Jon Rappoport interview of ex vaccine researcher

"At the highest levels of the medical cartel, vaccines are a top priority because they cause a weakening of the immune system. I know that may be hard to accept, but it's true. The medical cartel, at the highest level, is not out to help people, it is out to harm them, to weaken them.  To kill them."  

Excerpt from Jon Rappoport's Interview of an Ex Vaccine Researcher

A: Vaccines are the last defense of modern medicine. Vaccines are the ultimate justification for the overall "brilliance" of modern medicine.

Q: Do you believe that people should be allowed to choose whether they should get vaccines?

A: On a political level, yes. On a scientific level, people need information, so that they can choose well. It's one thing to say choice is good. But if the atmosphere is full of lies, how can you choose?  Also, if the FDA were run by honorable people, these vaccines would not be granted licenses. They would be investigated to within an inch of their lives.

Q: There are medical historians who state that the overall decline of illnesses was not due to vaccines.

A: I know. For a long time, I ignored their work.

Q: Why?

A: Because I was afraid of what I would find out. I was in the business of developing vaccines. My livelihood depended on continuing that work.

Q: And then?

A: I did my own investigation.

Q: What conclusions did you come to?

A: The decline of disease is due to improved living conditions.

Q: What conditions?

A: Cleaner water. Advanced sewage systems. Nutrition. Fresher food.  A decrease in poverty. Germs may be everywhere, but when you are healthy, you don't contract the diseases as easily.

Q: What did you feel when you completed your own investigation?

A: Despair. I realized I was working a sector based on a collection of lies.

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Female Sexual Dysfunction 'Was Invented by Drugs Industry' --Sex, Lies and Pharmaceuticals

'Pharmaceutical firms have stoked demand for their sex disorder products, a scientist has claimed

 'Female sexual dysfunction – which is claimed to affect up to two thirds of women – is a disorder invented by the pharmaceutical industry to build global markets for drugs to treat it, it is claimed today.

'Drug companies have invested millions in the search for a female equivalent of Viagra, so far without success. But while doing so they have stoked demand by creating a buzz around the disorder they have created, according to Ray Moynihan, a lecturer at the University of Newcastle in Australia.

'Corporate employees worked with medical opinion leaders, ran surveys aimed at portraying the problem as widespread and helped create the diagnostic instruments to persuade women that their sexual difficulties deserved a medical label. But sex problems in women are far more complex than they are in men, encompassing lack of desire, lack of arousal and lack of orgasm and the drug industry's narrow focus is failing them.'


Battle Stations – All Hands on Deck

By Dr. Mark Sircus

'I am glad I got your attention with that title. And yes it is all hands on deck for life, for the challenges that are coming. Sadly I am not joking with this Paul Revere-type summons. Life is about to get a whole lot more serious and it looks like it is a race between which 10-ton truck is going to hit first. I know how to be an alarmist sounding loud horns of doom and gloom but you got look at some of these links below. Life on this planet never has been very secure for us humans. Between what we do to ourselves and what nature does to us collectively we have had a hard time with health and survival.'


Time for a Burrito

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Warning to Parents: Vaccination Increases the Risk of Contracting Diseases

'It's now clear that the information the government has been giving out on vaccination is misleading at best. They are in fact urging parents to expose their children to risks they could easily avoid while unconstitutionally trying to stop parents from knowing about safe means of keeping their families well. In addition, the FDA, with its own scientists have warned about its corruption, is now arguing in court that people have no fundamental right to their health.

'In one thoughtful, thorough article by a mother trying to decide what to do for her own children, parents (and everyone else) have a chance to rethink the reality of vaccines.'


Natural Remedy May Cut Cancer Risk by 70 Percent

 'You’ve probably heard the news that 65-year-old screen star Michael Douglas has Stage IV throat cancer. He announced the news on the Late Show with David Letterman recently. The news came just weeks before he was to appear in the hotly-anticipated sequel to Wall Street

'While the public is watching his new film, Douglas will be undergoing chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. This diagnosis is a poignant reminder that cancer can strike any of us, at any time.

