Corrupt Census Company and UK Publisher Spins Science: Doctors Poisoned by Medical-Media Monopoly

By Dr. Len Horowitz

Los Angeles--European Council officials investigating vaccine industry corruption and media frights that prompted governments worldwide to over-stock risky H1N1 vaccines and expensive drugs for the unusually mild "2009 swine flu pandemic" have a Special Report online in Medical Veritas to consider.

"Pharmaganda: A Study of Conflicting Interests," by Editor-in-Chief Dr. Leonard Horowitz, and investigative journalist Sherri Kane, evidences a virtual monopoly by Reed-Elsevier over scientific publications empowered by ChoicePoint, a leading intelligence organization and census data company serving organized crime.

Vast corruption of medicine is administered by persuasion through health science publications according to the authors who indict
The Lancet--an esteemed medical journal--and other Reed-Elsevier periodicals for gross conflicting interests.

The Lancet is among 2,000 science journals published by the Reed-Elsevier-ChoicePoint conglomerate. The UK-based company sells more than 250,000 articles annually. Through its vast network of publications, combined with ChoicePoint's "intelligence services," control over scientific knowledge and medical practices are certain and have become disastrous. Medical intelligence and health practices have been monopolized and corrupted to the detriment of world health and every doctor and patient.

ChoicePoint was purchased by Reed-Elsevier in 2008 for $3.6 billion in cash. The conglomerate is a "prime intelligence service" supplying governments and multinational corporations with genetic and demographic data, including confidential social security numbers and voter records. The company is best known for administering the corrupted data used to certify George Bush' s contested 2000 presidential election.


By Dr. Mercola

'The U.S. government is encouraging farmers to spread a chalky waste from coal-fired power plants on their fields to loosen and fertilize soil.

The material is produced by power plant "scrubbers" that remove acid-rain-causing sulfur dioxide from plant emissions. The substance is a synthetic form of the mineral gypsum, and it also contains mercury, arsenic, lead and other heavy metals.

The Environmental Protection Agency says those toxic metals occur in only tiny amounts. But some environmentalists say too little is known about how the material affects crops, and ultimately human health.'


America’s Contaminated Food Supply

Would you like more mold with your hot dog?

'The truth about America's contaminated food supply is not told to the American public. You see, the vast majority of Americans simply do not realize that the FDA expressly allows rat excrement, maggots and insect heads to be put into their food. Seriously. After learning the truth about America's food supply, you will want to eat organic food forever. The reality is that the FDA explicitly allows large levels of the most disgusting contaminants in the food that we buy in the supermarket every day.

If you don't believe us, perhaps you will believe the FDA.

You see, the FDA has actually published a pamphlet entitled “The Food Defect Action Levels: Levels of Natural or Unavoidable Defects in Foods That Present No Health Hazards for Humans” that instructs our food producers on exactly how many "natural contaminants" are allowed in our food.'

The list below are just a few examples from the pamphlet of the allowable levels of "natural contaminants" that the FDA allows to be put into our food.....'


9 New Stories Of Pain And Loss From Pregnant Women Who Lost Their Babies After Receiving The H1N1 Jab

'Is the H1N1 swine flu vaccine causing miscarriages? Is the vaccine safe for pregnant women to take? Those are questions that thousands upon thousands of pregnant women have wrestled with over the past couple of months as they have decided what to do about the swine flu. The WHO and U.S health authorities insisted that the H1N1 swine flu vaccine was perfectly safe for pregnant women and pushed them to the front of the line.

So thousands of women did run out and get themselves injected with the vaccine. Now reports are pouring in from all over the United States of women who have lost their babies very quickly after receiving the H1N1 vaccine. Many of these women are overcome with pain and a feeling of loss and are looking for answers. They end up on sites like this one because the mainstream media won't touch this story with a ten foot pole (lest they offend the pharmaceutical giants and their millions of dollars in ad money).'


