Corporate Threats to Your Food Supply

'Dr. Mercola interviews Dr. Chopra, an insider who was hired by the drug companies and worked with vaccine development in Europe. He has also worked for the Canadian government, in the equivalent of the FDA. He was a senior scientific adviser for what is now Health Canada for 20 years, working primarily in vaccines and antibiotics.'

Dr. Chopra is a very knowledgeable and passionate about the issues threatening the food supply, and his sentiments echo my own very closely.

'As Small Farms Disappear, the Food System is Crumbling

Most “farming” today is nothing like the small farming of our ancestors. Food production on a massive, corporate level has taken over the natural farming practices that thrived for hundreds of years. As Dr. Chopra said:

“Look at our food supply in Canada and the United States since they were established 200-300 years ago until they started to turn into this intensive industrial farming.

Until then, they were the happiest lands anywhere on earth because food was pristine, pure and it was doing well -- and there was a lot of land and water. Everything was good.

And then came the mechanization -- the chemicalization -- and now it’s come to the elimination of the family farm. How has it happened? This last thing that I’m talking about: we now no longer have family farms left, very few and very far in between.”

Those of you who are new to the natural health scene may find it surprising that the modern food system is in danger of collapsing. The food system began its dramatic decline the second the world turned away from the farming practices of our ancestors, and began to attempt to outdo nature with technology.


Our Decrepit Food Factories

'Our modern system of industrial agriculture is the essence of “unsustainability,” and has already begun to breakdown, according to New York Times contributing writer Michael Pollan in Our Decrepit Food Factories.'


How Wall St Destroyed Private Medicine

'While Medicare payments for in-office services to private doctors, including those for blood work and x-ray units, were drastically cut, payments to outside corporate facilities for the same services were increased. It is obvious what is afoot. Corporate lobbies are using their whores in Congress to shift income from physician offices to corporate labs, corporate medical service providers, and hospitals that are owned by national corporations.

'Legislation that cuts payments to private physicians and increases the payments to large corporate entities is intended to destroy private practice and to create in its place corporate bureaucracies in which doctors are wage slaves. The physician’s income is diverted to shareholders, CEO bonuses, and Wall Street. Health care is being replaced with health business.

'As a result of the way American medicine is being reconstructed, patients will cease to have a doctor whom they know and who knows them. Important information is lost in a system of bureaucratized “health care” in which a patient sees whatever face happens to be on duty at the corporate provider. Impersonal health care thus brings a cost of its own, and its quality can be low compared to private practice. Indeed, the U.S. is creating a “health care” system that is more costly and less efficient than single-payer national health systems. But it will enrich corporations and provide play for Wall Street.'


(the chemtrail song) A PLANE TRAIL OF DEADLY DECEPTION by trillion feat. Luca

Excluded from the Copenhagen Agenda:
Environmental Modification Techniques (ENMOD)
and Climate Change
The manipulation of climate for military use

'The term "environmental modification techniques" refers to any technique for changing - through the deliberate manipulation of natural processes - the dynamics, composition or structure of the Earth, including its biota, lithosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere, or of outer space. (Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques, United Nations, Geneva: 18 May 1977)'

"Environmental warfare is defined as the intentional modification or manipulation of the natural ecology, such as climate and weather, earth systems such as the ionosphere, magnetosphere, tectonic plate system, and/or the triggering of seismic events (earthquakes) to cause intentional physical, economic, and psycho-social, and physical destruction to an intended target geophysical or population location, as part of strategic or tactical war." (Eco News)

"[Weather modification] offers the war fighter a wide range of possible options to defeat or coerce an adversary... Weather modification will become a part of domestic and international security and could be done unilaterally… It could have offensive and defensive applications and even be used for deterrence purposes. The ability to generate precipitation, fog and storms on earth or to modify space weather… and the production of artificial weather all are a part of an integrated set of [military] technologies." (US Air Force document AF 2025 Final Report)


NEW VIDEO! Adventures of the Leptin Family... Invasion of the Franken Foods!

