FDA Expands Poisoning of Americans with Statins

By Byron J Richards

'The FDA under the Obama administration is proving no different, maybe even worse, than the Bush and Clinton versions. It is now allowing the sales of Crestor to prevent heart disease in people who do not have cholesterol problems. Remember, this is the drug that FDA whistleblower Dr. David Graham told Congress was too dangerous to be on the market for any reason.

This new aspect of the great statin fraud is based on the Jupiter study, which actually proves for the first time that Crestor causes diabetes. This doesn’t seem to bother the industry-friendly FDA. Through the use of statistical gymnastics the Jupiter study warps data to present the notion that taking Crestor can cut the rate of heart attacks in half in people who have elevated C reactive protein.

As I explained back in November of 2008, “This sounds great, except the original risk in the study group was negligible. The data actually means that 120 people would need to take Crestor for 2 years to prevent 1 heart attack or stroke. At a cost of $3.45 a day, that’s $300,000 for Big Pharma to stop one problem. Excuse me, but the only news here is the potential bilking of taxpayers and insurance companies.” Many nutrients safely and easily lower C reactive protein better than Crestor, as does aerobic exercise.

Well, the bilking has arrived. In the face of skyrocketing health care costs that are rooted in no small part by multiple Big Pharma con games (which are often deadly), it is only a matter of time before the Big Pharma bubble bursts – and with it a legion of doctors who have forgotten how to practice medicine or never really knew how in the first place.'

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