Entering The Ukraine Flu Zone: "Today, you can find many newspapers asking 'was there an epidemic at all?"

'I think the pandemic they released was a dud.'
-- David Dees

"Our media [Ukrainian] was first in line to hype the epidemic, not only the foreign media. For a few days all TV channels would have swine flu as a number one topic. That was a period when people were storming pharmacies to get masks and antivirals. Then somehow conflicting messages started appearing on TV from respected professionals saying nothing extraordinary is happening and that last year the flu death toll was about same or worse. So the panic started decreasing until some switch happened in peoples mind when everybody started thinking that was a political move more than a real threat."


How to Make a Non-Toxic Cleaning Kit

'Most modern synthetic cleaning products are based on age-old formulas using natural ingredients that were passed down through the generations because the chemistry was right. Going back to the original naturally derived ingredients is a way to make cleaning products that work, don’t pollute and save you money. Most are found in your kitchen cupboards. Mix and match with well-chosen and environmentally friendly green cleaning products found in health food stores, and you can easily and simply transform your home into a non-toxic and healthy haven.

Non-toxic cleaning can give you a deep feeling of gratification in knowing that your family’s health is protected, and that your home is a place for your bodies to rest and recuperate rather than promote harm.'


Glutathione: The "mother" of all antioxidants...

Hemp Oil and Cancer

Big Government and Big Pharma Suppression of Medical Marijuana

By Mark Sircus Ac., OMD

'The American College of Physicians (ACP) issued a new policy statement last week endorsing medical marijuana use. The group is urging the government to reverse its ban on medical treatments using marijuana. "ACP encourages the use of non-smoked forms of THC (the main psychoactive element in marijuana) that have proven therapeutic value," the new policy statement said. The Philadelphia-based organization, the second largest doctors group in the United States, cited studies into marijuana’s medical applications such as treating severe weight loss associated with illnesses such as AIDS, and treating nausea and vomiting associated with chemotherapy for cancer patients.

'Medical marijuana is becoming more and more associated with anti-carcinogenic effects, which are responsible in preventing or delaying the development of cancer. This means that cannabinoids offer cancer patients a therapeutic option in the treatment of highly invasive cancers.'


Big Pharma: A Real War against Drugs

Big Pharma's Drug War

'Back in 1976 Henry Gadsden, chief executive of Merck, just before retirement lamented to Fortune magazine the tragedy that his company’s market was limited only to those who were afflicted with illness when his dream had long been to sell to healthy people, therefore having a market that potentially included every person in the world. Well one can imagine the internal chuckle Mr. Gadsden would have enjoyed scanning the New York Times front page on September 2nd, 2009 (a day before the Pfizer settlement was announced) where it was gloriously revealed, this in a headline of course, Taking Big Risk for Big Payoff, Industry Seeks Cancer Drugs.” The article bluntly explains that, after years of the industry ignoring the fatal disease, recent scientific breakthroughs and the opportunity to charge people dying from cancer outrageous amounts of money is finally too tempting to resist.'

'It’s ironic that the Times alludes in passing that drug companies have become perhaps the most powerful force in the country by fulfilling Gadsden’s utopian vision of treating the healthy. Through infinite amounts of marketing and promotion, including consumer advertisements in the form of countless TV ads the kind of which are illegal in all other industrial nations (except New Zealand), and even more effort aimed at co-opting the medical establishment through high paying consulting jobs and ‘continuing education’ seminars for doctors as well as an army of sales people pushing their wares all over the country, drug companies have built vast empires selling mostly the same potentially dangerous drugs of questionable effectiveness under different brand names for allegedly chronic, so called ‘lifestyle’ conditions, the number of which continue to grow practically exponentially'.



By Jon Rappoport

I have to begin by saying you need to know about Walter Burien. http://CAFR1.com

Walter curls people’s hair. For many years, he has been investigating the investments made by governments. The what? I know. This sounds like a non-sequitur. Governments aren’t businesses, are they?

It turns out they are. Well, when you think about it, it’s obvious. They run, for example, retirement funds for their employees, and those funds make investments, they don’t just store money in shoe boxes.

