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Find Out Why You Must Flood Your Body with Oxygen ...

'Dr. Robert Rowen, MD is internationally known for his work in the field of complementary, alternative and integrative medicine. He is known as the Father of Medical Freedom for his efforts to legalize alternative medicine in 1990 in Alaska. The rare medical freedom he enjoyed in Alaska enabled him to greatly expand his knowledge and experience in a multitude of disciplines and therapies not normally found in medicine. Jumping into alternative medicine in 1983, through a practice in acupuncture, he quickly incorporated nutritional medicine, chelation therapy, oxidation therapy, homeopathy and herbal medicine, and took intensive training in neural therapy and prolotherapy to help treat and eliminate acute and chronic pain. Alaska's laws enabled him to work extensively with innovative cancer therapies, ozone, and ultraviolet blood irradiation therapy. He is internationally known and respected for training hundreds of open-minded physicians in these techniques from around the world'

'Mr. Oxygen(R), Ed McCabe (C), at the FTL New Life Expo. Bestselling author interviewed thousands. He explains the REAL cause of most all disease, and how Nature's energetic forms of natural oxygen and ozone were designed to solve the problem. Why oxygen therapy and ozone therapy and oxygen supplements like OxyLift(r), OxyFlush(R) & OxyEarth(R) work so well is also explained. Because there are so many of us, all our pollution surrounds us, and taints our food, water, and air. So sludge collects inside us. Our bodies have been filling with toxic pollutants daily, over the length of our whole lives. Mr. Oxygen explains how our bodies have to be supplemented with oxygen, plant minerals, & water, to get enough of them inside us so our bodies can get clean again and have healthy immune systems - long before disease sets in. It is also never too late, as the body can do miracles when supplied with what it needs. Our bodies naturally use oxygen to clean the cellular sludge that creates disease conditions, & also to remove the invading primitive anaerobic bacteria, viruses, fungi, and cancer cells. Methods commonly used worldwide by international MDs for over 50 years, but "strangely" not taught in US med schools! Could someone BIG be protecting drug profits? You decide. 500+ cites & articles and free oxy-newsletter at www.oxygenhealth.com. Do yourself and your friends and family a favor by learning these little known extremely important facts!'


The Toxicity of Chemical Pesticides (Poison Study) and Children

By Dr. Deb Barker

'If you see it on Oprah or on her site, then you know it's big news. Several weeks ago in Oprah's Health Newsletter, the leading article was about a recent study from Montreal, here in Canada which reported on the fact that children with higher levels of pesticide (organophosphates) metabolites in their urine were twice as likely to develop ADHD as those children with undetectable levels of these chemical bi-products.

Every ten fold increase in organophosphate breakdown products related to a 55 to 72% increase in risk to ADHD. The source of these chemicals? Pesticides and insecticides used on your food or (and shame on you if you're doing this) spraying lawns and gardens to 'look pretty'. Ugh. Remember these chemicals stay in the soil and affect soil and water systems for a VERY long time. In fact some of these poisons can take up to a century to degrade! And your children and pets are much smaller and far more affected (the negative effects are much more lethal in smaller body weights) than a fully grown adult, who makes all these decisions. Their ability to detoxify and defend themselves from these poisons is a great deal less than your ability.'


Folic Acid: Killer or Cure-All

By Mark Hyman, MD

'Anyone trying to prevent heart disease and cancer is probably thoroughly confused by competing research and news reports about folic acid. In some studies it reduces the risk of cancer(i) and in others it seems to increase the risk.(ii)

The media grab attention with scary headlines like the recent Prevention article, “Is Your Breakfast Giving You Cancer” and the confused consumer of healthy food and vitamin supplements goes back to burgers and fries and throws their supplements in the trash.

Unfortunately, science is never black and white and confusion is easy to come by -- even for trained scientists.(iii) The fortification of our food supply with folic acid in 1998 reduced spina bifida birth defects by 19%. A good thing. But by some estimates it may have caused an additional 15,000 cancers deaths a year. Ooops. Now what?'


