Are you ready for a Real (Food) Revolution?

Meghan Ibach (kneeling), Tori Grout and Dr. Jonathan Ritz want to help you eat healthy through the newly-created Matthews Food Revolution.

'“The food companies have taught us we are too stupid to make our own ingredients,” Grout said.

It wasn’t long after making the change, that she began seeing huge improvements in her health. By making meals from scratch, using more whole foods and relying less on pre-made meals, Grout was able to toss most of her prescription medications.

When Oliver’s “Food Revolution” swept America, Grout was ready to make a difference in more lives then just those of her family and clients.'


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Mighty Rise of Food Revolution and What it Means to You

The Food Revolution

By Dr. Mercola

Beyond Policy: A Return to a Food-Centered Culture

Moving beyond Washington, there is much more to the food movement than the passage of new laws and regulations. What is attracting many to the myriad of "food movements" out there -- the locavores, the foodies, the supporters of the slow food movement -- is a love for real, pure food -- and the community it builds along with it.

For those looking to enhance their health and remove themselves, at least partially, from the corporative society in which we live, there is no better starting point than food.

As Pollan writes:

"It makes sense that food and farming should become a locus of attention for Americans disenchanted with consumer capitalism. Food is the place in daily life where corporatization can be most vividly felt: think about the homogenization of taste and experience represented by fast food.

By the same token, food offers us one of the shortest, most appealing paths out of the corporate labyrinth, and into the sheer diversity of local flavors, varieties, and characters on offer at the farmers' market."


Ten Reasons to Become Self-Sufficient and Ten Ways to Get There

Michael Edwards and Jeffrey Green
Activist Post

'We are now three to five generations removed from the rural backbone that strengthened America. The world at large has undergone a similar transformation as the promise of easier work has created a migration to big cities. These mega-cities could be seen as an experiment gone awry, as general well-being has declined, with suicide rates increasing across the world. Crowded conditions and economic strife have led to rampant crime, pollution, corporate malfeasance, and a dog-eat-dog type of competition that can be described as a temporary insanity.

The economic crisis we are living through has been the final straw for many people, as promises of a better, easier, and more creative life seem to have been sold to us by carnival-style tricksters who are laughing all the way to (their) bank.

Here are the top reasons for becoming self-sufficient; these are based on fundamental, systemic concerns for why undertaking this life change will not be a fly-by-night fad, but rather a long-lasting means for personal independence.'


Is Your Favorite Ice Cream Made With Monsanto's Artificial Hormones?

'Monsanto has been in the news this week, with a U.S. District Court Judge ruling that the USDA has to at least go through the motions of regulating the company's genetically engineered sugar beets. Monsanto, you may know, is not likely to win any contests for the most popular company. In fact, it has been called the most hated corporation in the world, which is saying something, given the competition from the likes of BP, Halliburton and Goldman Sachs.

This has gotten me thinking about, of all things, ice cream, and of how Monsanto's clammy paws can be found in some of the most widely selling ice cream brands in the country. These brands could break free from Monsanto's clutches. So far they haven't, but maybe this is about to change.'


Understanding Probiotics

Medical Marijuana in Pediatric Medicine

Cannabis can realize its full therapeutic potential
only when it is completely legal and people
don’t have to go to their doctors to get it.
Dr. Grinspoon

By Dr. Mark Sircus

'Marijuana is brimming with healing compounds and doctors 100 years ago understood this simple fact; that was the reason pharmacies always made it available to the public. Iodine and marijuana were principle medicines used in the 19th and very early part of the 20th century. Both were forced from the consciousness of modern physicians who became mentally enslaved to pharmaceutical interests that got doctors more interested in money and poisoning than in helping patients with safe and effective medicines.

Cannabinoids are usually well tolerated, and do not produce
the generalized toxic effects of conventional chemotherapies.

Marijuana is an extremely broad acting and universally useful medicine with appropriate application for most disease conditions. Crohn’s disease patients credit the plant with helping reverse their debilitating intestinal disorders, and accredited research suggests its use in dealing with and preventing diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s and assorted maladies arising from chronic inflammation. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and natural cannabinoids counteract cancer and chemical toxicity from drugs and environmental sources thus helping to preserve normal cells.

