Dogs suffer cancer after ID chipping

Don't Microchip Your Dogs!

'Do implanted microchips cause cancer in dogs and cats?

That's the question owners are asking after highly aggressive tumors developed around the microchip implants of two dogs, killing one and leaving the other terminally ill.

The owners – and pathology and autopsy reports – suggest a link between the chips and formation of fast-growing cancers.'


Polio – A Shot in the Dark

RTB presents a reprint of Janine Robert’s ground-breaking presentation of the story and data of the first great success of the modern pharmaceutical era: The Polio Vaccine. What is revealed beneath the gloss of press releases and public hagiography is a story that leaves you wondering if anything the public health authorities tell us is actually, factually true – or if it is all in service of a kind of modern church of scientism.

You can read Janine Robert’s work at Fear of the and the Polio Myth. In her work, Roberts followed the trail blazed by researcher Jim West, who is a pioneer in detailing the hidden history of the US polio era and medical-scientific response. His website is Here.

Polio: The Virus and The Vaccine – Part 1
The Ecologist

Author:Janine Roberts

'There is a rarely mentioned epidemic raging in the world today, one that is crippling children in more than 100 countries. In extreme cases the disease starts with a fever, which is followed by vomiting, delirium and spreading pain. Within days of being infected, the motor-neurone cells in victims’ spines cease to function properly. Pain intensifies as victims’ limbs are paralysed.

In the very worst cases, their chests are also paralysed, which prevents them from breathing. Even when the children recover, the illness often returns in later life. Health authorities say it has no cure. The number of cases increased by over 250 per cent worldwide between 1996 and 2003. It is a disease with a long history and many names. The condition’s official name now is ‘Acute Flaccid Paralysis’ but it was once known as ‘infantile paralysis’/ ‘poliomyelitis’ (polio for short). Some people called it ‘the crippler’.

A shot in the dark

'Polio is a devastating disease; the preferred method for fighting it is vaccination. Yet there is a mass of historic evidence that suggests it is not caused by a virus but by industrial and agricultural pollution.

Medical Fraud

'The triumph following the launch of the Salk vaccine was short-lived. The medical historian Dr M Beddow Baily recorded what happened next: ‘Only 13 days after the vaccine had been acclaimed by the whole of the US press and radio as one of the greatest medical discoveries of the century, and two days after the British ministry of health had announced it would go right ahead with the manufacture of the vaccine, came the first news of disaster. Children inoculated with one brand of the vaccine had developed poliomyelitis. In the following days more and more cases were reported, some of them after inoculation with other brands.’

'Within two weeks of the launch the number of cases of polio in vaccinated children had nearly reached 200. This created near panic in the White House. President Eisenhower had publicly endorsed the vaccine at its launch, so he sent the US health secretary Oveta Hobby to make it very plain to the Surgeon General that the president needed to be spared the embarrassment of further such cases.'


Aerotoxicity: Toxic air for passengers and airplane crews

by Sepp Hasslberger

'The air we breathe in airplanes has to be pressurized to allow us to survive at the normal cruising altitude of around 10,000 meters, roughly 33,000 feet. No big problem, air can be compressed and heated so passengers and crew can breathe ... but there is a hitch: The compressed air in those airplane cabins has - since about the 60's - been taken from the air that the planes' jets compress before burning it together with the fuel to fly that plane.

'Of course there is no guarantee that this air doesn't contain engine oil fumes - it often does. The thing most people don't know is that there are no filters between the engine and the cabin that could clean the air. Jet engine oil is a highly toxic brew containing organophosphates. Is it any surprise that cabin crew and passengers may suffer from "unexplained" toxic effects called the Aerotoxic Syndrome?

'Nexus Magazine had a great article in its most recent edition, which explains why passengers and crew at times suffer from unexplained headaches and other symptoms of toxicity.

