Common Herb Thyme 'Could Stop Spread of MRSA'

'Scientists have found that the common cooking herb, thyme, could be a miracle cure for the deadly MRSA bug. Researchers at the University of Brighton, East Sussex, discovered that oils extracted from the plant can kill the bug - linked to at least 8,000 deaths each year - within two hours.'


Chinese Medicine Revolution: Ancient Healing Art Hits Mainstream

'My mentor once told our class that no drug or surgery should ever be administered until an appropriate course of treatment using Chinese Medicine has been tried, except in cases of life-saving intervention. There was a definitive rippling of energy in the room when he uttered this statement because we knew it was a calling. With one sentence he had raised all of our belief in ourselves and this ancient medicine into a higher dimension.

Since that moment, I have not erred from the calling of that vibration: everything I have done since has been a pushing forward of my own training and understanding of this medicine so that I may serve people in the highest regards of healing.

Ultimately, I don't see myself as an alternative medicine practitioner who merely compliments the authoritative dictum of Western medicine, nor a tinkerer of subtle energy destined to move from spa to spa offering majestic states of relaxation and transcendental 'highs'. I see myself as a Chinese Medicine practitioner who wishes to accompany patients throughout their lives much as a Western MD, offering support, healing and guidance on how to fulfill our destiny as human beings.'


FDA Scientist Terminated After Raising Risks of Radiation Exposure


'In this case, the Seattle Times reports that a (now former) FDA scientist was eliminated from his post after opposing the approval of a CT scanner for routine colon cancer screening and raising concerns about its health risks.

In a public hearing, he stated that he “objected to exposing otherwise healthy patients to the cancer risks of radiation.” He’s also quoted as saying that “scientific and regulatory review process for medical devices was being distorted by managers who were not following the laws."

You are probably already aware that excess radiation exposure is a serious health threat. Even a single scan can cause harm in some cases, and that’s not taking into account the long-term damage being done when subjecting yourself to routine medical tests such as CT scans and mammograms.'


More independent websites censored; Watch for new pandemic scare, says David MacPhail

Dr. Margaret Chan declared a level 6 pandemic for the first time in 40 years.

'Fear, shock and the censorship of the independent media will be the key to any successful new mass vaccination campaign by WHO and pharamceutical companies, argues David MacPhail:

"The Medical Veritas web site went down recently and today Mike Adams has reported that within hours after his video interview with Jeffrey Smith about GMOs went live, YouTube censored it, claiming it "violated" their terms of use. Clearly there are powerful forces at work.

I fear that Jean-Jacques warning that another mass vaccination campaign is imminent and will come on very suddenly with little or no warning is prescient. While there may be different views as to why mass vaccination is being aggressively pushed it seems to be an important component of global control.“

[WHO and the pharmaceutical companies appear to be using their review of the failed swine flu vaccination campaign for no other purpose than] to identify and assess camps of opposition and the methods by which the campaign was opposed which was mostly through the internet.'


Alex Jones On RT: Greek Crisis Will Come to America

"Criminal bankers plan to implode U.S. economy and stage “IMF riots.”

Tea and Chocolate May Deter Strokes, Brain Damage

'Studies link chocolate consumption to reduced stroke and death risk; Antioxidant in tea, cocoa, and dark chocolate guards brains of stroke-stricken mice.'

'Foods rich in antioxidants called flavanols appear to reduce the risk of developing or dying from cardiovascular disease.

This effect is attributed in part to their anti-clotting powers and ability to increase production of nitric oxide, which helps keep arteries relaxed and open.

The only common foods high in flavanols are green tea, white tea, cocoa, and dark chocolate.'

Now, a review of the existing epidemiological (health-and-diet) evidence suggests that habitual enjoyment of tea, cocoa, or dark chocolate may help people avoid stroke.

And a study in mice shows that the key flavanol antioxidant in tea and cocoa can reduce stroke-induced brain damage after the fact.'


Heavy Metals, Mercury and Cancer

'It has been shown that mercury rapidly depletes the immune system. Mercury has also been shown to induce auto-immune diseases. Anything that depletes and disturbs the immune system will increase one’s chances of contracting cancer. Mercury binds with hemoglobin, which is responsible for oxygen transport to the tissues. This results in less oxygen reaching the tissues when the body is polluted with mercury. We don’t have to look far in understanding how a heavy metal like mercury can eventually lead one to cancer’s door.