A Healthy Winter Comfort Food: Roasted Cauliflower

'Who knew that cauliflower could be such a perfect vehicle for olive oil, lemon, garlic, and Parmesan cheese? I'm used to eating cauliflower raw, steamed, or puréed. I love cauliflower and will eat it any way it is prepared. But this method makes cauliflower palatable to any but the most ardent anti-veggie. Perhaps it's that anything is good roasted with those ingredients, or perhaps the cauliflower really is the ideal stage for this blend of flavors.'

by Elsie Simply Recipes


  • 1 head of cauliflower
  • 2-3 cloves of garlic, peeled and coarsely minced
  • Lemon juice (from 1/2 or a whole lemon)
  • Olive oil
  • Coarse salt and freshly ground black pepper
  • Parmesan cheese


1. Preheat oven to 400°F. Cut cauliflower into florets and put in a single layer in an oven-proof baking dish. Toss in the garlic. Squeeze lemon juice over cauliflower and drizzle each piece with olive oil. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. If the oven hasn't reached 400°F yet, set aside until it has.

2. Place casserole in the hot oven, uncovered, for 25-30 minutes, or until the top is lightly brown. Test with a fork for desired doneness. Fork tines should be able to easily pierce the cauliflower. Remove from oven and sprinkle generously with Parmesan cheese. Serve immediately.

Serves 4.


Dr Pascal Sacre called WHO, the greatest threat to humanity today in an article published on Mondalisation, Canada, for its role in declaring a pandemic emergency level 6 over the mild swine flu virus and implementing a global mass vaccine programme with jabs they must know are not tested and toxic.

"This mixture of despotism and opacity, of omnipotence and imperviousness to democratic feedback, is lethal. This is the greatest threat to Humanity today.

We surrendered, preferring to go on committing errors, when all the signs of malfunctioning should have led us to regain control.

Instead, we rely on these super powers now suspected of corruption and embezzlement, and endowed with unshakeable bad faith and cynicism.

Guided by the media, only watching what their floodlights illuminated, with our hand in theirs, we choose to believe them without question.

In these circumstances, I do not hesitate to answer my own question.

The world would be better off without these world organizations whose primary mission has been diverted to profit the stock market of a few.

In this case, without the WHO, we would be healthier.”

From: The Flu Case

H1N1 'false pandemic' biggest pharma-fraud of century?

Green tea reduces lung cancer risk

Experts believe it is the polyphenols in green tea that may make it beneficial

"Lung cancer is the leading cause of all cancer deaths in Taiwan," said I-Hsin Lin, a student at Chung Shan Medical University, Taiwan, who conducted the study.

"Tea, particularly green tea, has received a great deal of attention because tea polyphenols are strong antioxidants, and tea preparations have shown inhibitory activity against tumorigenesis (production of new tumour)," added Lin.

Lin and colleagues enrolled 170 patients with lung cancer and 340 healthy patients as controls.

They administered questionnaires to obtain demographic characteristics, cigarette smoking habits, green tea consumption, dietary intake of fruits and vegetables, cooking practices and family history of lung cancer.

Among smokers and non-smokers, those who did not drink green tea had a 5.16-fold increased risk of lung cancer compared with those who drank at least one cup of green tea per day.

Among smokers, those who did not drink green tea at all had a 12.71-fold increased risk of lung cancer compared with those who drank at least one cup of green tea per day.

Lin and colleagues suspect genetics may play a role in this risk differential, says a release of the American Association for Cancer Research.

"Our study may represent a clue that in the case of lung cancer, smoking-induced carcinogenesis could be modulated by green tea consumption and the growth factor environment," said Lin.

The study was presented at the AACR-IASLC Joint Conference on Molecular Origins of Lung Cancer, being held Jan 11-14.

Original Article HERE

Your Money and Your Health: If Government Won't Break Up the Giant Banks, Let's Do It Ourselves

Gerald Celente - Bank-Pay-Back Scam Another Criminal Cover-Up

'We'll Have to Do It Ourselves

'If the government isn't doing anything to fix this dangerous situation, we'll have to do it ourselves.

As a start, if Congress won't reimplement the Glass-Steagall Act (the Depression-era law which previously separated depository functions from speculative investing), let's manually separate these two types of businesses.


Simple: let's pull our money out of the too big to fails and put it into small community banks and credit unions.'


How to survive in a world without antibiotics

More info HERE

AIDS Inc.: Scandal of the Century - Published in 1988

Thousands are dying needlessly as the medical world and media pull off the biggest scandal of our time — all for love of money & power. “You will learn the truth, you will change your mind.” — E. Bagley, M.D.

