Even Green Vaccines Belong in the Trash

 'The controversy of vaccinations has led to a whole industry of advocacy groups - some protesting for "green" vaccines, some for the removal of mercury, others for vaccine choice and even pro-life groups speaking against the use of aborted fetuses in vaccine production. With all of these issues, and fingers pointed at so many potential problems in vaccines, it is easy to miss one of the most important issues of all: Are vaccines even effective or useful to begin with? This is a premise that is assumed to be true in most cases... but what if it's not? 

Would there be any need to try to produce vaccines without mercury, without retrovirus contamination, or without infected, aborted fetal tissue? Based on my understanding of the whole theory of vaccination, even if I was offered the "greenest" vaccine, free from the usual heavy metals, contaminants and carcinogens, I would still refuse it, even in the midst of an outbreak. This may seem absurd and even totally extreme to some readers but my position is based on not only science but logic.'


Raw Milk and Asthma

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The C.D.C.'s Greatest Health Achievements


 Written by Sarah Cain 
 Source: The Health Wyze Report

'A reader from Valley Wide Health Systems in Colorado was outraged by an article that we wrote about the dangers of fluoride, and subsequently sent us a link to a Centers for Disease Control web page cataloging "the ten best health achievements of the 20th Century".  This person, of course, used a false name to hide, and obviously underestimates the research and technical capabilities of The Health Wyze Report.  That's always unwyze.  (We know who you are ;)

Anyway, reading through that C.D.C. list actually became comedic for us, so we're going to share some key points with you, and explain how the C.D.C. is so very wrong on so many levels.  We feel pity for whoever was asked to write the list, because there have been very few accomplishments in the last 100 years in the area of medicine, despite the propaganda and hype.  Aside from the germ theory, and subsequent improvements in hygiene, medicine has not really achieved much at all.  We are thankful for the discovery of vitamin C by Hungarian researcher Albert Szent-Györgyi in 1934, and the discovery of the cause of cancer (ie. cellular oxygen starvation) by Dr. Otto Warburg in 1931.  

However, both people were vilified by the establishment, because they were responsible for information that endangered its lucrative business.  They were noticeably absent from the C.D.C.'s list, and one would assume that curing cancer might actually make that list.  Before continuing, we should mention that we have chosen not to comment on non-medical related items on the list, such as automobile safety.  With that said, here we go!'


Bad Seed - The Dangerous Truth About Our Food

'This documentary exposes a vast conspiracy to contaminate and control the world's food supply through genetic engineering of food crops. Leading scientists and activists present the facts that you need to know about genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Eighty percent of food sold in North America already has ingredients made of GMOs that have not been adequately tested for safety.

See the complete film now available on DVD at www.UFOTV.com. Search for #K596 Genetically Modified Food and #U652 Bad Seed. Both films are now available on DVD at http://www.UFOTV.com. '

UFOTV, all rights reserved.

Organic Food May Become a Thing of the Past


 By Dr. Mercola

'Over the past 15 years or so, a collection of five giant biotech corporations -- Monsanto, Syngenta, Bayer, Dow and DuPont -- have bought up more than 200 other companies, allowing them to dominate access to seeds.
The takeover has been so dramatic that it is becoming difficult for farmers to find alternatives. As a result, in the U.S., 90 percent of soybeans are genetically-modified, and many conventional farmers have trouble obtaining non-genetically modified seeds.'

According to The Ecologist:
"... [O]ne solution to restricting their control would be through banning the practice of granting patents on seeds, plants and genes. A patent gives a company exclusive rights to sell and develop a new invention. In the case of patents on plants and genes it grants them temporary monopolies and bans farmers from saving seeds".

Food Supply Under Attack By International Banksters As Small Farms Attacked Nationwide

Medical Hero

 By Mark Sircus

 'Dr. Tullio Simoncini deserves the highest award in medical science for his genius and medical courage in discovering and developing what might come to be seen as the single greatest medical breakthrough of the century. Simoncini makes the connection that fungal colonies and cancer colonies are the same colonies called by two different names. He is not alone in this and he is not alone with the knowledge that sodium bicarbonate is effective at wiping out fungal colonies. What he is alone with is connecting the dots between cancer, fungal, yeast infections, and sodium bicarbonate.'