Health Scandal of the Decade – Monsanto’s GMO Perversion of Food

'In the 2010 growing season Monsanto plans to unleash its latest Frankenfood experiment on the American and Canadian public, a new version of genetically mutated corn with eight abnormal gene traits called Genuity SmartStax corn. It is the culmination of an astonishing scandal that has been steadily building over the past decade. During this time Monsanto’s mutated seeds have grown to 90% of the U.S. soy crop and 85% of the corn crop – and wheat is next on their agenda.

'Their efforts have been marked by corporate bullying and have drawn the attention of the Justice Department who is conducting an antitrust investigation. All the while they have been spending millions on lobbying to fast track their agenda before the American public even realizes what hit them. Europeans are livid about the lack of safety testing for this newest Monsanto experiment. Monsanto is making an ominous power play to corner the worldwide market on food and seeds. In the process they are adversely altering the very nature of food itself.'


We Become Silent - The Last Days Of Health Freedom

'We Become Silent: The Last Days of Health Freedom' details the ongoing attempts by multinational pharmaceutical interests and giant food companies — in concert with the WTO, the WHO and others — to limit the public’s access to herbs, vitamins and other therapies. 'We Become Silent’ is narrated by Dame Judi Dench, the noted UK actress who has won multiple Golden Globe awards, an Oscar, and a Tony for her on-stage work, in addition to dozens of other honors throughout her prestigious career.'

Green Tea Helps Beat Superbugs

'The pharmacy researchers have shown that drinking green tea helps the action of important antibiotics in their fight against resistant superbugs, making them up to three times more effective.

Green tea is a very common beverage in Egypt, and it is quite likely that patients will drink green tea while taking antibiotics. The medical researchers wanted to find out if green tea would interfere with the action of the antibiotics, have no effect, or increase the medicines' effects.'


Toxic Tamiflu : Girl, 19, left battling blindness after taking Tamiflu (and she didn't even have swine flu)

'A teenage girl left disabled by the swine flu treatment Tamiflu did not even have the virus, it was revealed today.

Samantha Millard, 19, became critically ill after suffering a severe allergic reaction to the tablets, which she took on the advice of the controversial NHS helpline.

Within 72 hours of taking three pills, doctors put her on life support.

Samantha spent a month in hospital after developing the life-threatening Stevens Johnson syndrome, which causes the skin to peel off, and later developed toxic epidermal necrolysis syndrome, which has damaged her sight.'


Sleep Better Now: 3 Ways Your Heart Can Help...

'One of the things to remember and have compassion for during this Sleep Challenge is the challenge of insomnia. It can be just plain harder to sleep these days even when we try. People's stress levels are on the increase and that also means stress hormones are changing our sleep patterns.


'We are overloaded with too much to do, or over-stimulated with too much we'd like to do. Either way, the result is the same. If we don't get enough sleep, it builds up until we're exhausted, mentally foggy, irritable and running on empty emotionally.'


Jon Rappoport Reviews House of Numbers

'Brent Leung, a young Canadian filmmaker, has just released House of Numbers, which explores every basic official fact about AIDS—and finds these facts shot through with doubts and holes.

The accuracy of HIV tests; the competing and unclear definitions of AIDS; whether HIV causes AIDS; overblown case numbers; the safety and efficacy of the medicines; the supposed lethality of HIV; all these issues come up for review.

What’s remarkable is that Leung gained access to major AIDS researchers and bureaucrats and put them on camera for interviews: Robert Gallo; Tony Fauci; Robin Weiss; David Baltimore; Luc Montagnier. You’ll see a gallery of officialdom on display.

Predictably, House of Numbers has ignited controversy. It questions authority.

Among its high points—

In 1985, an African definition of AIDS was framed by Western scientists so that, without any defining test, an eyeball diagnosis could be made. The result? Untold numbers of Africans who have exhibited obvious signs of ordinary immune suppression and lives lived in poverty have been arbitrarily called AIDS victims.

For several reasons, the standard blood tests for HIV (Elisa and Western Blot) are unreliable. Worst-case, a person could submit to a test, and merely depending on what country he lived in, he could be diagnosed positive or negative.

