Rx: How to Live Well with Chronic Disease

Same Disease, Different Response

'Arthur suffers from severe arthritis. He is in pain most of the time and can't sleep. He took early retirement because of his arthritis and now, only 55, he spends his day sitting at home bored. He avoids most physical activity because of the pain, weakness, and shortness of breath. He has become very irritable. Most people, including his family, don't enjoy his company anymore. It even seems too much trouble when the grandchildren he adored come to visit. 

Isabel, age 66, also has severe arthritis. Every day she walks several blocks to the library or the park. She works two days a week as a volunteer at a local hospital. When her pain is severe, she practices her relaxation technique and tries to distract herself. She also loves going to see her young grandchildren and even manages to take care of them for a while when her daughter is out. Her husband is amazed by how much zest she has for life.'


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