Whooping Cough Kills 5 in California -- State Declares an Epidemic

'In other words, vaccinating against the whooping cough pathogens has caused the pathogens to evolve with a more virulent strain.'

By Dr. Mercola

'A CDC study suggests that the resurgence of whooping cough is due to the vaccine causing an increased and more virulent toxin.

The CDC acknowledges that whooping cough is recurring in highly vaccinated countries -- and that it is not just because some children are unvaccinated, although that can be a factor.

According to the CDC:

"The reemergence of pertussis has been attributed to various factors, including increased awareness, improved diagnostics, decreased vaccination coverage, suboptimal vaccines, waning vaccine-induced immunity, and pathogen adaptation ... Pathogen adaptation is supported by several observations."

In other words, vaccinating against the whooping cough pathogens has caused the pathogens to evolve with a more virulent strain.'


How Toxicity in the Gulf Will Affect More Than Half The Land Mass of the U.S. and Canada

'Most of the media reports, both mainstream and alternative, have not yet properly addressed how the toxicity in the Gulf of Mexico will affect the rest of the continent. There is some evidence the leak will affect the world in due time, however disease control officials in both Canada and the U.S. should be sounding the alarm on how to deal with the toxic rains that are about to poison a large percentage of North America in the coming months.

A greatest threat involving the chemical dispersal agent Corexit 9500 can be narrowed down to three clear and present dangers: 1) the amount that has been used; 2) how its thermodynamic properties will be transformed from liquid to gas via heating; and 3) how the new dispersant gases will then travel across the Eastern U.S. and Canada.'


Guerilla Gardener

Guerilla Gardener from Mathieu Young on Vimeo.

Regular Tea Consumption May Slow Cognitive Decline


July 12, 2010 (Honolulu, Hawaii) — Regular tea consumption may slow the rate of cognitive decline in cognitively normal older adults, but this protective effect does not appear to be related to caffeine, a large longitudinal study suggests.

Presented here at the Alzheimer's Association International Conference on Alzheimer's Disease 2010, results from the Cardiovascular Health Study, which examined the relationship between consumption of tea and coffee and change in cognitive function over time, showed tea drinkers had lower average annual rates of cognitive decline compared with non-tea-drinkers, ranging from 17% to 37%.

"Regular tea drinkers are essentially experiencing a different rate of cognitive decline than non-tea-drinkers," principal investigator Lenore Arab, PhD, a nutritional epidemiologist at the University of California–Los Angeles, told reporters attending a press briefing here.

Dr. Lenore Arab

To date, there have been 5 previous observational and cross-sectional studies looking at the potential link between coffee and cognitive function in older individuals. However, said Dr. Arab, the results have been ambiguous.

First Direct Comparison

There have only been 2 previous studies of tea and cognition, and both have suggested a protective effect, but Dr. Arab noted there has been no direct comparison of the effect of coffee and tea on cognition.

Using data on 4809 men and women aged 65 years and older from the Cardiovascular Health Study, the investigators examined the relationship between tea and coffee consumption and change in cognitive function over time.

Usual consumption was assessed at baseline using a food frequency questionnaire. Cognitive performance was assessed using the 100-point Mini-Mental State Examination (3MSE), administered at baseline and annually up to 8 times.

At baseline, 43% of participants reported drinking coffee daily, and 25% drank tea daily. The average annual rate in cognitive test scores was −1.17 for the 3MSE during a mean of 7 examinations.

The study included 5 categories of tea and coffee consumption, which included:

  • Never
  • 5 to 10 times per year
  • 1 to 3 times per month
  • 1 to 4 times per week
  • 5 or more times per week

No Dose Response

Participants who drank tea 5 to 10 times per year, 1 to 3 times per month, 1 to 4 times per week, or 5 or more times per week had average annual rates of cognitive decline that were 17%, 32%, 37%, and 26% lower, respectively, than those of non-tea-drinkers.

"What is interesting here is that there does not seem to be a dose response but, rather, there seems to be a threshold effect," said Dr. Arab.

In contrast, only the highest level of coffee consumption was associated with a significantly reduced cognitive decline (20%) in 3MSE and was present for caffeinated as well as decaffeinated coffee consumption.