The drugs given for AIDS are highly toxic, and can cause death in the short or long term.

In what is perhaps the most shocking moment of the film, Nobel Laureate Luc Montagnier, the co-discoverer of HIV, states that a person with a strong immune system should be able to throw off the effects of the virus.

Coming from anyone else, this remark would be cast off like some piece of nonsense, especially since it torpedoes the whole billion-dollar pharmaceutical assault on AIDS. But Montagnier is one of the brightest stars in the HIV-research firmament.

When advance clips of the film were released, Montagnier’s statement caused a firestorm, and charges were leveled that Leung had edited that remark to twist its meaning and context. Leung then posted footage (cut out of the final edit of House of Numbers) that showed Montagnier had gone even further in his assessment that HIV was not a lethal virus.

Another Nobel Laureate, Kary Mulllis (1993, Chemistry), appears on camera attacking the HIV=AIDS formulation. He also observes that, before AIDS surfaced in the early 1980s, the CDC was a fading institution, and was in danger of losing most or all of its funding—and desperately needed a new epidemic to bring it back into the spotlight. Mullis implies that the CDC was consciously and desperately casting about for a novel germ it could tie to a health threat, and was proceeding beyond the bounds of rigorous science to get there.

Audiences unfamiliar with AIDS controversies that have been brewing for 20 years under the radar will be thrown back in their chairs. They will come away from the film with a slew of doubts about the pronouncements of official AIDS science.

As for “the AIDS professionals,” who make their living building on shaky foundations, they are, of course, livid about the film—as are some AIDS activists.

However, after reading criticisms of House of Numbers, I see no willingness to take up Leung’s many points through honest and complete debate. Instead, as usual, there is name calling and denial.

This is par for the course. Since 1984, when the so-called cause of AIDS was announced on national television, at a press conference—without strong published confirming studies—the AIDS establishment has been tap dancing their way through history.

The fact that people have been dying, and that a better understanding of the causes could have resulted in saved lives, seems to have made no dent in the establishment’s armor.

But that, too, is par for the course.

House of Numbers illustrates an all-too-familiar pattern of modern science in action: a hypothesis is floated by a few researchers; it gains traction and funding; the wagons are circled and the hypothesis is called indisputable; funding ceases for all other possibilities and alternatives; critics are viciously attacked; the original hypothesis is never confirmed by truly independent research.

In this turgid atmosphere, it’s left to outsiders to examine the flawed science. This is what Leung has done. He’s done his job well. A new generation will now have a chance to consider the explosive issues surrounding AIDS.'

For dates and locations of theatrical screenings, video on demand, and DVD sales, visit

Jon Rappoport has worked as an independent investigative reporter since 1982. The LA Weekly nominated him for a Pulitzer Prize, for an interview he did with the president of El Salvador University, where the military had taken over the campus and was disappearing students and burning books. He has written for In These Tines, Village Voice, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, CBS Healthwatch, Stern. He is the author of AIDS INC., The Secret Behind Secret Societies, and The Ownership of All Life. His work can be found at and


Albarin: Cancer
Cure or Hoax?

'The long chain acemannans in our Aloe Vera Acemannan are undoubtedly central to a banned, intravenously administered aloe extract product in the U.S. called Albarin -- made using a special freeze dried process developed by Ivan Danhof, M.D., and celebrated among alternative cancer therapy proponents.'

--Greg Caton

'On October 11,2001 120 terrorists from the Food and Drug Administration, Florida Department of Law Enforcement, and the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office raided alternative cancer clinics in Tampa and St.Petersburg Florida run under the auspices of The Medical Center for Preventative and Nutritional Medicine. Ironically, the raids came exactly one month after the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center/Pentagon, they were conducted by our own government.

'What sets this raid apart from other FDA raids is that 80 % of the cancer patients coming to the clinics for treatment with Albarin, an injectable form of Aloe Vera, were going into remission and not a single complaint came from a patient. The only complaints came from mainstream oncologists obviously solely interested in protecting their economic turf. Many patients lives have been thrown into disarray and several will be dead within a month if they can't get their Albarin back.

