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Could Vaccines be Used to Advance a Covert Population Control Agenda?

Are New Vaccines Laced With Birth-Control Drugs?

By J.A. Miller, correspondent for Human Life International.
June/July 1995

Originally published in HLI Reports, Human Life International, Gaithersburg, Maryland; June/July 1995, Volume 13, Number 8

During the early 1990s, the World Health Organization (WHO) has been overseeing massive vaccination campaigns against tetanus in a number of countries, among them Nicaragua, Mexico, and the Philippines. In October 1994, HLI received a communication from its Mexican affiliate, the Comite' Pro Vida de Mexico, regarding that country's anti-tetanus campaign. Suspicious of the campaign protocols, the Comite' obtained several vials of the vaccine and had them analyzed by chemists. Some of the vials were found to contain human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG), a naturally occurring hormone essential for maintaining a pregnancy.

hCG and Anti-hCG Antibodies

In nature the hCG hormone alerts the woman's body that she is pregnant and causes the release of other hormones to prepare the uterine lining for the implantation of the fertilized egg. The rapid rise in hCG levels after conception makes it an excellent marker for confirmation of pregnancy: when a woman takes a pregnancy test she is not tested for the pregnancy itself, but for the elevated presence of hCG.

However, when introduced into the body coupled with a tetanus toxoid carrier, antibodies will be formed not only against tetanus but also against hCG. In this case the body fails to recognize hCG as a friend and will produce anti-hCG antibodies. The antibodies will attack subsequent pregnancies by killing the hCG which naturally sustains a pregnancy; when a woman has sufficient anti-hCG antibodies in her system, she is rendered incapable of maintaining a pregnancy.(1)

HLI reported the sketchy facts regarding the Mexican tetanus vaccines to its World Council members and affiliates in more than 60 countries.(2) Soon additional reports of vaccines laced with hCG hormones began to drift in from the Philippines, where more than 3.4 million women were recently vaccinated. Similar reports came from Nicaragua, which had conducted its own vaccination campaign in 1993.

The Known Facts

Here are the known facts concerning the tetanus vaccination campaigns in Mexico and the Philippines:

* Only women are vaccinated, and only the women between the ages of 15 and 45. (In Nicaragua the age range was 12-49.) But aren't men at least as likely as young women to come into contact with tetanus? And what of the children? Why are they excluded?

* Human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG) hormone has been found in the vaccines. It does not belong there -- in the parlance of the O.J. Simpson murder trial, the vaccine has been "contaminated."

* The vaccination protocols call for multiple injections -- three within three months and a total of five altogether. But, since tetanus vaccinations provide protection for ten years or more, why are multiple inoculations called for?(3)

* WHO has been actively involved for more than 20 years in the development of an anti-fertility vaccine utilizing hCG tied to tetanus toxoid as a carrier -- the exact same coupling as has been found in the Mexican-Philippine-Nicaragua vaccines.(4)

The Anti-Fertility Gang

Allied with the WHO in the development of an anti-fertility vaccine (AFV) using hCG with tetanus and other carriers have been UNFPA, the UN Development Programme (UNDP), the World Bank, the Population Council, the Rockefeller Foundation, the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, and a number of universities, including Uppsala, Helsinki, and Ohio State.(5) The U.S. National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (part of NIH) was the supplier of the hCG hormone in some of the AFV experiments.(6)

The WHO begain its "Special Programme" in human reproduction in 1972, and by 1993 had spent more than $356 million on "reproductive health" research.(7) It is this "Programme" which has pioneered the development of the abortificant vaccine. Over $90 million of this Programme's funds were contributed by Sweden; Great Britain donated more than $52 million, while Norway, Denmark and Germany kicked in for $41 million , $27 million, and $12 million, respectively. The U.S., thanks to the cut-off of such funding during the Reagan-Bush administrations, has contributed "only" $5.7 million, including a new payment in 1993 by the Clinton administration of $2.5 million. Other major contibutors to the WHO Programme include UNFPA, $61 million; the World Bank, $15.5 million; the Rockefeller Foundation, $2.5 million; the Ford Foundation, over $1 million; and
the IDRC (International Research and Development Centre of Canada), $716.5 thousand.

WHO and Philippine Health Department Excuses

When the first reports surfaced in the Philippines of tetanus toxoid vaccine being laced with hCG hormones, the WHO and the Philippine Department of Health (DOH) immediately denied that the vaccine contained hCG. Confronted with the results of laboratory tests which detected its presence in three of the four vials of tetanus toxoid examined, the WHO and DOH scoffed at the evidence coming from "right-to-life and Catholic" sources. Four new vials of the tetanus vaccine were submitted by DOH to St. Luke's (Lutheran) Medical Center in Manila -- and all four vials tested positive for hCG!