'The Nexus article is written by Captain John Hoyte, a former airplane pilot who had to stop piloting planes because the toxic effects got the better of him. His health suffered to a point where he could no longer trust himself to safely ferry his passengers from one airport to the other. He is now the chairman of the Aerotoxic Association, a group he founded to make others aware of the problem and to bring about a solution - a much needed change in the attitude of airline executives and airplane makers...

The article is titled Aerotoxic Syndrome - Aviation's Best Kept Secret and is available from the Aerotoxic Association's website.'


Loophole Exempts Washington Insiders From Obamacare Mandate

'No Obamacare for Obama, his family, his staff, the vice president, the vice president’s staff, the rest of the administration, Nancy Pelosi, Nancy Pelosi’s staff, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Reid’s staff, all other House and Senate leaders and their staff, all committee members and their staff… the list goes on'

'A loophole written into the final healthcare reform bill passed on Sunday and signed into law by Obama yesterday, exempts Washington insiders and committee staffers from the mandate that now requires every American to purchase health insurance.

Members of Congress and their office staffers will have to buy insurance through the state-run exchanges created under the bill. However, those working for congressional committees or for party leaders in the House and Senate are excluded.'


Pain Relief with Bowen Therapy

Walnuts slow prostate tumors in mice

'Walnut consumption slows the growth of prostate cancer in mice and has beneficial effects on multiple genes related to the control of tumor growth and metabolism, UC Davis and the U.S. Department of Agriculture Western Regional Research Center in Albany, Calif., have found.

The study, by Paul Davis, nutritionist in the Department of Nutrition and a researcher with the UC Davis Cancer Center, announced the findings today at the annual national meeting of the American Chemical Society in San Francisco.

Davis said the research findings provide additional evidence that walnuts, although high in fat, are healthful.

"This study shows that when mice with prostate tumors consume an amount of walnuts that could easily be eaten by a man, tumor growth is controlled," he said. "This leaves me very hopeful that it could be beneficial in patients."'


Why Thousands Are Turning to a Psychedelic Plant from Africa for Release from Severe Addictions

'In 1962, Howard Lotsof, a 19-year-old heroin addict in New York, ordered from a chemist iboga, a plant used in West African rituals, and tried it for extra kicks. After consuming the bitter rootbark powder, he experienced a visionary tour of his early memories. Thirty hours later, when the effects had subsided, he found that he had lost all craving for heroin, without withdrawal symptoms of any kind. He said he then gave iboga to seven other addicts and five stopped taking drugs immediately afterwards.

'In 1985, Lotsof patented the ibogaine molecule for the purposes of addiction treatment, but could not get his treatment approved. In the interim years, ibogaine had been declared, along with LSD and several other psychedelic molecules, an illegal "schedule one" substance, with potential for abuse and no medical value. Although it found dedicated support among a ragtag group of countercultural activists and left-over Yippies, in 1995 the National Institutes of Health discontinued research into the substance, and pharmaceutical companies have since ignored it, perhaps due to low profit potential.'


A psychedelic plant from Africa has sparked an underground revolution in medicine.

'I had no idea what ibogaine was nor that Beal was a member of the “ibogaine underground,” an ad-hoc network of doctors, researchers, activists, shamans and lay-providers who believe that this substance is the key to not only treating but unlocking an entirely new paradigm in the understanding of addiction. This network is underground because ibogaine and the iboga root from which it is made are illegal in the U.S., designated Schedule 1 with a “high potential for abuse or addiction and no known medicinal applications.” Anyone in the underground will tell you that’s patently ridiculous, “patently,” they say, because the real root of ibogaine prohibition is not that it causes addiction but that it might cure addiction, sometimes with a single dose, and that sure is bad news for an industry built around a so-called “chronic” disease


When 'Going to the Dogs' Is Good for Your Health: An Important Adjunct to Healthcare Reform

"My goal in life is to be the person my dog thinks I am."

