Will the Gulf Oil Disaster Lead to an Explosion of the Seabed? Poisonous Gas Cloud and Tsunami Worst Case Scenario?

'What is the worst case scenario when it comes to the Gulf Oil spill? What could it lead to? Did someone intentionally want to create a global environmental problem? An ROV has already filmed oil leaks coming from rock cracks on the sea floor. Will the seabed blow, creating a tsunami and releasing a poisonous gas cloud never seen before? How bad is this going to get?'

Source: Red Ice Creations

Lung cancer risk 'cut by B vitamin'

'People with plenty of a B-vitamin in their blood appear to be at a reduced risk of lung cancer, even if they smoke, a European study suggests.

High levels of Vitamin B6 and the amino acid methionine cut the risk by half, a study of 400,000 people suggested.

These occur naturally in nuts, fish and meat or can be taken as supplements.'


Not Your Ordinary Father's Day Ties

Health Maven Note: Don't forget to substitute cake ingredients for a healthier version. For example: raw milk, organic, free-range eggs, organic butter, whole sugar (sucanat) and so on. ENJOY!

'It may surprise some of you to hear what I am about to say, but it must be said. Not all guys want a tie on Father's Day. GASP! I know, I know, it sounds crazy... and I certainly am not one of those guys, but apparently it's true.'

'Listen to what
Joseph Hurtado has to say, "there are only two types of men: those who hate ties, and those who grudgingly accept them as part of the job."

'Blasphemy as far as I am concerned, but if you're Mrs. Hurtado you may want to think twice about getting Joseph a tie for Father's Day. How about baking him a delicious necktie cake instead? I don't think many men could resist that. Here are some sweet examples for you to consider! (Congrats to the cake artists who created these!)'


Stay Cool and Healthy This Summer: Avoid Ice Creams With Toxic Ingredients

'Ice cream recipes have changed considerably since the days of old fashioned ice cream parlors. We're now subjected to a slew of toxic ingredients in almost every type of ice cream found in parlors, restaurants and grocery stores. From economy to premium brands, there is often no escape from the chemical concoctions in our favorite frozen treats. So what ingredients should you avoid and why are they so deadly?

By weight, ice cream is primarily composed of water (from milk and cream). The lethality of current formulations don't come from these basic constituents, but from the gamut of sweetners, flavorings, emulsifiers and stabilizers. After all, the industry relies on increasing shelf life and having the most smooth or creamy ice cream over time, so preserving these consistencies is the key to sales.'

Health Maven Note: Pasteurized, factory farm milk and cream is very toxic! You can make your own 'healthy' ice cream. See recipe towards the end of the article.


Call for an Emergency Summit



'The BP oil blowout is an environmental catastrophe, bringing great peril to marine and wildlife in the Gulf and threatening ecosystems of the planet. The spill is still out of control and spreading. It jeopardizes communities and livelihoods. The government and BP have proven unable and unwilling to stop the disaster, protect the Gulf, or even tell the truth.

The people must come together now to stop this nightmare.'


Cellular Toxins & Cellular Insufficiencies Are The Root Cause Of Cellular Malfunction That Medical Science Labels DISEASE

Cellular Toxicities & Cellular Insufficiencies
Are The 2 Pillars Supporting
The Temple Of Disease

'What do you think the medical profession is built on? Confusion, chaos and mystery! Their strategy is to get you to believe that there are 10,001 different diseases all needing outside intervention from drugs and surgery, when the truth is that there is only one disease – 'CELLULAR MALFUNCTION.” -- Quote by Gary Tunsky From the book “The Battle For Health Is Over pH”

'... I have discovered there are five conditions that cause poor health. The first three only account for approximately 5% of all the health problems that plague America. They are:

1. Hereditary weakness (genetic predispositions).
2. Congenital deformity.
3. Permanent organ injury (accidents and sports injuries).
The other two, or remaining 95% that are the direct cause of mankind’s disease and suffering are caused by Cellular Toxicities and Cellular Insufficiencies, over which the principles of cellular cleansing, healthy diet and lifestyle play a tremendous role.'


Siberian Ginseng or Eleuthero Benefits

Gamma Tocotrienol Protects Against Radiation Damage

'Excessive radiation exposure damages DNA, especially DNA relating to the system in our bone marrow that produces all the red and white blood cells that are vital for survival.'

by Byron Richards, CCN

'Americans, compared to the people from any other country in the world, are exposed to the highest levels of radiation during medical CT scanning. Some are exposed to radiation during cancer treatment. And then there is radiation from your garden-variety X-rays, cell phones, microwaves, electric power lines, ionizing solar-flare radiation during plane flights, etc. A new animal study shows that gamma tocotrienol, a unique form of vitamin E, can protect against whole body radiation exposure.'