“There is no safe level of mercury, and no one has actually shown that there is a safe level,” said Dr. Lars Friberg, Chief Adviser to the WHO on mercury safety. Survival Medicine for the 21st Century (2,200 page compendium) has a two hundred page section called The Rising Tide of Mercury because mercury toxicity needs to be factored into all notions of health and disease today. According to the observations made by the internationally recognized medical researcher, Yoshiaki Omura, MD, all cancer cells have mercury in them.'


The Myth of Overpopulation

'Overpopulation is a radical and dangerous myth promoted by elite and international societies. The unproven notion, as Malthus believed, that higher wages and welfare should be withheld from the great unwashed because he believed that these two factors would allow the poor to survive and exponentially breed, thus compounding the overpopulation problem.

Parents recount flu jab nightmare

Marrisa Moir's two-year-old son Rohan suffered a 30 minute febrile convulsion after receiving the seasonal flu vaccine on April 9, 2010. (Marrisa Moir )

'More and more parents from around the country are recounting horrific flu jab experiences amid mounting controversy over adverse reactions to the seasonal flu vaccine.

Australia's chief medical officer, Professor Jim Bishop, has urged doctors not to use the vaccine on children under five, following more than 250 reports of adverse reactions - a figure experts and parents fear is being severely underestimated.

In Queensland, health authorities are also investigating the death of a two-year-old Brisbane girl, which may be linked to the flu vaccine.

As the vaccine saga unfolds, whether or not to vaccinate has also been a hot topic in online parenting forums such as Essential Baby, where hundreds of mothers and fathers have expressed their fears and detailed nightmare stories of their children's reactions.'


Send A Message To PBS Frontline! What Frontline Covered Up In Their Biased Report On “The Vaccine War”

'Accomplished pediatrician, author, and teacher Dr. Jay Gordon has a commonsense approach to vaccinations– and an unwillingness to be coerced into either the “pro” or “anti” vaccine camps. PBS Frontline recently interviewed the noted pediatrician at length for a show called “The Vaccine War.” Although Dr. Gordon spent hours interviewing with Frontline, PBS producers omitted not only 100% of his interview but the entire “third camp” approach to vaccinations. It is obvious that PBS wanted to create a simple tabloid news piece with the all-knowing doctors on one side vs. crazed parents on the other.

This is disturbing. It is even more disturbing given the level of financial support provided to public television by drug and related companies. You won’t easily find information about drug company support for public television on the internet. But you can find some of it on a fundraising website run by WGBH, the public station that produces Frontline:

ANH-USA reprints Dr. Gordon’s letter to PBS Frontline in its entirety for your review, because it provides excellent information on whether to vaccinate your children, and it serves as a reminder that the media cannot be trusted to report accurately on this issue. PBS’ actions are inexcusable. Please join us in telling PBS Frontline that the show’s biased presentation on vaccines is totally unacceptable and that the show has an obligation at least to put Dr Gordon’s information on the website.'


What the Gulf Oil Spill Has to Do With Your Health

'If you believed that there was an immanent threat of carcinogenic contamination to the water where you live, your health focus might shift from daily health concerns, like eating healthier foods, to joining forces with others to address a threat to your community's health. Yet most often, instead of mobilizing for action when public health threats loom, we respond with doubt and inertia. We don't believe that industry influence could push through regulatory policies to permit neurotoxic sweeteners, or allow harmful ingredients in food, cleansers, or personal care products. We can't imagine that via weakened laws, billions of tons of untested chemicals can contaminate our homes, air, water and earth.'


US school for disabled forces students to wear packs that deliver massive electric shocks

'The rights group submitted their report this week, titled "Torture not Treatment: Electric Shock and Long-Term Restraint in the United States on Children and Adults with Disabilities at the Judge Rotenberg Center," after an in-depth investigation revealed use of restraint boards, isolation, food deprivation and electric shocks in efforts to control the behaviors of its disabled and emotionally troubled students.

