Junk Food Turns Rats into Food Junkies

New study affirms and expands on the alarming results of 2009 rodent study, and support a former FDA commissioner’s claim that junk food is literally addictive.

by Craig Weatherby

'Last year, former FDA commissioner David Kessler, M.D., published a book titled The End of Overeating, in which he proposed that junk foods create addiction-like cravings for more junk food.

He pointed to growing evidence that junky foods – foods high in fat, salt and sugar but low in fiber and nutrients – alter the brain's chemistry in ways that compel people to overeat.

As he told The Washington Post, “Much of the scientific research around overeating has been physiology … what's going on in our body. The real question is what's going on in our brain.”'


Aspirin: A loaded Gun for Your Heart and Brain

'The drug companies want you to think of aspirin as a magic bullet for your heart. Oh, it's a bullet all right -- and it's definitely aimed at your ticker.

One of the most irritatingly persistent myths in modern medicine is the downright insane notion that daily aspirin can help your heart. So I can't tell you how it lifts my own heart to see this one finally crumbling.

Even the Wall Street Journal is giving aspirin therapy the kiss of death. A recent story with the headline "The Danger of Daily Aspirin" began with this sentence: "If you're taking a daily aspirin for your heart, you may want to reconsider."'


Meet the Gardasil girls: Zeda and Naomi

This is Zeda after one injection of Gardasil. (Family Photo)

Zeda, Indiana: 'Two years ago, Zeda was a straight A student who totally enjoyed school. In addition to maintaining a nearly perfect academic record, she was actively involved in cheer-leading and loved it.

Zeda was a healthy, happy teenager before her one, and only, Gardasil shot

Zeda before her one and only Gardasil shot (Family Photo)

She adored being outdoors, just hanging out with her friends. When she wasn't with her friends, she was out with her two younger brothers and sister. If she wanted to chill out indoors, you could find her watching lifetime movies with mom. Family and friends were a huge part of her life.

Like many young girls, Zeda was never seen without her cell phone in her hands. She was always texting someone, going so far as to text mom, while in the same room! In short, she was a normal, happy, all-American teenage girl who thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of her life, her family and her friends. Zeda's future was bright, indeed.'

Watch Naomi's Video


INDIA SUSPENDS GARDASIL - Gardasil vaccine programme suspended after 4 girls die

When Will the USA Ban Gardasil?

USA Gardasil Victims HERE

'The programme was marred by controversy after four deaths and complications among 120 girls were reported after vaccination. The girls complained of stomach disorders, epilepsy, headaches and early menarche. Women activists fear the vaccine may impact the mental health of girls who have shown no signs of distress so far.

Health ministry sources said the vaccination programme is being conducted by Gardasil, jointly with PATH, a Seattle-based NGO, ICMR and the two state governments. About 32,000 girls, aged 10-14, were to be tested in the study.'


The FDA approves radiological devices without much oversight...

From: Nutrition and Healing Newsletter
Health e-Tips

'You may remember a particularly disturbing e-Tip I wrote earlier this year ("Skip the CT scan for a radiation-free alternative," 1/6/2010). In it, I told you about the discovery that CT scans could bring on thousands of new cancers. Why?

It turned out that the radiation dose from common CT scans is much higher and more variable than anyone previously thought. Not particularly surprising to e-Tips and Nutrition & Healing readers, I'm sure. But it sure had the mainstream scrambling to do damage control.

The American College of Radiology launched an attack on the two studies that showed the danger, of course. But the damage was done. It was out there. Could the story get any worse than a common medical procedure (about 70 million scans every year) raising the risk of cancer?

Well, it just did...

Because someone knew about the risk. A big someone. Guess who?

The FDA.

A group of scientists, after a year of keeping the story under wraps, are finally breaking the silence. They say government experts brought urgent warnings to the FDA, warnings about a link between CT scan radiation (which packs a radiation punch equivalent to that of about 400 chest x-rays) and cancer.

And the FDA, they say, simply brushed the warnings off.

This is pretty serious stuff. By ignoring the advice of these experts, the FDA may have put hundreds of people in danger for absolutely no reason.

In many ways, it all comes down to process. The FDA has made a habit of approving radiological devices without much oversight. They say the devices demonstrate improvements over older ones, and don't need clinical trials or extensive review.

