What Prebiotics are and Why You Need Them

'Prebiotics are a very specific type of food. While many of the food ingredients we consume are digested immediately, prebiotics are a healthy non-digestible food ingredient. Futhermore, prebiotics are heat resistant, which keep them intact during the baking process and allow them to be incorporated into every day food choices. By consuming a non-digestible ingredient, it allows for growth of bio-cultures by reaching the intestine unaffected by the digestion process. This can provide good digestive health. The positive effects prebiotics have by reaching the intestine in an unaltered form is known as the prebiotic effect.'


Perfume makers stink when it comes to divulging the potentially dangerous chemicals in their products

According to the study, Calvin Klein Eternity perfume for women, for example, contained 14 unlisted chemicals. Giorgio Armani Aqua Di Gio for men had 17 chemicals, while American Eagle 77 spray contained 24 unlisted chemicals

'A prominent environmental group says perfume makers stink when it comes to divulging the potentially dangerous chemicals in their products.

Environmental Defence, along with the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, commissioned a study of perfumes sold in Canada. The group says the study shows that perfumes often contain a dozen of what it calls “secret chemicals” not listed on labels — chemicals that can trigger allergic reactions or disrupt hormones.

The group tested 17 name-brand perfumes colognes and “body sprays” for men and women:

  • Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio
  • Jennifer Lopez J. Lo Glow
  • Calvin Klein Eternity (for women)
  • Bath & Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom
  • Britney Spears Curious
  • Calvin Klein Eternity (for men)
  • Quiksilver (for men)
  • Victoria’s Secret Dream Angels Heavenly
  • Coco Mademoiselle Chanel
  • Clinique Happy
  • Abercrombie & Fitch Fierce
  • American Eagle Seventy Seven
  • Hannah Montana Secret Celebrity
  • Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue
  • Old Spice After Hours Body Spray
  • AXE Bodyspray For Men – Shock
  • Halle by Halle Berry

All of them contained secret chemicals not listed on the label. On average, they contained 14 chemicals, some are which have been linked to estrogen disruption, sperm production disruption and even cancer, the group says.'


Gerald Celente: Banks robbing the people

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Baking Better Bread Or Just Making More Dough?

'In February, mega-food company Sara Lee launched the Eco-Grain™ label for its EarthGrains breads with a major marketing campaign that blanketed the Web, Facebook, Twitter and National Public Radio.

Sara Lee billed the trademarked product as “environmentally friendly” bread that “will save the earth, one field at a time” because Eco-Grain wheat is grown with “precision agriculture.”

Though actually used in small proportions in its EarthGrains brand breads, Eco-Grain is touted by the company as more sustainable than organic grain. What has been described as a “crass and exploitative marketing ploy” has angered many in the organic community.'


Could This 'Forbidden Medicine' Eliminate the Need for Drugs?

'A fierce battle was also waged against homeopathy in the United States during the 1800s, where homeopathy had achieved a strong presence by 1840. In fact, in 1847, the American Medical Association (AMA) was formed specifically to fight the battle against homeopathy.

Most homeopaths of the 1800s were former allopaths who had abandoned their brethren because they found Hahnemann’s system to be more successful in battling cholera, typhus, yellow fever, diptheria, influenza, and other epidemics of the 1800s. In retaliation, the preamble to the AMA’s charter forbade its members to associate with homeopaths or to use their medicines, and many doctors were expelled for failing to comply.

But does homeopathy really pose such a threat to conventional medicine today? To see how the little David of homeopathy could take down the Goliath of big pharma, we need to take a closer look at what homeopathy is all about.'


Probiotics Benefit Metabolic Syndrome Patients

by Dr. Mercola

How Do You Know Your Gut is Out of Whack?

'Signs and symptoms that you may need to address your intestinal balance include:

  • Gas and bloating
  • Constipation or diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Sugar cravings, and cravings for refined carb foods

These are all signs that unhealthy bacteria have taken over too much real estate in your gut, and rather than reaching for the Pepto Bismol, aspirin, or another cup of coffee to fend off the symptom at hand, the real answer may simply be to add some healthy probiotics to your diet.'


More Amazing Health Benefits from Cranberries

Cranberries' Exhibit Potent Anti-Viral Activity

'Cranberry Juice Shows Promise as Alternative to Antibiotics

New research has greatly increased our understanding of how cranberry juice prevents urinary tract and kidney infections.

A series of studies led by Terri Camesano from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, the latest of which were presented September 19, 2006 at the annual meeting of the American Chemical Society in San Francisco, show that compounds in cranberry juice have the capacity to actually change E. coli bacteria-even strains that have become resistant to conventional treatment-in ways that render them unable to initiate an infection. E. coli, a class of microorganisms responsible for a wide variety of human illnesses ranging from urinary tract and kidney infections to gastroenteritis to tooth decay, are changed in several ways by a group of tannins (called proanthocyanidins) found primarily in cranberries. Each one of these changes can prevent the bacteria from adhering to cells in the body, a necessary first step in any infection.'