"In a coffee-drinking population, we do not see the same type of effect, but we do see that those who are drinking coffee regularly 5 times a week have a significantly lower, slower rate of cognitive decline, the magnitude of which is a little bit less than tea," Dr. Arab said.

Because coffee contains 2 to 3 times more caffeine than tea, the study findings suggest the protective effect is unlikely to be related to caffeine, said Dr. Arab. However, she added, the exact mechanism remains unclear.

Early in the Game

Further research is needed before any concrete recommendations can be made about tea consumption to slow cognitive decline, said Dr. Arab.

"In terms of cognition and tea we are still very early in the game. This is only the third study that suggests there may be a positive effect, but it hasn't been teased out enough to say that we know there's a clear benefit. That said, we know it's not harmful and that there may be some benefit, but we're not there yet in terms of saying anything that's definitive," Dr. Arab told Medscape Medical News.

Commenting on the study, William Thies, PhD, chief medical and scientific officer of the Alzheimer's Association, said the fact that the study did not show a clear dose response makes it difficult to interpret.

Dr. William Thies

"So you don't know if it is the tea that is having a direct effect or if tea is just a marker for something else, and so I'm not clear on what the findings really mean. I think we need more observational studies to tease this out," Dr. Thies told Medscape Medical News.

"I think ultimately the advice to the public is that if you like tea and you're drinking a lot of it, that's probably okay, but I'm not sure this is a clear call to recommend that everybody should drink tea," he added.

Walnuts Improve AD Symptoms in Mice

In a second diet-related study, investigators found that transgenic mice with the amyloid precursor protein gene mutation that were fed either a diet containing 6% or 9% walnuts (equivalent to 1 oz and 1.5 oz daily intake of walnuts in humans) showed significant improvement in learning, memory, emotional regulation, and motor coordination compared with transgenic mice that did not have walnuts included in their diet.

It is well-established, said principal investigator Abha Chauhan, PhD, from the New York State Institute for Basic Research in Developmental Disabilities, Staten Island, New York, that oxidative stress plays a key role in Alzheimer's disease. Furthermore, she said, it is thought that beta amyloid, a hallmark of Alzheimer's disease, can increase oxidative stress.

Walnuts are rich in substances including melatonin, vitamin E, ellagic acid, and flavonoids that have antioxidant properties.

The researchers found that dietary supplementation with walnuts in an Alzheimer's disease mouse model showed a significant improvement in memory, learning ability, anxiety, and motor development compared with their counterparts who did not receive dietary supplementation with walnuts.

"Our results suggest protective effects of walnuts in the Alzheimer's mice," said Dr. Chauhan. "Dietary supplementation of walnuts may have a beneficial effect on brain function and deserves further study."

The authors have disclosed no relevant financial relationships.

Alzheimer's Association International Conference on Alzheimer's Disease 2010: Abstract O1-06-05, Abstract O1-01-06. Presented July 11, 2010.

Source: Medscape

Secondhand Chemotherapy

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How to Prevent Heat Stroke in Pets

'For pets that are sensitive to heat, the steamy summer months are not only uncomfortable, they are also the time when the risk of fatal heatstroke is highest. Thousands of pets die needlessly every summer from over-exposure to heat.

Heatstroke is an emergency that needs medical attention as soon as possible. Even before you take your pet to the vet, however, you need to start cooling her body down by putting her in a tub of cool water, for example, or by applying wet towels or ice packs to her body, says Susan G. Synn, D.V. M., a veterinarian in Atlanta. When you are in the car, turn the air conditioner on high and get to the vet as quickly as you can.

Here are six tips from veterinarians for homeopathic, flower essence, and other supplements to help reduce stress in overheated pets.'


Toxic Cancer Vaccine Being Developed Will Destroy Human Fertility

'A vaccine being developed in conjunction with U.S. firm Celldex Therapeutics, claims to kill off the most deadly cancers including breast, bowel and cervical tumours. The problem is, it will also destroy a women's ability to reproduce.