'If the FDA succeeds in this outrageous effort to suppress patient's access to Albarin, consumers may never again have access to any unapproved treatment they may wish to use, no matter how good it may be. It is essential that everyone take the actions suggested at the end of this article to defend the lives of the patients.

'Along with the Tampa and St.Petersburg clinics, the FDA raided the home of Joseph DiStefano, the licensed nutrition counselor who ran them in conjunction with Daniel Mayer, D.O. Their first 100 patients all came from Hospice where they'd been told they only had 2-3 months to live.DiStefano and Mayer only lost 6 out of lOO of them.'


Do You Really Trust Big Pharma? -- Big Pharma Pays a Publisher to Publish a Fake Journal...

'This is wrong on so many levels that it's hard to know where to begin.'

'If there is one thing that science-based medicine requires to function properly, it's good science and well-designed clinical trials subjected to rigorous peer review. Moreover, that review has to be unbiased, and the journals publishing them cannot be tainted with undue influence of big pharma.

'A while back, I wrote about JAMA editor Catherine DeAngelis, her crusade against undisclosed conflicts of interest by the authors of journal articles, and, most importantly, her hypocrisy and heavy-handed attempt to slap down a researcher and educator who pointed out the failure of a JAMA author to disclose that he had been on the speakers' bureau for a pharmaceutical company whose drug he had been studying.

'What made this offense particularly egregious was that the study in question had a rather glaring methodological flaw that, when corrected for, revealed that nonpharmacological therapy was equal to that of the drug company's medication, which the author admitted when it was pointed out to him.

What does one do when the whole journal--articles and all--is nothing more than a glossy advertisement for a pharmaceutical company's products?'


New study puts final nail in the “saturated fat causes heart disease” coffin

Eating saturated fat doesn’t cause heart disease!

'For more than five decades we’ve been brainwashed to believe that saturated fat causes heart disease. It’s such a deeply ingrained belief that few people even question it. It’s just part of our culture now.

Almost every day one of my patients in the clinic tells me proudly that they have a “healthy” diet because they don’t eat butter, cheese or red meat or any other foods high in saturated fat (nevermind that red meat isn’t particularly high in saturated fat, but that’s a subject for another post). Or I might overhear someone at the grocery store saying how much they prefer whole fat yogurt to the low-fat version, but they eat the low-fat stuff anyways because they want to make the “healthy” choice.'


Why We Must Oppose the WHO Global Tax Proposals: UN ‘Humanitarian Aid’ and the Eugenics Agenda

“Dr. Flu” Albert Osterhaus

'At almost the precise moment when the WHO global taxation ambition was exposed, reports began to emerge that a ‘humanitarian’ program administered by another UN organization, UNICEF, had failed. Remarkably, a review of the program—which was intended to provide basic supplies and humanitarian aid to African children—found that children who were receiving the UN aid actually died at higher rates than children who received no aid at all.'

In 1996, the Philippine Medical Association concluded that tetanus vaccines administered as a part of a WHO vaccination program in that country contained hCG. Women who had taken the vaccine and suffered miscarriage shortly thereafter were found to have had the hCG anti-bodies. That the hCG could have accidentally ended up in the tetanus vaccines is almost unthinkable, especially since tetanus toxoids in particular have been known as ideal carriers for the hormone since at least 1980. In 2004, independent testing of a polio vaccine being administered by UNICEF found sterilizing agents had been added to those vaccines as well. In Thailand, the tetanus vaccine is routinely administered to women during pregnancy, often resulting in spontaneous abortions.

The widespread prevalence of similar problems in completely unrelated batches of vaccine produced in different laboratories in different parts of the globe in different years suggest that this pattern is not explicable as mere accident or negligence, but malicious forethought. The fact that many of the key United Nations agencies from the Population Division (Frank Notestein) to UNESCO (Julian Huxley) were set up and directed by card carrying members (and presidents) of eugenics societies should give an indication as to the true purpose and intentions of the UN “Humanitarian Aid”: programs.'