'That’s because cancer is still the world’s number one killer. Over 1,500 people die of cancer every day in the U.S… and one in three people are living with it.' 


Government Funding Drug Companies to Make Vaccines Quicker

By Dr. Mercola

'Of all the places $2 billion in government funds could be spent, using it to bring flu vaccines to market faster may be one of the most wasteful uses of that amount of money to date. One dramatic example is the flu shot, which has been proven ineffective time and time again, not to mention the myriad of side effects, some serious, 
that they cause every year. 

 'If the U.S. government really wanted to make a dent in flu cases this fall and winter, they would put that money toward a massive public education campaign on the importance of optimizing your vitamin D levels. 

'Now that would be a strategy that would not only dramatically decrease the flu but also help save lives that are being lost prematurely from a completely preventable condition: vitamin D deficiency. The government has once again pledged their allegiance to the vaccine makers, and will be supporting them full force this flu season, as they do every year.' 

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Homeopathy: A Healthier Way to Treat Depression?

'For over 200 years homeopaths have observed the ability of many conventional drugs to suppress acute illness into more deep chronic illness. During this time, homeopaths have also found that this disease suppression also creates more and greater mental illness. When reviewing the side-effects of many drugs, it is not uncommon to find that drugs are known to lead to various states of mental illness from depression to delusion to suicidal propensities.' 


Protect your DNA and turn back the clock five years

By Dr. Allen Spreen

'Green tea protects your DNA. That's now a proven scientific fact, thanks to the work of Professor Iris Benzie. And her powerful new discovery helps explain why green tea drinkers seem to avoid weight gain, depression, cancer, heart disease, and Alzheimer's disease.'


Modern Medicine is not a science

Leo Rebello's note:

  "Doctors and [the] Drug industry have jointly killed [a] thousand times more persons in peace than all the war-time casualties put together in the last 500 years. There is a graphic book titled Doctors, Drugs and Devils, which traces the grotesque history of modern medicine. There is another equally damning evidence titled America the Poisoned, which records the evil effects of deadly chemicals destroying our environment, our wildlife and ourselves. And then there is that all-time famous treatise by Dr. Ivan Illich called The Medical Nemesis (or Limits to Medicine), which the drug companies bulk-purchased and burnt. The intelligent readers of Amrit Manthan may read these scholarly books to advantage and unite to protect their own health which is in great danger."

'Doctors, medical researchers and drug companies like to persuade all present and potential consumers of health care that medicine is a science and has advanced far beyond the mystical incantations and witch doctor remedies of the past. But modern medicine is not a science and modern clinicians and medical researchers are not scientists. Modern clinicians may use scientific techniques but in the way that they treat their patients they are still quacks. 

'The foundation of modern, 20th century medical thinking is the Cartesian principle that although the mind and the body are linked they are essentially separate entities. Accordingly, doctors treat the lesion or the organ that they believe to be failing to function properly rather than the patient, his or her fears, and symptoms. They organise laboratory tests and then believe that by treating abnormalities they are acting scientifically.'


How to make fermented ginger beer soda

S. 510: 12 Reasons Why The Food Safety Bill From Hell Could Be Very Dangerous For The U.S. Economy

 'As you read this, there is a bill before the U.S. Senate that has the potential to change the U.S. food industry more than any other law ever passed by the U.S. Congress. In the name of “food safety”, the U.S. government would be given an iron grip over the production, transportation and sale of all food in the United States. Hordes of small food producers and organic farmers could potentially be put out of business. 

'If this bill becomes law, the freedom to grow what you want, eat what you want and to share food from your gardens with your neighbors could be greatly curtailed. It would give the FDA unprecedented discretion to regulate U.S. food production. A version of this bill was already passed by the U.S. House of Representatives last summer, and now S. 510, also know as the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act, is in front of the U.S. Senate and it is expected to pass easily.'


