8 Benefits of Home Cooking


'When it comes down to feeding your body and mind, nothing is superior to preparing your food from scratch, with quality ingredients and served with love.  If you have never experienced this phenomenon then try it out for 90 days and see how you feel. Come to that, see how your family feels as you work together in the kitchen to create a level of harmony and good health that is only possible when food is prepared in a loving manner, and eaten slowly with others. OK, so no excuses about time and schedules and…and…and. Instead let’s take a look at why preparing your food is a win-win situation for everyone.'

YouTube Censors the IMVA


 By Dr. Mark Sircus

'On the 17th of November, the IMVA’s YouTube account disappeared from the Internet and anyone traveling to one of our many videos on medical and health concerns was told that we ourselves pulled the plug. My 15-year-old son, whose email address was registered on the account, received no notice from YouTube and certainly he testified that in no way did he request an end to our account.'

He also informed me that YouTube is almost impossible to contact, though he tried on a pitiful form they provided, so we are left with little option but to put our videos on a more private and professional system, which we will do today.

YouTube—a video sharing website and subsidiary of Google prohibits the posting of videos that violate copyrights or depict pornography, illegal acts, gratuitous violence, or hate speech. It seems that their terms of service also include, secretly, the elimination of helpful health and medical information or anything that might upset someone high up in government or industry. '


Enzyme Therapy is Far More Powerful and Natural Than Chemotherapy To Treat Cancer

'The embryologist Dr. John Beard proposed in 1906 that pancreatic proteolytic digestive enzymes represent the body's main defense against cancer, and that enzyme therapy would be useful as a treatment for all types of cancer.  Particularly during the first two decades of the twentieth century, Dr. Beard's thesis attracted some attention in academic circles, and several case reports in the medical literature documented tumor regression and even remission in terminal cancer patients treated with proteolytic enzymes. 

In 1911, Dr. Beard published a monograph entitled The Enzyme Therapy of Cancer and Its Scientific Basis, which summarized his therapy and the supporting evidence. In my book The Trophoblast and the Origins of Cancer (co-authored with Dr. Isaacs), I review Dr. Beard's work from the perspective of contemporary molecular biology.'


Propaganda Alert: AP reports Small Farms are Exempt from Food Safety Bill

'A day after the Food Safety Modernization Act (S.510) passed cloture with a vote of 74-25, the Associated Press put out some world-class propaganda claiming that "Some small farms would be exempt from government efforts to prevent foodborne illness under a Senate agreement on food safety legislation." The article claims a last-minute deal was struck to allow small farms to "avoid expensive food safety plans:"' 


Don't Touch My Junk (the TSA Hustle) by Michael Adams

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'Don't Touch My Junk takes aim at the TSA with its obscene pat-downs and naked body scanners now installed at airports across the USA. Written by Mike Adams (the Health Ranger), a strong advocate of freedom and civil liberties, this song is based on a true story by a traveler named John Tyner who told the TSA, "If you touch my junk I'll have you arrested."'

We Won't Fly Website

Dangers of Pasteurization and Homogenization

'When certain procedures go unquestioned, we accept them as being “just the way things are.” But pasteurization and homogenization denature foods. They alter the chemical structure of food, make fats rancid, destroy nutrients and result in the formation of free radicals in the body. The fact is everything we know about cow's milk and dairy is probably part of a dairy industry myth.
All cow's milk (regular and 'organic') has 59 active hormones, scores of allergens, fat and cholesterol. Cow milk may also have measurable quantities of herbicides, pesticides, dioxins (up to 200 times the safe levels), up to 52 powerful antibiotics (perhaps 53, with LS-50), blood, pus, feces, bacteria and viruses.' 

The 6 Top Thugs of the Medical World… As Ranked by "Top 100 Corporate Criminals" List


By Dr. Mercola

'On August 19, Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller issued a call for whistleblowers to step forward and help the state and federal government crack down on health care and pharmaceutical industries that defraud the government of billions of dollars. 

Announcing that the Indiana Medicaid program would recover $9.52 million from a record $2.3 billion federal lawsuit won against Pfizer, Zoeller said that fraud on Medicare and Medicaid each year is estimated to be a multi-billion-dollar problem. 

He isn't wrong: According to the Bureau of Investigative Journalists, the vast corruption that pharmaceutical companies are guilty of is fraught with fraud, cover-ups of fatal side effects, and huge kickbacks paid to doctors.
But that's just the tip of the iceberg. The real truth is that it is much, much worse.'