Investigative reporter Jon Rappoport uncovers the shocking truth about AIDS: Thousands die needlessly as the medical world and media pull off the bigest scandal of our time - all for the love of power and money.

AIDS Inc. takes you on a sizzling behind-the-scenes tour of laboratories, newsrooms and even the White House to expose the real killers behind the disease. It's the most explosive, myth-shattering book you'll read.

Jon RappoportJon Rappoport is an internationally known investigative reporter, whose articles on politics, science, and environment issues have appeared in Stern, LA Weekly, Environmental Action, In These Times, and many other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe.

A short review of the science behind HIV is in order.

  • Virus is not the cause.
  • Definition of AIDS is worthless.
  • Treatment is poison.

  • HIV
    as stolen by Robert Gallo, at the National Cancer Institute, from Luc Montagnier, Gallo’s old friend from the viral cancer project days in Maryland. The theft was disguised as a loan. Montagnier was working at the time at the Pasteur Institute in Paris.

    Gallo did little if any research on the germ. He was able to isolate it (ID it) from so-called AIDS patients at best in 60 percent of the cases. This rate of isolation utterly fails the conventional test for the discovery of a new disease germ.

    In the spring of 1984, when Gallo appeared on international television, flanked by Margaret Heckler, the secretary of the US Dept. of Health, Education, and Welfare, he had not published a single paper which seriously purported to show that HIV (then called HTLV-III) was the cause of AIDS. Nevertheless, he announced to the world that he had found “the probable cause of AIDS.”

    With no scientific verification from a single scientist anywhere on the planet, the new virus was accepted as the agent behind AIDS.

    At once, all US federal research monies were shifted into an effort to find out HOW HIV caused the disease condition. No researcher in the US was allowed grant monies to continue to explore the cause---that had been decided in a single stroke, the televised press conference.

    Meanwhile, and for every year after that up until now, chimps were injected with the virus to fulfill what are called Koch’s postulates---a quite conventional test to ascertain whether a newly discovered germ is indeed the cause of what is presumed to be a new disease. As of 2003, not a single chimp has gotten so-called AIDS from the injection---directly into the bloodstream---of HIV. Another total failure.

    The largest single HIV study ever assembled in the US, the San Francisco Men’s Study, tried to show that HIV-positive men inevitably progressed to full-blown AIDS. Among various flaws in the study design was this: AZT, a drug which can and does produce all the immunosuppressive symptoms of AIDS, was discounted as a possible cause of the growing illness of the volunteers in the study. In fact, untrumpeted by the study managers was this: there WAS a significant group of men who were said to be HIV positive who remained healthy for 10 years or more. The common denominator was, these men had not taken, or had stopped taking AZT.

    AIDS researchers tried desperately to show how HIV, a germ that was infecting T-cells (certain immune cells) at a miniscule level, could possibly destroy an entire immune system. Especially since T-cells reproduce at a very rapid rate, reducing the effect of HIV to a pinprick. They invented a blizzard of scenarios, none of them able to stand up to close scrutiny. The latest, called “viral load,” is a misnomer pretending to be a mathematical measure of numbers of HIV germs present in sites in the body.

    There is much, much more. Consult my archive, and visit the site called Alive and Well for a more detailed analysis of the hoax that is HIV.

    The upshot is, HIV is a smokescreen floated over the entire African continent (and the planet) to obscure other motives and plans.'

    Same TRUTH New Expose 2010

    Colloidal Silver Has Been Banned Throughout Europe! Is America Next?

    'Late last week our good friends at Life & Health Research Group mailed a copy of their Colloidal Silver Update newsletter to their 60,000 readers, warning them that colloidal silver was on the verge of being banned in Europe.

    Little did they know that while their analysis of the situation was amazingly prescient, the expected ban had already taken place as of January 1, 2010.

    Yes, you read that right: Colloidal silver has now officially been banned throughout the European Union! It can no longer be legally sold in any health food store or by any internet vendor in the EU as a nutritional supplement.'