Our body’s pH will control the activity of every metabolic function happeningin our body. pH is behind the body’s electrical system and intracellular activity as well as the way our bodies utilize enzymes, minerals, and vitamins.


Independence Criminalized: The Great Wall of Bureaucracy Comes to America

'The purge of the farming class in various Communist dictatorships is well documented. The regimes in China (1958-62) and Russia into the Ukraine (1920-39), identified those who were independent of state control, and implemented a heavy-handed oppression designed to turn true productivity toward collectivist goals. These regimes are but a version of what is being proposed in modern America.'


New Evidence Links BP to Health Crisis in the Gulf

 Severe headaches, nausea, respiratory problems, burning eyes and throat, earache and chest pains -- and that's just the beginning. 

'Contrary to rosy statements by BP and Obama administration officials about the Gulf's swift restoration, her prognosis for those sickened by the oil spill is grim.

"The people that are sick are going to be sick for the rest of their lives," Subra said. "This isn't just a short time that they're sick and then they'll get well. These issues are long-term chronic health impacts that will linger."'


New Pro-Vaccination 'Study' is Rehash of Pharma Propaganda

'After failing miserably to panic a wary public into buying the Great 2009 Swine Flu 'Pandemic' hoax, propaganda shills for the pharmaceutical industry have now apparently reverted to more traditional schemes of deception in the face of mounting "vaccine resistance" (as the pharma shills like to call it). A university 'study' is one such tried and true vehicle. 

For those too young or too inexperienced to know, I can shape the results of a university 'study' to say anything I want it to say. If I'm paying to underwrite the study and I'm the funding source (either directly or indirectly) for the 'researchers' involved in producing the study, then the study is going to produce the 'results' that I want it to produce. There is no such thing as 'honest' science today in any university receiving subsidies or grants from government or corporate sources. And how many universities exists in America who don't receive government or corporate underwriting.' 


Drugs linked to brain damage 30 years ago

'Secret documents reveal that government-funded experts were warned nearly 30 years ago that tranquillisers that were later prescribed to millions of people could cause brain damage.

'The Medical Research Council (MRC) agreed in 1982 that there should be large-scale studies to examine the long-term impact of benzodiazepines after research by a leading psychiatrist showed brain shrinkage in some patients similar to the effects of long-term alcohol abuse.

'However, no such work was ever carried out into the effects of drugs such as Valium, Mogadon and Librium – and doctors went on prescribing them to patients for anxiety, stress, insomnia and muscle spasms.'


Drug Company Pays 3/4 of a Billion Dollars for Selling Adulterated Drugs


By Dr. Mercola

'Drug Industry – Top Criminals Crimes committed by some of the most well-known drug companies include: * Defrauding Medicare, Medicaid, and even the FDA * Illegal kick-backs * International price-setting * False claims * Fiding serious problems with their drugs * Immoral threat and intimidation tactics * Fabricated studies One case even involved obstruction of justice and eight counts of persuading employees to destroy documents in a federal investigation. And yet the crimes uncovered are just the tip of the iceberg. God only knows how many illegal and potentially harmful activities go on for each case that actually ends up seeing the light of day.'


Give Your Immune System a Boost on Your Next Vacation


By Leo Galland, M.D.

'Maybe not this weekend, maybe not Thanksgiving, maybe not even Christmas, but chances are that someday soon you will be traveling.

And whether you're visiting your parents after your first semester at college or you're flying south for some fun in the sun, there is a good chance that you'll be in a plane, train or automobile with someone who has that pesky winter cold or flu.
So if you are not already congested and uncomfortable, you sure are worried that you will be once you get where you're going.

Other hazards of travel are jetlag and traveler's diarrhea. Nothing could be more frustrating than wasting your vacation time sneezing, coughing and feeling miserable. Except maybe being totally jet-lagged or running to the toilet every few minutes.'