'Fortunately, there are those amongst us who are highly focused. Rather than concerning themselves with the need to win a popularity contest, people like Kate Franklin, who directs Sarasota's Humane Society, is joining with increasing numbers to create therapeutic actions that bring "man's best friend" together with those who are ailing. Quipped Franklin: "With five people in a room, and one is hurting, the animal will go to the sick person." Around the country dogs are being welcomed, little by little, into hospitals and housing for the elderly, alike, as adjuncts to healing. You can take the person out of their home, but you cannot take the pet out of their heart.'

Pets And Healing


Are Vaccines Safe?

Are you confused by Conflicting Opinions?

Do vaccines still contain Thimerosal mercury?
Do vaccines can cause autism and other neurological problems.
Want the TRUTH?
You don't know who to trust?
You need more information so that
you can make the right vaccine decision for both
you and your children!

"I have been independently researching this issue and many other health care issues that face the American Family for over 29 years. I have been publicly speaking for the last 15 years and am available to speak to your group or association. I have spoken to thousands of parents across the country and Canada, my goal is to reach every parent with this information. My DVD has gone around the world from Alaska, to Australia, Europe and Canada. It is now available on many web sites and I plan on getting them in major health food stores around the country. I expose the deception and greed that fuels the vaccine industry and help parents to understand what they must do to promote their family’s health without toxic vaccines or drugs. I am passionate about helping families so please refer your friends to my site and purchase my voted #1 DVD called,
"Are Vaccines Safe?".
Thank You and God Bless,

Mary Tocco

Visit Mary Tocco's website HERE

Natural Constipation Remedies

Reducing Your Risk To Pesticides: 47 Fruits and Veggies and Their Pesticide Load

What Can I Do to Reduce My Risk?

Addressing the risks of pesticide exposure first and foremost requires information, which is frequently made unavailable to the general public by the government agencies. To counteract this trend for secrecy, EWG believes that:

* People have a right to know what's in their food, so they can choose foods with less pesticides.
* The government can and should take steps to dramatically reduce the number and amount of toxic chemicals, including pesticides, in the food supply.

Each of us can opt for food safety today by choosing to purchase produce low in pesticides and by buying organically-raised fruits and vegetables as frequently as possible. With this first step we can protect our families' health and preserve our own future and the future of the environment from the harmful effects of pesticides.

The following chart ranks the highest (100 score) and lowest (1 score) pesticide loads of popular fruits and veggies.


Every Emergency Room Carries This Miracle Powder

By Dr. Al Sears
'There’s a powerful substance every hospital in the country carries in their ER to treat poison victims.

It’s so potent that one gram of it – an amount the size of your fingernail – can absorb enough toxins to fill the square footage of four tennis courts.

I’m talking about activated charcoal.

It’s a form of carbon that’s been processed into a fine, black powder. It’s odorless, tasteless, and safe to consume. And it’s more readily available than you think.'


Unvaccinated Children

'I would like to begin by proposing that we use the terms vaccinated and unvaccinated instead of immunized and unimmunized, since the basis of the vaccination controversy is the belief of many parents that the vaccines do not produce a true immunity', but rather act in some other fashion--or, in my view, that they act immunosuppressively.'

by Richard Moskowitz, MD (medical doctor)

'Reservoirs of people unvaccinated against measles, mumps, or diphtheria, on the other hand, should result in periodic outbreaks of these diseases. But again, authentic immunity, would insure that only the unvaccinated would fall ill, which has never proved to be the case. All known out breaks of these diseases in the post vaccine era have included large numbers of vaccinated people as well; an. in many instances a large majority of the cases had previously been vaccinated, some of them quite recently.

The argument that parents should vaccinate their children to protect society as a whole from epidemic does not make sense. Such epidemic argue rather against vaccinating the ones who were vaccinated but still came down with the disease as soon as they were exposed to it. Likewise, if we accept partial or temporary immunity--conceding that the vaccine are not that effective, but that we have no other alternative to these rebound epidemics--then are we not simply throwing good lives after bad, rather like acknowledging that our patients are addicted to dangerous drugs yet fearing to withdraw them or even withhold them from others, lest the original error be fully or frankly exposed?'

