Must View:These Antibiotics Cause Severe Side Effects


Anonymous said...

My resolution (starting today) is to have my kids read your blog everyday so that they can gain this knowledge directly rather than me having to paraphrase it for them all the time. Now, isn't that a good idea?

Anonymous said...

The reactions of these victims of Cipro, Levaquin, Fluoroquinolones are so similar to the bad vaccine reactions. The medical system is really bent on destroying us - the doctors are so stupid, the FDA so evil and corrupt - it is just horrifying... and it really comes home when I see these people suffering on youtube, speaking of their pain. It just makes me cry.

Anonymous said...

I am a Cipro victim. Thank you for posting these videos. I have been crippled for 2 years and at this point there is very little hope of me getting better. Thank goodness for people like you who help spread the word. How I wish I'd seen these or had the chance to read about the real, permanent damage that they can cause before taking those pills and destroying my life and ending my career.

Jacquelin Matthews said...

I am one of the victims of fluoroquinolone toxicity. I was not warned of the possible side effects from my doctor who also prescribed steroids along with them which is clearly stated in the black box warning not to. So doctors dont know how dangerous these drugs are?? They dont take the time to properly diagnose health problems. I know people who have been given these and had no infection to begin with! Something MUST be done!

Health Maven said...

Thank you all for you comments on these terribly tragic Medical Mafia practices.I also had an article of mine on this topic posted on Natural News under pen name PF Louis.

Those of you suffering should go alternative instead of mainstream for solutions. Common to most alt therapies is detox and whole organic food diets - no junk foods, real or fake sugar.

Then you might want to look for a GOOD homeopathic therapist. Homeopathy is only as good as the practitioner's skills.

My wife is using Alpha lopeic acid (ALA), which has been successfully tested for neuropathy issues in Russia and Israel.

If you Google "neuropathy natural solutions," you should find a couple of ALA/high intensity B vitamin combos meant to ease the pain.

I also have an ALA article in Natural News under my real name - Paul Fassa

Use my gmail for further communications:

Best wishes to you all.