Findings in the MDRI report include the center's practice of subjecting children to electric shocks on the legs, arms, soles of feet and torso -- in many cases for years -- as well as some for more than a decade. Electronic shocks are administered by remote-controlled packs attached to a child's back called a Graduated Electronic Decelerators (GEI).

The disabilities group notes that stun guns typically deliver three to four milliamps per shock. GEI packs, meanwhile, shock students with 45 milliamps -- more than ten times the amperage of a typical stun gun.'


'Green' exercise quickly 'boosts mental health'

'Just five minutes of exercise in a "green space" such as a park can boost mental health, researchers claim.'

'There is growing evidence that combining activities such as walking or cycling with nature boosts well-being.

In the latest analysis, UK researchers looked at evidence from 1,250 people in 10 studies and found fast improvements in mood and self-esteem.'


Vaccines Reduce Natural Immunity

This T cell (blue), one of the immune system’s principal means of defense.

by Dr. Mark Sircus

'An old medical acquaintance of mine Dr. Harold E. Buttram wrote many years ago about a little-noted letter-to-the editor in the New England Journal of Medicine, in 1984, about an interesting German study. In the study, a significant though temporary drop of T-helper lymphocytes was found in 11 healthy adults following routine tetanus booster vaccinations.

“Special concern rests in the fact that, in 4 of the subjects, the T-helper lymphocytes fell to levels seen in active AIDS patients. The implications of this study are enormous. In regards to this German study, if this was the result of a single vaccine in healthy adults, it is sobering to think of the possible consequences of multiple vaccines (18 vaccines within the first six months of life at latest count) given to infants with their immature and vulnerable immune systems,” wrote Buttram.'


The Raw Milk Fight Has Gone from Fringe to Mainstream

Big Factory Farm Dairy is Trying to Stomp Out Raw milk Production in USA

'The battle has raged mostly in the West and Midwest. In California, movie stars like Martin Sheen joined demonstrations with bad-boy raw dairy farmer Mark McAfee, who runs the largest raw dairy in the country, during 2008 in a vain effort to pass legislation that would have loosened regulatory restrictions on raw milk.

Over the last six months, in Wisconsin, a growing citizen movement on behalf of raw milk has led to passage of legislation that would reverse the state's long-standing prohibition on raw milk sales, and allow consumers to buy it from the farm. The governor has indicated publicly that he'll sign it, but in the charged atmosphere over this issue, anything is possible.

But now that regulators are moving to stem the flow of raw milk in the East, affecting the supplies of Boston lawyers, business owners, and health professionals, as well as even Washington bureaucrats, the situation is moving from fringe to mainstream.'


Heart Disease Fact: It's A Nutritional Deficiency

Clogged artery shown with a cut out section displaying fat deposits and a formed clot.

By Christopher Barr, Health/Nutrition Historian

'A recent news headline boldly declared that the case of former President Bill Clinton having a surgical reopening of clogged arteries not many years after quadruple bypass is proof that there is no cure for heart disease.

This gave me a chuckle.

One not having the best results means therefore no one can have results? That doesn’t sound very scientific at all.

The article opened noting his “blocked arteries fixed”.
This gave me another chuckle.

Bypass surgery doesn’t “fix” blocked arteries – it bypasses them with surgical alterations. That’s why the procedure is called a ‘bypass’.

Bypass surgery doesn’t fix the problem. It doesn’t even address what causes the problem'


Biological Warfare: Priority to Bioweapons Research over Public Health

'Francis Boyle, professor of international law at the University of Illinois, Champaign, said that in constant dollars the $70 billion “is twice what they spent on the Manhattan Project to develop the A-bomb---ergo, this is a weapons program.”

Boyle, who drafted the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989 for the U.S., said President Bush “turned the NIH into a front organization for biowarfare work,” and “(President) Obama is simply continuing the Bush policies” and is “now even exporting biowarfare capabilities to Third World Countries.”

Asked about the scope of the nation’s biowarfare activities, Boyle estimated there are “about 13,000 death scientists involved…(so) Dr. (Josef) Mengele has arrived on American campuses all over and the universities’ Institutional Review Boards (to review biowarfare research programs) are a joke and a fraud, too.” (Mengele was a German SS officer and physician who, during WWII, performed diabolical experiments on prisoners at the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp in Poland.)'