Not many people or physicians realize how useful or even critical medical marijuana can be in pediatrics – or how it can save many children’s lives. We are talking about serious medicine and the pharmaceutical companies know this and are making synthetic versions of THC, but synthetic copies cannot compete with the real thing in terms of safety and effectiveness.'

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Eat the Damn Yolks! Eggs Are Good For You!


Are Whole Eggs or Egg Whites Better for You?

'I was on a weekend trip with some friends recently and one of my friends was cooking breakfast for the whole group. I went over to see what he was cooking and saw he was getting ready to make a big batch of eggs.

Well, to my shock and horror, I noticed that he was cracking the eggs open and screening the egg whites into a bowl and throwing out the egg yolks. I asked him why the heck he was throwing out the egg yolks, and he replied something like this...

"because I thought the egg yolks were terrible for you...that's where all the nasty fat and cholesterol is".'


In pilot project, doctors prescribe fresh produce

Morgan Lichtenstein, left, who works with the Healthy Weight Program, shops with Deannah Ryner, 8, at a farmers market in Boston on Thursday.THE NEW YORK TIMES / JODI HILTON

'The farm stand is becoming the new apothecary, dispensing apples -- not to mention artichokes, asparagus and arugula -- to fill a novel kind of prescription.

Doctors at three health centers in Massachusetts have begun advising patients to eat "prescription produce" from local farmers' markets, in an effort to fight obesity in children of low-income families. Now they will give coupons amounting to $1 a day for each member of a patient's family to promote healthy meals.

"A lot of these kids have a very limited range of fruits and vegetables that are acceptable and familiar to them. Potentially, they will try more," said Dr. Suki Tepperberg, a family physician at Codman Square Health Centerin Dorchester, one of the program sites. "The goal is to get them to increase their consumption of fruit and vegetables by one serving a day."'


Big Pharma EXPOSED: Drug companies accused of 'conning' the public

'An estimated 85 per cent of drugs coming onto the market offer only slight advances on existing treatments while having the potential to cause serious harm due to toxicity or misuse, the study concluded.'

'The author of the research delivered a damning attack on ''Big Pharma'' at a meeting of sociology experts in the US.

Professor Donald Light described the pharmaceutical industry as a ''market for lemons'' - one in which the seller knows much more than the buyer about the product, and takes advantage of this fact.

''Sometimes drug companies hide or downplay information about serious side-effects of new drugs and overstate the drugs' benefits,'' said Prof Light, a professor of comparative health policy at the University of Medicine and Dentistry in New Jersey, US.

''Then, they spend two to three times more on marketing than on research to persuade doctors to prescribe these new drugs. Doctors may get misleading information and then misinform patients about the risks of a new drug. It's really a two-tier market for lemons.'''


Blind Painter

HPV Vaccines' Fraudulent Claims

'Gardasil, Silgard and Cervarix may turn out to be the biggest medical hoax of the century should the information revealed on a recent KRFC radio broadcast be proven true. If indeed, the information presented during last Monday evening's broadcast is accurate, HPV vaccines are nothing more than a worldwide exercise in profiteering.
Leslie Carol Botha regularly hosts a radio show based out of Fort Collins, Colorado called,
"Holy Hormones, Honey -- the Greatest Story Never Told." She has been a health educator and broadcast journalist for 30 years.'


Meditation really does work

Meditation really does work because it rewires parts of the brain which regulate emotions and behaviour, researchers have found.

'Just 11 hours learning a meditation technique called integrative body-mind training (IBMT) produced dramatic changes in the brains of volunteers.

Scans revealed that neuron connectivity was boosted in a part of the brain important for regulating emotional behaviour and dealing with conflict.

Previous work by the same team has shown that meditation reduces levels of anxiety, depression, anger and fatigue.

The new study involved 45 students at the University of Oregon in the US.

Half were given IBMT training while the rest were taught relaxation techniques.

A type of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) was used to examine brain connectivity in the volunteers before and after training.