Read more....

Quinoa Loaf with Mushrooms and Peas

Serves 8

Welcome spring--or vegetarian guests--to your table with this delicious main-course recipe that is destined to become a favorite for family and feasts alike. For killer veggie burgers, serve any leftover slices on toasted whole wheat buns with lettuce and spicy mustard.


1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil, plus more for greasing
8 ounces button mushrooms, sliced
Salt and ground black pepper to taste
1 (15-ounce) can no-salt-added garbanzo beans, rinsed and drained
3/4 cup rolled oats
2 cups cooked quinoa ( Learn to Cook: Quinoa)
1 cup frozen green peas
1/2 cup chopped fresh parsley and/or 1 tablespoon minced fresh thyme
10 sundried tomatoes packed in oil, drained and chopped
1 cup (about 1 onion) chopped red onion


Preheat oven to 350°F. Lightly grease an 8-inch loaf pan with oil; set aside. Heat oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Add mushrooms, salt and pepper and cook, stirring occasionally, until mushrooms are golden brown, 6 to 8 minutes.

Meanwhile, put beans, oats and 1/2 cup water into a food processor and pulse until almost smooth. In a large bowl, combine mushrooms, bean mixture, quinoa, peas, parsley, tomatoes, onion, salt and pepper. Transfer mixture to prepared loaf pan, gently pressing down and mounding it in the middle. Bake until firm and golden brown, 1 to 1 1/4 hours. Set aside to let rest for 10 minutes before slicing and serving.

Original Recipe HERE

Quinoa on FoodistaQuinoa

Curcumin 'could slow liver disease'

Cosy supper: Kayi korma curry
Kayi korma curry Photo: YUKI SUGIURA

Tumeric which gives the curry spice

its bright yellow colour has been used

in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries

to treat a wide range of disorders.

Previous studies indicate it has anti-inflammatory

properties and that it's a powerful antioxidant.

Original Article HERE (read more...)

Obama breaks promise for 5-day public inspection; signs corporate “health” welfare bill

by Carl Herman

'Obama promised five days for public consideration, discussion, and informed opinions about bills reaching the President before he would sign them into law.

Obama promised the identities online of lobbyists and corporations that would benefit from tax increases, including how much these corporations would benefit.
The amount American taxpayers lose from the “health” insurance company welfare bill compared with universal health care that eliminates corporate middle-men is between $100 and $300 billion every year.

Obama violated his promise and quickly signed the bill; denying the public the transparency he promised. Twelve states immediately filed lawsuits; claiming the forcing of Americans to purchase a product of specific corporations as obviously outside the spirit and letter of federal government authority written in the US Constitution. The IRS will enforce payment to health companies by hiring new agents.

Sixty percent of Americans and US physicians want universal health care paid by government and managed by physicians and patients, not insurance companies.

The following three videos are helpful: Obama’s promise of public scrutiny of law, physicians explaining the benefits of universal healthcare, and an animation walking people through (although corporate costs are over 30% rather than the ten to twenty in the video).'

Original Article HERE


Black Death

'It has long been said that, while the Black Death/Plague was raging in France during the Middle Ages, a number of incredible burglaries of plague victims’ homes was happening. No effort was made, however, to apprehend the thieves, as it was believed that they would soon succumb to the dangerous contamination in the homes they had robbed. But, the thieves carried on their crime spree for some time, and people finally began to wonder why these thieves had not become ill and died. It was only then that the authorities began to pursue them… in order to find out the secret of their apparent immunity to the deadly Plague.

Once the burglars had been apprehended, they struck a bargain with the authorities, that they should be set free in exchange for revealing the secret to their immunity to the Plague. The bargain reached, the four thieves revealed their herbal disinfecting formula that rendered them safe and immune from the Black Death/Plague.

This ancient herbal formula, we now call “Four Thieves Vinegar”, can still protect us against swine flu, smallpox, and biological weapons.'