New Jersey Legislators Take on the TSA

The Dark Ages of Medicine


By Dr. Mark Sircus

'Today’s looming deficits are almost surely too large to be closed exclusively with growth. The baby boom generation is too big, and the rise in Medicare costs continues to be too steep because the country and the government are attached to an insane blueprint of inappropriate and dangerous medicine. 

The growth paradigm is dead but not yet buried, and in medicine this will be telling. The entire world of pharmaceutical-based Orthodox Medicine is not only cruel and inhuman because it attempts to heal through poisoning people (meaning it not only does not work but also does more harm than good while making a lot of money for pharmaceutical companies), but also because it is increasingly unaffordable to both individuals and society.'


3 Lies Big Food Wants You to Believe


  By Dr. Mercola

'The cheap dollar menus at fast-food restaurants and sales on meat in your grocery store at prices that are often less per pound than the price of tomatoes are courtesy of Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations, otherwise known as CAFO or factory farms.

These buys may seem like a steal, but they are no bargain when it comes to your health, the environment or the animals' welfare. In the new book CAFO: The Tragedy of Industrial Animal Factories, you can get an inside look at the real, tragic effects of factory farms, as told through a collection of over 400 photos and 30 essays.'

Read more... 

Big Pharma Plots To Create A One-Shot Flu Vaccine For Life

'Big pharma's next conception for vaccines involves a flu shot that is given once in a lifetime, which they claim will provide a lifetime of immunity.

Unlike the current flu vaccine, they propose that the lifetime inoculation would fight off all strains of the disease, from the winter flu that leaves millions feeling miserable each year, to deadly pandemic viruses.
And miraculously, the U.S.-developed drug would not have to be given each year.'


Codex Alimentarius, Control over the Food Supply and World Government


 "If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny." ~Thomas Jefferson

'Contrary to popular belief Codex Alimentarius is neither a law nor a policy. It is in fact a functioning body, a Commission, created by the Food and Agricultural Organization and the World Health Organization under the direction of the United Nations. The confusion in this regard is largely due to statements made by many critics referring to the “implementation” of Codex Alimentarius as if it were legislation waiting to come into effect. A more accurate phrase would be the “implementation of Codex Alimentarius guidelines,” as it would more adequately describe the situation. Codex is merely another tool in the chest of an elite group of individuals whose goal is to create a one world government in which they wield complete control. 

Power over the food supply is essential in order to achieve this. As will be discussed later, Codex Alimentarius will be “implemented” whenever guidelines are established and national governments begin to arrange their domestic laws in accordance with the standards set by the organization.'


Sleep - are you getting enough?

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S 510 and Cancer


“We found 3 well-documented cases of advanced cancers, confirmed by histopathologic review, where patients had unexpectedly long survival times after receiving high-dose intravenous vitamin C therapy. We examined clinical details of each case in accordance with National Cancer Institute (NCI) Best Case Series guidelines. 

Tumour pathology was verified by pathologists at the NCI who were unaware of diagnosis or treatment. In light of recent clinical pharmacokinetic findings and in vitro evidence of anti-tumour mechanisms, these case reports indicate that the role of high-dose intravenous vitamin C therapy in cancer treatment should be reassessed.” [Emphasis added.] Yet S 510 and S 3767, “food safety” bills in the US and C-36, a “product safety” bill in Canada, would remove access to this treatment and to all supplements in adequate enough doses to treat disease.' 


Why You Should Avoid Root Canals Like the Plague

By Dr. Mercola

'Many people have had questions about root canals so I thought it would be wise to repost this article. It was an interview with Dr. George Meinig, who was dentist and leader in teaching people about the dangers of root canals. He wrote the book Root Canal Cover Up. Because I first became aware of this information in the early '90s I was able to avoid having any root canals. I elected to have three teeth extracted and now have two bridges to replace those teeth. 

'At the time that was my best option, as I believe that metal implants should be avoided. However in the last few years non-reactive metal implants made from zirconium have become available and that is what I would use now if I had to have an alternative to a root canal.'


Death from Ritalin: The Truth Behind ADHD


'I stumbled across a very sad and disturbing website concerning the potentially deadly side effects of long term Ritalin use.

The material below is excerpted from the homepage though the full write-up is much longer.'
'Between 1990 and 2000 there were 186 deaths from methylphenidate reported to the FDA MedWatch program, a voluntary reporting scheme, the numbers of which represent no more than 10 to 20% of the actual incidence.

Our 14-year-old Son Died from Ritalin Use  ...