Doctors Without Borders Plane with Lifesaving Medical Supplies Diverted Again from Landing in Haiti

'A Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) cargo plane carrying 12 tons of medical equipment, including drugs, surgical supplies and two dialysis machines, was turned away three times from Port-au-Prince airport since Sunday night despite repeated assurances of its ability to land there. This 12-ton cargo was part of the contents of an earlier plane carrying a total of 40 tons of supplies that was blocked from landing on Sunday morning.

Since January 14, MSF has had five planes diverted from the original destination of Port-au-Prince to the Dominican Republic. These planes carried a total of 85 tons of medical and relief supplies.'


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IMF to Haiti: Freeze Public Wages

'Haiti's vulnerability to natural disasters, its food shortages, poverty, deforestation and lack of infrastructure, are not accidental. To say that it is the poorest nation in the Western hemisphere is to miss the point; Haiti was made poor--by France, the United States, Great Britain, other Western powers and by the IMF and the World Bank.'

'Now, in its attempts to help Haiti, the IMF is pursuing the same kinds of policies that made Haiti a geography of precariousness even before the quake. To great fanfare, the IMF announced a new $100 million loan to Haiti on Thursday. In one crucial way, the loan is a good thing; Haiti is in dire straits and needs a massive cash infusion. But the new loan was made through the IMF's extended credit facility, to which Haiti already has $165 million in debt.

Debt relief activists tell me that these loans came with conditions, including raising prices for electricity, refusing pay increases to all public employees except those making minimum wage and keeping inflation low. They say that the new loans would impose these same conditions. In other words, in the face of this latest tragedy, the IMF is still using crisis and debt as leverage to compel neoliberal reforms.'


To Save Haiti - Fire Gen 'Brownie' Keen, Start Air
Drops, Cancel
The Debt, Kick Out The IMF

Unofficial Policy of the 'World Health Organisation' and ‘Save the Children’s Fund' is Murder and Genocide


'It is hardly necessary to introduce Dr. Kalokerinos. He is well known worldwide as the doctor who spent much of his time fighting for the wellbeing of the Aboriginal inhabitants of Australia. He is so much appreciated for his work and for his engagements that many, lovingly, call him ‘Archie’ He wrote down his experiences in the masterpiece "Every Second Child".

'Instead of being rewarded for doing so, he was harassed and his methods were disregarded by the authorities, probably because they were too simple, too cheap and too efficacious to fit modem medical standards. And, besides, they were meant to protect a population which, in its own native county, is regarded by some as not worth taking the trouble for anyway. Dr. Kalokerinos thought differently.

'He pinpointed the increase in vaccination campaigns as the reason why, at a certain point, up to half of the vaccinated Aboriginal infants died, obviously from an acute vitamin C deficiency provoked by the vaccination.'


Debt Slavery is Bad For Your Health - Stand Up Against the Banksters and Support the Icelandic Insurrection!

National governments must be investigated, not just WHO, says Le Temps

'Is WHO being set up to bear the brunt of the criticism of the swine flu scam in order that national governments can avoid drawing attention to their own complicity? This is the question posed by the headline in Le Temps.'

'With the exception of the Polish health minister, every single health minister in Europe and every single government head backed the mass swine flu vaccination campaign in spite of the evidence that the jabs were untested and toxic.

French senators are going to question pharmaceutical companies on Wednesday.

But where is the parliamentary inquiry in Germany, for example? Why has none been launched?

WHO could not have implemented its swine flu mass vaccination campaign without the complicity of many agents in national governments, who established national pandemic plans from 2002 onwards.

One of the strongest supporters of these pandemic plans in Germany was Wolfgang Wodarg, who is leading the criticism against WHO while presenting the swine flu scam as mainly for profit.

Why has he not initiated an inquiry in the German parliament? Is it because his own role will come under scrutiny?'