The Big Pharma Global Scam Taken Apart By Comedians

Colostrum Part I and 2

Could Organic Produce Be the New Ritalin?
 Photo Credit:

By Dr. Walter Crinnion

'Organic produce really is worth the price and may provide great health benefits. In previous blogs, I reviewed the studies that have been published over the last couple of decades that back up that statement. The research proving it all is available on the web (at no charge) in a review article that I authored. Two new studies add more documentation to the weight of literature showing the great health benefits of organic food. One study showed the superiority, in all ways, of organic strawberries over their conventionally raised counterparts. The second study showed that the pesticide residues in children (most of which come from our fruits and vegetables) are certainly associated with ADHD.'


Grocery stores try setting up fake farmers markets

'Without a doubt, farmers markets have got a good thing growing. Unfortunately, sneaky copycats have been cropping up as they try to get their paws on the green that comes with that success. In June Safeway supermarkets in Seattle set up stacks of fruits and veggies outside of their own stores with signs announcing a "Farmers Market." The mangos on display, however, didn't stack up with Washington weather and pressure from local groups prompted the stores to change the posters to read "Outdoor Market" instead. The grocery stores may argue, what's in a name? But they know exactly what's in a name: a popular cash flow. And something about an important reconnection with how our food is grown, blah blah, wah wah.'


Should American Women Learn to Give Birth at Home? 

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 By Dr. Mercola

Why Giving Birth at Home Makes Sense

'Most people consider hospital births to be safer than home births, but when you look at the facts this isn't the case.

Nearly all U.S. births (99 percent) occur in a hospital, yet the United States has one of the highest infant mortality rates of any developed country (6.3 deaths per 1,000 babies born). In the Netherlands, however, where one-third of deliveries occur in the home with the assistance of midwives, the infant death rate is lower (4.73 deaths per 1,000).

Maternal mortality rates also rose more than 54 percent from 2000 to 2005 in the United States, while decreasing in other developed countries.

This is likely due at least in part to the incredibly high rate of Caesarean section (C-section) in the United States. C-section is the most common operation performed in the United States, and accounts for nearly one-third of all births.

According to the World Health Organization, no country is justified in having a cesarean rate greater than 10 percent to 15 percent.'



0fwa-medicalmafia.bmp (311094 bytes)
Photo Credit:Freeworldfilmworks 

'The degenerative disease racket is kept up in a similar way: suppress the cause and cures, and use largely ineffective, but lucrative, toxic Allopathic medicine that only treats symptoms (palliates) but never cures.  Disease is also created by a covert-poisoning scheme, eg. fluoridation, vaccine disease, Aluminium, Junk Food etc. see: Human genocide.

 'In the US the racket is controlled by the FDA (Food and Drug Bandit), which protects and controls the market for Allopathy Inc drugs.  The CDC (Disease Control Bandit) makes sure everyone is frightened of 'infectious' disease so they can sell vaccines, whose propaganda value is incalculable (see: Why Vaccination Continues).'


How to make Kefir Ginger Ale!

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'In this video, we learn how to make homemade Kefir Ginger Ale. First, you will need a 2 qt jar of filtered water and add in 1/4 c of honey into it. Mix this together until it's combined and the water is a yellow color. Now add in milk kefir grains that have been soaked in ginger. Next you will add ginger and tumeric that have been chopped up and add into the jar. Also add a squirt of lemon and lime, as well as a piece of coral calcium. Place the top back onto the jar and let it sit for at least 24 hours. When finished, strain and you will be able to drink this delicious beverage!' 

Fungus Causing Cancer -- A Novel Approach to the Most Common Form of Death

By Dr. Mercola

'Cancer, which surpassed heart disease as the number one killer in America in 2005, is still considered “a mystery” in conventional medicine. In fact, the term “cancer” is just a generic term that in no way describes its cause. 

'In this video, Doug Kaufman – a longtime proponent of the influence of fungi in human disease -- interviews the Italian oncologist Dr. Tullio Simoncini -- author of Cancer is a Fungus -- who shares fascinating new information about what he believes is the root of all cancers: fungi, and discusses a radically different path for curing cancer; sometimes in as little as a few days. Conventional Cancer Treatments – Ineffective and Dangerous “Cures.” 