Recently, Walter provided a link to the New York State Retirement Fund Asset Listing (March 31, 2006). You can find it at: http://cafr1.com/STATES/NEWYORK/RETIREMENT/NYRINV2006.PDF

This document shows the investments this fund makes, and the value of each stock holding. The implications are enormous. For example, when you pinpoint the many pharmaceutical stocks, you realize New York State government will be a primary beneficiary of any national health plan. Why? Because drug companies, under such a plan, will be selling far more drugs as millions of new, previously uninsured people come under the federal umbrella.

Any piece of news that makes the pharma landscape glow tends to shoot up stock values.

From a financial point of view, it would be ridiculous to assume New York State government would oppose national health insurance. It’s good for business. The business of, yes, New York State government.

And by the way, to the extent that some of these drug companies manufacture vaccines (and they do), the New York State government would be a big-time supporter of the mass vaccinations that accompany each new phony epidemic, such as Swine Flu. Again, for business reasons. In fact, we may now understand a new reason why, until huge protests derailed it, New York tried to make the H1N1 vaccine mandatory for all state health workers.

Here are some of the pharmaceutical listings in the New York Retirement Fund. The value of each stock holding is as of Mar.31, 2006.

Schering-Plough: $138,013,129
Barr: $39,152, 525
Baxter: $105,606, 745
Gilead: $127,348,101
Roche: $87,762,875
MedImmune: $46,942, 968
Bayer: $39,318,918
Bristol-Myers Squibb: $195,807,422
GlaxoSmithKline: $137,729,350
Pfizer: $834,756,329
Novartis: $131,221,033
Merck: $344,768,742
Eli Lilly: $249,409,636
Vertex: $17,947,395

Drug companies. $2.5 billion and change. One retirement fund in one state.

Walter Burien goes much further—and here you would have to consult his site for supporting evidence. He states that, when you look at the various investment funds of the 50 state governments, and when you consider the possibility that many of these funds act (invest) in concert, governments turn out to be controlling stockholders in some of the biggest corporations in America.

Turn that thought over in your mind a few times.

Here’s another explosion: To what degree did the federal bailout bail out the New York State government? Well, among the 2006 NY Retirement Fund listings, we have:

Goldman Sachs: $268,770,613
Bank of America: $896,993,638
Citigroup: $1,036,682,080.

This gives another perspective on what a fed bailout means. It functions as profit protection. For a state government.

Imagine state legislators and other state officials consulting THE INVESTMENT PORTFOLIO of their state government before they vote for or against legislation.

The hits keep coming.

“As governor of your state, my friends, I am taking every action I can to assure the profits of this administration continue to rise. As taxpayers, you are the stakeholders. What you pay us, we invest. Of course, we never show you the balance sheet, and we never indicate whether we need your taxes, or whether our profits alone are sufficient for running the state. But that’s the way the game works. You stay in the dark. When we raise your taxes, we give you reasons—which may be accurate or sheer nonsense. The point is, we keep taking your money and investing it…”


Healthy Healing : Introduction - Pt. 1 of 15

David Simon of the Chopra Center on Ayurvedic Principles

Drinking regular cups of tea could help protect your memory, new research suggests

'Tests by a team from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne found that green and black tea inhibit the activity of certain enzymes in the brain that are associated with memory. Researchers hope the findings will lead to the development of a new treatment for Alzheimer's Disease.'

They found that both green and black tea inhibited the activity of enzymes associated with the development of Alzheimer's Disease, but coffee had no significant effect.

Both teas inhibited the activity of the enzyme acetylcholinesterase (AChE), which breaks down the chemical messenger or neurotransmitter, acetylcholine. Alzheimer's is characterised by a drop in acetylcholine.

Green tea and black tea also hinder the activity of the enzyme butyrylcholinesterase (BuChE), which has been discovered in protein deposits which are found on the brain of patients with Alzheimer's.'


7 Health Tests You Just Don't Need

'For people who want reassurances of their health, a growing number of private screening clinics and health tests have sprouting in recent years. However, they can often produce misleading results if examiners do not take account of people's backgrounds and their likelihood of developing certain diseases. Most of these tests also expose patients to unnecessary health risks. Here are 7 health tests you need to avoid.'


Big Gov’t Forces Health Care Bill Despite Bi-partisan Opposition

'IN A SPECIAL NEWS BULLETIN, Alex Jones warns against the Big Government, Big Insurance Health Care Bill being forced down in the Senate despite opposition by members in both parties and an overwhelming majority of Americans.