GMO alert: U.S. attempting global censorship of GMO food labeling

YouTube censors video interview with Jeffrey Smith about GMOs!

'(NaturalNews) Within hours after posting our video interview with Jeffrey Smith, creator of Seeds of Deception and author of Genetic Roulette, YouTube pulled the video. Attempts to play the video are now met with the following message: "This video has been removed due to terms of use violation."

That is, of course, an outright lie.'


(NaturalNews) I received an urgent alert from Jeffrey Smith today about a dangerous situation taking place right now at the international CODEX conference. The U.S. is attempting to push its agenda to censor all GMO labeling of foods everywhere around the world. This would result in a global GMO cover-up as consumers are left in the dark about whether their foods and grocery products are genetically modified or not.


Time For an H1N1 Pandemic Post-Mortem

'For those of us who closely watched and investigated the H1N1 pandemic agenda roll out (to include its accompanying toxic vaccine) it was a real eye-opener. We discovered deceptions that had been hidden from most of us for many years, such as:

* Our public health system is predatory and relies completely on the findings and decrees of the corrupt CDC

* Our state health department is a for-profit company

* The federal govt (USA INC) bribes states to pass legislation and produce policies to advance USA INC agendas

* Our public schools accept money from the public health predators to allow unsafe vaccines to be administered on their grounds

* There is no full disclosure to patients or parents regarding the dangers of and lack of efficacy of vaccines

In fact the federal government makes special efforts to keep the truth regarding vaccines away from military personnel also known as our sons, daughters, husbands, wives, friends and neighbors. (Military personnel banned from H1N1 vaccine sites)'


The Chocolate Debate

'Now a study out of Germany adds weight to the pro-chocolate evidence, making it appear that the cosmic plan isn’t so punishing, after all. The study, just published in The European Heart Journal, followed 19,357 adults for 10 years. The researchers found that those subjects who ate just a tiny 7.5 gram square of chocolate every day lowered their risk of heart attack by 27 percent and reduced their risk of stroke by a whopping 48 percent when compared to those subjects who ate less or none. The chocolate-eating subjects also had lower blood pressure.

As for the amount of chocolate the subjects consumed, alas — it wasn’t exactly a hungry-teen-sized chunk. A regular Hershey’s bar weighs an ounce and a half; so 7.5 grams comes to about one-quarter of an ounce, meaning that the subjects ate the measly equivalent of one-sixth of a Hershey candy bar daily, or about seven large chocolate chips. That’s not exactly a party-sized portion, but compared to taking cholesterol pills for prevention, it’s a hands-down winner in the flavor department.'


Prepare for threat of forced vaccinations -- argues Jean-Jacques Crevecoeur

'Canadian Jean-Jacques Crevecoeur argues that another attempt to trigger a pandemic event, this time using a hybrid swine flu and bird flu virus, as well as forced mass vaccinations could come suddenly.

In February 2009, Baxter contaminated 72 kilos of seasonal vaccine material with the live bird flu virus – which was supplied by WHO -- and so nearly triggered a global pandemic if the material had not been discovered by a Czech lab worker, according to the Times of India.

Because Baxter adheres to biosafety level 3 standards in its lab in Orth an der Donua, Austria, an accidental contamination can be virtually ruled out.

Just a few weeks later, in April, the swine flu virus appeared in Mexico City and was used as pretext by WHO to move the entire world to pandemic emergency level 6.

Under the current national pandemic plans, people can be forced to take a vaccine when an emergency level 6 is declared by WHO. Not to take the vaccine counts as a criminal offence and deadly force can be used by the police on criminal suspects.

We are still on pandemic emergency level 6 today.'


New FDA Regulations Will Destroy Small Organic Farms

'The legislation does not address what some experts suspect is the source of E. coli contamination: the large, confined animal feeding operations that are breeding grounds for E. coli and are regulated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, not the FDA.'

'Willey, the Madera farmer, argued that many food safety rules tend "to push us to embrace a paradigm of sterility," which, in the long run, increases the danger.