Professor Iles, of Middlesex University
, stated that a form of Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) is made by around half of bladder and pancreatic-cancers. Some breast, bowel, ovarian and cervical tumours also pump it out.

According to Iles' research, the injection will rev up the immune system, directing it to destroy hCG. He claims this will shrink tumours and crucially, stops them from spreading, or metastasizing.'


More Americans have Died from Just One Drug than from the Entire Vietnam War – Part 3 of 4

By Dr. Mercola

Origins of “Doctors are the Third Leading Cause of Death”

'In July 2000 I analyzed a JAMA article by Dr. Barbara Starfield from Johns Hopkins School of public health. I carefully reviewed her data and drew the conclusion that doctors were the third leading cause of death. I created that headline, and over the last ten years it has been widely distributed all over the Internet.

When I contacted Dr. Starfield for a follow-up, she told me that she did not agree with my conclusion, but still felt that the conventional medical system was the leading cause of death. Well four years later, Gary Null published a report which indeed confirmed that fact.

So, with time I realized that my purpose in life is to catalyze a transformation of this fatally flawed medical system that has been irreversibly corrupted by multinational corporate drug and food industry interests, which put their bottom line profits far ahead of improving the human condition.

The purpose of this site is to provide a comprehensive educational effort to expose the fraud, deception and misinformation that is prematurely killing hundreds of thousands of people every year in the US alone, and also causing needless pain and suffering in millions of others.

It might be obvious to most that I am bucking this corporate system, and they are not going to go down without a fight. They are constantly seeking to discredit me so the message won’t be heard.'


The Commercialization of Childhood Vaccination

by Mike E. Godfrey, MD [medical doctor]

'Vaccination against childhood infectious diseases is one of the most sacred cows of modern medicine and, according to Professor Campbell, ex-Otago University Professor of Family Medicine, NZ, any doctor who questions its safety is either foolhardy or very brave. It has also become one of the most profitable due not only to vaccine payments but also due to the creation of what appears to be an increasingly massive pool of chronically sick children that will subsequently become chronically sick adults.

'The human carcass thus becomes unique on the planet in that it only has a commercial value when diseased. Human populations are thus essentially being farmed, although the majority of allopathic doctors believing implicitly in the essential need for vaccinations, would hesitate to agree with this somewhat outrageous suggestion. However, medical training is directed towards fixing problems after they have occurred with mere lip service to any real prevention, i.e. the "ambulance at the bottom of the cliff" mentality.'


Breaking News: Due to Public Outcry, Coast Guard Rescinds Ban on Reporters and Photographers from Oil Spill

by Washington's Blog

'Due to popular rage at the ban on reporters and photographers from within 65 feet of the oil spill, Coast Guard admiral Thad Allen has rescinded the ban.

'Specifically, Allen announced tonight that the media will have full access, as long as they do not interfere with safety or security:

National Incident Commander Admiral Thad Allen today announced new procedures to allow media free travel within the 20-meter boom safety zones if they have followed simple procedures for credentialing, and provided they follow certain rules and guidelines.

"I have put out a direction that the press are to have clear, unfettered access to this event, with two exceptions -- if there is a safety or security concern," said Allen. “This boom is critical to the defense of the marshes and the beaches.”

"We need to discriminate between media, which have a reason to be there and somebody who's hanging around when we know that we've had equipment vital to this region damaged," Allen said.'


The Real Scoop On Ozone Therapy

By Dr. Michael Cutler

'Ozone therapy is the basis of a miraculous type of therapy that’s been used to help fight “incurable” diseases throughout the world. Administered intravenously (I.V.), this method was first used by doctors in France in 1951 who injected up to 10 milliliters (ml) of pure ozone-oxygen into an artery or vein in patients with poor circulation. Today, this therapy is frequently used during battle and against the spread of cancer. In my opinion, I.V. ozone therapy is the simplest, most effective anti-cancer therapy known to man.'


Psychopaths in the Gulf

'We have never faced anything like what we are facing today. Most of us have planned our lives in terms of a world that is quickly disappearing and we have not set new sails based on the prevailing winds that will blow across our future bows. What will surprise most people is the fact that our true enemies are not terrorists in far away countries but psychopaths that walk among us and populate corporate boardrooms, banks and government chambers.