How to Make Almond Milk

(OrganicJar) I’m a huge fan of nut milks especially because they’re so much healthier than dairy milk and taste amazing! I created a quick, simple video with my friend Lisa Paris explaining just how easy it is to make your own almond nut milk.
Almonds are an incredible food! They were one of the first cultivated nuts on earth and are so rich with nutrients. Its important to mention that you need to be buying ‘raw’ organic almonds to get them most nutrients from them.
However, many don’t know that a law was passed a few years ago requiring all almonds to be pasteurized. The worst part is they can still legally be labeled as raw! If you didn’t know this, make sure to check out an article I wrote all about it here: Raw Almonds Are Illegal The good news is there are 2 loopholes that still allow you to purchase truly raw almonds, so make sure to check that article out.

Okay, back to our amazing Almond Nut Milk! Here’s what you’ll need to make this:

* 2 Cups – Raw Organic Almonds
* 4 Cups – Purified Water
* 2 Pitted Dates
* 1 tsp – Vanilla Extract
* A Dash of Cinnamon (optional)


* Blender
* Nut Milk Bag / Cheesecloth (or as Lisa mentioned a cheap ‘Paint Strainer’ found at any hardware store)


1. Soak the almonds in 2 cups water for 24 hours; rinse well and discard soaked water (forgot to mention this in the video). Why you need to soak your almonds: Raw organic almonds have a natural growth inhibitor on the outside that is toxic — not deadly, but not pleasant, especially for sensitive individuals. The 24 hour soaking removes this. I usually change the water several times, just to remove the toxins.
2. Blend: Place all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.
3. Strain: Strain through a nut milk bag. You can use a nylon bag designed for this purpose, a hemp bag designed for sprouting, a cheese cloth or even a paint strainer found at any local hardware store.
4. Enjoy! The liquid is the milk. The pulp has plenty of nutrition and uses.

Original article HERE

Is Marijuana a Medicine?

Charlene DeGidio never smoked marijuana in the 1960s, or afterward. But a year ago, after medications failed to relieve the pain in her legs and feet, a doctor suggested that the Adna, Wash., retiree try the drug.

[marajuanaJ] Getty Images

Dave Warden displays the wares at a Los Angeles marijuana dispensary.

'Ms. DeGidio, 69 years old, bought candy with marijuana mixed in. It worked in easing her neuropathic pain, for which doctors haven't been able to pinpoint a cause, she says. Now, Ms. DeGidio, who had previously tried without success other drugs including Neurontin and lidocaine patches, nibbles marijuana-laced peppermint bars before sleep, and keeps a bag in her refrigerator that she's warned her grandchildren to avoid.

"It's not like you're out smoking pot for enjoyment or to get high," says the former social worker, who won't take the drug during the day because she doesn't want to feel disoriented. "It's a medicine."'


Corruption alleged as tainted vaccines kill Chinese children

All vaccines are CONTAMINATED! If you research what's actually in vaccines, chances are you will never let anyone inject these dangerous toxins directly into your bloodstream.

--Health Maven

'FOR Wang Mingliang, the birth of a son should have been the start of a season of joy in his village at the rural heart of northern China.

But his little boy, Xiao’er, lived just seven months before he suffered convulsions and a fever, then died. Wang said Xiao’er fell ill after vaccinations against tuberculosis and hepatitis. “My whole family is plunged in sorrow,” he said.

“Our son was vaccinated by the hospital and they sterilised my wife to conform to the birth control policy. Now my son is dead and my wife can have no more children.”

His son was among thousands of children given tainted vaccines in a scandal that reporters and medical staff allege has left four dead and 74 handicapped'


12 States File Lawsuits Against Mandatory Insurance

Big Pharma/Big Insurance Bailout at Taxpayer Expense Now LAW

'Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power.'

Benito Mussolini

"If [this health care plan] was a good program and everybody liked it, you wouldn't need 16,500 thugs threatening to put you in jail if you didn't follow the rules."

- Congressman Ron Paul, M.D.