That's right. Devices used on tens of millions of people. Given the green light by an agency supposedly out there to protect us, without any proof of their safety.

Why? Well, as usual, you have to follow the money. Makers of CT scan machines put a lot of pressure for approval on the FDA. But is that any excuse?

And once again, we come up against the same old question -- the question that comes up every time we talk about the FDA.

How much is our health worth when weighed against the power, money, and pressure of Big Pharma and mainstream corporate health?

And once again, we get the sickening answer -- not very much at all, it seems.

Yours in good health,

Christine O'Brien

Can Apricot Kernels Kill Cancer?

'Paul Reid should be dead. Diagnosed with a rare, incurable lymphoma, he was given five years, seven tops, by his oncologist. But, having cheated death in the Ash Wednesday bushfires, he was not about to surrender his life without a fight.

His weapon of choice? Apricot kernels. Thirty a day. Reid turned down chemotherapy, vowing to eat himself well. Today, 13 years in remission, the 68-year-old believes that ''cancer-killing'' properties in the kernels he still eats daily, coupled with a strict vegan diet and prayer, have cured him. ''We're not immortal, but I believe I'll be healthy from taking this direction,'' he says.'


Preparing Your Body for Spring Detox

Healthier Talk.com

'In this second installment of his Spring Detox series (see part 1 here) with naturopathic physician Dr. Marcus Laux, Integrative Practitioner Dr. Isaac Eliaz explains the seasonal shift in focus to liver and gall bladder cleansing and rejuvenation.

The key is a simple and time-tested detoxification recipe consisting of water, olive oil, and lemon—a balance of oil and acidity to cause the contraction of both vital organs and the expulsion of built-up toxins within the body. This six-week-long nightly regimen—in combination with moderate exercise and a diet rich in green vegetables and fresh fruit—will aid in restoring your body, deepening your sleep, and fighting off disease.

Dr. Marcus Laux is a licensed naturopathic physician who earned his doctorate at the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, Oregon. Along with nearly 2 decades in family practice, Dr. Laux traveled extensively thru the South and Central American jungles, across Asia and Siberia to the European Alps, for the most effective therapies nature has to offer. Dr. Isaac Eliaz, is a respected author, lecturer, researcher, product formulator and clinical practitioner.

For many years, Dr. Eliaz, M.D., L.Ac., M.S., a Santa Rosa, California physician has been working with a team of researchers to reduce heavy metal toxicity and poisoning caused by mercury, lead and other dangerous toxins.'

More Proof Flu Shots Don't Work

by Dr. Mercola

'A new Canadian-led study concludes that immunizing nursing-home workers does nothing to cut the number of confirmed influenza cases among the homes' elderly residents.

Coming at the end of the largest flu-vaccination campaign in Canadian history, the review of previous studies calls for stepped-up research into alternative, lower-tech ways to combat the virus, such as improved hand washing.

The new paper's co-author is Dr. Tom Jefferson, a British epidemiologist who heads vaccine research for the respected Cochrane Collaboration -- and who has earned a reputation as a scientific dissident for his outspoken criticism of flu vaccination.

In media interviews last year, Dr. Jefferson was quoted as saying he "can't see any reason" for vaccinating anyone against flu -- arguing the shots did nothing to save lives -- and that most influenza-vaccine studies are "rubbish."'


Detoxification and Coffee Enemas

by Mary Laredo

'The little understood and much disparaged coffee enema is one such method of purification that cleanses the liver – the body's largest filter – and provides a multitude of health benefits to the ailing body. Acceptance of the coffee enema's value may result from an understanding of its history and therapeutic benefits.

Historical Use of Enemas

The use of therapeutic coffee enemas began during WWI; however, water enemas have been used for detoxification throughout the ages. In fact, the Vatican holds a third-century Aramaic manuscript in which enema directions are graphically transcribed. In the book The Gerson Therapy by Charlotte Gerson, daughter of famed cancer specialist Max Gerson M.D., and Morton Walker, D.P.M., these ancient instructions for detoxification are recorded.'


Ayurvedic Spring detox (or how to lose the extra Winter pounds!)

'According to Ayurveda, good health is dependent upon our capability to fully digest food and also all the information taken in by our 5 senses. When this digestive capacity, know an ‘agni’ is balanced, we create healthy tissues, eliminate waste products efficiently and produce a subtle essence called ‘ojas’. This is the basis of physical and emotional strength, and immunity and is key to feeling full of life.

