services released the study on Tuesday, hours before the House plans to begin considering a Republican bill that would repeal the new law to overhaul the health-care system. A vote is expected on Wednesday. But while Republicans may muscle through a repeal bill in the House, its prospects are slimmer in the Senate, where Democrats and independents will enjoy a 53-47 majority.'


Health Authorities Want Depression-Causing Drugs Added To Water Supply

Health Authorities Want Depression Causing Drugs Added To Water Supply 200111top2
Image: Jessica Melling

'Health authorities are pushing for drugs to be added to public water supplies that cause depression and memory loss, as a new study shows that the dangers of statins have been deliberately underplayed by drug companies, in a chilling throwback to how the population in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World were mass medicated with Soma to keep them docile and easy to control. 

Statins are taken by tens of millions of people worldwide, a boon for drug companies like Merck, whose chief executive Henry Gadsden back in 1975 dreamed of being able to sell a drug to people who had no immediately identifiable illness, or as Mike Adams writes, “They needed a way to sell drugs to healthy people.” Statins were born and the financial windfall for Big Pharma quickly followed.' 


The Truth About Vaccinations

by Julian Whitaker,MD

'I recently attended the National Vaccine Information Center’s (NVIC) fourth international conference in Reston, Virginia, where experts from around the world gathered to discuss the medical and legal ramifications of our country’s vaccine policies.

Researchers presented scientific studies on the links between childhood immunizations, inflammation, and autism. Physicians talked about the appalling lack of safety and efficacy data for the HPV and influenza vaccines. Experts compared vaccination policies in the US and abroad and pointed out that American kids get more vaccines and are worse off than those in other countries. And one of several mothers who spoke told the poignant story of her perfectly healthy son’s descent into autism after receiving seven different vaccines during his 15-month well-baby visit.'


Medical Treatment Makes Cancer More Aggressive: Modern Science Sees Truth—And Turns Away From It

 The Myth That Shrinking Tumors Equates With Healing

'Shrinking tumors has been oncologists' primary goal. Patients are given exciting reports on shrinkage, leaving them to believe that they're being healed. In most cases, though, it's never been anything but a cruel hoax. In exchange for that shrinkage, they suffer enormous misery.
Michael Douglas, who was recently told by his doctors that he's been "cured" of throat cancer, states that he wouldn't wish chemotherapy or radiation on his worst enemy.

After being subjected to such trauma, can you imagine learning a few months later that your cancer has returned and is more aggressive than ever? That is exactly what happens in most cases. The author starts the paper with:
Cancers of epithelial origin account for 90% of cancer deaths worldwide. Their behavior has been compared to an uncontrolled wound healing process for over a century.
It's been known for more than a century that the behavior of tumors responsible for the vast majority of cancer deaths is like a healing process! But, instead of asking, "What is the tumor trying to heal?" doctors and researchers have tried to stop that healing process. The dismal results of cancer treatment shouldn't be surprising. Rather than trying to understand why a tumor exists, they've been trying to destroy them— fighting the body's natural healing process.'


Domino’s Pizza Receives $12 Million Government Bailout While Experts Warn of Global Food Riots

'While food riots have begun emerging across the globe as a result of surging food prices, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has decided to funnel 12 million dollars into the popular pizza chain Domino’s Pizza, in what has become known as a secret government bailout. 

The bailout came from an organization known as Dairy Management, a marketing creation of the USDA. What was the result of the millions funneled into the troubled business? A large-scale marketing revolving around pizzas being made with 40% more cheese, an attempt to re-design the Domino’s Pizza brand name in partnership with the United States government.' 


Video: Dealing With Doctors

Lynching Good Men Is What They Like To Do


'Dr. Andrew Wakefield with his wife, Carmel, at the General Medical Council in January in the U.K. In May of 2010, the council said Andrew Wakefield could no longer practice medicine. Wakefield’s public statements caused widespread alarm that a common childhood vaccine could cause autism has been put down even though evidence and common sense are on his side. 

This doctor is a medical hero who is being slandered because his voice comes from within the ranks of medicine and this cannot be tolerated. Poison the children, stick them with needles, drug ’em, cut them out of their mothers’ bellies in increasing numbers, and give them, in every case possible, pharmaceuticals instead of safer and more effective natural remedies.' 


ONE MORE GIRL - Documentary

'One More Girl is a documentary filled with stories of anguish and travesty, futures destroyed, and families reduced to financial ruin by medical costs brought on by a supposedly safe vaccine, Gardasil. Their stories are backed up with research and data from global activists, attorneys, medical experts and journalists. We are in pre-production right now and are raising funds so that we can begin production in this summer with a tentative 2012 launch date. All of us involved in the One More Girl documentary are dedicated to preventing this kind of global medical atrocity from ever happening again.' 


Food shortages: Creating a crisis to force global food control

by Marti Oakley, Contributing Writer
Activist Post

'A shortage of food is being intentionally staged around the world.  Apparently, if we resist the theft and seizure of food production and supply by bio-pirates and facilitated by government puppets, we will be intentionally starved into submission.  Threats of the food shortage are constantly launched into “lame stream media” as a warning to the rest of us that we had better comply or face the fate of those poorer nations where millions are suffering from famine or death from lack of food.