'The individual mandate is an “unprecedented overreach by the federal government forcing individual citizens to buy a good or a service for no other reason then they happen to be alive or a person,” Republican governor of Minnesota Tim Pawlenty said today on “Good Morning America.”

Pawlenty said he sent a letter to Minnesota’s Democratic attorney general arguing against the constitutionality of the mandate.'


The Real Story on Vitamin D

Flu Shots Worse than Worthless

Ten Year Flu Vaccine Study Shows Increased Risk for Hospitalization

'The results of this study showed that children whose flu was severe enough to require hospitalization were three times more likely to have been given a seasonal flu shot. Children with asthma were at even higher risk for complications.'


30 Million Kids Got Vaccine Tainted With Pig Virus

'Federal health authorities recommended Monday that doctors suspend using Rotarix, one of two vaccines licensed in the United States against rotavirus, saying the vaccine is contaminated with material from a pig virus.

"There is no evidence at this time that this material poses a safety risk," Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Dr. Margaret Hamburg told reporters in a conference call.

Rotarix, made by GlaxoSmithKline, was approved by the FDA in 2008. The contaminant material is DNA from porcine circovirus 1, a virus from pigs that is not known to cause disease in humans or animals, Hamburg said.

About 1 million children in the United States and about 30 million worldwide have gotten Rotarix vaccine, she said.'


Prevent Heart Disease With Nattokinase or Miso Soup

'That delicious bowl of Japanese miso soup might be the key to a healthy heart and circulatory system. Don't be pressured into taking an aspirin a day to prevent heart disease—it doesn't work. However, a derivative from miso soup, nattokinase, will do your heart a world of good, and will do it without risk. Nattokinase could be called a blood thinner, but that doesn't adequately define what it does. Pharmaceutical blood thinners, like aspirin and warfarin, act by preventing blood from clotting. This is why they can cause excess bleeding. They act indiscriminately to prevent the natural, and even life-saving, blood clotting process. Nattokinase doesn't prevent clots from forming in response to injury; rather, it supports the process of lysing—dissolving—them.'

Read more....

MSG Causes Rapid Brain Cell Death

'Within 15-30 minutes after exposure to high doses of MSG, the neurons suspended in tissue culture are seen to swell up like balloons. You can see the degeneration of the small structures within the cell under the microscope, called organelles. You will also see clumping of the chromatin of the nucleus. Within 3 hours these neurons are not only dead, but the body’s defense mechanisms begin to haul away the debris. The degenerative reaction is seen under experimental conditions using animals when the MSG is either ingested via the diet, injected in the abdominal cavity or applied directly to the neurons in tissue culture into the brain via the cannula or tube.'


Blood Pressure Therapy Called Into Question

by Byron J. Richards, CCN

'The nightmare for those writing prescriptions for drugs and those taking them continues. The medication debacle in America highlights the blatant failure of Western medicine to improve the human condition and reverse disease in millions of Americans whose health is headed in the wrong direction.

'A number of recent studies on using drugs to control blood pressure are challenging the essence of Western medicine theory; i.e., the reliance on managing numbers on paper instead of the actual patient. The shaky theory is based on the idea that somehow changing numbers with drugs produces health. If true, you would think that changing them to look ideally healthy would produce the greatest benefit. Not so, doing so can actually cause worse health when it comes to blood pressure and Type 2 diabetic patients.'

Read more....

Health care dictatorship: A crime against America

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

'I'm afraid -- but totally serious -- that the best thing that can happen right now for America is for all the old guard drugs-and-surgery doctors and health officials to go get vaccinated and die as quickly as possible so that the younger, more integrative physicians can get into positions of authority and start to make a positive difference. It's time for a revolution in medicine, and that revolution is never going to happen as long as the very people who defend the current medical mafia remain in power.'

Mike Adams

'It's amazing that the day before the health care "reform" bill is passed in America, the FDA announces that one of the most popular statin drugs sold in America causes so much kidney damage that it might kill you. And then the day after this health care bill passes, the FDA announces that a popular rotovirus vaccine made by Merck is being halted because it is contaminated with a mysterious DNA sequence from a pig virus called porcine circovirus type 1 or PCV-1.