Our fourteen year old son Matthew suddenly died on March 21, 2000. The cause of death was determined to be from the long-term (age 7-14) use of Methylphenidate, a drug commonly known as Ritalin.'


One in 7 US households hit by hunger issues in 2009


'Almost 15% of US households experienced a food shortage at some point in 2009, a government report has found.
US authorities say that figure is the highest they have seen since they began collecting data in the 1990s, and a slight increase over 2008 levels.

Single mothers are among the hardest hit: About 3.5 million said they were at times unable to put sufficient food on the table.'


Contemporary Medicine is a Disease

'Dr. Andrew Weil is remarkable and shares some of the communication dynamics I talked about a month ago when it came to Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby’s attack on the autism community and defense of the use of mercury in vaccines. Dr. Weil starts out saying, “Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) is promoted online and elsewhere as a treatment for cancer. One rather bizarre theory behind this idea holds that cancer is actually caused by a yeast infection and that the sodium bicarbonate can kill the yeast and cure the cancer. 

'This is nonsense. There is absolutely no scientific evidence to support this notion about yeast.” Please pay attention to the use of words like “bizarre,” “actually,” “nonsense,” and “absolutely.” Strong words drawing a line in the sand and of course we are to believe the good doctor is standing on the right side and everyone who trusts and believes in Dr. Simoncini is nuts. Dr. Scott-Mumby used words in a similar manner and my confrontation of him drew heated fire back. I was told by my assistants that he hit back below the belt in such an ugly fashion they did not even want to show me.'


Digestive Enzymes, Nutrition and Your Health

Nutrition by Natalie
Information about Digestive Enzymes

'Digestive Enzymes are enzymes that specifically work in the digestive system to facilitate the digestion, absorption, and transportation of nutrients. They also work to promote timely elimination of digestive waste products that are not of use to the body. Without enzymes, our cells would not get adequate nutrition and we would not survive.

Enzymes function as catalysts to enhance and dramatically speed up biochemical reactions that occur in every one of our cells. They are only activated in water, so staying hydrated is very important for enzymes to work effectively. Enzymes must be present to ensure proper digestion of nutrients, energy production, metabolism, transportation of fluid to cells, and elimination of toxins among many other functions.

Enzymes exist in foods to help our body's breakdown what we eat. Raw, uncooked foods are the only foods that contain enzymes. Since the majority of our diets are cooked foods, we significantly limit the enzymes available in our food for digestion, thus putting more stress on our digestive systems. Some supplemental enzymes should be taken with food to enhance digestion and absorption of nutrients, whereas other supplemental enzymes should be taken on an empty stomach to support circulation, decrease inflammation, support our immune systems and combat stress. Imbalances in these factors have been scientifically proven to be associated with or the cause of numerous diseases.'

Please visit Natalie's website at:

This video was produced by Psychetruth


This Financial Catastrophe Can Destroy Your Future Fast - How to Avoid it

By Dr. Mercola

'Is the US headed toward an economic crisis that could dwarf the Great Depression?
Well, the signs are hard to ignore, and there are many striking similarities between events today and the events that led up to the harshest years during the Great Depression, from banking failures in the thousands and rising unemployment, to the passing of laws and creation of administrative boards later declared unconstitutional.
As reported by the Wall Street Journal, food prices have risen sharply in the past few months, and the food manufacturing and restaurant industries warn that further increases may be unavoidable, despite the risks involved:
"For food executives, how quickly to pass along higher costs presents difficult choices.
Missteps could be costly when the economy remains weak. Many Americans, nervous about high unemployment, have pledged allegiance to their pennies and are willing to trade down on brands, switch supermarkets, opt for Burger King over Applebee's, or stop dining out altogether to save money."'


In Defense Of The Family Dinner

'Laurie David hit the nail on the head. “There is one thing I did right as a parent: cultivating the ritual of our family dinner since the children where young,” she said recently at a Climate One event in San Francisco, where she had been invited to discuss her new book The Family Dinner: Great Ways To Connect With Your Kids, One Meal At A Time. She made no bone about what a hard time she’s currently having with her two teenage daughters, Cazzie and Romy. “Everything you’ve ever heard about teenage kids is true, and beyond: it’s horrible!” she said with a laugh. “But they do come to the dinner table every night and that’s my chance to connect with them,” she added.' 




 By Jon Rappoport


'Millions of advocates of health freedom see that no major political candidate, with one or two exceptions, voices their concerns or stands up for their right to improve their health by any and all self-chosen methods. To understand the landscape in which this deafening silence continues, we need to realize that the one industry which could and should make a difference—the nutritional supplement sector—is dominated by ostriches.