''The importance of our findings relates to the ability to make structural changes in a brain network related to self-regulation,'' said Prof Posner, from the University of Oregon.

The research is reported today in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

IBMT, adapted from traditional Chinese medicine in the 1990s, is practised by thousands of people in China.

Based on Taoist and Confucian concepts of harmony with nature, it combines different mind-body techniques including body relaxation, breath control, mental imagery, and ''mindfulness'' - calmly paying attention to moment-to-moment feelings and experiences.'

Source: London Telegraph

The Hidden Truth: Why Government Wants Your Kids on Cholesterol Drugs…

By Dr. Mercola

If Pfizer has its way, your child's gummy bears may be replaced with chewable Lipitor

The exploitation of children for the sake of profit is yet another loathsome strategy drug manufacturers are willing to deploy, this time for the purpose of extending Lipitor's patent to hold off generic brand competition.

We are already drugging children into complacency with psychotropic stimulants such as Ritalin if they are bored or distracted in the classroom, and devastating their developing immune systems with massive amounts of sugary drinks and a growing barrage of mercury-laden vaccines.

'The following trends are quite disturbing:

  • According to one study, American children take antipsychotic medications at six times the rate of U.K. children.
  • One in four American kids takes a prescription drug for a chronic health condition.
  • One in five teens has high cholesterol.
  • Heartburn and acid reflux medications among adolescents has jumped 147 percent since 2001.
  • Girls aged 10 to 19 taking medications for type 2 diabetes has jumped almost 200 percent in the past nine years.
  • Children and adolescents make up the leading growth category for the pharmaceutical industry, with increases nearly four times higher than those seen in the rest of the population.'


GMO Crop Sabotage on the Rise: French citizens destroy trial vineyard

'Early Sunday morning, French police stood helpless as sixty people, locked inside an open-air field of genetically modified grapevines, uprooted all the plants. In Spain last month, dozens of people destroyed two GMO fields. On the millennial cusp, Indian farmers burned Bt cotton in their Cremate Monsanto campaign. Ignored by multinational corporations and corrupt public policy makers, citizens act to protect the food supply and the planet.

The French vineyard is the same field attacked last year when the plants were only cut. But the security features installed after that incident kept authorities at bay while the group accomplished its mission yesterday.'


Lies of silence

By Dr. Mark Sircus

'The sounds of silence are the sounds of lies, omissions of fact and reality so large it’s more than manipulation. Did you know that one’s silence can be deadly? One can actually do mass murder with silence by deliberately holding back information that can be lifesaving. You will be amazed how nakedly the institutionalized press is now deliberately omitting a great deal of what is happening on the earth in the moment.'

'One might as well be looking at nuclear explosions, for each and every one of these fires is kicking up radioactivity into the atmosphere and we are not talking about little dosages here. The world media is silent on the radiation hazard and is certainly not warning anyone about anything they can do about it.

Below you will see to videos from local news stations but why is this not on the national news. I certainly have not seen anything about this in the New York Times but I did not read the back page.'


Preserving Basil

Fresh Clips: Preserve Basil Like a Pro

By Kris Wetherbee

'Basil is easy to grow, but keeping that fresh spicy-sweet flavor intact is not so easy … unless you know a few vital tips and shortcuts.

Fragrant fresh basil recipes

• Frequent harvesting is key to luscious, flavorful leaves. Start by pinching the stemless and succulent cluster of new leaves at the top of a shoot above the leaf nodes (the joint in the stem where leaves grow) when plants reach 6 to 8 inches tall. At 12 to 18 inches tall, cut the plant back by two-thirds every three to four weeks. This will result in a multi-stemmed, bushy plant full of harvestable leaves.

• When storing basil, forego the refrigerator as the cold can cause leaves to blacken. Instead, keep basil fresh like you would cut flowers—in a glass of water on the kitchen counter. Change the water in your basil bouquet daily and you can keep the fresh flavor going for up to 10 days.