Toxic Showers

When you shower in this water, you breathe in the chloroform and absorb it through your skin

by Dr. Al Sears

'Did you know that water utilities have found 315 pollutants in tap water?1 Most of my patients are already drinking filtered or bottled water. But most haven’t thought about what happens when they shower.

For many of these pollutants, there are no federal guidelines. For example, in Philadelphia, officials found 56 drugs and chemicals in treated water. It included pain meds, statins, antibiotics, and medications for mental illness and heart problems.

There is no reliable system in place to remove these pollutants.'


Why Lead Poisoning May Be Causing Your Health Problems

'We are too heavy, and I don't mean overweight. We're heavy with metals, not fat. Nearly 40 percent of us have toxic levels of lead in our bodies. And we don't even know it. But that doesn't mean we don't have symptoms...

You may have headaches, insomnia, irritability, a low sex drive or tremors. You may have mood problems, nausea, depression, memory difficulties, trouble concentrating, poor coordination or even constipation. Yet most of us attribute these symptoms to other problems. We don't recognize that they may be caused by lead poisoning.'


CASTOR OIL - Natural Protection from Deadly Viruses

'Much of the current use of castor oil packs, in the U.S. anyway, can be attributed to the late healing psychic, Edgar Cayce. Time after time he recommended their use. Based on his reports, I began to use them in my practice over 12 years ago. But even though I, and numerous other doctors, have continued to experience remarkable results, the technique is still practically unknown and shunned by most health care professionals today.'

'Anyone suffering from AIDS or other serious viral or bacterial diseases may find this information helpful, however. Numerous AIDS patients have been able to increase their T-cell counts and clear up many of their problems by using the techniques I'll be describing. Others have found it useful in eliminating chronic problems with epilepsy, hyperactivity, liver and gallbladder diseases and chronic fluid retention. (Fortunately, to benefit from this and other natural therapies you really don't have to understand how they work.)'


Cure Tooth Decay & Cavities Naturally 1 of 3

'There is a holistic alternative to conventional dental treatments which can help you heal tooth pain, reduce tooth infections, halt tooth decay and inhibit gum disease. FREE Remineralize Your Teeth Lessons, sign up at http://www.curetoothdecay.com Learn about a flexible whole foods dietary program pioneered by the head of research at the National Dental Association, Weston Price D.D.S. that proved 90-95% effective in halting cavities.

'Cure Tooth Decay provides clear and easy to understand dental facts so you can make healthy, life affirming choices about your dental health, including a non-surgical approach to halt baby-bottle tooth decay. Learn five nutritional programs that Nagel used to cure his own cavities, and halt his daughter's severe cavities. Restore dental and oral health through nutrition and lifestyle, not harmful chemicals and surgery. Dr. Gallagher the president of the the Holistic Dental Association says, "Cure Tooth Decay is treasure-trove of wisdom as it takes the mystery out of dental health."'

http://www.curetoothdecay.com - Learn how to Heal and Prevent Cavities with Nutrition.'

How to Grow Your Own Organic Vegetable Garden

'This video shows you how, in a space of only 4 x 10 feet, you can easily have your own backyard vegetable garden. You don’t even need to dig. You just lay several layers of mulch (leaves, grass clippings) on top of the ground, separated by newspapers, and you are ready to plant.'

From Care2

Commonly used blood pressure drugs 'increase cancer risk'


Commonly used blood pressure drugs significantly increase the risk of developing cancer, according to a new study.

'Researchers found significantly increased rates of all cancers among patients taking the drugs.

The class of drugs, called Angiotensin-receptor blockers (ARBs), are widely used to treat high blood pressure as well as heart failure and kidney damage caused by diabetes.'


The New 'Good Life': Redefining Our Relationship With Money

by John Robbins

'The New Good Life is about finding a new freedom, a new truth and a new joy in your relationship to money. It is a guide to developing a relationship to money that is fulfilling, that is sane and wise, that enables you to thrive and that connects you to your powers of renewal and creativity.

As I've realized how hard it is for most of us to talk openly and freely about money, I've come to understand that there is profound human treasure hidden in the darkness. By shedding light on an area of our lives that has so much importance and yet can be so delicate and sensitive, we can find new possibilities for healing. We can become more able to make conscious and fulfilling choices around money. We can become better able to align our money decisions with our deepest core values and our highest commitments.'


Brush Your Teeth To Prevent Heart Disease

Warning: Don't use toxic conventional toothpaste!

'People who fail to brush their teeth twice a day are putting themselves at risk of heart disease, research suggests.