The reason this is important is because cholesterol drugs and vaccines represent what conventional American medicine is all about: Drugs and injections. It's not about health and prevention; it's about drugs and injections (and surgery too, of course).'


The Health Care Hindenburg Has Landed

'The claims made by the proponents of the bill are the usual deceptive corporate advertising. The bill will not expand coverage to 30 million uninsured, especially since government subsidies will not take effect until 2014. Families who cannot pay the high premiums, deductibles and co-payments, estimated to be between 15 and 18 percent of most family incomes, will have to default, increasing the number of uninsured. Insurance companies can unilaterally raise prices without ceilings or caps and monopolize local markets to shut out competitors. The $1.055 trillion spent over the next decade will add new layers of bureaucratic red tape to what is an unmanageable and ultimately unsustainable system.

The mendacity of the Democratic leadership in the face of this reality is staggering. Howard Dean, who is a doctor, said recently: “This is a vote about one thing: Are you for the insurance companies or are you for the American people?” Here is a man who once championed the public option and now has sold his soul. What is the point in supporting him or any of the other Democrats? How much more craven can they get?'


Health Care on the Road to Neo-Feudalism

'I believe that if the Senate health care bill passes as Joe Lieberman has demanded it–with no Medicare buy-in or public option–it will be a significant step further on our road to neo-feudalism. As such, I find it far too dangerous to our democracy to pass–even if it gives millions (perhaps unaffordable) subsidies for health care.

20% of your labor belongs to Aetna

Consider, first of all, this fact. The bill, if it became law, would legally require a portion of Americans to pay more than 20% of the fruits of their labor to a private corporation in exchange for 70% of their health care costs.

Consider a family of 4 making $66,150–a family at 300% of the poverty level and therefore, hypothetically, at least, “subsidized.” That family would be expected to pay $6482.70 (in today’s dollars) for premiums–or $540 a month. But that family could be required to pay $7973 out of pocket for copays and so on. So if that family had a significant–but not catastrophic–medical event, it would be asked to pay its insurer almost 22% of its income to cover health care.

Several months ago, I showed why this was a recipe for continued medical bankruptcy (though the numbers have changed somewhat). But here’s another way to think about it. Senate Democrats are requiring middle class families to give the proceeds of over a month of their work to a private corporation–one allowed to make 15% or maybe even 25% profit on the proceeds of their labor.'


Positive outlook is one of the keys to preventing heart attack

by What Doctors Don't Tell You

'There’s one thing that can dramatically reduce your risks of heart disease – and it’s the one thing that doctors never mention: be happy, and retain a positive outlook.

A positive attitude can have a big effect on the health of your heart, and could even halve your chances of suffering heart problems, and even a heart attack, over a 10-year period.

Researchers from Columbia University Medical Centre in New York confirmed what we all instinctively know when they tracked the lives of 1,739 adult volunteers – 862 men and 877 women – over the 10 years.

They wanted to gauge the impact of a positive attitude on heart health compared to a generally depressive view of life. In that time, there were 145 cases of fatal and non-fatal heart attacks, and when they eliminated all other factors, the researchers discovered that the volunteers with a generally depressed outlook were twice as likely as their happy counterparts to succumb to heart disease.'

Original Article at

The Phoenicians: Autism Recovery Denial, Drug Profits and the Media’s Flat Earth

By Adriana Gamondes

'What if the pharmaceutical industry had a formula for projected drug profits from a massive rise in autism? A formula such as: PY=P×Y

And what if the same industry simultaneously rewarded scientists, media companies and organizations which disseminate the concept that there is no autism epidemic, that the rise is “false”, that the numbers have always been with us, but that there’s just increased diagnosis due to increased clinical and public recognition of autism? And what if this industry went on a massive campaign to proselytize the dangers of any treatment method—or any scientific authority— which threatened PY=P×Y?'