Reclaim Your Liberty Through Self-Sufficiency

'Dependence is subjection to the direction or disposal of another, or the inability to help or provide for oneself. Whereas, Slavery is the state of one bound in servitude as the property of a slaveholder, or a condition of being subject to a specified influence. In today's world, both of these terms are relevant to every working American, as the chains of dependence appear to be tightening by the day.'


The Medical Debasing of Humanity

'While man’s aggressiveness against his fellow man gets expressed financially these days (with the end result it’s going to be every country and trading block for themselves) this same river of darkness plays out in the medical world. It’s a world whose foundation sits on the ugliest cornerstone possible, that of greed. The full heart of that was born in the alliance between the Rockefeller group and the IG Farben Group almost 100 years ago.

There were Nazis on both sides of the Atlantic. We like to forget that; and after the war the most elite Nazis in science and industry were invited to the United States to live and work. The Nazi fascist spirit still exists. And what is that spirit? It’s the spirit of death. And it’s the tools and instruments of death that captivate such spirits as well as the money that can be made from them.'


Isn't It Time to Bring Back This Wholesome Tradition of the 1940s and 1950s?

Farmageddon Trailer from Kristin Canty on Vimeo.

Coming Soon: Farmageddon...The Unseen War on American Family Farms,
produced and directed by Kristin Canty

'Three times every week, Jan and Jeff King load 300 gallons of milk in a refrigerated truck, delivering to more than 150 homes around their family's century-old dairy farm. Their grandfather did the same until stopping in 1961. Now Jan and Jeff are taking up the task.
After many requests from neighbors for fresh milk, the Kings bought an old truck and began taking orders. Customers are thrilled to have milkmen once again.'
Parade reports:
"In the 1940s, Laddie Zwijacz's family took two quarts of milk a week from the King dairy. Each bottle cost 10 cents and had a three-inch layer of cream on top. 'This is what real milk tastes like, not the water you get in stores,' Zwijacz, 78, says of the Kings' current vintage. 'There's a world of difference.'

Reflexology More Powerful Than Most Medications

'Stress, insomnia, digestive problems, joint pain, menopausal flushes and memory loss: all of these are common conditions that can be hard to treat, leaving sufferers in despair.

Some turn to complementary therapies such as reflexology, which works by stimulating pressure points on the feet that correspond with particular parts of the body. 

An estimated 35,000 reflexologists are now practising in Britain and a growing number are now using the face, rather than the feet or hands, to deliver this health therapy.'


What Most Doctors Won't Tell You About Cholesterol


'During my university years, I used to frustrate my parents by throwing away egg yolks and eating only the whites. No worries, I thought, as my parents just didn't know enough to realize that I was reducing my risk of heart disease by avoiding cholesterol. Looking back, I'm sure that my parents were wondering how I could so easily toss away precious egg yolks that they were able afford only a few times a year when they lived in Korea.

Today, I am grateful to have a better understanding of the relationship between cholesterol and health. How about you? Are you afraid of having high cholesterol? Are you throwing away egg yolks because you think they're bad for your health? Are you taking cholesterol-lowering medication or considering starting on one?'


What’s Stopping a Revolution?


 By Gerald Celente

'What had happened to that rebellious Yankee spirit and the American mind? Could it have been the food that overstuffed and immobilized them? The Pop-Tarts® and Egg McMuffins® washed down with Coke® for breakfast? The Baconator® Triple, The Whoppers®, The Big Macs®, the $5 Foot-Long Subs, the bucket-of-chicken and 32oz. Big Gulp®? Too many trips to the All-You-Can-Eat-Buffet or The Never Ending Pasta Bowl®? Or was it the Slurpees, tubs of ice cream, or boxes of donuts grabbed at the convenience store?' 


SafeMinds - Except When They Do

Video: 'Vaccines Don't Cause Autism - Except for when they Do! This is a video about the conflicting negative claims of the press regarding the link between vaccines and autism and statements the government and officials have actually made.'

Health Freedom: It's Not Just About Health Any More...


