Surviving in a Contaminated World

By Dr. Mark Sircus

We have an increasingly dangerous and poisoned world exactly for the reason that the people at the top of the human heap make a lot of money poisoning our world and the people in it and they are not going to tell you about it. The whole idea of poison through the ages was to knock off adversaries without any clear trace back like an arrow in the back gives.
'What’s the point of an assassin advertizing his dirty deed?

Scientists Consensus Statement on the Use of Chemical Dispersants
in the Gulf of Mexico
calling for the Obama Administration to
immediately halt chemical aerial spraying in the Gulf region.

They have not been warning people about living downwind of a coal-fired power plant or about the dangers of mercury in medicine and dentistry. They certainly have no intention of changing their tune so they will not be warning anyone about the true dangers of oil toxicity and the chemicals they are using to disperse the oil. It looks like certain communities along the Gulf are turning into overly large gas chambers and British Petroleum thinks they care about people. And the Obama administration is allowing it all to go on and history will remember that President Obama did not go down into the Gulf in the early days with the Army, Navy and Marines to stop BP from using Corexit.'


Why Factory Farms Threaten Your Health

By John Robbins

'One of the techniques modern factory farms routinely use to increase weight in livestock is to give all of the animals a dose of antibiotics with every meal. When this is done, the bacteria in the animals' guts that are susceptible to the drugs are killed. When this practice is ongoing, it creates a microbial vacuum in the animals' intestines that gives an extraordinary competitive advantage to any bacteria that develop resistance to the antibiotics. If your goal was to breed bacteria that could not be controlled by antibiotics, you could hardly design a more effective system. It is not entirely an exaggeration to say that as a result, factory farms have become biological weapons factories.'


Florida Dengue Fever Outbreak Leads Back to CIA and Army Experiments

'With little fanfare on July 13, Florida officials released the findings of a Centers for Disease Control (CDC) study conducted recently in the Key West area revealing that about 10 percent, or 1,000 people, of the coastal town's population are infected with the dengue fever virus.

While the July 13 release made little mention of it, the CDC study was provoked by an earlier 2009 report that a woman in New York State, who had returned from a Florida Keys' visit, had contracted dengue fever. Within a few weeks of this initial report, two additional cases were discovered in people who had returned from Key West. Over the next three months of 2009, an additional 26 cases were identified, all tied to visits to the town.'


The insider: chemtrails KC-10 sprayer air to air - The proof ====✈

Polio Vaccine Causes Polio: So We Have To Vaccinate More Kids! Say What?

By Rima Laibow, MD [medical doctor]

'The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, VAERS, reports 333,451 adverse events associated with vaccines. This number is generally acknowledged to represent between 1 and 10% of all adverse events. here See also: here, here

Stanley Kops has produced proof positive that the oral polio vaccine has always been contaminated with SV-40, a monkey virus which has been linked by the FDA and other organizations with cancers such as mesothelioma and meduloblastoma. Since 1963, we have been assured that polio vaccines have not contained this deadly contaminant. Stanley Kops shows that not only is this not the case, but that the vaccine regulators, who are charged with keeping our families safe, have known all along that SV-40 was never removed from vaccines. here'

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More Than Half World's Oxygen May Be At Risk Due To Oil Pollution of Ocean's Benthic Zone

Diatoms are one of the most common types of phytoplankton.

'Marine biomes cover 75% of the earth's surface and have an enormous impact on our planet's climate. In the benthic zone, these biomes supply more than half of the world's oxygen. As a consequence of the BP oil disaster, scientists are very concerned about the global oxygen supply if this layer of the ocean becomes saturated with contaminates of oil and other toxins.


How Toxins Are Making Our Children Chronically Ill

'Most likely, one of three of the children you know in this generation suffers from a chronic illness.'

'As we watched each of our five grandchildren and their friends enter this world and begin their life’s journey, it became more and more clear that something is amiss with this generation. How are your children and your friends’ children doing?

