Americans Are Learning Medicine the Cuban Way

'Cuba began educating American medical students after members of the Congressional Black Caucus met with Fidel Castro in 2000. Congressman Bennie Thompson of Mississippi told Castro about areas in his district that suffer from extreme doctor shortages. The Cuban president responded by promising scholarships for 500 Americans to attend medical school in Cuba, under the umbrella of the Latin America School of Medicine. To qualify, the students would have to show aptitude and a commitment to work in underserved communities in the United States. Since then, 34 have graduated, and more than 160 are currently enrolled.'


Toothache Relief: Oil of Cloves

'Need short-term relief for an unhappy tooth? A natural remedy is oil of cloves, which has antimicrobial, germicidal and antiseptic properties, and contains the pain-killing compound eugenol, making it very effective in relieving dental pain. Clove oil has long been used in dentistry, mixed with zinc oxide to create temporary fillings, and as an anaesthetic before those drugs were available. It is an ingredient in quite a number of dental products, including toothpastes and mouthwashes.'


Is There Sh*t in Your Salad? 39% of Bagged Salads Have Too Much Fecal Bacteria

'And this despite the fact that such bagged salads often display claims of 'prewashed' or 'triple-washed' and attract customers who consider them cleaner and safer.
First the soda fountains at fast food restaurants, and now this--Consumer Reports has just published an investigation revealing that 39% of the packaged salads tested contained "bacteria that are common indicators of poor sanitation and fecal contamination." '


Homemade Truffles for Valentine's Day

'...Make and send [give] someone you love this lovely heart shaped box. This gorgeous Love Heart Shaped Box is really easy to make following our simple instructions. Make it and give this as the gift, or make it and put something lovely inside it for the perfect present.'


Cardamom Chocolate Truffles

In the Kitchen with Award-winning Author Ani Phyo: Raw Superfood Chocolate Truffles and Dipped Fruit

Killer Chemtrails: The Shocking Truth

New McCain Bill To Put FDA in Control of All Supplements!

'McCain’s bill is called The Dietary Supplement Safety Act (DSSA). It would repeal key sections of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA). DSHEA protects supplements if 1) they are food products that have been in the food supply and not chemically altered or 2) if they were sold as supplements prior to 1994, the year that DSHEA was passed. If a supplement fits one of these two descriptions, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cannot arbitrarily ban it or reclassify it as a drug.

These protections are far from perfect. They discourage companies from developing new forms of supplements. New supplements may be arbitrarily banned by the FDA or adopted by drug companies in a way that precludes their further sale as supplements.

McCain’s bill would wipe out even the minimal protections contained in DSHEA. It would give the FDA full discretion and power to compile a discreet list of supplements allowed to remain on the market while banning all others.'


Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg on Alex Jones TV: WHO’s 2009 Swine Flu Threat Now Exposed as A Hoax

Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg on Alex Jones Tv 1/3

Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg on Alex Jones Tv 2/3: WHO's 2009 Swine Flu Threat Now Exposed as A Hoax!

Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg on Alex Jones Tv 3/3: WHO's 2009 Swine Flu Threat Now Exposed as A Hoax!

Omega 3 Fatty Acids Prevent Serious Mental Health Problems

'The use of atypical anti-psychotic medication to treat and prevent serious mental health problems such as schizophrenia is barbaric and causes severe adverse health effects including sexual dysfunction, obesity, and diabetes. A new randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial conducted between 2004 and 2007 shows that fish oil may well be the answer.

'The study involved 81 individuals, ages 13-25 years of age, considered at very high risk for developing extreme mental health problems such as psychosis or schizophrenia. They were given 1.2 grams of omega 3 oils for 12 weeks and then observed for 40 weeks, compared to the control group that did not get any fish oil. In the fish oil group only 2 of 41 participants (4.9%) developed a serious problem, compared to 11 of 40 (27.5%) in the control group. Mental health symptoms were significantly reduced in the fish oil group and brain function was significantly improved. This is a major finding.'


If The H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine Is Safe Then Why Are So Many People Being Hurt By It?

'ANOTHER IMPORTANT THING TO BE AWARE OF… beginning this year the H1N1 vaccine will automatically be combined in with the normal flu shot…. so my advice, and I am not a medical doctor but rather somebody who just has COMMON SENSE do not get the seasonal flu vaccine as it will also contain the H1N1 vaccine. It is ultimately your choice but I WILL NEVER GET ANOTHER FLU SHOT FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!' --Heather

'World health authorities and the U.S. government have spent a ton of money over the past year to promote the H1N1 vaccine. But if the H1N1 swine flu vaccine is safe, then why are so many people being hurt by it? This website is not that large, and yet we have received dozens and dozens of comments from our readers about how the H1N1 swine flu vaccine has destroyed their lives. We have posted some of the latest reader testimonies below.