After all the denial, the final version of the bill proves to have in place the so-called death panels, the abortion funding, no public option, cuts in Medicare and forced coverage backed by heavy fines or prison.'


Congressman Dennis Kucinich on ‘OBAMACARE’: ‘The insurance companies are going to get a windfall’

Obama sold out the US taxpayer to greedy Wall Street banksters.

He sold out the US taxpayer to the military-industrial complex by escalating the war in Afghanistan and not bringing the troops home.

He sold out the US taxpayer by breaking every major promise he made during his campaign, continuing with Bush’s policies.

Now he plans to sell out the US taxpayer to the insurance and pharmaceutical companies.

At least he is consistent with destroying America every time he gets a chance to do so, like - or even worse than - G. W. Bush.

‘Obamanomics’ and now also ‘Obamacare’ will be a complete disaster for the American people.

Original Article HERE

Love Your Lymph

Wild indigo cleans the lymph system and reduces swelling in the lymph glands.

'Want vibrant health? Many practitioners recommend cleansing, an age-old practice used in holistic medicine. When you mention cleansing to most people, they typically think of eliminating toxins from the liver and intestines, which is indeed a valuable health practice. But there is an equally important, and much-overlooked, system in the body that keeps us feeling great — the lymphatic system. Whether you’re suffering from aches and pains, swelling, inflammation, fatty deposits or bloating, cleansing the lymphatic system once or twice a year often can be the difference between great health and poor health.'


Voluminous Research Proves Vaccines are Deadly

'An Infowars reader sent the following list of references proving vaccines are deadly. The next time somebody calls you a conspiracy nut for warning about vaccines, print out this list and give it to them.

Vaccines and Immunization References and Research Citations Vaccines Have Been Linked to Leukemias and Lymphomas:

Bichel, “Post-vaccinial Lymphadenitis Developing into Hodgkin’s Disease”, Acta Med Scand, 1976, Vol 199, p523-525.

Stewart, AM, et al, “Aetiology of Childhood Leukaemia”, Lancet, 16 Oct, 1965, 2:789-790. [Listed under Vaccine Adverse Reactions.]

Glathe, H et al, “Evidence of Tumorigenic Activity of Candidate Cell Substrate in Vaccine Production by the Use of Anti-Lymphocyte Serum”, Development Biol Std, 1977, 34:145-148.'


Alex Jones: The Threat of Food Irradiation and Live Viruses

The Revolving Door Between CDC, FDA, NIH and The Pharmaceutical Industry Is Disgusting --It's called FASCISM

'Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power.'

--Benito Mussolini

'Do you think that Dr. Gerberding was named president of Merc's Vaccine Division because she questions vaccines safety and effectiveness impartially?'

'She will try to revive the sinking sales of the dangerous Gardisal Vaccine and scare the public about other diseases. She is already doing national tv commercials promoting the H1N1 vaccine stating 'the shots do not cause swine flu'.'

Phil Segrave

This page highlights the revolving door between U.S. government agencies, the U.S. Congress, and the pharmaceutical industry. The following former government officials now work at IFPMA, PhRMA, or law firms and lobbying firms that represent the pharmaceutical industry. The information on clients represented by the following individuals is heavily indebted to the Center for Responsive Politics website.

View the details HERE

Former CDC Director Is Now Merck's President

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Dr. Julie Gerberding, former director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, was named president of Merck & Co Inc's vaccine division, the company said on Monday. Gerberding, who led the CDC from 2002 to 2009, stepped down when President Barack Obama took office. She had led the agency from one crisis to another, including the investigation into the anthrax attacks that killed five people in 2001, the H5N1 avian influenza, the global outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome, or SARS, and various outbreaks of food poisoning. "As a preeminent authority in public health, infectious diseases and vaccines, Dr. Gerberding is the ideal choice to lead Merck's engagement with organizations around the world that share our commitment to the use of vaccines to prevent disease and save lives," Merck Chief Executive Officer Richard Clark said in a statement. "I am very excited to be joining Merck where I can help to expand access to vaccines around the world," added Gerberding, who will head up the company's $5 billion global vaccine business that includes shots to prevent chickenpox, cervical cancer and pneumonia. Source: http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSTRE5BK2K520091221