'Times were simpler, back when we could just take our concerns to our elected representatives to be ignored. But thanks to Canada's "international obligations", it won't be long before we can't even decide to take a particular vitamin unless a committee of foreign bureaucrats tells Health Canada it's okay, and our representatives, our opinions, and our votes will become redundant. 

'This fifteen-minute [below] video gives you the hard outline of the big picture, and encourages the viewer to color between the lines. People need to discover its depth for themselves, to realize how urgent it is that they become politically aware, and fast. Your health freedom is not the only thing at stake: your right to consume non-GMO food, your right to due process of law, your right of redress against your government, indeed the very rule of law, the supremacy of law over everyone, including the government, all are on the brink, right now.' 


The Deliberate Debasing of Humanity

 Part One: Financial 

'The medical elite have resumed their offensives against natural medicine. At the same time the most elite private bank in the world just decided to print 600 billion odd dollars, creating a lot more counterfeit legal tender funny money for the American government to misspend and be cruel with. It is all about money and power, after all, and about abuse by the modern day kings and queens, emperors, pharaohs, dukes, princes and princesses ending up on top as they usually do. 

The rich have never been richer and the middle class is being crushed in order to sustain them at the pinnacle of power and wealth. Things are finally getting into the open though and there are just certain kinds of people who cannot stand up to the light of day preferring the darkness as they do – in their domains of manipulation and deceit. In the medical area, for instance, vaccination rates are going down, meaning that more and more well informed (via the Internet) parents are seriously doubting the official pharmaceutical story, enough to keep four percent more kids away from those sharp needles loaded with nasty substances.'


Food52's Best Butternut Squash Recipes: Vote For The Best Dish

Butternut Squash and Roasted Garlic Galette

Photo: Sarah Shatz

'For the past year, Food52.com readers have been voting in weekly showdowns of reader-submitted recipes on a given theme. The winning recipes of each week will end up in Food52's upcoming cookbook, along with bios of the people who submitted them (Food52 explains the process in simple detail here).
Food52 and its co-founders Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubbs have invited HuffPost Food readers to vote on this week's contest (of the second year, and the second book).
This week's showdown is for the best butternut squash recipe.'


What’s For Dinner: Corporate Food Tyranny (1 of 2)


 Food Freedom 

'Last April the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund (FTCLDF) filed a lawsuit against the FDA’s interstate raw milk ban. While the suit is unlikely to prevail given likely court deference to the imperial executive branch, it’s already done important work in eliciting a remarkable statement of the FDA’s ideology and general attitude toward the American people. Before I get to the FDA brief, let’s first recap the pending food bill. This bill has been the subject of great controversy, with many like me calling it a Food Tyranny bill, others dismissing this as overly alarmist. I will establish in this two-parter that there’s nothing exaggerated in the alarm we raise. I’ll cite the evidence of the government’s stated ideology and its record of action to date.'


Antibiotics Linked to Cancer: Implications for Evidence-Based Medicine


'Evidence-based medicine is nothing more than a game played to give the impression that the devices used by modern medical practice are based on sound evidence.'


'Back in 2004, a study reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) documented a direct relationship between breast cancer and antibiotic use. After a brief flurry, the study quietly faded from the public's—and modern medicine's—consciousness. What makes this newsworthy is that the study has not been contradicted. In seven years, a study that demonstrates a severe risk from one of modern medicine's most vaunted methods is still the final word, yet its importance is utterly ignored.'


Read more... 

Urgent: Please, Do This NOW to Protect Your Child's Health...

By Dr. Mercola

Are You:

  • TIRED of being bullied by your pediatrician into giving your child ALL 69 doses of 16 vaccines that public health doctors insist your child must take?
  • WORRIED about the huge explosion of chronically ill and disabled children in America today and suspect it has something to do with them being overvaccinated?
  • UPSET that your child will get thrown out of school unless you prove he or she has received dozens of doses of vaccines - even though you have serious doubts that all those vaccines are necessary and safe?
  • ANGRY about being harassed at work and threatened with losing your job if you don't role up your sleeve and get an annual flu shot?
  • AFRAID that you and your family will be forced to get many of the 145 new vaccines being developed or be denied the right to get health insurance or medical care?