From outright denial the stories now shifted to the allegedly "insignificant" quantity of the hCG present; the volume of hCG present is insufficient to produce anti-hCG antibodies. But new tests designed to detect the presence of hCG antibodies in the blood sera of women vaccinated with the tetauns toxoid vaccine were undertaken by Philippine pro-life and Catholic groups. Of thirty women tested subsequent to receiving tetanus toxoid vaccine, twenty-six tested positive for high levels of anti-hCG! If there were no hCG in the vaccine, or if it were present in only "insignificant" quantities, why were the vaccinated women found to be harboring anti-hCG antibodies? The WHO and the DOH had no answers.

New arguments surfaced: hCG's apparent presence in the vaccine was due to "false positives" resulting from the particular substances mixed in the vaccine or in the chemicals testing for hCG. And even if hCG was really there, its presence derived from the manufacturing process.

But the finding of hCG antibodies in the blood sera of vaccinated women obviated the need to get bogged down in such debates. It was no longer necessary to argue about what may or may not have been the cause of the hCG presence, when one now had the effect of the hCG. There is no known way for the vaccinated women to have hCG antibodies in their blood unless hCG had been artificially introduced into their bodies!

Why A Tetanus Toxoid "Carrier"?

Because the human body does not attack its own naturally occurring hormone hCG, the body has to be fooled into treating hCG as an invading enemy in order to develop a successful anti-fertility vaccine utilizing hCG antibodies. A paper delivered at the 4th International Congress of Reproductive Immunology (Kiel, West Germany, 26-29 July 1989) spelled it out: "Linkage to a carrier was done to overcome the immunological tolerance to hCG."(8)

Vaccine Untested by Drug Bureau

After the vaccine controversy had reached a fever pitch, a new bombshell exploded; none of the three different brands of tetanus vaccine being used had ever been licensed for sale and distribution or registered with the Philippine Bureau of Food and Drugs (BFAD), as required by law. The head of the BFAD lamely explained that the companies distributing these brands "did not apply for registration."(9) The companies in question are Connaught Laboratories Ltd. and Intervex, both from Canada, and CSL Laboratories from Australia.

It seemed that the BFAD might belatedly require re-testing, but the idea was quickly rejected when the Secretary of Health declared that, since the vaccines had been certified by the WHO -- there they are again! -- there was assurance enough that the "vaccines come from reputable manufacturers."(10)

Just how "reputable" one of the manufacturers might be is open to some question. In the mid-`80s Connaught Laboratories was found to be knowingly distributing vials of AIDS-contaminated blood products.(11)


At this juncture, evidence is beginning to appear from Africa.(12) HLI has called for a Congressional investigation of the situation, inasmuch as nearly every agency involved in the development of an anti-fertility vaccine is funded, at least in part, with U.S. monies.


(1) "Abortifacient vaccines loom as new threat," HLI Reports, November 1993, pp. 1-2.

(2) World Council Reports, 28 November 1994, pp. 4-5.

(3) A call placed by this writer on 5 May 1995 to the Montgomery County (Maryland) Health Department, Epidemology Division -- Infectious Diseases -- Adult Immunizations, elicited the following information:

Q. For how long a time does the tetanus vaccination offer protection?
A. 10 years.
Q. Have you ever heard of any adult requiring three tetanus vaccinations within a 3 or 4 month time period, and a total of 5 vaccinations in all within a year or so?
A. Whaaaat! Never. No way!

Reports from the Philippines appear to confirm the 10-year immunity afforded by tetanus toxoid vaccinations: prior to the campaigns begun in 1993, the so-called booster shots were given only every 10 years.

(4) More than a score of articles, many written by WHO researchers, document WHO's attempts to create an anti-fertility vaccine utilizing tetanus toxoid as a carrier. Some leading articles include:

"Clinical profile and Toxicology Studies on Four Women Immunized with Pr-B-hCG-TT," Contraception, February, 1976, pp. 253-268.

"Observations on the antigenicity and clinical effects of a candidate antipregnancy vaccine: B-subunit of human chorionic gonadotropin linked to tetanus toxoid," Fertility and Sterility, October 1980, pp. 328-335.

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"Anti-hCG Vaccines are in Clinical Trials," Scandinavian Journal of Immunology, Vol. 36, 1992, pp. 123-126.

(5) These institutional names are garnered from the journal articles cited in the previous footnote.

(6) Lancet, 11 June 1988, p. 1296.