Somehow this scenario is in conflict with the PR propaganda of bio-pirates who claim their contaminated, harmful, genetically modified creations are the answer to the worlds food needs.

Claiming their Frankenfoods can somehow alleviate famine and hunger, these predators have bought and paid their way through one government after another as agricultural land is stolen, farmers displaced, and local food production is eradicated in favor of global corporate food control.


Crazy Sexy Cancer promo

Crazy Sexy Cancer promo from Crazy Sexy Life on Vimeo.

FDA System Approves Nonexistent Product from Nonexistent Company for Human Testing

'A sting nailed a company the HHS authorized to oversee human drug trials. The absurdities in the application are belly laugh funny, but in their rush to keep the money coming, they approved it. The FDA farms out drug and medical device testing. It’s in the hands of the companies hoping to gain approval for their products, but they must first get approval before doing tests on humans. 

Even here, though, there’s a catch. The FDA doesn’t review the testing plans. That’s done by more for-profit companies, Institutional Review Boards (IRBs). But it gets worse. The IRBs are paid by the companies hoping to gain FDA approval for their products. So, it’s a conflict of interest on top of a conflict of interest.' 


Video/Audio: Vaccines: Prevention or Poison?

'Rashid A. Buttar, DO, FAAPM, FACAM, FAAIM is a graduate of the University of Osteopathic Medicine and Health Sciences, College of Medicine and Surgery. He trained in General Surgery and Emergency Medicine and served as Brigade Surgeon and Director of Emergency Medicine while serving in the U.S. Army. Dr. Buttar is board certified in Clinical Metal Toxicology, Preventive Medicine, is board eligible in Emergency Medicine and has achieved fellowship status in three separate medical societies. He is the medical director for Advanced Concepts in Medicine, the Center for Advanced Medicine in Charlotte, NC, a clinic specializing in treating patients with cancer and heart disease refractory to conventional medical treatments.

He also serves as Director of Clinical Research and Development for V-SAB Medical Labs where he is extensively involved in polypeptide research and development of innovative drug delivery mechanisms. Dr. Buttar has lectured world-wide to physicians and has been featured in national and international news media including TV, radio and newspaper.

He has testified in front of the North Carolina State Congress as well as the US Congressional Sub-Committee on Human Rights and Wellness at the federal level and continues to serve as faculty to teach conventional medical courses such as Advanced Trauma Life Support, PALS and ACLS. 

Dr. Buttar currently serves as Visiting Scientist at North Carolina State University and is ranked as one of The Top 50 Doctors in the US since 2003 by Phillips Publishing, Healthy Directions and the world famous cardiologist, Dr. Stephen Sinatra.'

listen to video HERE

60 Minutes Exposes the Maker of the #1 Most Fatal Drug of 2009

'Drug company whistle-blower Cheryl Eckard talks about her experience trying to fix problems at GlaxoSmithKline. Her discoveries about the dangerous practices of the company made her a key figure in a federal lawsuit.' 

Watch HERE


Surprising Secret for Stronger Joints

  by Dr. Al Sears

'I’m sure you know vitamin C is good for you. That it can help clear out your arteries, fight inflammation, help fight sicknesses like the cold, and that it’s even good for your skin. But what you might not know is that right now, your body is working as fast as it can to destroy almost every bit of it. That’s because your body doesn’t just use it … it uses up vitamin C to make collagen, the most abundant protein in your body. Collagen is the basis for your skin, bones, teeth, blood vessels, eyes, heart … essentially all parts of your body. Collagen is stronger than steel wire, and as part of a network of an elastic-like substance called elastin, it makes up the connective tissue that holds you together.'


On Microwaves and Cooking Convenience

'Do you use a microwave in your kitchen? People have used these devices since the 1970s, and they have become a  hallmark of convenience in modern life. But the truth is, as with many modern advents to make our lives easier, we are paying a high price with our health for using these types of devices. 

Research has shown microwave ovens to incur serious damage to food during the heating process – from tearing molecules in food apart, causing some nutrients to become inert, to altering the composition to make a healthy substance carcinogenic. There are also issues with plastic containers leeching into the food and exposure to radiation coming from the microwave during the cooking process.' 


How To Eat To Prevent Cancer

An Important Update on IV Vitamin C

'After our Action Alert on the FDA’s move against intravenous vitamin C, a number of rumors have sprung up. Today we want to sort through the confusion.

As we reported to you last week, the US Food and Drug Administration recently sent a warning letter to McGuff Pharmaceuticals, ordering it to stop manufacturing and distributing intravenous vitamin C. The warning letter lists several issues, but the issue of concern falls under the subheading Unapproved New Drug and Misbranding Violations. The FDA letter tells the firm, “You manufacture and market unapproved new drugs in violation of sections 505(a) and 502(f)(1) [21 U.S.C. §§ 355(a) and 352(f)(1)] of the Act”—that is, the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, or FD&C.