'The CDC has been running defense for Merck for many years, downplaying vaccine side effects and insisting that Merck's vaccines are safe. Now that the president of Merck's vaccine division and the former chief of the CDC are one and the same, it brings up obvious questions of whether there was some level of ongoing collusion between the CDC and Merck and how deeply Dr. Gerberding might have been involved. Dr. Gerberding has now allied herself with a company engaged in so many repeated acts of fraud (...)' Read entire story by Mike Adams, HERE

Cinnamon Pear Compote

Serves 4 to 6

A bowl of ice cream will be much improved with a bit of this sweet pear compote spooned over the top.


2 ripe but firm pears, peeled, cored and chopped
1/4 cup seedless raisins
1/3 cup apple juice
1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon
Pinch of ground nutmeg
2 teaspoons butter (optional)
1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar or red wine vinegar
Salt and pepper to taste


Put pears, raisins, juice, cinnamon, nutmeg and butter into a small pot and cook over medium heat, stirring occasionally, for about 10 minutes.

Add vinegar, salt and pepper and continue to cook until juice is thickened and pears just begin to fall apart, about 5 minutes more. Set aside to let cool for 5 minutes, then serve.


Per serving (about 4oz/100g-wt.): 90 calories (15 from fat), 1.5g total fat, 1g saturated fat, 5mg cholesterol, 240mg sodium, 19g total carbohydrate (3g dietary fiber, 14g sugar), 1g protein


User Image
I also added one tablespoon or so of brown sugar to mine. Yum!

Recipe from WholeFoods


'The WHO’s annual budget for 2010 will be almost $5 billion with 81 % of the funding -- or $4 billion --coming from voluntary contributions from pharmaceutical companies, foundations and other donors, according to a WHO draft budget, available on the website of the Rockefeller affiliated think-tank, the Council of Foreign Relations.


A table on page 13 of the document, which is called "Draft proposed programme budget for 2010-2011" reveals that the proportion of funding that WHO gets from voluntary contributions has been rising steadily from 71% in 2006-2007 to 77.3% in 2008-2009 to 81% in 2010-2011.

Total funding in 2006-2007 was just over US$ 3 billion.'


The "Ten Conditions" -- Identifying a Recurring Suppression Pattern of Genuine Cures