How the financial markets create hunger and make huge profits

Chicago Board of Trade Corn pit. 1993

'The deregulation of global agricultural markets was part of the economic deregulation driven by the World Trade Organization (WTO), the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. It was a process initiated by the Breton Woods Agreements of 1944 to standardize international trade and marketing policies to facilitate global trade [9].

'It eliminated government intervention in agricultural markets, dismantling global commodity agreements, price supports, and other mechanisms that had helped stabilize global supplies and prices. The WTO’s Agreement on Agriculture, and other multi-lateral and bilateral free-trade agreements including the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), opened up markets in the developing world to an increasingly powerful global agribusiness industry.

The consequence of deregulation was [10] “to replace local market access for the majority of small farmers with global market access for a few global transnational companies. Thanks to non-existent anti-trust enforcement and rampant vertical integration, [t]hree companies - Cargill, Archer Daniels Midland (ADM), and Bung - control the vast majority of global grain trading, while Monsanto controls more than one-fifth of the global market in seeds.”'


Diabetes drug trial unethical and dangerous, researcher charges

'Dr. David Juurlink, chief of clinical pharmacology and toxicology at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center in Toronto, was the lead author of a 2009 study that found that compared to elderly diabetics taking a drug called pioglitazone (marketed as Actos), those taking Avandia were about 30% more likely to suffer heart failure or death. On Tuesday, Juurlink joined with Dr. Sidney Wolfe, director of health research for the consumer watchdog group Public Citizen, in calling a further clinical trial pitting the two diabetes drugs against each other "unethical" and "dangerous."'


How Physicians Are Fooled by the Drug Companies

The Wonderful, Pungent World of Sauerkraut

'As the name would suggest, sauerkraut is quite literally sour cabbage. The sour flavor comes from the process of lacto-fermentation, similar to the pickling of cucumbers. But instead of soaking the cabbage in a vinegary brine solution, sauerkraut preparation requires only salt and the lactic acid bacteria already present on raw cabbage. More than just a delicious, tangy flavor, the beauty of sauerkraut also lies in its considerable health benefits. I already mentioned the great vitamin C content, but there’s also tons of lactobacilli, a healthy probiotic that aids in digestion and immunity. The fermentation also produces isothiocyanates, compounds shown to prevent cancer growth in animal tests. Even cabbage itself is a good source of manganese, vitamin B6 and folate.'


Music as Medicine: 7 Ways Music Breaks Can Improve Your Health


'Unplugging from the daily rigors of life and recharging with music may be one of the most beneficial things to do for your body. Recent studies have shown that music may have a beneficial effect on your body's immunity and overall health. This then gives your body a better chance to fight off disease and protect itself against the attacks of many illnesses. Below are some of the ways in which unplugging from stress and recharging with music may improve your life. But the ways in which music impacts your health may surprise you.'


Making the World Safe for Cancer

Escape the deadly "War on Cancer" Hoax

'When it comes to increasing cancer rates, we've done everything right. We couldn't have done it better if we'd actually planned it.'

' For 35 years, pour billions of dollars into vested institutions aiming to self-perpetuate via a perennial "war on cancer" featuring intense and costly treatments, which, according to a GAO, failed to substantively increase actual survival rates once you factor in reductions in lung cancer deaths thanks to smoking cessation • Run massive P.R. campaigns to distract the gullible public (with more birthday cake?) until that lucky day when a "cure" is found. (According to AdWeek, the American Cancer Society, which disputes the Panel Report spends $17 million annually on ads.)'


GM Flax Contamination Now Detected in 35 Countries

'Last September, the Flax Council of Canada (FCC) announced that an unapproved variety of genetically modified flax was detected in food products in Europe. The GM flax variety was identified as FP967 or "Triffid," which had been developed in Canada, but was never commercialized and has been illegal to grow in Canada since 2001. Since the initial announcement last September, GM flax contamination has been reported in 35 countries.

The contamination has decimated Canada's flax exports to Europe, which buys 70% of Canada's flax exports worth an estimated $321 million (Canadian). The European Union has zero tolerance for unapproved GMOs. More than six months later disturbing questions remain about the GM flax contamination.'


If Marijuana Production Were Legal: Projected Tax Revenues, by State

'Love it or hate it, people smoke marijuana - lots of it. In some states marijuana consumption and possession have been decriminalized, and even legalized for medicinal purposes. But, have you ever wondered how large the economics of Marijuana were? Us too.

As a result ,have decided to put together this graphic, which illustrates the popularity of marijuana consumption, the federal tax dollars spent to keep marijuana illegal, and the possible tax revenues that could be generated if marijuana production were legalized and taxed like any other agricultural product. It is especially interesting, with regards to the Great Recession'


Autism: Study Confirms Increased Rates Correlate with Use of Aborted Fetal Cells

'The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency conducted a study, published in Environmental Science & Technology,1 that shows a correlation between the rise in autism rates since the 1980s and the use of fetal cells from aborted pregnancies. The study shows 1988 as a "change point" in the rise of Autistic Disorder (AD) rates and correlated data from 10+ year studies conducted in the U.S., Japan, Denmark, and other countries.'