The letter goes on to specify which “unapproved new drugs” are being targeted: various formulations of injectable (intravenous) vitamin C, magnesium chloride, and B complex 100.

In our discussions with the acting director of the Compliance Branch of the FDA, ANH-USA confirmed that the FDA’s determination of intravenous vitamin C as an unapproved drug is completely unrelated to other issues raised in the warning letter. We mention this because widespread rumors are circulating that this particular firm was targeted for reasons that would not relate to other firms, and that other manufacturers of IV C would not be affected. This is simply not true. According to the acting director, the FDA has gone through an internal process whereby they determined injectable vitamin C to be an unapproved drug.'


MAJOR VICTORY! EPA to Bar Sulfuryl Fluoride on Food!

'For the past nine years, the Fluoride Action Network -- along with the Environmental Working Group and Beyond Pesticides -- have persisted in challenging EPA's decision to allow DOW AgroSciences to fumigate hundreds of food commodities in the United States with sulfuryl fluoride. On Monday, January 11, EPA announced that they have granted all our Objections to the use of sulfuryl fluoride on the grounds that children are being overexposed to fluoride. EPA therefore is withdrawing ALL previously allowed tolerances for sulfuryl fluoride on ALL foodstuffs. This is the first time in EPA's history that they have granted an Objection to a pesticide..'


 Further background:

- FAN's Statement on this stunning victory - Jan 11, 2011
- NY Times: EPA proposes phaseout of fluoride-based pesticide - Jan 11, 2011
- NY Times: Political battle brewing on sulfuryl fluoride ban - Jan 13, 2011
- FAN's response to brewing battle - Jan 14, 2011
- Joint press release from Environmental Working Group - Jan 10, 2011
- FAN/EWG's Consolidated Objections to Sulfuryl Fluoride - Nov '06
- FAN/EWG's Request for a Stay of the Tolerances - June '06
- NY Attorney General's Statement Calling for Stay - Aug, '06

Resist Giving This to Your Child - Even if Your Doctor Recommends it


'More than a quarter of children and teens in the United States are taking a medication on a regular basis. Close to seven percent are on two or more prescription drugs.

Prescribing medications to children can cause problems; many of them have not had their effects on children researched. Even in ones that have, the consequences of using them over the course of a lifetime is usually unknown.'


Kavi Jezzie Hockaday Health Transformation story

'I lived the most toxic life ever from 16 years old to approx 37 years. A history of drink drugs and terrible diet left me very ill, and deeply toxic. On this video I share some of what happened to me and how I healed my condition. Over 4/5 years I went from sick to well. It was a roller coaster ride, but it transformed every aspect of my life, and now at 51 years I am healthier and happier than ever.'

For more information and to download a FREE RECIPE BOOK go to the divine kitchen website. Learn more at:

Charlie’s Story – From A Mother’s Heart

'If you are a parent who has vaccinated or are considering vaccination, please read this heart-felt story from one of my readers and friends from Facebook, Vicki and her son Charlie (residents of the UK).
This story is a follow-up to the post about Dr. Wakefield and the MMR vaccine from Monday, and I wanted to provide this first-hand account from a mother who has been dealing with the aftermath of vaccination side-effects for the last couple of years.

Stories from parents about their experiences with their children and vaccinations are invaluable because it’s one of the only ways their stories can be heard. The media and mainstream medial outlets never share this information with the public unless it is to defame and criticize the things parents have to say.'


Extraordinary Cures Require Extraordinary Medicine

Homeopathic medication
" ... there are very wealthy and powerful vested interests whose profits and power would be compromised if homeopathy were to become fully known and accepted for what it is by the public. They want to make sure that doesn't happen, and they're willing to spread lies to do it."

'THERE ARE A NUMBER OF GROUPS with an economic interest in discrediting homeopathy spreading false information about it. This website was created to make sure consumers know the facts about homeopathy. 

Homeopathy is a 200-year-old system of medicine used successfully by tens of millions worldwide. It is part of the public health care systems of nations in Europe, South America and Asia. It has a laudable two-century clinical record. There are hundreds of high-quality basic science, pre-clinical and clinical studies showing it works. It is one of the fastest-growing forms of health care in Canada and around the world, and has recently become a regulated health profession in the Canadian province of Ontario. It is vastly safer than conventional medicine.' 


Animal Cafes Offer Drinks, Companionship and Stress Reduction 

'An interesting new trend has cropped up in Japan: animal cafes. There are over 100 cafes where customers can have tea, coffee and pastries while petting cats, rabbits, dogs, birds, and even goats in some places. There are several reasons for the emergence of such establishments. One is the decline in the number of adults with children. Many adults in the 20-30 age range are unmarried or in a relationship without children. 

Visiting an animal cafe is a social, almost familiar experience without the responsibilities of taking care of a companion animal. Other customers want pets at home, but their jobs consume too much time to care for a pet. Some rental agreements forbid pets, a fact that also generates customers at these cafes.'


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