'But the U.S. government and the big media companies continue to refuse to look into this epidemic of side effects because it is not "politically correct" to do so. Fortunately, on the other side of the Atlantic, the Council of Europe is investigating how pharmaceutical companies used their influence to get a "pandemic" declared and is looking into why all of these vaccines were pushed on us when the H1N1 swine flu turned out to be less dangerous than even the common seasonal flu.....'


Change Your Life With Chia Seeds

'When you think of chia seeds, you most likely think of the tiny seeds that were the joke of a generation as we slathered them on clay sculptures and gleefully watched the sprouting of 'green hair' on Homer Simpson and porcupines.

'Chia seeds (salvia hispanica) are wild seeds with origins in Mexico and Guatemala dating back to pre-Columbian times and have a long history as human food. Domesticated by ancient Mexicans in 2600 BC, these tiny seeds were a staple food of both Native American and Mexican cultures.

'Known to those cultures as 'the running food,' chia seeds and water were the main ingredients that fueled Aztec warriors in their conquests. Along with corn, beans and amaranth, chia seeds were a cornerstone in both the Mayan and Aztec diets. Tributes and taxes were paid to Aztec priests and nobility in chia seeds.'


Sleepless In Seattle? The Effects Of Sleep Deprivation

'Only in the movies would you end up with Meg Ryan if you truly are Sleepless in Seattle. Never mind that you are Tom Hanks.

'In real life, Tom never gets to make out with Meg because he is sleep deprived.
As a chronic insomniac, Tom would be...

'...Depressed, irritable and angry. When his young son Jonah wants him to call in to a national radio talk show on Christmas Eve, Tom yells at his son. He then stomps off into his bedroom and slams the door, leaving poor Jonah crying. People with insomnia are 10 times more likely to be depressed than people who sleep well.'


Murdoch Tabloids Lynch Dr. Wakefield to Ensure Profits from Deadly Vaccinations Continue

'Dr. Wakefield is only guilty of joining hundreds of other scientists proving what common sense tells any reasonable person--injecting people with toxic chemicals and heavy metals, including mercury, in these biochemical weapons, called 'vaccinations,' is risky and often deadly."'

-- Len Horowitz


Free from pain but not prosecution

'Alone in her Birmingham, England home, a woman stirs a half teaspoon of cannabis into her hot tea. By seeking relief from pain and spasms caused by multiple sclerosis in this way she is, in the eyes of the law, a criminal.

'She doesn’t take this action lightly and is not out for a recreational high. She simply wants a reprieve from the relentless pain that plagues her and, after sipping her tea, generally experiences about three hours of relief. Only those who live in chronic pain can fully understand her anguish.

'Speaking of her predicament she says, “I want politicians to be nice to me… I’m sick.” One cannot put it more simply than that. (You can read the rest of her story and view the heartbreaking video on BBC News.)

'Medical marijuana enjoys legal status in many parts of the world, where it is recognized as an effective treatment for chronic pain or nausea caused by conditions like multiple sclerosis, glaucoma, HIV/AIDS, arthritis, and cancer. Canada, Chile, and the Netherlands have decriminalized or legalized it, and Australia and Belgium are conducting trials on its benefits.

'Patients report that use of medical marijuana provides relief from spasticity, nerve pain, tremors, sleeping disorders, nausea, and depression, greatly improving quality of life.

In the United States and some other countries, social stigma and stereotypes twist the issue into a moral argument rather than a purely medical one.

'Ironically, if you watch television for a few hours, you’ll be bombarded with ads for powerful prescription medications with lengthy lists of potential side-effects up to and including death, but they are perfectly legal… and encouraged.'


Memory Loss Can be Reversed -- Just Do THIS

by Dr. Mercola

'Moderate physical activity performed in midlife or later appears to be associated with a reduced risk of mild cognitive impairment -- and a six-month high-intensity aerobic exercise program can improve cognitive function in individuals who already have the condition.

Each year, 10 percent to 15 percent of individuals with mild cognitive impairment will develop dementia, as compared with 1 percent to 2 percent of the general population.

Physical exercise may protect against mild cognitive impairment by means of the production of nerve-protecting compounds, greater blood flow to the brain, improved development and survival of neurons and the decreased risk of heart and blood vessel diseases.'