Presidential Panel Warns of Grievous Harm & Increased Cancer Risk from Toxins

by Byron Richards CCN

'For decades the FDA and EPA have essentially been run by the industries they are supposed to regulate. A new 240-page report outlines the serious health threat of these chemicals to all Americans, claiming that their former role in cancer has been grossly underestimated and needlessly devastate American lives. I have argued for many years that all the toxic chemicals Americans are exposed to on a regular basis amounts to Russian roulette with your gene weaknesses, a bizarre game of genetic survival of the fittest.'


One of the Biggest Health Frauds EVER Perpetrated on the American People...

by Dr. Mercola

'The practice of adding fluoride to your tap water began in 1945. With more than 60 percent of U.S. water supplies currently fluoridated, chances are you’re one of the 170 million Americans who drink fluoride on a daily basis.

Most likely, your dentist – along with countless government and public health officials -- has praised and promoted the use of fluoride, both in toothpaste and drinking water, as one of your must-do regimens to promote strong and healthy teeth.

Unfortunately, they’ve all bought the public deception, and have unwittingly participated in and perpetuated perhaps one of the grandest public health frauds and toxic cover-ups in U.S. history.'


Life, liberty and the pursuit of sanity

Gerald Celente on Greek Riots Coming to USA

Heavy Metals Poisoning, Brain Injury, and Clandestine Weather Modification Programs Connecting the Dots - Part 1

'For decades, we have known that heavy metals and chemicals can cause grave physical harm. Going back to Rachel Carson's "Silent Spring," we have known and been amply warned of the serious consequences of using or being exposed to these poisons in our daily activities. Thousands of these are well-documented carcinogens.'


Why Spending Time in Nature is Therapeutic

'As reported in the journal Current Directions in Psychological Science, only the actual view of the outdoors had a calming effect; the plasma window was no more restorative than the blank wall. In other words, the technological version of nature--even when it came in HDTV quality--couldn't fool the neurons.

But what exactly is being restored by such immediate connection with nature? Or, put another way, what am I missing by staying indoors with my TV all winter? University of Michigan psychologist Marc Berman believes that nature actually shifts our brain from one processing mode to another.'


The Biggest 2010 Health Care Act Change You Never Heard About...

'Basically, businesses will have to issue 1099s whenever they do more than $600 of business with another entity in a year. For the $14 trillion U.S. economy, that's a hell of a lot of 1099s. When a business buys a $1,000 used car, it will have to gather information on the seller and mail 1099s to the seller and the IRS. When a small shop owner pays her rent, she will have to send a 1099 to the landlord and IRS. Recipients of the vast flood of these forms will have to match them with existing accounting records. There will be huge numbers of errors and mismatches, which will probably generate many costly battles with the IRS.'

Tax CPA Chris Hesse of LeMaster Daniels tells me:

'Under the health legislation, the IRS could be receiving billions of more documents. Under current law, businesses send Forms 1099 for payments of rent, interest, dividends, and non-employee services when such payments are to entities other than corporations. Under the new law, businesses will be required to send a 1099 to other businesses for virtually all purchases. And for the first time, 1099s are to be sent to corporations. This is a huge new imposition on American business, costing the private economy much more than any additional tax that the IRS might collect as a result.'


FDA Says You Have No Right to Real Food Unless They Give You Permission First

'I’d like to personally thank the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for articulating its food-rights policy. I know, I don’t usually have nice things to say about the FDA, but I’m feeling appreciative because the agency has made it so much easier to explain the food-rights struggle to large numbers of people. Just to re-cap, the agency’s position, as articulated in its response to the suit filed by the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund (described in my previous post), is three-fold:

--There’s no absolute right to any raw unprocessed food, unless the FDA says it’s okay;

--There’s no right to good health, except as approved by the FDA.

--There’s no right for citizens to contract privately for their food.'


5 Natural Stress Busters

Christiane Northrup, MD

'Today, women run from task to task trying to do more and be more than at any other time in history. At first, we push ourselves, relying on an adrenaline rush, the boost of cortisol, and maybe some extra caffeine to address today's crisis (real or perceived). Initially, we recover quickly from the additional demands that we have placed on our bodies and our minds. But when we call upon these stress hormones to boost us to heroic heights time and again, our bodies can do nothing else but operate in fight-or-flight mode 24/7. This sets the stage for all kinds of medical problems -- and a very unhappy life.'


"Prep" your body NOW for flu season with a tiny vitamin that packs a wallop

'I know that getting the flu is probably the furthest thing from your mind right now. But believe it or not, now's the time to "prep" your body against next winter's flu virus.

A new study published in the Clinical Journal of Nutrition shows that one tiny vitamin may cut your risk of getting the flu by 40 to 74 percent. But it also takes time to build up in your system...so you need to start now, so you ARE ready in time for flu season to hit!

Now, I know you may wonder, "Can't I just get a flu shot in November, like always?" And sure, you could do that and hope for the best. But it's not the smartest decision, especially if you're over 65. Here's why...'