Most likely, one of three of the children you know in this generation suffers from a chronic illness. Perhaps it’s cancer, or birth defects, perhaps asthma, or a problem that affects the child’s mind and behavior, such as Downs Syndrome, learning disorders, ADHD or autism. Though one in three may sound exaggerated, unbelievable, the figures are there amidst various government files.'


"Easy Way to Reduce Occasional Constipation, Gas, and Bloating – Just Take This"


Universal flu jab: The vaccine that will protect you against EVERY strain is just years away

'A revolutionary flu jab that works against every major strain of the virus could be only three years away, scientists said yesterday.

The vaccine would fight off all strains of influenza – from the routine winter flu that brings misery to tens of thousands of people each year, to virulent new strains of the deadly bird flu.

Two injections could give up to a decade of protection. The current vaccine has to be given every autumn to catch the latest strains.

The jab is at an early stage of development, but scientists have tested it successfully on monkeys.

Safety trials have begun and its effectiveness could be tested in patients as early as 2013.'


Feds Raid Legal Marijuana Farm, Destroy Crops

Agents descended on the property of Joy Greenfield with guns drawn, tore out the plants and took Greenfield's computer and cash.

'The agents invaded her property with guns drawn, tore out the collective’s 99 plants and took Greenfield’s computer and cash.

Joy was not at home during the raid, but spoke on the phone to the DEA agent in charge. When she told he she was a legal grower under the sheriff’s program, the agent replied, “I don’t care what the sheriff says.”

When she returned to her house she found it in disarray with soda cans strewn on the floor. “It was just a mess,” she said. “No one should be able to tear your house apart like that.”

Greenfield called the raid a “slap in the face of Mendocino’s government.”'


Cure Tooth Decay Naturally By Identifying The Real Cause of Cavities

'In light of the shaky economy, people are stressed about spending - and under stress, many resort to poor eating habits with diets high in sugar. But by changing dietary routines, you can limit and avoid tooth fillings and costly treatments like crowns and root canals, while bringing more health and balance to your body.

Ramiel Nagel began investigating the cause of tooth decay after his one year old daughter developed a brown spot on her tooth. Even while eating an all natural and organic diet without any processed sweets, Nagel's daughter's teeth rapidly began to disintegrate and decay. Rather than subject her to costly and overly invasive dental surgery, he chose to find a better way.

Through a successful cavities mineralizing program, reader feedback and four years of painstaking trial and error, Nagel's daughter was pain free with strong teeth by the age of five. She was able to eat nuts and chew on ice cubes, all without any chemicals or dental treatments. Following the same program, Nagel healed four of his own cavities and avoided the dental drill.

Nagel then authored "Cure Tooth Decay", a book based on the pioneering dental work of dentists Weston Price and Melvin Page.'


Censored Gulf news: Scientists call on Obama to stop chem-spray

'Over 100 scientists and academic institution, research laboratory, conservation organization leaders plus human rights defenders from as far away as Norway and Greece signed the Scientists Consensus Statement on the Use of Chemical Dispersants in the Gulf of Mexico calling for the Obama Administration to immediately halt chemical aerial spraying in the Gulf region. A public petition to end dispersant use is also gaining momentum.

Non-consensual human experiementation

Scientists expressing grave concern about the unprecedented aerial spraying of chemical dispersants in the Gulf of Mexico region believe a large-scale, uncontrolled non-consensual human and environmental experiment is being conducted in the Gulf region according to reports sent to the writer including one from the "Ocean Doctor" David E. Guggenheim, Ph.D.'


Psychopaths (Name of the Beast)

By Dr. Mark Sircus

'Life for all but the super wealthy will be a hell on earth if the psychopathic elements of the elite get their way. Psychopaths are scarier and much more dangerous than any of us think for they are the most likely ones to wield a power sufficient enough to hurt the entire earth. It’s in their blood and in their minds, a destructive sickness that is psychotic, sociopathic as well as narcissistic and sadistic. You just cannot be a nice person and be a part of this group without having your throat ripped out. The psychopaths at the top of the human food chain are busy building a new world order that creates a stronger more centralized power where they can control every aspect of our existence. This is a problem because the psychopathic elite not only are unable to feel the pain of others, they also gain power and wealth from deliberately hurting others causing a river of suffering that has no end.'