On the other hand, if our agni is weakened, digestion is incomplete. This accumulation of toxic residue is collectively known as ‘ama’. Ama is the accumulation of toxins in the body from improperly digested food or waste materials in the body. This substance is heavy, dense, cold, and slimy and blocks energy flows, leading to obstructed nourishment and disease.'


The Truth About Bottled Water

Dr. Mercola on Agave, Soy and Vaccines – The Renegade Health Show Episode #535

Potent Jungle Vine Brew Has Potential to Treat Addiction

In the South American jungles, ayahuasca is used in religious ceremonies to induce visions and also as a remedy to cure illness.

Researchers say ayahuasca, found in the Peruvian rainforest, could be used for a variety of ailments

'New research suggests ayahuasca, a jungle vine found in the Peruvian rainforest, can have a powerful effect on the human central nervous system when brewed with other plants. Researchers say one of ayahuasca's most promising uses could be in treating drug and alcohol addiction.

According to the World Health Organization, medicines derived from plants play a major role in the health care of 80 percent of the world's population. Western medicine has synthesized many of these natural drugs, from the painkillers in willow bark to the anti-cancer compounds in the neem tree, and is constantly searching for more pharmaceuticals in the biodiversity of the world's forests.'


Shhh!!!, What If It Was Reported That They Are Spraying Aluminum?

'Let’s look at this issue a little more closely. People from around the world are witnessing white trails behind airplanes and believe them to be a product of SAG programs that scientists deny exist. People are also reporting test results of high amounts of aluminum, barium and strontium in their snow, rain and soil where the alleged spraying is occurring.

'These are the exact substances that scientists are “considering” implementing into the various SAG programs discussed at the AAAS meeting. Shockwaves were sent around the globe after the AAAS meeting because of reports that led many to believe that the destruction of eco-systems and the massive amounts of aluminum found in the snow, rain and soil are in fact from SAG programs that have already been deployed. As a result of these reports, many around the world are asking questions about the current deployment and the dangers of using aluminum in these programs. And finally, journalists are restricted from reporting certain facts from this conference that could be damaging to the SAG agenda.'


Music to Your Ears

'Nothing really engages the human brain like music.'

'The left brain enjoys rhythmic structures, chord progressions, and the way lyrics fit nicely. While the right brain soars on melody and emotional responses produced by the infinite combinations of instruments and voices.

But music's effect on the brain may go far beyond enjoyment. In fact, more than 5,000 certified music therapists in the U.S. base their professional practice on the healing properties of music.'


Honey Love

'Honey is one of the sweetest foods found in nature, but it is prized as much for its medicinal properties as for its rich flavor. It has long been considered a healing agent because of its mineral content, which can include calcium, copper, zinc, and iron, says dietitian Dawn Jackson Blatner of the American Dietetic Association. "Honey contains a variety of compounds, like flavonoids and phenolic acids that act like antioxidants, which can help us fight anything from heart disease to cancer."'


Berries May Deter Liver and Metabolic Disorders

First-ever clinical trial links berry-enriched diets to reductions in risk factors for fatty liver disease and pre-diabetic metabolic syndrome

by Craig Weatherby

Photo by Drusbi. Click for full story and printer friendly version
'The good news about colorful fruits just keeps rolling in, as you can see by searching our news archive for “berries”.

And last month, Finnish scientists published the results of the first clinical trial testing the effects of berries on human liver function.

While the trial’s positive outcomes hold promise for people at risk for fatty liver disease, they also indicate that berries may help deter diabetes.'


VRM: The Problem With Vaccines

By Joel Lord

'The whole basis for vaccinations is unphysiological. The vast majority of infections enter the body through the nasal passages & the Gastro-Intestinal Tract or the guts. Accordingly 80% of the body’s immune system is situated at these junctures; the first line of defence. Vaccines are injected into deep muscle tissue, a route which literally bypasses one’s natural defences altogether. Thus the body is left vulnerable to live viruses & heavy metals.

Most vaccines are laced with 2 forms of Aluminum (directly linked to early onset Alzheimer’s Disease, Macrophagic Myofasciitis, chronic fatigue syndrome) & Thimerosal Mercury, a devastating neurotoxin implicated in the explosive spread of autism, now at 1 in 67 & linked to psychological, neurological & immunological problems. Heavy metals eventually collect in the brain and linger there for decades, upwards of a lifetime. When combined these toxins render a more lethal form of mercury, mercury ion.