    As Congressman Ron Paul, an ardent health freedom fighter, has stated:

    “Soon, all European Union countries will unify their food supplement laws to conform with rules established by a United Nations commission called Codex Alimentarius, which calls for strict regulatory control of dietary supplements. Under the Codex rules, Europeans will need a doctor’s prescription to obtain even basic levels of vitamins. Americans may soon find their supplements similarly restricted in an attempt to harmonize the regulatory playing field between the U.S. and Europe.”


    How to make your own Colloidal Silver Machine HERE

    FOOD STAMPS PROFITS : How JP Morgan Gets Rich With Increased Poverty

    By Stacy Herbert & Max Keiser

    Pet Corner: Arthritis and Traditional Chinese Medicine

    'Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM) addresses the flow of qi (or energy) through the animal’s body. Chris Bessent, D.V.M., founder of Herbsmith, says that in pets, there are six meridians in each leg through which qi flows. When a pet has arthritis, these meridians are blocked, obstructing the flow of qi and causing throbbing pain.

    Once the area is obstructed, the pet becomes susceptible to external pathogenic factors, such as wind, damp and cold. (Bessent says she treats the majority of arthritis cases in winter, and that eating warming foods like turkey and chicken can be helpful.) Part of the problem is that movement stimulates the flow of qi, and pets are less active in the winter.

    Stimulating pressure points along the legs’ meridians is one way to treat arthritis. Acupuncture, acupressure and moxa all use this method. Acupressure and moxa are safe to try at home. Moxa, a rolled stick of Chinese herbs, is lighted and placed near the pressure points, where the heat stimulates the flow of qi.'

    CCTV footage has emerged of a news station office in North Carolina seconds before an eathquake struck on January 9.

    Evidence of dogs’ sixth-sense as K9 bolts before earthquake strikes American office block

    UK Daily Mail
    Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

    'Animal instinct, pet owners swear by it. From cats sensing impending health problems like seizures, to dogs barking madly when unfamiliar footsteps appear on the garden path.

    Even as far back as 373BC, it is recorded that animals, including rats, snakes and weasels, deserted the Greek city of Helice in droves just days before a quake devastated the place.

    Those without that ’special bond’, though, remain skeptical. But doubters, prepare to be converted.'

    From Prison Planet

    Let Them Eat Cake -- Global Food Cartel: Instrument for Starvation

    Henry Kissinger declared in the 1970’s, ‘If you control the oil you control the country; if you control food, you control the population.'

    'Ten to twelve pivotal companies, assisted by another three dozen, run the world's food supply. They are the key components of the Anglo-Dutch-Swiss food cartel, which is grouped around Britain's House of Windsor. Led by the six leading grain companies—Cargill, Continental, Louis Dreyfus, Bunge and Born, André, and Archer Daniels Midland/Töpfer—the Windsor-led food and raw materials cartel has complete domination over world cereals and grains supplies, from wheat to corn and oats, from barley to sorghum and rye. But it also controls meat, dairy, edible oils and fats, fruits and vegetables, sugar, and all forms of spices.

    Each year tens of millions die from the most elementary lack of their daily bread. This is the result of the work of the Windsor-led cartel. And, as the ongoing financial collapse wipes out bloated speculative financial paper, the oligarchy has moved into hoarding, increasing its food and raw materials holdings. It is prepared to apply a tourniquet to food production and export supplies, not only to poor nations, but to advanced sector nations as well.'


    Let Food Be Thy Medicine: Top 10 Healing Foods Of The Decade

    Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. -- Hippocrates, father of Western medicine, 431 B.C.

    Eat Food. Not Too much. Mostly Plants. -- Michael Pollan, renowned food expert and journalist, 2007 A.D.

    'The healing properties of food have been reported by cultures worldwide throughout history. However, the past decade has presented an explosion of clinical research to show specifically what health benefits individual foods can offer, identifying the various nutrients and phytochemicals associated with these benefits.

    Many fruits, vegetables, and unprocessed whole foods have properties that can benefit our health. Studies in the past decade have taken nutritional research beyond protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals. Chemicals in the plants called phytochemicals have been a specific focus in the past decade, offering benefits such as cancer prevention, cholesterol reduction, and hormone regulation, to name a few.

    There is truly a cornucopia of nutritional benefits that have been discovered. Here are a few "superfoods" that have received a lot of press in the past decade for their research-supported health benefits.'