From Seedlings to Servings: 11-Year-Old Grows Tons of Veggies for the Homeless

'It all began in third grade, when Katie Stagliano's 40-pound cabbage fed 275 homeless people. Now, Katie's six gardens have produced over 4,000 pounds of vegetables to feed the needy.'

'When Katie Stagliano was in third grade, she planted a cabbage in her family's small garden. When it grew to an astounding 40 pounds, she donated it to a soup kitchen, where it was made into meals for 275 people (with the help of ham and rice). "I thought, 'Wow, with that one cabbage I helped feed that many people?'" says Katie, now entering sixth grade. "I could do much more than that."'


The Despicable Reason Behind Raw Milk Bans

By Dr. Mercola

'Government, public health and dairy industry officials want to restrict the sale and distribution of raw milk, citing safety concerns. But small dairy farmers, organic consumers' advocates and raw milk drinkers say that safety isn't the real issue -- it's control of the dairy market.

In January, the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources (MDAR) proposed new regulations that would ban off-the-farm sale and distribution of raw milk. Prior to making the regulations public, MDAR issued cease-and-desist orders to four milk-buying clubs.

While no one has died in Massachusetts because of raw milk, three people died in 2007 from Listeriosis from pasteurized milk.'


Criminalizing Doctors—Yet Again

'The moment the government started paying medical bills under Medicare and Medicaid, doctors became theoretically liable for jail if they billed in a way that the government didn’t agree with. Laws dating from the Civil War say that you can’t make a false claim or false statement to the government without exposing yourself to five years in jail.

In the murky world of Medicare and Medicaid rules, it is very easy to make a false claim. In one experiment, a researcher contacted five different government Medicare billing advisors about a possible claim and got five different answers about how to handle it. So even if a doctor stopped practicing and instead spent full time supervising each and every bill, the government can easily claim error and thus fraud.

It isn’t that every error will be treated as fraud. It is just that it could be. This is a powerful weapon of intimidation and reprisal.'


What Is Ozone Therapy?

By Ed McCabe

'It's so simple it befuddles the great minds. Unlike healthy human cells that love oxygen, the disease causing viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites - including HIV & cancer virons, arthritis microbes, and others - like most primitive lower life forms, are almost all anaerobic .

That means these microbes cannot live in oxygen. Therefore, what would happen to these anaerobic viruses and bacteria if they were to be completely surrounded with a very energetic form of pure oxygen for a long time ? What if enough of this special form of oxygen/ozone was to be slowly and harmlessly introduced into the body daily, over the course of a few months, by bypassing the lungs, and yet eventually saturating all the bodily fluids and every cell with it? Wouldn't the disease causing microbes that can't live in oxygen cease to exist?'


Three Top Nutrients You Can’t Live Without

'Every week, it seems, we hear the latest news on this or that miracle nutrient. It may be “just the thing to fight diabetes” or “the cure for cancer.” It’s unlikely that a single nutrient can cure cancer, but mounds of research does support that some foods provide unique nutrients with particular health benefits.

With this in mind, we’ll tell you about three important phytonutrients. We’ll describe what they can do for you and how to get more of them into your diet. But first, a little background on phytonutrients.'


The elements of change

‘Without accepting the fact that everything changes, we cannot find perfect composure. But unfortunately, although it is true, it is difficult for us to accept it. Because we cannot accept the truth of transience, we suffer.’ ~Shunryu Suzuki

'Change can be a difficult thing. Most people want to change their lives, in some way, but find it difficult to either get started or to sustain the change for very long.

I’m happy to report that after years of studying it, I’ve become fairly good at it (though happily failing all the time). I actually relish change, not because I feel I need to improve my life, but because in change, I learn new things. Constantly.'