• Blessed with a bounty of basil? Freeze the excess in ice cube trays. Finely chop leaves (or puree in a blender) and mix with water, broth or olive oil. Then fill ice cube trays with the paste and freeze. Once the cubes are frozen, you can pop them out and transfer the basil pops into a zip-top freezer bag for easy storage. Drop a frozen cube or two into simmering soups and stews or to bring a touch of summer flavor to winter stir-fries and sautés.'

Source: The Herb Companion

Fresh for the Pesto Garden: Classic Pesto
photo credit: Happy Chicks Adventure to Sustainable Happiness

By Kris Wetherbee

Makes about 1 cup

This is the classic, fresh sauce that originated in Genoa, Italy. For best results when freezing this pesto, omit the cheese and add it later when the pesto is ready to be used.

· 2 cups fresh basil leaves, lightly packed
· 1/3 cup pine nuts
· 2 large garlic cloves, peeled
· 1/2 cup freshly grated Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese
· 1/2 cup extra-virgin olive oil
· Salt, to taste
· Freshly ground pepper, to taste

1. Combine the first four ingredients in a food processor and pulse until coarsely chopped. With the machine running, slowly add the olive oil to create a fine paste.

2. Season with salt and pepper and serve immediately.

Editor's Note: You can freeze several batches of garden fresh, homemade pesto for later use.

Source:Herb Companion

How to Freeze Fresh Basil

Source: Kalyn's Kitchen

'I pinch off all the basil leaves, discard the stems, and wash the leaves very well in a salad spinner. Spin them as dry as you possibly can. If you don't have a salad spinner, just wash your basil leaves in the sink and dry them well with paper towels.'


Dr Shiv Chopra: The Toxic Five- Why Are They Still in Our Food?

Dr. Mercola Interviews Dr. Shiv Chopra on Food Safety (Part 1 of 9)

Excerpt from Dr. Mercola's Commentary:

The Destruction of Our Food Supply

'In this interview, Dr. Chopra covers a lot of ground, including the fact that so much of the foods you find in your local grocery store aren't even real food anymore – and far from safe to eat.

Again we see politicians colluding with big business, which inevitably results in less safety for you and more money for them.

I highly recommend listening to this interview in its entirety, or reading through the transcript, to get the full story.

The use of veterinary antibiotics, for example, has now become a major public health hazard, yet little is being done to curb its overuse.

Seventy percent of all antibiotics used in the US are used in animals raised for food. You need to understand that commercially raised livestock are given these drugs indiscriminately – not because they're sick, but to prevent infections – which are inevitable in factory farm environments, but not in organic farming -- and to stimulate increased growth.

This is one of the driving factors behind the rise in antibiotic resistant bacteria, such as MRSA.

You are literally ingesting antibiotics every time you eat factory-farmed meat, and such regular consumption of antibiotics is an open invitation to develop hardier antibiotic-resistant bugs.'


Cherries Could be the Key to Curing Insomnia

'The medical studies into cherries have shown significant proof that cherries could be the key to curing insomnia. Cherries are usually only thought of as a pie filling or the topper for an ice cream sundae, but they offer so much more for insomnia sufferers. There is a very beneficial link between cherries and insomnia. A certain hormone in cherries, called melatonin, is the suspected reason why they are so good for treating insomnia.'


Eugenics, Toxic Chemical Attack, Population Reduction and Benevolent Billionaires

Is an International Financial Conspiracy Driving World Events?

By Richard C. Cook

Was something as easy to foresee as this really the trigger for a meltdown that could destroy the world’s financial system? Or was it done, perhaps, "accidentally on purpose"?

And if so, why?

Let’s turn to the U.S. personage that conspiracy theorists most often mention as being at the epicenter of whatever elite plan is reputed to exist. This would be David Rockefeller, the 92-year-old multibillionaire godfather of the world’s financial elite.

The lengthy Wikipedia article on Rockefeller provides the following version of a celebrated statement he allegedly made in an opening speech at the Bilderberg conference in Baden-Baden, Germany, in June 1991:

"We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time magazine, and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during these years. But the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government which will never again know war, but only peace and prosperity for the whole of humanity. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in the past centuries."