Once a powerful voice for health freedom, the industry has stepped back into the shadows.  It nurtures the illusion that it is safe from government intervention.  It even supposes it has sufficient allies within the government to stave off attacks by the FDA.'


No Forced Vaccination Talking Points

 No Forced Vaccination Action Item – Make It Clear To Decision Makers that You Will Not Accept Forced Vaccination. 

'Add your voice to the over 3.5 million emails sent to decision makers! Click http://salsa.democracyinaction.org/o/568/p/dia/action/public/?action_KEY=4376″>here.
Natural Solutions Foundation is an international NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) – committed to discover, document, develop, demonstrate and disseminate natural solutions to the problems and challenges facing us all. The goal of this Talking Points document is to educate decision makers, potential patients and parents regarding the significant dangers of vaccination and the right of people to refuse unwanted medical treatment.'

1. 'Lack of Scientific Support for Vaccination
There is no significant scientific agreement, based upon disinterested clinical trials, that any vaccine is either safe or effective despite massive dis-information to the contrary. 

'Science contrary to the prevailing pro-vaccine myths abound. For example, see Geier DA, King PG, Geier MR. Influenza Vaccine: Review of effectiveness of the U.S. immunization program and policy considerations, J American Physicians and Surgeons 2006 Fall; 11(3): 69-74 which clearly shows that the flu vaccine has no effect. 

Despite frequent references to it, there is, in fact, no such thing as “herd immunity”: if vaccines worked, the vaccinated would be at no risk from those who choose to forgo any particular assault on their immune systems. It is not the unvaccinated who are a threat to the vaccinated, but, since some of the vaccinated shed infective viral particles, it is the vaccinated who are a threat to the vaccine-free!'


CDC and ADA Now Advise to Avoid Using Fluoride

By Dr. Mercola

'A new study in the Journal of the American Dental Association finds once again that, contrary to what most people have been told, fluoride is actually bad for teeth.
Exposure to high levels of fluoride results in a condition known as fluorosis, in which tooth enamel becomes discolored. The condition can eventually lead to badly damaged teeth. The new study found that fluoride intake during a child's first few years of life is significantly associated with fluorosis, and warned against using fluoridated water in infant formula.'


Why our wandering minds are making us miserable


'But far from making us happy – this constant wandering of the mind is making us all miserable, they believe. 

Psychologists at Harvard University have discovered that we are happiest when we are "living in the moment" and not dwelling on our position in the world. 
They claim that our minds wander 46.9 per cent of the time and it is these moments which make us most unhappy.' 


FDA War on Raw Milk Expands to include War on Raw Cheese


“The government going after raw milk was something a lot of people could comfortably ignore — fringe-y kooks making a lot of noise about milk that could be dangerous.
But start messing with people’s $22-per-pound raw-milk Camembert … well, now you’re dealing with serious food for more mainstream foodies.

Yet that’s what may be happening. The five-year-old war on raw milk appears to be expanding to include a war on raw cheese."


Revolution at a Snail's Pace: How the Slow Food Movement Is Tackling Our Biggest Food Problems


The organization is working to shed its image as a pleasure-based club of a privileged few who have the time to linger for hours at the dining table. 

'Slow Food began in 1986 when Carlo Petrini, a journalist, staged a successful protest against plans to build a McDonald's on the Spanish Steps of Rome. Since then, the movement has turned into an organization that's been through many transformations, and is currently working to shed its image as a pleasure-based club of a privileged few who have the time and means to linger for hours at the dining table.

"I'm sick of masturbatory gourmets, people who smell a glass of Bordeaux for half an hour and speak divinely, as if they are priests, 'Oh, it has the wonderful smell of horse sweat,'" Petrini emphasized at a press conference during the 2008 Slow Food convention. He started Terra Madre in 2004 to help bring Slow Food in line with its mission of supporting food that's "good, clean, and fair."'


Exploring the Research on Homeopathic Treatment for Fibromyalgia


By Dana Ullman

'Fibromyalgia is a chronic ailment without a known cause and without a safe, effective conventional medical treatment. However, the three to six million Americans who suffer with fibromyalgia will be pleased know that several studies published in leading medical journals have found outstanding results from homeopathic treatment. 

Well-designed high quality scientific studies published in the British Medical Journal and in Rheumatology (the journal of the British Society for Rheumatology) have confirmed the real benefits of homeopathic medicines as distinct from a placebo.'


Lend A Hand To The Farmers - End Hemp Prohibition - Support Farm Aid