The Assault on Autistic Children and their Parents...

by Tim Bolen

'Things are about to change in the Autism Wars. A new report is going to be released next week. Find out about it below.

Everybody knows that I am a Crisis Management Consultant in the health care industry. I get called into the cases where the quackbuster misinformation group is operating. Not so long ago, I was hired to look at a situation in Austin, Texas where a clinic was attacked by goofbag Stephen Barrett on several fronts - a Texas Medical Board complaint was filed against the doctor (Jesus Caquias MD), all of the health insurance companies stopped paying the clinic for their services, and the FBI raided the clinic last July 2009, claiming in the warrant that they were investigating the clinic for "Insurance Fraud," and "Health Fraud" violations.

But, fear not, for Barrett made some serious mistakes, and if I have my way he'll get criminally indicted in Texas for his actions. Keep reading.'


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