How to Buy More Nutritious and Humane Eggs: What to Know, and What You Can Forget

'Cage-free. Organic. Range-fed. Humane. We know the terms, and we see them on the labels of the egg cartons at the store. But can we trust them? And just what do they mean?

'Luckily, there are two tips you can take to reduce your stress around which eggs are best for the environment, the chickens, and you.

'First, we have to erase any trust we put into pictures of happy chickens and the meaningless terms like cage-free or organic scrawled on the cartons. These terms are too broad to trust at face value. When we read "cage-free" that might mean that the chickens are packed into one large hen-house and while not technically in cages, they aren't exactly living in humane, comfortable conditions. And when we read "organic," we can't be completely sure if that means the hens are raised without antibiotics, or if they were fed organic feed, or what.'


Why Haven't You Heard about the "New German Medicine?"

'All medical theories, whether conventional or "alternative", past or current, are based on the concept that diseases are "malfunctions" of the organism. Diseases are thought to be caused by pathogenic microbes, malignant cancer cells, defective gene mutations, a weak immune system, environmental toxins, electromagnetic pollutants, geopathic radiation, carcinogens, smoking, a poor diet, obesity, nutritional deficiencies, imbalanced pH-levels, hormones, root canals, stress, negative beliefs, and the list goes on.

German medical doctor, Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, made the ground-breaking discovery that diseases are not senseless "disorders" but in reality meaningful biological processes trying to save an organism rather than to destroy it, and that diseases are not "errors" of Nature but instead Significant Biological Special Programs of Nature created to support an individual during emotional distress.'



In the Mercola-Holt “German New Medicine” video-interview, entitled “You will Never Guess the Surprising Cause of Most Heart Attacks” (the full 2-3 hour interview is available only for members of Mercola’s Inner Circle!), Dr. Holt is giving the entirely wrong impression that Dr. Hamer was involved in the animal experimentation shown in the film.

The truth is that Dr. Hamer strongly opposes experiments on animals. Dr. Hamer: “ … today's animal testing is nothing but cruelty, ignoring that animals have a soul. Therefore, I allow myself the following prediction: one day, all animal experimentation will be exposed as a disgrace for our whole society and will be seen as a testimony to our unspeakable lack of knowledge and sensitivity.”

The Five Biological Laws, which Dr. Hamer discovered, are firmly anchored in an understanding of universal biological principles which apply to ALL living organisms. We humans have been sharing these biological natural laws with animals for millions of years! Dr. Holt’s effort of trying to “prove” Dr. Hamer’s findings with video material of animal testing is absurd and shows a serious lack of knowledge of German New Medicine and of its humane spirit.

We have another grave concern with regard to Dr. Holt being presented as "the leading U.S. physician in German New Medicine” (despite his limited knowledge of Dr. Hamer’s research and no training in GNM brain CT-analysis).

In June 2007, Dr. Holt gave a paper at a cancer conference entitled “GNM and Cancer Metastasis”. Therein he states: “As chemotherapy and radiation are particularly good at inducing atrophy and fibrosis of ANY tissue, a short course of these were administered with life-saving results”.

It seems that the administration of Chemotherapy is part of the practice of “Integrative Medicine”. Based on Dr. Hamer's findings that cancer, including so-called metastasis”, is always part of a “Meaningful Special Biological Program of Nature”, there is no place for Chemo-"therapy" in German New Medicine.

In order to avoid confusion and distraction from Dr. Hamer's discoveries - caused by the increasing number of unauthorized "Expansions" and “Integrations” of the original research - we strongly suggest that you learn about German New Medicine® by consulting approved resources.

Signed, Caroline Markolin, Ph.D. is dedicated to the teachings of the ground-breaking medical discoveries of Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hame


'A Canadian website has received well over 100 reports of people who suffered severe adverse reactions to the swine flu jab, including deaths, after they set up a reaction reporting page.

The Toronto Sun on January 30th carried a story on the case of Donna Hartlen, a young mother who is now partially paralyzed, diagnosed with Guillain-Barre syndrome, after receiving the jab.

But Dee Nicholson says Donna Hartlen is just one case in many: she says that people took the jab without being properly informed of the risks and can sue on this basis.'


FDA Attacks Natural Thyroid Millions Depend On

'American Association for Health Freedom [AAHF] have learned that Time-Cap Labs, producer of a generic version of the brand name drug Armour, a natural and bioidentical thyroid replacement, has been ordered by the FDA to stop production. The FDA has decided to classify the company's product, available for over a century, as an unapproved new drug. Since the new drug approval process is prohibitively expensive for a non-patentable substance, the FDA is in effect banning the natural product. The purpose? Presumably to protect the profits of other, inferior drugs that have been FDA approved.