Official Medical Clowns

By Dr. Mark Sircus

'With each passing day, the medical leadership in the United States look more like bumbling circus clowns. The key point is that our medical leaders are failing us so spectacularly in the Gulf of Mexico that they could hardly do a worse job. As we head into the depths of the most challenging medical and environmental disaster of modern times the folks driving the bus have proven their worth to be less than zero so they might as well be defrocked and have their licenses to practice medicine taken away.

Almost three months after the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon rig in the Gulf of Mexico, the health impact of the disaster continues to spread across coastal communities and beyond. Even if they have been able to staunch the flow of oil permanently, based on the experience of Alaskan communities after the Exxon Valdez disaster, the health devastation is sure to be felt for decades. Many of the chemicals in crude oil and the dispersants target the same organs in the human body, and this increases the risk – and may increase the severity – of harm. In addition, the dispersants currently used can increase the uptake (dose) of crude oil chemicals and movement of chemicals into critical organs.'


Farrah Fawcett’s fatal mistake

'Hyperthermia kills cancer cells by the millions. Any cancer cells that remain are so weak that another therapy such as vitamin C can kill them off. Hyperthermia is effective, safe, and painless. Unlike chemotherapy and radiation, there are no side effects. German doctors have used it thousands of times with impressive results.

Tragically, Farrah Fawcett chose a clinic located in a small Bavarian town called Bad Wiesee that doesn’t offer hyperthermia because of a quirk in the local law – a foolish mistake on the part of local authorities, if you ask me.'


New Study Shows Vaccines Cause Brain Changes Found in Autism

'Abnormal brain growth and function are features of autism, an increasingly common developmental disorder that now affects 1 in 60 boys in the US. Now researchers from the University of Pittsburgh and Thoughtful House Center for Children in Austin, Texas, have found remarkably similar brain changes to those seen in autism in infant monkeys receiving the vaccine schedule used in the 1990’s that contained the mercury-based preservative thimerosal.'


Michael Parenti -- Beware the Doctors

'What we call science is often something very unscientific. What gets funded and marketed as a scientific finding may have little to do with disinterested inquiry and perhaps more to do with corporate profit and ideology.'

--Michael Parenti

Big Pharma Drug Pushers: Pain Pill Abuse Up 400% In 10 Years!

A Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis That Upsets Big Pharma

'In a breakthrough in the treatment of multiple sclerosis, last summer Dr. Paolo Zamboni, a vascular surgeon from the University of Ferrara in Italy, made public the results of findings from his study of 65 MS patients.'

Dr. Zamboni and colleagues investigated CCSVI -- Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency -- a condition characterized by blockages in the veins causing problems in the blood flow drainage from the brain and/or spinal cord of sufferers. This condition has been shown to contribute in a significant way to the many symptoms of multiple sclerosis. It can be relieved by angioplasty, which is a simple surgical treatment that removes the blockages.

Despite the results of Zamboni's and other significant studies, my research into the media's coverage of angioplasty as a treatment for multiple sclerosis reveals that the mainstream media, with some notable exceptions (examples of which are here, here and here) , is generally presenting arguments that are favourable to maintaining the pharmaceuticals' monopoly on treatment options (examples here, here and here).'


What Doctors Are Reading May Put Your Health at Risk

By Dr. Al Sears

'Most doctors rely on a handful of medical journals as a main source for information.

But drug companies are influencing what these journals publish.

And more importantly, what they don’t publish.

Many unfavorable facts and trials about new drugs don’t make it into these journals.'


Rockefeller Study Outlines 'Doom Decade': Life For All But The Super Wealthy Will Be Hell On Earth

'In our leading article today we provide an overview of the nightmare future envisaged by a recent Rockefeller Foundation study which describes a global dictatorship tightly controlled by the world’s elite and super rich.

The Rockefeller blueprint for a new world order entitled “Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development,” predicts four future narratives.'