    NOTE: Vegans and vegetarians please substitute your favorite superfood for Salmon. Another factor to consider if you eat fish is that virtually all fish(USA) has been found to be contaminated with mercury. Additionally,most Salmon consumed in the USA is farmed Salmon. Here's a detailed overview of the significant, nutritional differences between farmed Salmon and wild Salmon.

    Food shortages THIS year!? Want to know why the media is not covering this?

    Read Here: 2010 Food Crisis for Dummies

    Global Temperatures Threaten Food Supply

    by Mike Adams

    Read HERE

    The pharmaceutical industry toasts to your ill health

    'Your good health translates into zero profit for the pharmaceutical industry. General well-being of the public and cures for disease would mean the collapse of the pharmaceutical industry since they must have illness to have demand for their drugs, in order to exist. This is the truth that drives political corruption, mandating of vaccines, control over the healthcare industry, and efforts to destroy natural health companies and practititioners.

    But to accomplish and sustain your ill health, the pharmaceutical industry must confuse people about the source of good health, make sure there is no access to what people actually need to be well (including information), and keep the public perpetually frightened of diseases and their risk of dying.'


    Native cancer therapy and prevention formula: Aloe vera, honey & rum

    'The following recipe, instructions for use and reported results are based on statements found (in partially non-idiomatic English) on Please note that Healing Cancer Naturally cannot vouch for their accuracy but reports them for their possible potential and general interest to anyone interested in natural ways of healing cancer. Due to its simplicity and the near-ubiquitous availability of its ingredients, this DIY "anti-cancer recipe" should also be of special interest to anyone without access to other forms of treatment.'

    'According to information provided by (and somewhat tying in with what many sources have reported about the healing power of aloe vera - compare Natural Dietary Sources: Which Foods Contain Glyconutrients? Aloe Vera (Barbadensis) - The Medicine Plant), a simple homemade formula based on this amazing plant has cured many types of cancer: skin cancer, throat cancer, cancer of the uterus, breast, prostate, brain, liver as well as intestinal cancer, leukemia, etc. While reportedly in many cases the cancer was permanently cured, in others it returned'


    More Food Fascism: S 510: Small Farms Under Attack AGAIN

    What is NAIS?
    On Wikipedia

    From an email:

    Right now, huge numbers of small farms across France which were known worldwide for their cheeses, are gone. The [can no longer sell] cheeses their families had profitably sold for generations because they suddenly couldn't meet the new corporate EU "food safety" standards, (See the PBS show "The Cheese Nun" for a view of this.) Those standards were arranged carefully by corporations specifically to get rid of farmers and S 510 is designed to "harmonize" with those EU laws.

    Here's what the EU is doing and what S 510 would do

    "When you see that trading is done, not by consent, but by compulsion - when you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing - when you see that money is flowing to those who deal, not in goods, but in favors - when you see that men get richer by graft and by pull than by work, and your laws don't protect you against them, but protect them against you - when you see corruption being rewarded and honesty becoming a self-sacrifice - you may know that your society is doomed. - Ayn Rand


    Orwellian Food Fascism: Forbes Magazine Declares Monsanto Company of the Year

    Genetically modified foods have been proven not only to be unhealthy, but deadly.

    'Forbes magazine has named Monsanto, the company responsible for introducing genetically modified food into the food supply, Company of the year. It sounds like satire, but it sadly is not. The company responsible for crushing family owned farms and bioengineering the food that we eat has received an honorary award. Perhaps this is an early April fools joke.'

    'Genetically modified foods been proven not only to be unhealthy, but deadly. The bioengineering process itself is quite ridiculous. Billions are spent each year to genetically modify the food supply, tainting it with genetically modified frankenfood. Genetically modifying foods requires one to tamper with the very genetic coding of the crop and/or seed. The process entails the transfer of genes from one organism to another, such as taking particular genes from a pig and transferring them to a tomato. Not only does this defile nature, but it leads to a host of health problems.'


    'The website Food Freedom reports that researchers, in what is being described as the first ever and most comprehensive study of the effects of genetically modified foods on mammalian health, have positively linked organ damage with consumption of Monsantos GM maize.'