According to statistics by the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists and other medical organizations, approximately twenty-seven million Americans have a thyroid disorder. Thyroid consumer advocate Mary Shomon projects that 2 million of these patients take either Armour Thyroid or a generic equivalent.'


The FDA does away with Armour Thyroid: Another example of freedom of choice in healthcare being taken away

'Be aware: There seems to be an effort afoot to eliminate the most effective form of thyroid replacement, Armour Thyroid. It has become increasingly difficult to get in any dosage strength, and many patients are having to switch to more expensive alternatives. When I started my practice, Wellness Works, back in 1994, I had a string of patients who all reinforced the same idea. They were all older ladies who came in on the synthetic alternative form of thyroid replacement, Synthroid. This drug is a form of T4, a “prohormone” that must be converted by the body to the active form, T3.

Many people have a hard time making this conversion, due to genetic abnormalities, nutritional deficiencies or missing enzymes in their system. All these ladies were asking (almost begging) me to put them back on Armour thyroid, which is made from dessicated pig thyroids and contains both T4 and T3 as well as other components of the whole gland. They simply stated they felt better when they were on Armour. Since their new (young) doctor had switched them, they had less energy, their hair fell out more, they couldn’t sleep at night and they had gained weight.'


What You Should Know About Beets

'Beets, being round roots are said to have a downward energy, affecting the lower organs and especially benefiting the colon, kidneys, bladder, spleen and liver. Beets have long been used therapeutically to improve anemia as they help to build red corpuscles. The red pigment known as betaine helps to increase oxygen intake of the body. Beets are said to be both blood cleansing and blood building.

Other ailments that have been improved by the use of beets include constipation, infectious hepatitis, irregular menses, acne, lumbago, and low blood sugar. In the 1950's a Hungarian, Dr. Alexander Forenczi used large amounts of beets in treating patients with cancerous tumors. It was considered very successful. His research was published in the July 1986 International Clinical Nutrition Review.'


Agony of doctor’s receptionist paralysed by swine flu jab

Sophie Borland
UK Daily Mail
Monday, February 1st, 2010

A receptionist at a GP’s surgery has been left unable to walk properly after having the swine flu jab.

Alison Dygnas, who as an NHS worker was advised to have the vaccination, also experienced the paralysis in her face, had slurred speech and found eating difficult.

Doctors believe the jab triggered a rare condition affecting the nervous system known as myasthenia gravis.

When she had the vaccination in December, the mother of two said she felt ‘full of energy’.

Six weeks later she started feeling stabbing pains in her legs, which quickly intensified.

Alison Dygnas led an active life before the vaccine, but now struggles to walk


NASA Creates Chemtrail Psy-Ops Leaflet

Slow Genocide: Unicef to give 500,000 children in Haiti dangerous jabs

From The Flu Case

'The UN agency, Unicef, is starting a mass vaccination campaign in Haiti on Tuesday with the goal of giving 500,000 jabs against measles, diphtheria and tetanus, reports the Austrian Press Agency, APA.

Children under 2 years of age are to be the focus of the campaign.

A recent study by the John Hopkins University compared the life expectancy of children in Africa who participated in Unicef vaccination campaigns and children who did not participate and found that children were much more likely to survive if they did not get Unicef vaccinations.

Unicef has not indicated that it intends to revise its vaccination policy in the light of these findings.

The John Hopkins study will fuel fears that vaccinations are being given by the UN agency to children in Haiti in order to cause death and damage as part of a global depopulation campaign.'

Magnesium Boosts Brain Function

by Byron J. Richards, CCN

'A new animal study shows that intake of magnesium above what is traditionally considered the normal dietary amount has a dramatic effect on improving multiple aspects of memory and learning, findings that held true for both young and old.

Magnesium directly improved synaptic plasticity, which I have previously explained as the key to the future health of your brain. Various regions in the brain associated with learning and memory experienced significant improvements in synaptic function as a result of magnesium dietary supplementation.

“Our findings suggest that elevating brain magnesium content via increasing magnesium intake might be a useful new strategy to enhance cognitive abilities,” explains lead author Guosong Liu, Director of the Center for Learning and Memory at Tsinghua University in Beijing. “Moreover, half the population of industrialized countries has a magnesium deficit, which increases with aging. This may very well contribute to age-dependent memory decline; increasing magnesium intake might prevent or reduce such decline.”