'Currently, if you are diagnosed with cancer, especially in the U.S., you are given three options: 1. Surgery 2. Chemotherapy 3. Radiation However, as mentioned in this video, finding actual statistics on the effectiveness of these treatments is very difficult.

'You’d think if something is the best medicine has to offer, they’d be more than happy to share their level of success. Most people are given a 50/50 chance of dying from cancer, in general. And conventional treatments are touted as your best shot at surviving. But is it true? According to Dr. Simoncini’s website, polls and questionnaires show that a full 75 percent of doctors say they’d refuse chemotherapy if they were struck with cancer due to its ineffectiveness and its devastating side effects.'


Video: Doctor 'fires' patient for using bicarbonate cancer therapy

'Investigative journalist Frances Oman was diagnosed with cancer in February 2007 - an aggressive soft-tissue sarcoma had developed inside her thigh. Refusing conventional treatment, Frances ended up with the Gerson nutritional regimen, which arrested tumor growth and slowly shrank the mass and eventually she consulted Dr Simoncini in Rome. Her tumor was surgically removed and - after local treatment of the surgery site with a sterile sodium bicarbonate solution - the lady finds herself cured and getting better ... without chemo or radiation therapy and without any metastases. Coming back to the US and telling her oncologist and GP what she had done, she was told to look for a new doctor. In effect, her doctors had 'fired' her.'

Preparing for your Fall Cleanse with Focused Breathing


 By Dr. Isaac Eliaz

'As the summer season winds down and fall approaches, I want to encourage everyone who is considering embarking on a fall cleanse to begin to prepare for this enlivening journey by thinking about what you are ready to release from your body, mind and spirit. It might be a few extra pounds, a buildup of toxins or emotions that are causing you to feel stuck, or a lack of mental or physical energy. Whatever it is you want to be free of in order to enhance your overall health and vitality can potentially be released by completing a seasonal cleanse.'

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Truth About Pesticides and GMO - An 11 Year Old Who Gets It! WOW!

Birke Baehr -"What's Wrong With Our Food System? And How Can We Make A Difference?"

Facts about pesticides:

“Chemicals have replaced bacteria and viruses as the main threat to health. The diseases we’re beginning to see as the major causes of death in the latter part of this century and into the 21st century are diseases of chemical origin.” — Dick Irwin, toxicologist at Texas A&M Universities

'Pesticides are poisons designed to kill a variety of plants and animals such as insects (insecticides), weeds (herbicides), and mold or fungus (fungicides). Pesticides include active ingredients (chemical compounds designed to kill the target organisms) and inert ingredients which may be carcinogens or toxic substances. They also include rodenticides and wood preservatives.'


'Pesticides can be absorbed through the skin, swallowed or inhaled (most toxic). During application pesticides drift and settle on ponds, laundry, toys, pools and furniture. People and pets track pesticide residue into the house {3}. Only 5% of pesticides reach target weeds. The rest runs off into water or dissipates in the air. Drift from landscaping ranges from 12 feet to 14.5 miles {1}. More serious effects appear to be produced by direct inhalation of pesticide sprays than by absorption or ingestion of toxins.'


How Drug Companies Bribe Doctors to Suck You Into Their Web…

By Dr. Mercola

How to Stay Safe in a Medical System Run by Drug Pushers

'If you’re prescribed a drug, how do you know that it’s really necessary and safe, as opposed to one made by a company that’s paying off, or essentially brainwashing, your doctor?

You don’t, and that’s why you’ve got to learn to get your own information. Do not take a drug just because your doctor prescribes it. First, learn what the drug is supposed to do, how it may help you, how it could harm you and, most importantly, what alternatives there are.

Drug companies are willing to do just about anything to make you, and your physician, think their drugs are great -- quietly devising a hit list of doctors to silence, collecting secret reports on doctors, buying off Congress, advertising to you in your living room, even corrupting studies in medical journals so they show only favorable results.