Is it any wonder so many children have contracted Autism during the early stages of development?

A baby has no blood barrier in the brain. The mylene sheath, an insulator which protects the cells, is under-developed. Any exposure to heavy metals during the first 2 years is deadly and unwise. Aluminum causes brain swelling and interferes with the immune system directly. The MMR shot, typically given at 18 months is overwhelming and many children have suffered irreversible brain damage from its impact. And remember children have already accumulated metals in the brain from earlier shots so there is a threshold limit.'


Welcome to Fatville: Burgers as big as dustbin lids, coffins that need cranes, and obese children having heart attacks - it's the supersized U.S. town

Trying it on for size: Jane Fryer with the 3 1/2 lb burger at Hillbilly Hotdogs in Huntington

It has also been recently crowned the fattest city in the U.S., which is the developed world’s most unhealthy country.

Everywhere you look in Huntington, there are oversized people — in the cinema complex, outside Starbucks, squeezing into booths at Buddy’s All American Bar-B-Que.'

3 Steps To Cure The Most Common Health-Care Problem


What do obesity, heart disease, depression, diabetes, and fibromyalgia have in common? The answer is vitamin D deficiency. More than 200 million Americans lack this essential vitamin and as a result suffer from a host of daily annoyances, chronic conditions, and even life-threatening illnesses. In the landmark book THE VITAMIN D SOLUTION: A 3-Step Strategy to Cure Our Most Common Health Problem (Penguin/Hudson Street Press; April 1, 2010) Dr. Michael F. Holick identifies the causes of vitamin D deficiency, outlines why it is essential to our health, and provides a 3-step program to attain optimal levels of Vitamin D in our bodies.

The leading expert worldwide, Dr. Holick has studied Vitamin D for more than 30 years. Through his research, we now know that every body cell has a receptor for vitamin D and it goes much further beyond bone health. Increasing levels of vitamin D can treat, prevent, and even reverse a remarkable number of daily ailments, from high blood pressure to back pain; lessen the symptoms of chronic conditions such as diabetes and arthritis; and actually prevent infectious diseases, including H1N1 and cancer. Dr. Holick also credits vitamin D with improving infertility, weight control, memory and mood.

Vitamin D is called the "Sunshine Vitamin" for a reason, but surprisingly to many, it is not actually a vitamin but a hormone – unique because it is made in the skin as a result of exposure to sunlight. It is also possible to receive vitamin D from certain foods like milk or mushrooms, the only item in the produce aisle to contain vitamin D. Dr. Holick also recommends supplements to ensure people have optimal levels of this crucial vitamin.

THE VITAMIN D SOLUTION combines cutting-edge research from around the world, an insightful historical perspective, and a simple plan for rebuilding and maintaining an optimal level of vitamin D which combines a sensible amount of sun exposure, supplementation, and foods rich in vitamin D.

Michael F. Holick, M.D., Ph.D., is a professor of medicine, physiology and biophysics at Boston University Medical Center. Additionally a BUMC, Dr. Holick serves as the director of the General Clinical Research Unit, the Bone Health Clinic, and the Heliotherapy Light and Skin Research Center.

Beginner’s guide to seasonal eating

'“The closer we eat to the source, and the less processing and shipping, the more nutritional value we can access. And there is less risk of contamination, less fuel used, and less waste in the environment,” says Terry Walters, author of the seasonal cookbook Clean Food (Sterling Epicure, 2009).'

'As Walters points out, imported produce usually travels thousands of miles to reach your local grocery store. The next time you reach for a tomato in December, look at the label. Imported tomatoes travel an average of 1,569 miles, whereas one grown in your region in season may have traveled just 60 miles. And in-season, locally grown produce isn’t just tastier and better for the environment—it’s better for you, too. For example, one Penn State study found that spinach lost most of its folate and carotenoid concentrations after eight days of storage.'


Everythings Backwards

Disclose.tv Everythings Backwards - David Icke Video

New Cosmetic Has Dangerous Side-Effects -- Why Do People Use It?