Original Article HERE

Reverse Dementia with Blueberries

'While the pharmaceutical industry scrambles unsuccessfully to concoct some drug to counteract the symptoms of dementia, a research team from England has found an easy nutritional intervention that actually seems to reverse cognitive impairment. Scientists at two British Universities–the University of Reading and the Peninsula Medical School–fed elderly rats a regular diet supplemented with about 150 grams (five ounces) of blueberries a day for 12 weeks. After three weeks, the rats showed considerable improvement in performing tasks involving spatial memory. In fact, the blueberry-enhanced old rats performed as well as young rats, improving memory by 83 percent, and the improvements continued for the remaining nine weeks of the study.'



'Two recent studies offer new evidence suggesting an alternative form of natural vitamin E can be taken by mouth and will reach the blood in humans at levels determined to protect against stroke and other diseases.

Vitamin E occurs naturally in eight different forms. The primary vitamin E on drugstore shelves is called tocopherol, or TCP. But another natural form of vitamin E surfacing as a potent neuroprotective agent in repeated Ohio State University Medical Center studies is tocotrienol, or TCT.'


Bisphenol A Linked to Increased Rate of Heart Disease

'While the FDA drags its feet on Bisphenol A (BPA) regulation so as to stave off a flood of lawsuits against the plastics industry, British researchers have documented that United States citizens have a 33% higher risk for coronary artery disease is they have higher levels of Bisphenol A.

Why does it take a foreign University to do the work of the FDA? The British research team found that a quarter of the population with the highest levels of BPA were more than twice as likely to report having heart disease or diabetes, compared to the quarter with the lowest BPA levels. They also found that higher BPA levels were associated with clinically abnormal liver enzyme concentrations.

6.4 billion pounds of BPA are produced every year, making it a rather large problem. Plastic containing BPA polymers carries the recycling symbol #7, which can also indicate other kinds of mixed plastics. The plastic may be called polycarbonate, lexan or polysulfone and is generally a clear, hard plastic, though it may be tinted different colors. Clear plastic baby bottles and children’s training cups are likely to be made of polycarbonate. Don’t wait around for the FDA to protect you.'

Original Article HERE

'Peak Oil' Scam Alert . . . and the diabolical agenda of “demand destruction”

Col Fletcher Prouty explains how oil was falsely classified a "fossil fuel" in 1892 and how that deception was advanced further in the 70's by Kissinger and Rockefeller.

The Peak Oil Theory Story

'However, in 2008, after doing additional research, I realized that the peak oil theory had huge flaws. It relies on the following five “myths”:

1. Oil is a fossil fuel and as such is a “finite” resource
Western science has bought into and taught the fossil fuel myth regarding petroleum for many many years. Researcher/author William Engdahl wrote: ” . . . Western geologists do not bother to offer hard scientific proof of fossil origins. They merely assert it as a holy truth. The Russians have produced volumes of scientific papers, most in Russian. The dominant Western journals have no interest in publishing such a revolutionary view. Careers, entire academic professions are at stake after all.” [As is the sale of many books.]

In an interview Colonial [sic] Fletcher Prouty, former government insider [4], explained the events surrounding the decision to categorize oil as an organic substance (fossil fuel). He points out that it was deceptively made at a world scientific conference in Geneva back in the 1892 as a result of pressure exerted by scientists employed by oil magnate John D. Rockefeller. They have never found a fossil below 16,000 feet and today oil is frequently mined at depths of 30,000 feet. This fallacy was cemented into “fact” in the early 70’s during the “energy crisis” when globalists John Rockefeller IV and Henry Kissinger convinced top U.S. government officials that a “world price” needed to be established for the “finite resource” – oil.'


The Most Important Dietary Tip You Have Never Heard

Find out more...

'Most people know that eating more fruits and vegetables and choosing lean meats like fish, chicken and turkey are good starts to a healthy diet. Reducing your sugar intake, eating whole grains and avoiding fried and fatty foods are also well known ways to move towards a healthier diet.

However, many people do all of these things but still make one cardinal mistake when it comes to their dietary patterns — they don’t take steps to balance their blood sugar.

Blood sugar swings can put an extraordinary amount of stress on your body and can contribute significantly to weight gain, type II diabetes, inflammation and possibly cancer. It’s important to keep in mind that the dietary mistakes that create blood sugar swings can be in the context of what may seem like healthy food choices.'