The 'toxic fat' that can strangle your organs and how to shed it

Before and after: Scans of George Eastcote, who shed about 13% of his body weight and 34% of visceral fat

'Visceral fat is the internal fatty tissue that wraps itself around the heart, liver, kidneys and pancreas, and streaks through muscles. Scientists don't know exactly what causes people to lay down visceral fat, although it has been linked to a high-fat diet. But they do know it behaves differently from the largely benign fat that lies just below the skin (the sort you can pinch between your fingers).

Visceral fat is dangerously toxic. As Dr David Haslam, clinical director of the National Obesity Forum, explains: 'Visceral fat may seem to be an inert lump of lard, but it's actually highly active and constantly pumping poisons into the bloodstream.'

Visceral fat is known to cause inflammation in the colon and the artery walls, and is a major cause of heart disease, diabetes and some types of cancer.

Research even suggests that visceral fat affects mood by increasing production of the stress hormone, cortisol, and reducing levels of feel-good endorphins. So, along with killing you, visceral fat, it seems, can make you feel low'


Mass Information and Perception Mind Programming

High Fructose Corn Syrup Linked to Liver Scarring

'“We found that increased consumption of high fructose corn syrup was associated with scarring in the liver, or fibrosis, among patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD),” said Manal Abdelmalek, MD, MPH, associate professor of medicine in the Division of Gastroenterology/Hepatology at Duke University Medical Center.

Her team of researchers at Duke, one of eight clinical centers in the Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis Clinical Research Network, looked at 427 adults enrolled in the network. They analyzed dietary questionnaires collected within three months of the adults’ liver biopsies to determine their high fructose corn syrup intake and its association with liver scarring.'



More About Corrupt Scientist who lied about vaccines and autism

by F William Engdahl

'According to a report from American lawyer and autism activist, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., son of the assassinated Senator, Dr Poul Thorsen was given millions of dollars by the apparently equally corrupt US Government Center for Disease Control (CDC) to try to disprove the links between infant vaccination and the explosive growth of child autism. Kennedy, who is Chairman of the Waterkeeper Alliance and a law professor at Pace University, has been a prominent critic of the use of mercury-based Thimerosal as a preservative in vaccines given to infants.

Kennedy’s prominent claims and independent statements from leading scientists led to a ban on mercury in US vaccines. However, ever since the CDC and the vaccine industry have tried to claim that Thimerosal is harmless. The key figure in that effort was Thorsen.

Thorsen was the head of a Danish research group that wrote several key studies supporting CDC's claims that the mercury-laden MMR, the standard Measles-Mumps-Rubella vaccines typically given to infants in the first months of life were safe for children. He published a 2003 Danish study that claimed a 20-fold increase in autism in Denmark after that country banned mercury based preservatives in its vaccines. He concluded that mercury could therefore not be the culprit behind the autism epidemic.'


Pharmaceutical and Medical Terrorism

'Modern medicine in the United States today is putting
people in their graves in large numbers but before it does
the system is increasingly beating them into bankruptcy.'

by Dr. Mark Sircus

Confronting the Dark Side of Medicine

'The medical establishment attacks people with sometimes lethal drugs and vaccines and condones dentists who continue to put mercury toxic waste dumps in people’s mouths. Death by Medicine is not uncommon these days and the healthcare reform bill in the United States does nothing to address why the western medical system seems to butcher more people than it helps.'

'We only hear in the news about unusual death occurrences. For instance health ministry officials in India have rushed a team of vaccination experts to investigate the death of four infants this week. Twenty infants below the age of two years were administered tetanus and anti-measles vaccine in a small town and four of these children, aged less than one year, died after vomiting and frothing from the mouth and nose.[1] That’s a twenty percent kill rate. Deception can be deadly in Medicine and nowhere is that more evident than in the vaccine industry and cancer areas. Now we have a huge healthcare bill moving through congress and there is no doubt that it will bring a lot more deadly medicine for public consumption.'