This data suggests that the daily requirement of 400 mg of magnesium, while adequate for some important functions of magnesium, is not adequate for optimal brain function. Over the years I have seen significant health improvement in individuals consuming magnesium in the 600 mg – 1000 mg range. Because magnesium tends to have a laxative effect the amount any one person can consume as a dietary supplement is sometimes limited by bowel function. However, for those interested in strategies to help maintain optimal brain function higher levels of magnesium intake are likely to be helpful.'

Who Benefits From the Phoney 'War on Drugs'?

New Film Exposes Government Drug Dealing

'In the follow-up to his ground-breaking documentary ‘American Drug War,’ filmmaker Kevin Booth traces the fight against Federal drug regulation in the State of California. A public majority has spoken and said yes to states rights, allowing for the use of medicinal marijuana and opening up a new front in controversial medicinal ‘dispensaries.’

While users herald the freedom of legally-licensed “weed,” powerful forces at the DEA and law enforcement haven’t given up their federal enforcement power yet. Many dispensaries have been raided, targeting their distribution of marijuana and challenging their authority to rise into legitimate business.'

The Miracle of Ozone Therapy

Medical Ozone Generator

'Ozone is probably one of the most miraculous healing therapies available on our planet at this time. Through its oxygenating power, it successfully treats and cures a wide range of serious degenerative conditions including cancer, cardio-vascular disease, diabetes, liver, and kidney disease.

More Than Hot Air

'Ozone is very potent electrified or energized oxygen (O3). Oxygen is more essential to life than food and water. Without it, we would die in minutes but in big cities the levels in the air are decreasing, causing widespread ill health. Oxygen is carried to every part of the body by the red blood cells and is essential for the functioning of every cell in the body, as well as stimulating a healthy immune system.'



'Since the 1940s, ozone machines in the USA have been seized and information has been effectively suppressed by the FDA, citing the excuse that there is no “scientific evidence” for their effectiveness. Yet, in fact, ozone use predates the formation of the FDA itself. Ed McCabe (“Mister Oxygen”) stated that “ozone's medical usage is grandfathered in the United States and held as perfectly legal for any MD to use without censure.” So, despite 60 years of medical ozone's use on humans by thousands of physicians and flawless animal studies, the FDA will not allow human testing in the United States.'

--Louise Mclean

'At the request of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, U.S. Marshals today seized 77 ozone generators, models AOS-1M and AOS-1MD, from Applied Ozone Systems of Auburn, Calif. The seized goods, which are medical devices, are valued at $75,900.

The FDA advises health care professionals and consumers to discontinue use of these devices, which Applied Ozone Systems claims can treat cancer, AIDS, hepatitis, herpes, and a number of other diseases and conditions. The FDA has not determined that the seized products are safe and effective in treating the diseases or conditions...'

Original FDA Press Release HERE

FDA Terrorists: The Enforcement Arm of the Medical Mafia

by Mark Sircus Ac., OMD

'The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) practices a unique form of terrorism that tends to be particularly ugly, mean, nasty, brutal, and cruel. They are an organization from its inception dedicated to a vast but slow poisoning of every man woman and child in America. As the main governmental agency dedicated to the rising empire of the chemical and pharmaceutical companies they began their long campaign of terror by allowing toxic food preservatives into the food supply that they knew way back then to cause serious health problems.[2] This of course was just the beginning.'


Disease Mongering for Restless Leg Syndrome

textbook example of disease mongering by the pharmaceutical industry is the case of Requip for Restless Leg Syndrome.'

What is Requip and Mirapex?

'Requip is a powerful drug for Parkinson’s Disease. Requip is also used to treat movement disorders caused by anti-psychotic drugs for mental patients (such as Prolixin and Haldol). Mirapex is similar to Requip.

Adverse side effects of Requip includes compulsive gambling and hypersexual behavior.(1)

Magnesiun Deficiency Causes Restless Legs

Magnesiun deficiency causes muscle cramps at night and is the most common cause of Restless Leg Syndrome. (2) Sixty Eight Per Cent (68%) of Americans are Magnesium deficient, according to the USDA Agricultural Research Service.(3) Restless Leg Syndrome, or leg muscle cramping during sleep is not a reason for powerful Parkinson's drugs. Inexpensive magnesium supplementation usually resolves the problem. Using a drug like Requip instead of supplementing for magnesium deficiency is the height of lunacy, and would be comical if it wasn't tragic. This is typical drug mongering indicative of a broken medical system.'