Mental Health: Thought Control and Cognitive Dissonance in 'Free Societies'

'In societies which like to call themselves open and free, liberty is usually defined in contrasting terms. State propaganda and indoctrination, for example, are said to be exclusive characteristics of unfree or totalitarian states at both ends of the ideological spectrum.

One danger of defining our society in opposition to less desirable 'others' is that it relieves us of the burden of internal scrutiny and introspection. It is reassuring to know that other communities are demonstrably less privileged than ours but it can also lead us to complacent assumptions about our own capacity for free thought and expression.

George Orwell offered an explanation of how thought control also operated in liberal democracies. In an unpublished introduction to Animal Farm Orwell warned that "the sinister fact about literary censorship in England is that it is largely voluntary. Unpopular ideas can be silenced, and inconvenient facts kept dark, without any need for an "official ban."


'Even the names of the four Ministries by which we are governed exhibit a sort of impudence in their deliberate reversal of the facts.

The Ministry of Peace concerns itself with war.

The Ministry of Truth with lies.

The Ministry of Love with torture.

And the Ministry of Plenty with starvation.

These contradictions are not accidental, nor do they result from ordinary hypocrisy; they are deliberate exercises in doublethink.
For it is only by reconciling contradictions that power can be retained indefinitely. In no other way could the ancient cycle be broken. If human equality is to be for ever averted — if the High, as we have called them, are to keep their places permanently — then the prevailing mental condition must be controlled insanity.'
George Orwell 1984

A Heretic’s View of Influenza’s Role in Health & Disease

“Bernard was right; the pathogen is nothing; the terrain is everything.” — Louis Pasteur’s deathbed words

'We’ve all been taught that germs are bad and they are lurking around every corner, waiting to invade defenseless humans. Doctors and the media talk about Swine flu as though getting the flu is an inevitable catastrophe unless, of course, we are injected with the life-saving flu shot. We go to great lengths to combat these potential invaders: frequent hand-washing, learning to cough in our sleeves and grimacing at the thought of eating a morsel retrieved from the floor. Is all this necessary? Or is there a different view?

One of the chiasms between conventional medical doctors and those who embrace alternative practices is the view of how the Germ Theory of Disease (credited to Louis Pasteur) impacts health. Many assume a discussion about the Germ Theory is a moot point. Questioning its validity elicits divisiveness and hostility among medical practitioners and laypersons alike. Why? Because challenging Pasteur’s mechanistic idea of disease—finding the right cure (drug) for each germ—was the seed of the pharmaceutical empire. Nonetheless, it is most unfortunate that Pasteur’s premise was accepted as complete to the exclusion of all others.

There is little doubt that by the 21st century, a 19th century concept should have evolved. The frailty of the immune system is a medical myth. We need a better understanding of the relationship between humans and microbes to live in optimal health.'


Your Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) and Magnesium levels basically determine your present state of health.

'Unfortunately, the majority of Americans lose 80-90% of their optimal DHEA between ages 30 and 80.

According to Dr. Norman Shealy, every known illness is associated with a magnesium deficiency and low levels of the hormone DHEA. DHEA is the health and youth hormone. If your magnesium is low, your DHEA is low. Even a 10% increase in magnesium and DHEA levels is associated with a 48% decrease in death from cardiovascular disease and a 36% decrease in mortality: from all causes. Sadly most soils/foods in the USA virtually have no magnesium. Farmers are well aware that their horses and cattle may die from "blind-staggers" or "grass-staggers," an uncoordinated gait, severe muscle spasms and even seizures. All this is curable with magnesium supplementation if caught early.'


The Impressive Nutritional Profile of Hemp Seed Oil

An Integrative Medicine Nutritionist, MaryBeth Augustine describes the nutritional profile of Hempseed Oil; the Therapeutic role of EFAs (Essential Fatty Acids);and a comparison of Hemp Oil to Fish Oil, Flaxseed Oil and Soybean Oil. Presented to 2002 Cannabis Therapeutics Conference, hosted by Patients Out of Time.