It isn’t always easy to fight back against this system, but know that the drug companies are not going to protect you.'


Lethal Danger of CT Scans


Photo Credit: The Intellectual Devotional 


Radiation Overload

'Compared to regular medical X-rays, CT scans yield much higher-resolution images. Unfortunately, CT scans also expose the patient to hundreds and sometimes thousands of times more radiation.2-4
The routine use of CT scans and other dangerous X-ray imaging procedures has skyrocketed over the past three decades. In 1980, there were 3 million CT scans done. By the year 2007, the number increased to about 70 million.

'We at Life Extension® long ago warned members to avoid CT scans and any kind of X-ray unless absolutely necessary. Up against us was an armada of for-profit companies who promoted CT scans to healthy people to measure coronary artery calcification, virtual colonoscopy in place of the more effective standard colonoscopy (flexible tube procedures), and even whole-body CT scans to identify abnormalities anywhere in one’s anatomy. 

'The irony is that health-conscious people, who often paid for whole-body CT scans out of their own pockets, unwittingly exposed their whole body to huge levels of DNA gene-mutating radiation!'


11 Ways to Ward Off Alzheimer's Disease

Go Crazy for Cinnamon
 Photo Credit:I Stock

'Dr. Richard Anderson, an expert on diabetes at the U.S. Department of Agriculture, found that eating cinnamon can invigorate weak, inefficient insulin, enabling it to process sugar normally. That’s a big deal, because about 80 million Americans have wimpy insulin, technically called “insulin resistance,” a sign of diabetes and prediabetes. 

'Anderson’s latest research shows that cinnamon may stop the genesis of Alzheimer’s disease because it blocked the formation of “tau filaments,” which help to initiate the disease.'


The Fraudulent Criminalization of Marijuana in America

'For almost 40 years, the United States has waged a war on its own citizens who have used marijuana as a part of a drug culture originally encouraged by the government. The war was commenced despite the government’s own findings that marijuana posed less of a risk to American society than alcohol, and that the greatest harm that would result from criminalization would be the injury caused to those arrested for possession and use. The harm caused by the war extends beyond its 15 million prisoners; its cost has exceeded a trillion dollars, and it has benefited only those who profit from the illegal cultivation and sale of marijuana.'


Grocery Store Wars

Our Most Basic Rights Destroyed by Fake Food & Drug Safety Campaigns

'The impending loss of rights, including free speech and access to our foods and health systems of choice, are on the verge of being stolen away throughout most of the world. It's all being done in the guise of "harmonization", a term that's used to give the impression that its purpose is to improve relations among countries. The reality, though, is far removed from that. Its purpose is to soothe us, while we look the other way as the world is made safe for multinational corporations to operate without interference from us.'

Australia's Health Authority Failing The Public on Safety of Vaccines

 'Editor's note: Vaccine safety is a misnomer. Their lethality is not based on theory, conjecture or is scientific fact.  The safety of vaccines should no longer even be debated or addressed by those striving to accelerate the truth about these toxic injections. They can never be safe as long as health hazardous excipients are involved in their manufacture and flawed science is used to justify their medical administration. There is no such thing as a safe vaccine!'
'Australia's health authorities are failing to uphold the public safety of vaccines because of the confused and flawed monitoring of side effects, the Consumer Health Forum says.'

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Yoga: The Quiet Revolution

 Hatha Yoga
Photo Credit: Kauai's Hindu Monastery

'All across the world, in response to the stress of our growing world crisis, millions of people are turning to yoga as a way of discovering the peace which can be experienced within the body, heart and mind. This peace has been described in all the mystical traditions as the primordial gift of the source.

For yoga to be truly transformative, it needs to return to its ancient roots in a universal mystical vision that celebrates the body as the creation and temple of divine consciousness. The danger of a great deal of the modern teaching of yoga is that it either glosses over or ignores this essential teaching in favor of a seductive emphasis on optimal health and physical appearance. While these are, of course, radiant by-products of yoga, they were never intended as its exclusive goal.'