by Greg Caton

Escharotics are especially offensive to the medical community for ten very obvious and powerful reasons. Because these reasons reoccur with such frequency and poignancy as we continue our study, that we will end the first chapter by enumerating them now:
  1. The Products (Escharotics) Cure Cancer.
    (And as we'll see in further chapters, so do quite a number of other suppressed treatment approaches). The escharotic versions I went on to create worked better than 99% of the time topically, and better than 50% of the time on a wide range of internal cancers, excluding blood cancers (i.e. leukemia, lymphomas, and Hodgkin's). From 1995 to 2003, I ran and operated Alpha Omega Labs (altcancer.com), after already having five years experience in working with escharotics. I created a line of escharotic products that I named "Cansema® " (merging "cancer" with the popular trademark, Noxzema® and pronounced can-see'-muh.). [47b]. In only two cases did customers "claim" that the topical product did not work, and in only one case did a customer sue (Sue Gilliatt vs. Gregory James Caton, et. al.), and in even THAT case, the plaintiff admitted in sworn deposition that her cancer had been cured. [48]. As to the internal versions of Cansema® that were escharotic (Capsules and Tonic I), few customers failed to report some progress -- if not dramatic results. We were able to produce testimonial pages displaying an array of astonishing success stories.
  2. They're cheap.
    They are easy and inexpensive to make, not to mention inexpensive to sell (relative to orthodox treatment). Cansema® Salve, the primary salve I created and sold for $49.95 USD, could be used to cure a dozen or more average sized skin carcinomas. No monopoly, big profits, or advantages of extortionary regulation to be had here. Not good for the home team.
  3. No Doctor Is Required.
    They do not require the intervention of a doctor. They place most cancer treatments on the same level as going to the local drugstore to get a topical ointment to eliminate Athlete's Foot.
  4. They're Non-Toxic.
    They are not at all toxic topically. The internal variations are potentially toxic (especially with the use of bloodroot, which contain potent alkaloids, notably sanguarene), but not if properly formulated -- with adherence to a clearly stated, properly tested protocol.
  5. They Expose Long-Standing Industry and Government-Based Fraud of Unimaginable Proportion.
    Their very existence makes clear what an enormous fraud that orthodox chemotherapy, radiation, and most surgery is. Moreover, their efficacy exposes what a joke the multibillion dollar "cancer research" industry is and has been for the better part of a century.
  6. They're Non-Patentable.
    They cannot be meaningfully patented. Those escharotics that have been patented could not be reasonably defended. Without a basis to secure a monopoly, no faction with the drug industry could possibly condone the public becoming knowledgeable in the use of escharotics.
  7. They Do Not Lend Themselves to Proprietary Ownership and the Monopolistic Privileges It Brings.
    They've been around for so long that no one can claim credit or ownership to the essential principles behind them -- the principles supporting their efficacy.
  8. Indigenous Ethnobotanical Origins Are Shown to Be Superior.
    Escharotics' origins -- that is, if anyone at all is to get credit for their discovery -- go back to indigenous and aboriginal sources. Nothing is more embarrassing to modern science than the admission that we have spent many hundreds of billions of dollars on a project, and still we cannot improve upon the advice of medicine men ("those brute savages!") who fail to bow to the gods of our superior, industrial, mechanistic universe. This is cognitive disonance up with which we shall not put! It is a "tear in the matrix" that threatens to create a cascade among the weary electorate who just might decide to become "unplugged."
  9. True Democracy Is Exposed as a Sham
    Escharotics' existence undermines the legitimacy of representative democracy. It allows even the more obtuse among the civically ignorant citizenry to view the mythology of "government by the people" in all its disinformation. If escharotics are not proof that most Western democracies are, in actuality, plutocracies that put the interest of the rich and influential over those of the common man, nothing is. If the average citizen in the U.S., U.K., Australia, New Zealand, etc. knew what I knew, they would know that they possess absolute proof, in their hands, that modern medicine is the story of creative financial servitude. They would know that their so-called "elected representatives" are not only complicit, but are owned -- lock, stock, and barrel -- by the power elite. They would internalize, with unmistakeable clarity, the evidence that their houses of political representation were, in fact, little more than multinational corporate brothels. Not that many are not already aware of the fact; but it would most decidedly raise, as Alan Watts used to say, the "intensity of the concept" to a higher quantum of outrage. Most people, to this point, have not had the capacity to understand the cruel machinations that sit behind this kind of brutality. This gives a reason to obtain it.
  10. Knowledge of their Existence and Proper Use Would Lead to the Wholesale Bankruptcy of the Medical Industry in the West
    If the preparation and use of escharotics were widely known to ordinary citizens, this knowledge among the "People" would only lead to the embracing of other, equally effective natural remedies that are far superior to anything that modern medicine, generally -- and more specifically, modern pharmacology -- has to offer. Any significant movement in this direction would have an accelerating character and would -- as I will expand upon in upcoming chapters -- bring about the financial decimation of the pharmaceutical industry in the West and much of the medical industry that is allied to it.
Remember these conditions -- integral to what I call the "Suppression Pattern" -- as they form a recurrent theme in this book. The concept is further refined as we progress -- and, in fact, I will refer back to these points as the "Ten Conditions" in subsequent chapters.

For now, before I can complete the chronology of events that leads to the present, it is important to examine a brief history of escharotics, specifically; and trends in medical suppression generally.

Unless you believe, with the clarity and intensity that I believe, that these Conditions are true and beyond the pale of exaggeration or embellishment, you will not be able to appreciate the latter sections of this book and what they mean for you, your family, and society.

That is why I devote enough time and attention in what follows so you can see the Suppression Pattern for what it is and what it has done to Western Civilization.

Once you internalize these concepts with clarity, you will never be the same person again.

Original Article (with footnotes) HERE...

Big Pharma's War Against Homeopathy

Could This 'Forbidden Medicine' Eliminate the Need for Drugs?

by Dr. Mercola

'Perhaps the most derided of alternative medicines is my own favorite – homeopathy. Over the past few years, detractors have focused their efforts in the United Kingdom and have succeeded in crippling homeopathic hospitals and clinics funded by the National Health Service, as well as the practices of many homeopaths.