    Read article here:
    Three Approved GMOs Linked to Organ Damage

    From Infowars Ireland

    The 'false' pandemic: Drug firms cashed in on scare over swine flu

    'The swine flu outbreak was a 'false pandemic' driven by drug companies that stood to make billions of pounds from a worldwide scare, a leading health expert has claimed.

    Wolfgang Wodarg, head of health at the Council of Europe, accused the makers of flu drugs and vaccines of influencing the World Health Organisation's decision to declare a pandemic.

    This led to the pharmaceutical firms ensuring 'enormous gains', while countries, including the UK, 'squandered' their meagre health budgets, with millions being vaccinated against a relatively mild disease.


    Hundreds Of UK Workers Disabled By Vaccines And Abandoned By Government

    'HUNDREDS of public sector workers who claim their lives have been wrecked by vaccines say the Government has abandoned them.

    Up to 200 doctors, nurses, firefighters, prison officers, police officers, forensic scientists and binmen say they have developed serious physical and mental health problems after injections essential for their work over the past 10 years. All have given up their jobs and some are now 60 per cent disabled.'


    Preparing your own Aloe Vera “Elixir of Life”


    • 700 ml of Aloe Vera juice (preparation instructions for Aloe Vera juice) See Below

    • 200 ml of pure organic honey

    • 100 ml whiskey or vodka


    • Put in a glass jar the prepared Aloe Vera juice.

    • Add the honey and stir vigorously. Make sure that the honey is well mixed (dissolved) with the Aloe Vera juice.

    • Add the whiskey or vodka and stir well. Stir every 15 minutes for one hour.

    • Cover the jar and let it stand for about 12 hours.

    After the ingredients (Honey and Aloe Vera with the whiskey) are mixed you will notice a reaction resulting in a slight temperature raise. This is a normal reaction.
    After 12 hours, fill the mixture in a clean jar. Cap and store in the refrigerator. Your “Elixir” should keep for months.

    Complete directions and other useful information HERE

    Aloe Vera Miracle Healer

    From the Earth Clinic

    Dianne from Tampa, Fl writes:

    "I apologize in advance for how lengthy this is. I am writing to let everyone know about the incredible benefits we have experienced with Aloe. About one and a half years ago our whole family came down with whooping cough.

    I decided to try Aloe, as a friend I had known had had great success with it for treating a serious prolonged cough and my mother also told me that in Colombia SA they would use a beaten concoction of Aloe and egg whites to treat whooping cough when she was a little girl. I researched Aloe on the internet, and though I didn't find the egg white recipe, I found many things Aloe is good for.

    It did work very well for whooping cough, especially helping to calm the nightime attacks, and a friend tried it for her daughter's whooping cough and had the same results. When I looked Aloe up on the internet, the treatment for the ailment that interested me the most was asthma. My son had been struggling with it for several years- not severe, but mostly sports induced and it greatly hindered his ability to play sports.

    I have tried most home remedies for asthma and have had so-so results. He began drinking it every day and by the end of the second month his attacks were completely gone. As long as he continues to drink it daily, he has no attacks. If he stops it entirely he begins having attacks again after a couple of months.

    I found that one of the reasons that Aloe works for asthma (and other conditions like arthritis and lupus) is because it is anti-inflammatory. So, it keeps the airways from getting inflamed.

    Another reason it works is because it is also excellent for treating allergies which many times are a trigger for asthma. One of the reasons it works for allergies is because of the collagen it causes your body to produce which thickens the the mucus linings of your respiratory system and intestinal tract (heals leaky gut) which in turn helps you not to be so sensitive to allergens. Another reason is that it treats systemic candida which is usually the root of asthma and allergies.

    The funny thing I noticed, which is not mentioned in any literature I have researched about Aloe, is that it has also helped with his stunted growth. My son is really short for his age and in the two years before taking Aloe, he only grew six inches total.

    Once he began taking Aloe for his asthma he grew almost six inches in one year. The growth spurt coincided exactly with time he first began the Aloe. I've tried my own "experiments" to see if his growth is related to the Aloe or if it is just his time to start growing, and I've found that if he has a period of a couple of months where he doesn't take his Aloe at all or only takes it once a week or so, he only grows about a quarter of an inch per month or less. When he takes it every single day, he grows about a half inch per month.