Russian activist disappears after exposing vaccination plans for Russia, Ukraine and Belarus

Alexander Goncharov

'Alexander Goncharov, a Russian activist who has been exposing the globalists eugenics program and in particular a vaccination program set to begin in 2011 has disappeared after recently receiving a serious threat to his life.

He has been missing since the night of October 30th, 2010, at approximately 22:00 hours when he was last seen leaving his office at the Russian Benevolent Society and did not return home as expected.

Alexander Goncharov had sworn an oath to disseminate as much information as possible about the globalists eugenics program to medical professionals and the public. He had uncovered a plan to sterilize women through vaccination programs in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

The same day threats were made on his life Alexander had asked for protection from paratrooper friends, but unfortunately it seems he did not get this additional security on time, as he disappeared that very night.'



Shutdown of two small cheesemakers raises more doubts about food-safety legislation


Editor's note: Are you confused about whether to support the Food Safety Modernization Act (S. 510)? You're not alone. We've decided to ask the major players to debate its pros and cons for an upcoming Food Fight roundtable -- watch for it late next week.

'In all the acrimony that has settled over Washington, one major legislative matter has continued to receive bipartisan support: food safety legislation intended to give the U.S. Food and Drug Administration vastly expanded powers to reduce the amount of contaminated food getting into distribution.

Highly publicized outbreaks over the last few years involving everything from spinach to peanut butter to ground beef to eggs have only seemed to heighten the support from consumer groups and the media alike. Grist contributor Elanor Starmer last week argued that we have a serious food safety problem only this legislation can resolve. The proposed legislation, strongly encouraged by the Obama administration, sailed through the U.S. House last fall, and then through a Senate committee earlier this year' 


Canadian City Says No To Fluoride


Editor's note: 'There is hope, and an increasing number of cities are catching on to the dangers of water fluoridation as evidenced in Waterloo.'

'It won by the thinnest of margins, but the majority of voters in the Canadian city of Waterloo have decided to turn off the tap on water fluoridation for the first time since the practice started in 1967.

It took until the final two polls for the No side to eke out a victory with 50.3 per cent of the vote. When all the fluoridated areas in Elmira and Kitchener were added to the tally the No side won by 195 votes out of 30,727 total votes cast on the plebiscite question.'


Watch Out: The World Bank Is Quietly Funding a Massive Corporate Water Grab

'Even though water privatization has been a massive failure around the world, the World Bank just quietly gave $139 million to its latest corporate buddy. Billions have been spent allowing corporations to profit from public water sources even though water privatization has been an epic failure in Latin America, Southeast Asia, North America, Africa and everywhere else it's been tried. But don't tell that to controversial loan-sharks at the World Bank. Last month, its private-sector funding arm International Finance Corporation (IFC) quietly dropped a cool 100 million euros ($139 million US) on Veolia Voda, the Eastern European subsidiary of Veolia, the world's largest private water corporation. Its latest target? Privatization of Eastern Europe's water resources.'


A New Breed of Rough Riders?

 File:West minstrel jubilee rough riders.jpg

By Dr. Mark Sircus

Modern Medicine is a Sitting Duck

'Drs. Bednarz, Crawford, and Wood write, “While the hour is late, it still makes sense for leaders in medicine, public health, and nursing to speak up about what our civilization faces and what we can do about it. We doubt this will occur, for reasons everyone who has ever worked in an organization in hopes of advancing their careers understands. It is possible that a rare leader will step forward – probably someone at the end of his or her career – and tell the populace that growth is over and sustainability is here. It will hurt and the powerful will attempt to cut their losses at the expense of the less powerful and powerless.”

'These professionals think it’s obvious that “American society is arrantly unsustainable – ecologically, fiscally, economically, politically, and ethically. Succinctly, the world is reaching the physical limits to economic growth.” This means that the entire economic and financial model of the world is going to change dramatically. It’s going to be a different world with higher prices and less money and food for the masses.'