A few well-placed editorials in prominent newspapers have done the trick, despite the fact that Prince Charles and the rest of the royal family are ardent supporters of homeopathy.'


UPDATE: FDA accused of international kidnapping, illegal detention of prominent Ecuadorian herbalist

Greg Caton

'Speaking via phone from Ecuador on Saturday, Caton's wife Cathryn said that the FDA finally explained its reason for her husband's abduction during Florida court proceedings. The FDA claimed that Greg Caton violated his supervised probation under a 2003 plea of selling "unapproved drugs."

"Selling unapproved drugs" is a charge usually filed against herbalists who sell herbs and also make claims about the herbs' medicinal properties. The FDA does not allow medicinal claims about food or herbal products by those who also sell them. No actual "drugs," in the traditional sense of the term, were involved in the 2003 Caton case.

Cathryn Caton said that Caton's company Alpha Omega Labs (AltCancer.com) had been selling herbal products after Caton's release in the US, but that the herbs were sold from Ecuador where herb sales are legal along with information on their medicinal properties. In fact, Caton had moved his company to Ecuador specifically because he could continue working with herbal remedies without restrictions on the information provided to customers.'



'That’s the mantra. ALL THE EXPERTS AGREE, so how could the truth be any different?'


In modern times, false science is based on the notion that “overwhelming consensus” rules.

That’s the mantra. ALL THE EXPERTS AGREE, so how could the truth be any different?

The mantra is recited as if the scientific method really IS about experts agreeing and NOTHING ELSE.

To deconstruct this idiocy, consider, first of all, that a few leaders can always affect the outlook of the many, even in the fields of scientific research.

If the top journals align themselves with a few “experts,” then the mid-range “semi-experts” will fall into line. If they don’t, they won’t get their papers published.

Then, we have the closely related funding game. The researchers who get grants to carry out their studies, so they can publish those studies, must follow the party line in their conclusions; otherwise, no $ to do further studies.

These are the hard facts of life.

For example, in March of 1987, Peter Duesberg, a world-renowned molecular biologist, managed to get a paper published on the subject of HIV. He offered evidence to suggest that HIV didn’t cause AIDS.

From that moment on, he was hounded by the “top experts,” there was no rational debate on his points, and eventually his funding and status at UC Berkeley were greatly diminished.

By this process, scientific dissidents in many fields are weeded out and sidelined, and then power players can say, “Well, the consensus is overwhelming in the direction of our conclusions.” Yes, but the consensus is false and artificial and distorted and manufactured.

“We killed our enemies. Now, we can write history, and we will be the consensus.”

Early in the 20th century, there was widespread Pellagra in the American South. This skin disease was found, in 1915, to be caused by a deficiency in niacin. However, for 20 more years, the experts refused to consider this simple cause and cure, and persisted in trying to find the germ that was at the root of Pellagra. The consensus was wrong.

In the 1970s, a terrible neurological affliction dubbed SMON was prevalent in Japan. Researchers, once again, were determined to find a germ cause. However, through the heroic efforts of a few rebels, challenging the consensus, the problem was finally pinned down to a medical drug, clioquinol, manufactured by Ciba-Geigy. A landmark court case settled the issue.

People insist that manmade global warming is threatening the planet. Why? Well, THE EXPERTS AGREE. Therefore, it must be so.

The reliance on consensus carried the day during the scourge of Pellagra and SMON, too, and many gullible people rode along on that tide, until the truth emerged. They, too, said THE EXPERTS AGREE—until the experts were shown to be wrong.

In 2003, amid much media fanfare, a new disease was announced: SARS. It was coming out of Asia, to the West, and it could decimate populations. Medical researchers at 11 World Health Organization labs, linked by a closed Internet connection, worked furiously and came up with the cause: a so-called coronavirus. No other labs were allowed to participate in this work. In other words, a consensus was developed within a small circle.

But because the World Health Organization was in charge, the coronavirus finding was given top billing.

A few months later, it was discovered that many patients in Canada being diagnosed with SARS had no trace of this virus in their bodies.

And finally, when all was said and done, and the hysteria died down, the official death figure, globally, for SARS was 262.