    My father has been really inspired about my son's story and began taking it himself about four months ago for his prostate. He has been on prostate medication for the past ten years and still gets up to urinate about four times per night. He has tried different prostate medicines as well as his own share of home remedies, and nothing has worked. Well, after drinking Aloe daily for a couple of months, he was able to get off of his prostate medicine completely. Now he only gets up once or twice per night and he's not on any prostate medicine.

    I've heard some people make some type of Aloe tea infusion, but the way we take Aloe is this: We buy a fresh Aloe stalk from the produce section of the grocery store. It has to be at least fourteen inches long, or I've read it's not as beneficial. The Aloe has to be nice and firm. Don't use it if it is soft and squishy as it is too old and may actually aggravate some candida problems. We slice off a three inch section from the base and peel off the thick green skin with a paring knife and discard it. We then take the gel (from the three inch section) and gently blend it with a drink mixer with some orange juice for palatability. The less you blend, the better as you don't want to destroy the beneficial properties.

    You can buy bottled Aloe, but I DON'T RECOMMEND IT! While there may be some good Aloe products out there, I've read that sometimes the bottle can say 100% Aloe and it is actually 95% water, but for some reason the FDA allows them to say 100% Aloe even if it isn't. The other reason is that bottled Aloe is usually pasteurized which kills many of the beneficial enzymes that make Aloe so effective. Fresher is always better with Aloe."


    Related Article:

    The aloe vera miracle: A natural medicine for cancer, cholesterol, diabetes, inflammation, IBS, and other health conditions.... GO HERE

    70 Heartbreaking Stories From People Who Have Had Their Lives Destroyed By H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine Side Effects

    'While a few stories about adverse reactions to the H1N1 swine flu vaccine have gotten into the mainstream media, the reality is that most mainstream media outlets are extremely hesitant to publish such stories.

    The general belief in the media seems to be that if they publish a story about a "rare" adverse reaction to the H1N1 vaccine, then the general public may be discouraged from taking the vaccine and more people will get sick. However, this is a totally false assumption by the media.

    The truth is that reports of serious adverse reactions to the H1N1 swine flu vaccine are constantly pouring in. In addition, the pharmaceutical companies who produced these vaccines spend millions of dollars to advertise on mainstream media outlets. Do you think that the owners of those mainstream media outlets are going to do anything that will jeopardize that source of income?

    The truth is that the mainstream media is not going to tell you the stories of those people who have had their lives destroyed by H1N1 swine flu vaccine side effects. Since the mainstream media will not give these victims a voice, we will.

    The personal H1N1 vaccine horror stories that you will read below come from comments on this blog along with stories from the following sources.....'


    You will be jailed if you don't buy private health insurance

    What's behind mandatory
    private health insurance?

    Another angle on the 'healthcare' reform bait and switch scam....

    This video is over 10 years old

    'Did you think it was strange that we started out with "health care reform" and we ended up with MANDATORY private health insurance?

    I did and then I remembered research done by this man, Walter Burien.

    He uncovered a simple, but vast and well hidden system whereby city, state, county governments and agencies have collectively syphoned many TRILLIONS of tax dollars for off-the-books investment accounts.

    One of their favorite investments? Insurance companies.

    Do you think that might be why the weasels in Washington magically pulled MANDATORY private health insurance out of their hats as a way of addressing the country's very real health crisis?'

    More info about CAFR:

    The CAFR Network - Click here

    Walter Burien - Click here


    Julie Gerberding Primed Big Pharma’s Pump with Flu and HPV Vaccines

    Dr. Julie Gerberding

    Fascism should rightly be called Corporatism, as it is the merger of corporate and government power - Benito Mussolini

    'A long time proponent of drug and vaccine intervention, Dr. Gerberding earned the nickname “Chicken Little” during her tenure at CDC for claiming that each successive flu season might be the one that puts the 1918 Spanish Influenza to shame. Yet there has always been a strange cognitive dissonance in her message.

    In between vaccine promotional efforts during the H5N1 Bird Flu hype of 2006, The News Tribune in Tacoma Washington caught her admitting on April 15 of that year:

    “There is no evidence it will be the next pandemic,” Dr. Julie Gerberding, head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, said of avian flu. There is no evidence it is evolving in a direction that is becoming more transmissible to people.”'