We have not learned what to do about the world’s psychopaths so we will see our civilization ripped asunder. Psychopaths and sociopaths have little choice but to hurt others as well as the environment because it is in their very nature to do so. These vicious individuals and the institutions they manage are at war with the peoples of the world and there is little defense against them. The very nature of our civilization encourages these people to seek the pinnacles of power and they certainly found just that inside the oil companies.'


Meet the Food Industry Front Groups That Push for Carcinogens in Your Food

Pseudoscience, front groups and smear campaigns against scientists questioning industrial agriculture are used to convince the public that chemical-ridden food is safe.

'Front groups are a common vehicle industry uses to delude, confuse, and sometimes overtly defraud the public. In her book, Diet for a Hot Planet, Anna Lappé explains how the food industry learned its tactics from the tobacco industry, citing a 1969 tobacco industry internal memo: "Doubt is our product. It is the best means of competing with the 'body of fact' that exists in the minds of the general public. It is also the means of establishing a controversy."

Lappé says, "The food industry long ago saw the benefits in fomenting confusion; confusion defuses public outcry about our toxic food system. Long after the discovery of the neurotoxic, carcinogenic, endocrine-disrupting effects of farm chemicals, we're still debating the merits of organic agriculture."'


Modern life is saturated with carcinogenic chemicals

'I used to be under the impression that you had a reasonable chance of avoiding debilitating and potentially fatal diseases like cancer if you just took a few simple precautions: ate plenty of fruit and vegetables, gave up smoking, drank in moderation and did a bit of exercise. It's since become apparent that the world we live in is so overrun with environmental pollutants that it is next to impossible to keep oneself truly healthy.

A report released in the US earlier this year by the President's Cancer Panel concluded that the risk of environmentally induced cancer has been grossly underestimated; that exposure to potential carcinogens is widespread; that the 80,000 or so chemicals used by millions of Americans in their daily lives (mostly inadvertently) are largely unregulated and that, to a "disturbing extent", babies are being born "pre-polluted"'


Journalist Being Blocked From Reporting On Growing Health Crisis In Gulf

Dumbing Down Society Pt 2: Mercury in Foods and Vaccines

'Even though mercury is known to degenerate brain neurons and disrupt the central nervous system, it is still found in processed foods and mandatory vaccines. In this second part of the series examining the intentional dumbing-down of society, this article will discuss the presence of mercury in common foods and vaccines.'

'The first article in this series – Dumbing Down Society Pt 1: Foods, Beverages and Meds – looked at the effects of aspartame, fluoride and prescription pills on the human brain. These substances all cause a decrease of cognitive power which, on a large scale, leads to a dumbing down of the population that is ingesting them. This second article focuses on another toxic product found in everyday foods and mandatory vaccines: mercury.

Mercury is a heavy metal naturally found in the environment. However, it is not suitable for human consumption, as it is extremely harmful to the human body, especially the brain. While some people say that anything can be consumed in moderation, many experts agree that no amount of mercury is safe for the human body. Despite this and the many studies concerning the negative effects of mercury, the heavy metal is continually added to mandatory vaccines and processed foods.'


UPDATED: BP oil spill Corexit dispersants suspected in widespread crop damage

'There is no other explanation for the crop damage. It's conjecture on my part but everything points to something that has a widespread effect on plants and crops. Studies on Corexit and its effects on plants are consistent with the damage sustained in the lower Mississippi area. Check out the table on page 877 of the study. While no one precisely knows, all the signs point to BP's use of aerosolized Corexit brought inland by the ocean winds or rain.'

'HERE IS AN EXTRACT OF THE PLANT STUDY TITLED I REFERENCED: Morphological changes observed in Paspalum vaginatum after treatment with Abura heavy crude oil (AC) or Oredo light crude oil (OC) and Corexit 9527/Gold crew.'

I extracted the table from the  plant study: Comparative Toxicity of Two Oil Types and Two Dispersants  On The Growth Of A Seashore Grass, Paspalum vaginatum (Swartz).  Feel  free to download the full paper by clicking on the link above.