Yet even today, there is still a consensus that SARS was a genuine epidemic. “The experts agree.”

So there is science, and there is science for the masses. In the latter version, manufactured consensus is all that’s required.

Manmade global warming was, until recently, looked upon by most people as solid evidence-based science. Now, the united front is splitting apart. The skeletons are falling out of the closet. The rational challenges are severe.

All this should not come as a shock, but to most people, it does. They have fallen under the spell of PR. They believe it when the experts attack the skeptics as “denialists.” They think the battle is between science and fundamentalist superstition. But that’s one of the goals of the PR: to place all skeptics in the worst possible light.

The global-warming “experts” don’t want honest debate. They simply want to say the debate is over and science has triumphed. They have a kingdom to defend, and they do it by spewing generalities.







It’s not going to work.


Rick Simpson Update

Rick Simpson's Son Speaks


'For many years it has been known to well informed individuals within the medical community that chemotherapy and radiation were quite toxic and essentially worthless in the management of malignancies. This information is carefully covered up by our controlled media so that these two methods of therapy are regarded by lay persons as the proven therapy for malignancies. Like lemmings going over a cliff the general public lines up for these therapies and nearly all treated persons proceed to die'


Suzanne Somers: Exposing Secrets of a 200 Billion Dollar Cancer Industry

'Cancer – Do you know there are over 200 different variations of the disease according to the National Cancer Institute? Having the ability to grow in any organ in the body, this wicked disease claimed the lives of seven million people worldwide, according to public health expert Professor Sir John Marmott. Deaths are expected rise to over 10 million per year by 2020. It ranks as the number 2 cause of death in the United States behind heart disease. Lung, colon, prostate and breast cancer account for more than half of cancer deaths in the United States.'

'Over 14,000 chemicals are added to the food supply in the United States today. Due to exposure from various sources, tracing a chronic illness to one toxin can be a daunting task; subsequently the connections are often never made. In 2003, a study was done by Belgian Toxicologist Dr.Charles Charlier in which he found that women with breast cancer are 5-9 times more likely to have pesticide residue in their blood than those who do not.'


Vinegar Kills 'Swine' Flu Virus Say German Scientists

'Scientists at the Institute of Virology in the Philipps University, Marburg, Germany, have shown that vinegar is able to inactivate the swine flu H1N1 virus.

The researchers found that vinegar essence killed viruses rapidly after performing a series of experiments.

A cupful of vinegar mixed with three cups of water was adequate to disinfect surfaces safety and effectively by wiping, they said.

Vinegar essence costs about 1.19 euro in stores and so is a low cost way of staying protected against any swine flu virus.'

Original Article HERE

Food Industry Is Now Calling Junk Food 'Healthy' - Why Could That Be?

'Smart is the new cool thing. There's a smart car, cities now tout smart growth, and you can buy a smart refrigerator. Now comes another breakthrough: Even your breakfast cereal has gotten smart.

At least that's what we consumers are being told by a group of major food corporations that are hoping to cash-in on the growing public concern about nutrition. Your concern is their concern, they say, so these eager-to-serve marketers have launched a snappy food labeling campaign to guide your nutritional choices. They've designated hundreds of their food products as being not just tasty, zesty and zowie -- but also good for you.'


VacciNation: Duped by Medical Quackery

'Vaccinations are pushed by the news media and other so-called experts as the miracle cure to a variety of conditions, but have you ever examined the science for yourself? Would the very suggestion that vaccinations are harmful incite anger inside of you, causing you to dismiss this article as hogwash? If vaccinations are truly the silver bullet against deadly diseases, and their safety is indeed based upon concrete science, then there should be no fear as to investigating the matter further.'



"Wodarg has criticized the measures taken against the swine flu as one of the "biggest medical scandals of the century."

'The Council of Europe member states are to launch an inquiry in January 2010 on the influence of the pharmaceutical companies on the global swine flu campaign, focussing especially on extent of the pharma‘s industry’s influence on WHO, according to reports in the German media."


Food Safety Experts Say They Won't Eat These 7 Foods

'Want to know the foods that the “food safety experts” won’t eat? Prevention Magazine decided to ask. They posed the question, “What foods do you avoid?” to the people whose work is to uncover what's safe to eat – or not. '