Stress, Magnesium & Disease

By Dr. Mark Sircus

'The U.S. Department of Agriculture says that about 60% of adults in the United States do not consume the estimated average requirement for magnesium. What they don’t tell us is that this 60% is based on minimum daily estimates set by the Department of Agriculture are set terribly low, so actually the number is much higher. In the best of times magnesium intake from white processed foods is on the level of starvation of this precious and very necessary mineral. Most Americans are actually malnourished and diseased because of it and because of the toxic loads they carry in their cells and blood.

The normal accepted recommended daily dietary amount of magnesium is only 300-400 mg. Many professionals feel this to be a bare minimum. Some would say that 1,000 mg is probably more in the range of what most people need due to stress (measured by cortisol levels) causing magnesium to be dumped into the sweat in increasing quantities. Actually there are all kinds of cellular stresses that drive down magnesium levels including chemical stress.'


Fermenting Vegetables with Sandor Katz

Kitchen Table Healing Alchemy: Mixing Grapefruit, Ginger and Onion

Homemade Toothpaste

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The Incredible Story of Essiac

'Rene Caisse was a nurse in Canada. In 1923 she observed that one of her doctor's patients, a woman with terminal cancer, made a complete recovery. Enquiring into the matter, Rene found that the woman had cured herself with a herbal remedy which was given to her by an Ojibway Indian herbalist. Rene visited the medicine man, and he freely presented her with his tribe's formula. The formula consisted of four common herbs. They were blended and cooked in a fashion which caused the concoction apparently to have greater medicinal potency than any of the four herbs themselves. The four herbs were Sheep Sorrel, Burdock Root, Slippery Elm Bark, and Rhubarb Root.

With her doctor's permission, Rene began to administer the herbal remedy to other terminal cancer patients, who had been given up by the medical profession as incurable. Most recovered. Rene then began to collect the herbs herself, prepare the remedy in her own kitchen, and treat hundreds of cancer cases. She found that Essiac, as she named the herbal remedy (her own name backwards), could not undo the effects of severe damage to the life support organs. In such cases however, the pain of the illness was alleviated and the life of the patient often extended longer than predicted. In other cases, where the life support organs had not been severely damaged, cure was complete, and the patients sometimes lived another 35 or 40 years. Some are still alive today.'


Using Local Organic Cooperatives to Defeat Globalists

'Okay, you're awake, back among the human tribe. Now what? You are not alone in wondering what is the best way to fight the globalists. There is a vastly growing human tribe that understands your frustration of feeling like a helpless fly caught in an inescapable spider web. It can seem defeating the more we learn about the criminal nature of the ruling elite; their plans, their desire to have absolute control, and their infrastructure that's darn near complete to achieve their goals. However, there is an incredibly easy solution and powerful weapon for defeating the elite -- it's called local food.

You see, the origin of this control system goes way back to when one tribe put food under lock and key, then subsequently gained wealth and a near monopoly on all human sustenance. It's very simple really: who ever controls the food controls humanity. More recently, this sinister elite tribe also figured out that they can control humanity through money, ultimately through debt, serviced by their mind-control propaganda media machine. However, this system of money creation and the resulting prison of debt is an elaborate illusion, while food and water, and liberty and love are real. This is precisely why we will be triumphant against the New World Order.'


Big Pharma's New Low: Breast Cancer Vaccine Makes Mother's Milk a Disease

Detail from Virgin and Child (ca. 1510, anonymous Master of the St. Bartholomew Altar; painting now in a museum in Cologne (Köln), Germany)

'Scientists have prevented breast cancer in mice by vaccinating them. There's a bit of a problem, though. It creates antibodies against a vital ingredient in mother's milk. That, of course, doesn't bother the researchers. They're going ahead full steam with plans to test it in women.

Vaccine's Target—A Critical Ingredient in Mother's Milk

The vaccine targets α-lactalbumin (alpha-lactalbumin) because it's found in most cancer cells. It's also found in the breasts of lactating women and is one of the most important proteins found in mother's milk. It accounts for 25-35% of human whey protein.'


How Cleansing Cures Cancer: Evita Ramparte

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Big Fat Lies