The Scottish study of more than 11,000 adults backs previous research linking gum disease with heart problems.

The researchers said more work is needed to confirm if poor oral health directly causes heart disease or is a marker of risk.

A charity added that oral hygiene was just one factor in good heart health.

It is known that inflammation in the body, including in the mouth and gums, has an important role in the build up of clogged arteries, which can lead to a heart attack.'


Color Psychology

Luscher Color Test

by Dr. Mark Sircus

'I found it interesting that doctors are finally discovering that they can gauge the moods of children and other patients who have trouble communicating verbally (most people are actually poor communicators and thus lousy at resolving conflict) by using color testing. The journal BMC Medical Research Methodology recently published research important to the entire world of medicine because color and light are so fundamental to health.

Dr. Peter Whorwell, Professor of Medicine and Gastroenterology at University Hospital South Manchester indicated in this new research that ‘colors are frequently used to describe emotions, such as being ‘green with envy’ or ‘in the blues’. Although there is a large, often anecdotal, literature on color preferences and the relationship of color to mood and emotion, there has been relatively little serious research on the subject, no one has systematically researched color associations,’ he felt.'


Vaccinated Children Have More ADHD, Autism, and Asthma

'Another study has shown the dramatic association of children's health problems with vaccines. This survey polled parents of vaccinated and unvaccinated children and compared the incidence of autism, ADHD, asthma, Asperger’s syndrome, and pervasive developmental disorder (PDD) in the two groups.

When comparing 17,000 boys and girls in California and Oregon, the vaccinated children were 120 percent more likely to have asthma. In the group of 9,000 boys, those who were vaccinated were 224 percent more likely to have ADHD, 155 percent more likely to have a neurological disorder, and 61 percent more likely to have autism compared to unvaccinated boys.'


Serotonin as Causal Factor in Depression Theory - PROVEN WRONG - More DANGEROUS Junk Science Exposed

More Big Pharma Junk Science

'Antidepressants of the Prozac type are no better than a placebo, a leading psychologist has claimed. According to Irving Kirsch, the evidence is overwhelming that there is no link between depression and serotonin, the brain chemical that such drugs are supposed to affect.'

Professor Kirsch said. “The idea that the neurotransmitter serotonin is a causal factor in depression is wrong.”

“Although the chemical-imbalance theory is often presented as if it were fact, it is actually a controversial hypothesis,” he said. “This is about as close as a theory gets in science to being disproven by the evidence.”


Functional Medicine: A New Operating System for 21st Century Health Care

Dr. Mark Hyman

The “morning ritual” that fights brain aging and Alzheimer’s

'Researchers say that there’s now substantial evidence that caffeine can protect against the kind of cognitive decline that’s seen in cases of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. In addition, research shows that consuming moderate amounts of caffeine can stave off the decline in memory and brain function that happens naturally as we age.'


Mega Health Disaster: People Fall ill in BP Spill Clean-up

'Do you think BP will address this serious health issue? The corporation will not even allow the media to report on oil washing up on beaches.

Government and corporations are not in the business of protecting our health. Corporations are in the business making as much money as possible and government is in the business of making sure corporations make as much money as possible. The health and welfare of the American people does not figure into the equation.'


Neem "The Village Pharmacy"

Neem Tree

'The medicinal benefits of Neem are spoken about in the Veda's, the worlds oldest books. In India's ancient Ayurvedic Medical texts the medicinal information about Neem spoken about in the Vedas is expanded upon in great detail. In Ayurvedic Medical texts it is explained that every part of the Neem tree has health promoting benefits. What is clear from the above information is that the general population of India for, over 5000 years, has used Neem safely and effectively. In fact the people of India call the Neem Tree "The Village Pharmacy"'.
Traditional use of Neem in Ayurveda:
'Traditionally Neem was used in Ayurveda for a number of conditions. It is one of the main ingredients in every blood purification formula used in Ayurveda and it appears in most Diabetic formulas as well. It is also used for arthritis, rheumatism, the removal of external and internal parasites, including malaria and fevers and as an insect repellent. One of the most famous uses for Neem is to prevent tooth decay & gum disease. Neem twigs and leaves have been used for thousands of years by millions of people in India to brush their teeth and cleanse their gums to promote oral hygiene. Today hundreds of scientific clinical studies confirm the wisdom of India's people and her Ancient Ayurvedic medical texts.'

Polyphenols in Red Wine and Green Tea Halt Prostate Cancer Growth, Study Suggests

'If polyphenols, instead of being natural constituents of food, were a drug, we wouldn't hear the end of how medicine is saving lives. Since they aren't ("...it may lead to the development of drugs...") the discovery will be kept low key until someone has figured out how to make big money out of a pharmaceutical version of the molecule that can be patented...'