"When you create microbial vacuums, they can be even more easily taken over by pathogenic organisms," he said. "In organic agriculture, we depend tremendously on a cooperative effort with beneficial microorganisms. My whole soil fertility system is based on that. Actually, soil fertility planetwide is based on that."'

New research reinforces anti-inflammatory properties of tart cherries

'There's more evidence of tart cherries' powerful anti-inflammatory benefits, according to a new study presented by a team of Michigan researchers today at the Experimental Biology annual meeting. Using a "whole food" approach, researchers found that a cherry-enriched diet not only reduced overall body inflammation, but also reduced inflammation at key sites (belly fat, heart) known to affect heart disease risk in obese, at-risk rats.'


GM Food... Feeding the Hungry or Population Control?

Around 75% percent of our processed foods contain some form of genetically modified ingredients.

'Today Salem-News reports that a joint experiment by Russia’s National Association for Gene Security and the Institute of Ecological and Evolutional Problems has revealed that hamsters fed genetically modified (GM) foods produce grandchildren that are unable to produce fourth generation offspring.

Scientist Alexei Surov described the experiment, in which they monitored the behavior, weight gain and birthrate of several groups of hamsters. Upon birth of the second generation they noted slower rates of growth and sexual maturity. The next generation was unable to produce..

Genetically modified foods will feed the hungry. I guess that’s one way of putting it.

You could also call it population control. Technically, the final result would be an end to world hunger. They didn’t lie. Who are they? Please refer to my Salem-News story “While We Were Sleeping...GM Food and the Brink of No Return”'


The Assault on Autistic Children and their Parents...

by Tim Bolen

'Things are about to change in the Autism Wars. A new report is going to be released next week. Find out about it below.

Everybody knows that I am a Crisis Management Consultant in the health care industry. I get called into the cases where the quackbuster misinformation group is operating. Not so long ago, I was hired to look at a situation in Austin, Texas where a clinic was attacked by goofbag Stephen Barrett on several fronts - a Texas Medical Board complaint was filed against the doctor (Jesus Caquias MD), all of the health insurance companies stopped paying the clinic for their services, and the FBI raided the clinic last July 2009, claiming in the warrant that they were investigating the clinic for "Insurance Fraud," and "Health Fraud" violations.

But, fear not, for Barrett made some serious mistakes, and if I have my way he'll get criminally indicted in Texas for his actions. Keep reading.'


American Meat Is Even Grosser Than You Thought

In the focus on E. coli and salmonella, meat contaminated by heavy metals, veterinary drugs and pesticides has been slipping through the bureaucratic cracks.

'In 2008, Mexican authorities rejected a shipment of U.S. beef because the meat exceeded Mexico's regulatory tolerance for copper. The rejected meat was returned to the United States, where it was sold and consumed, because the U.S. has no regulatory threshold for copper in meat.

Incidents like this are why the food safety arm of USDA, known as the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS), is under USDA scrutiny. While the public has gotten used to microbes like E. coli and salmonella threatening the nation's meat supply, and while food safety agencies make food-borne illness a high-profile priority, contamination of meat by heavy metals, veterinary drugs and pesticides has been slipping through the bureaucratic cracks.'


Health Ministry Finds that Fluoridation Does Not Reduce Tooth Decay

Fluoridation Hoax Exposed

'Statistics from a study conducted by the New Zealand Ministry of Health suggest that there are no advantages derived from fluoridation. These statistics actually match similar arguments set forth by the American Dental Association. The latter organization conducted a large study on some 39000 American children and found that they did not derive any advantages from the use of fluoride.'

'In truth, the statistics are actually revealing that children are simply not benefiting from the use of fluoridation.'


Buddhism and Relationships: Three Stages to Heal a Broken Heart

Medicine Buddha

'Nothing feels worse than a broken heart, the kind you get when someone you love ends the relationship. Feelings of shame, remorse, grief, rage, and terror can overwhelm even the most stable human being.

Heartbreak has the power to reframe a workable life as a disaster.

Surprisingly, Buddhism has a tremendous amount of helpful advice for working with these terrible girl/boy-loses-boy/girl emotions. (For more on Buddhism and Relationships, see my blog. It takes an approach that is quite different than the usual advice books, which basically fall into one of two categories.'