'I extracted the table from the plant study: Comparative Toxicity of Two Oil Types and Two Dispersants On The Growth Of A Seashore Grass, Paspalum vaginatum (Swartz). Feel free to download the full paper by clicking on the link above. (More:HERE)'


The “3 Amino Acid Secret” To A Vibrant Life

'I've discovered that many people believe in the old saying that (to paraphrase Betty Davis) aging is not for sissies. In fact, I’ve heard from more than a few seniors that trying to manage the physical deterioration as they grow older is akin to the little Dutch boy plugging holes in the dike. They bounce from doctor to doctor, racking up a variety of diagnoses, along with an array of prescription drugs to control them.

But what if I told you that you can halt—and even reverse—the energy drain and loss of strength that can accompany aging by encouraging your body’s natural hormones that help keep you active and energetic? You can! And it isn’t costly or complicated.

The secret to healthy hormone levels lie in the very building blocks of life: amino acids.'


Find Your Inner Wolf

'How about behaving like a wolf today? Yes, I said wolf. Wolves are perhaps the most misunderstood of all animals. Often portrayed as vicious predators, they are truly wise and wondrous creatures'

'As seen in the 2007 documentary, Living With Wolves, researchers Jim and Jamie Dutcher studied the Sawtooth Pack in an enclosed nature reserve for six years, and made many amazing discoveries. (www.livingwithwolves.org) Their findings revealed a completely different perspective on the creatures often associated with scary movies and full moons.

Here are a few of their “surprising” revelations. Wolves are affectionate, compassionate and loyal to their pack. Although there is an alpha male and female who lead the group, all adults have a role in raising the young. The resources of the pack are shared. Wolves care for the sick and wounded, and grieve deeply when a member is killed.'


David Icke -The Only Thing You Really Need To Know ...

Corexit 'Ruptures Red Blood Cells, Causes Internal Bleeding', 'Allows Crude Oil To Penetrate 'Into The Cells' and 'Every Organ System'

'As I have previously noted, Corexit is toxic, is less effective than other dispersants, and is actually worsening the damage caused by the oil spill. Now, two toxicologists are saying that Corexit is much more harmful to human health and marine life than we've been told. Specifically Gulf toxicologist Dr. Susan Shaw - Founder and Director of the Marine Environmental Research Institute - dove into the oil spill to examine the chemicals present.'

Warning, Gardasil may cause increased risk of cervical cancer

Buyer beware: Gardasil, given under the wrong conditions, may increase the risk of cervical cancer.
This information is especially timely as Gardasil is now being promoted for older women (see Merck Finds A New Angle For Promoting Gardasil)

-- Health Supreme

'Warning, Gardasil may cause increased risk of cervical cancer

Would you consent to giving your child a vaccine that caused an increased risk of cancer? That may be exactly what you are doing when you consent to Gardasil.

According to Information the manufacturer of this vaccine presented to the FDA prior to approval, if a person has already been exposed to HPV 16 or 18 prior to injection Gardasil increases the risk of precancerous lesions, or worse, by 44.6%.

That statement bears repeating, if you have been exposed to HPV 16 or 18 prior to injection and take the vaccine, you increase your risk of precancerous lesions, or worse, by 44.6%.'


Healthcare vs. disease management

'In a recent post, The Myth of Evidence Based Medicine, I explained that conventional medicine is based not on evidence, but on profit.

So how’s this working out for us?

The U.S. spends far more than any other country in the world on healthcare – a whopping $2 trillion per year. 1

Considering this enormous expenditure, we should have the best medicine in the world. We should be reversing disease, preventing disease, and doing minimal harm.

But that’s not what’s happening at all. The U.S. ranks just 34th in the world in life expectancy and 29th for infant mortality. Of 13 countries in a recent comparison, the United States ranks an average of 12th (second from bottom) for 16 available health indicators. 2

Even worse, a study published a few years back in JAMA suggested that medical care may be the leading cause of death in the US. (For more on this, read my article The Failure of U.S. Healthcare).'


Death in the Gulf