-Health Supreme

'In what could lead to a major advance in the treatment of prostate cancer, scientists now know exactly why polyphenols in red wine and green tea inhibit cancer growth. This new discovery, published online in The FASEB Journal, explains how antioxidants in red wine and green tea produce a combined effect to disrupt an important cell signaling pathway necessary for prostate cancer growth. This finding is important because it may lead to the development of drugs that could stop or slow cancer progression, or improve current treatments.'


The World We Eat In is Changing

'The world we eat in is changing. The situation is not good. Going into the year 2010 a billion people in our world were already going hungry and well on their way to pandemic malnutrition and starvation. Conditions have rapidly been getting worse for families around the world that are being battered by surging food prices. Rising food costs are dragging more people into poverty, fueling political tensions and forcing more and more people to go hungry.

Food is now costing up to 70 percent of family income in the poorest areas of the world as rising prices are squeezing household budgets. The U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization’s food price index — which includes grains, meat, dairy and other items in 90 countries — was up 22 percent in March from a year earlier. In some Asian markets, rice and wheat prices are 20 to 70 percent above 2008 levels.'


Employers could earn billions by ditching insurance

by WC Douglass, M.D

'If you're not fed up with the ObamaCare lies yet, wait until you hear this next one
-- because it's a doozy, even by crooked Washington standards.

The president promised that his plan won't change a thing for people who already get health insurance through an employer... but it looks like someone forgot to tell the employers that, because corporate America is already planning to cut you loose.

The new law gives most employers a choice: Fund health insurance for your workers, or pay a fine. Sounds great for the workers -- until you run the numbers.

Don't bother getting out your calculator, corporate America has already beaten you to the punch. It took them all of 12 seconds to figure out that it would be cheaper to kill their insurance plans and pay the fines.

Just look at AT&T. They might provide lousy phone service, but they're pretty good with math -- they've calculated that ditching health insurance for employees would cost them $600 million in ObamaCare fines, according to the Wall Street Journal.

But since they paid $2.4 billion in health care costs last year, that's the quickest and easiest $1.8 billion they'll ever make.

Thank you, Mr. President. Here's a free iPhone.

Caterpillar, John Deere and Verizon are all crunching their own numbers, according to the Journal... and I'll bet your employer is as well.

Remember, once they drop your insurance you will be required by law to buy your own -- and don't think for a moment that it'll be cheaper or better. Some of my middle-class friends will have to pay $1,000 a month or more for their "free" ObamaCare.

Meanwhile, the Congressional Budget Office said a few months ago that discretionary spending for the first decade of ObamaCare would be $55 billion. Now, they're saying it'll be $110 billion.

In a few more months, who knows -- maybe it'll be a zillion dollars. Whatever it is, you know who'll be stuck with that bill.


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Glaxo Testing Paxil on 7-Year-Olds Despite Suicide Risks

'It is well established that Paxil carries a risk of suicide in children and teens. Nonetheless, GlaxoSmithKline has been conducting a study of the antidepressant using children as young as seven.'

by Dr. Mercola

'The drug carries a “black box” stating that it is twice as likely to generate lethal thoughts as a placebo.'

BNET reports:

“The primary aim of the study is not to find out why Paxil makes some children kill themselves. Rather, it’s yet another efficacy study, which the drug doesn’t need because it was approved years ago ...

If the results suggest a lower suicide risk, expect GSK to play them up. If they’re bad, expect the company to dismiss them in favor of the primary endpoint results.”'


Morgellons Victims Across the US and Europe

'Over the past ten years, more than 100,000 people in the United States and in Europe have complained about a strange and devastating skin disease known as Morgellons. The medical community is divided between those who dismiss it as a psychological disorder and those who regard Morgellons as an emerging disease deserving further study.

'This issue would normally be confined to scientific medical journals if the Pentagon and federal "law-enforcement" agencies were not so actively engaged in hiding it from the public. In the first part of his investigation, Hank Albarelli reports on a controversy which leads straight to new weapons experiments of the most secret order.'


Soothe Your Sciatica

'Sciatica has a long (and painful!) history. As far back as the 5th century bce, doctors and sufferers alike have tried a host of imaginative remedies, from leeches and hot coals in Roman times to 20th-century use of creams and injections. The principle causes of sciatic pain are less mysterious than its heritage suggests, yet there are still millions who suffer from it. In 2005, the Journal of Neurosurgery: Spine estimated that more than 5 percent of the adult population in the United States suffers from sciatica, and over a lifetime, an individual has a 40 percent probability of experiencing it. But here’s the good news: in many cases, a mindful, targeted yoga practice can help you overcome the pain.'