Despite the Maybelline close-ups, Allergan's new drug Lattisse is not mascara, but a glaucoma drug repurposed as an eyelash grower. And its side-effects are frightening.

By Martha Rosenberg

'Not enough lashes? GROW THEM! exhorts a billboard with a life-size likeness of Brooke Shields at a Chicago shopping mall. Grow longer, fuller, darker lashes says a TV ad for the same product showing Brooke enchanting everyone at a party with new flutter appeal.

But despite the Maybelline close-ups, lash applicator and vanity sell, Allergan's new drug, Lattise, is not mascara -- but a glaucoma drug repurposed as an eyelash grower.'


Feds found Pfizer too big to nail - Sounds like a cynical version of the Wall Street Mantra: “too big to fail”

'Dear god. I read this and couldn't believe it. For the record, I am pleasantly shocked to see something like this on CNN. Not the kind of story I'd usually expect from them because it's incredibly substantive. Basically, the feds caught Pfizer marketing off-label uses for a dangerous drug at TWICE the approved dose, and because Pfizer is SO enormous and makes SO many important medications for Medicaid and Medicare patients...they couldn't bust them. They instead "busted" a shell company that Pfizer created, and Pfizer was left with nothing more than a fine that cost them 3 lousy months' worth of profits from that ONE medication. We are well and truly OWNED, my friends. They might as well start tattooing our babies with brand names.'

By Drew Griffin and Andy Segal, CNN Special Investigations Unit

'-- Imagine being charged with a crime, but an imaginary friend takes the rap for you.

That is essentially what happened when Pfizer, the world's largest pharmaceutical company, was caught illegally marketing Bextra, a painkiller that was taken off the market in 2005 because of safety concerns.

When the criminal case was announced last fall, federal officials touted their prosecution as a model for tough, effective enforcement. "It sends a clear message" to the pharmaceutical industry, said Kevin Perkins, assistant director of the FBI's Criminal Investigative Division.

But beyond the fanfare, a CNN Special Investigation found another story, one that officials downplayed when they declared victory. It's a story about the power major pharmaceutical companies have even when they break the laws intended to protect patients.'


Examining Ethics to Fight Food Fraud

Olive Oil: Most Adulterated Agricultural Product

"of 73 olive oils . Only 4% were pure olive oil" - FDA"

'Is the olive oil you're using really olive oil? According to the New Yorker, chances are good that what's in that bottle is cut with hazelnut, sunflower seed, or canola oil.'

'In 1997 and 1998, olive oil was the most adulterated agricultural product in the European Union, prompting the E.U.'s anti-fraud office to establish an olive-oil task force. ("Profits were comparable to cocaine trafficking, with none of the risks," one investigator told me.)'

'There has been a rash of food fraud scandals recently, including Chinese-manufactured melamine-tainted infant formula that sickened at least 300,000 children and killed six last year. Manufacturers added the chemical to watered-down formula in order to reduce costs and cheat tests for protein content. The article’s authors, Wing-Fu Lai and Zenobia Chan, re-examined the incident drawing on various philosophical studies of ethics from Epicurus to Confucius. They claim that although legislation has a part to play to ensure food safety, in China and elsewhere, the role of ethics is often overlooked.'


Flying on Drugs

By Mark Sircus Ac., OMD

'The United States is lifting a 70-year-old ban on letting pilots fly while on antidepressants, citing improvements in the drugs and an unforeseen side effect of the restriction. Pilots who take one of four antidepressants — Prozac, Zoloft, Celexa or Lexapro — or their generic equivalents will be allowed to fly if they have been successfully treated by those medications for a year without side effects that could pose a safety hazard in the cockpit.

The National Institute of Mental Health estimates that about 9.5 percent of people 18 and older suffer from a mood disorder. A 2009 study by Columbia University showed that as many as 10 percent of Americans was taking antidepressants. FAA officials assume the percentage is about the same among pilots. In 2003, somewhere between 28 and 30 million Americans had already taken Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil or some similar SSRI antidepressant. These drugs are currently being prescribed for everything from depression or anxiety to PMS to smoking cessation to ADD.

A few years ago actor Tom Cruise brought to light one of the most dangerous problems we face today: An epidemic of legal mind altering drug use is now taking to the skies despite the known fact that a wide array of psychotropic drugs have been shown to increase suicide risks and potentially cause extreme violence in the users of these drugs.'