(7) Challenges in Reproductive Health Research, Biennial Report 1992-1993, World Health Organization, Geneva, 1994, p. 186.

(8) G.P. Talwar, et al, "Prospects of an anti-hCG vaccine inducing antibodies of high affinity...(etc)," Reproductive Technology 1989, Elsevier Science Publishers, 1990, Amsterdam, New York, p. 231.

(9) "3 DOH vaccines untested by BFAD," The Philippine Star, 4 April 1995, pp. 1, 12.

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(11) "Ottawa got blood tainted by HIV." Ottawa Citizen, 4 April 1995.

(12) A nearly two-year old communique from Tanzania tells a familiar story: tetanus toxoid vaccinations, five in all, given only to women aged 15-45. Nigeria, too, may have been victimized; see The Lancet, 4 June 1988, p. 1273.

Credit: Article by J.A. Miller, special correspondent for Human Life International. Copyright June/July 1995 by Human Life International. This article was originally published in HLI Reports, Human Life International, Gaithersburg, Maryland; June/July 1995, Volume 13, Number 8. Permission to reprint granted to New Atlantean News.

For more information about vaccines, please visit the Thinktwice Global Vaccine Institute or the Thinktwice Vaccine

Could the 'swine flu' vaccine contain sterilization agents?


'Immuno-Sterilization' In Humans, A 2009 Vaccination Odyssey

by A. True Ott, PhD, ND
(Sep 28, 2009)

According to the Los Angeles Sunday Times newspaper dated May 24, 2009, a meeting of some of the world's richest billionaires took place in Manhattan on May 5, 2009. (See addendum #1) These "elite" reached a uniform consensus during this meeting ­ that OVERPOPULATION is the single greatest threat facing Planet Earth.

Mr. George Soros, international banker and agent of the Rothschild family, was also in attendance, and actually led much of the discussion, it was reported (for a biography and curriculum vitae of this warped individual, and his vision for mass sterilization/depopulation of the planet, see Addendum #2).

The elite's agenda of mass depopulation is no longer covert. It is no longer the realm of "National Secret Memorandums" (see NSSM-200 authored by Henry Kissinger and Zbignew Brezinsky back in 1974) It is today public knowledge. It is indeed their top "agenda" item for immediate implementation this year - 2009.

I would submit that these billionaires are men and women of action. When they come to a joint consensus, a detailed plan is quickly and decisively put into action ­ especially if they perceive that their "plan" is literally going to "save the planet". There should be little doubt that they would have a brilliant plan of action that they are most definitely implementing as you are reading this. These individuals did not get to be billionaires by being stupid, or by merely discussing ideas and concepts over dinner. They, of course, would also know how to keep their depopulation activities camouflaged and hidden from public scrutiny. After all, they reason that only THEY know what is best for the planet.

Let's look at the elite's depopulation plan from a standpoint of logic and common sense. Of course they realize that only a very small fraction of the world's population (especially in the Western 1st World nations) would eagerly and willingly step forward and volunteer that their lineage and bloodlines would be severed by means of a permanent sterilization "vaccination". It is obvious, therefore, that such a "sterilization vaccine" would need to be disguised as something else, a truly global false-flag program fueled by their controlled media propaganda and fear-mongering. I would submit that a worldwide faux "influenza pandemic" would be an absolutely perfect cover.

Prior to the year 1998, the available depopulation tools that could be utilized by such "global elitists" were fairly limited; diseases, famine, wars and even natural disasters could each be developed and actually implemented by a designed plan. These depopulation tools are rather messy, however, and often hard to completely control. However, thanks to the work of Dr. Richard A. Fayrer ­Hosken at the University of Georgia, a new and completely effective depopulation tool is now available ­ indeed, a simple little VACCINE SHOT can today cause permanent sterility. (See Addendum 3 attached for the international patent of this "immunosterilization vaccine".)

Fayrer-Hosken's invention has been successfully tested and found to be effective on all mammals, including the African elephant, although the potential long-term side effects are still being compiled. What exactly is the active ingredients of this sterilization vaccine? Primarily the sterilization vaccine contains antigens from PORCINE (pig) glyco-proteins (viruses are a form of glyco-proteins) bonded with a powerful oil-in-water "adjuvant" called squalene. (See addendum 3).

Is it just a coincidence that Novartis' master patent for the "swine flu" vaccine utilizes swine (porcine) glycol-proteins bonded with a powerful oil-in-water "adjuvant" called squalene?

Is it just a coincidence that Novartis' "swine flu" vaccine product information circular, section 8.1, includes this warning paragraph: "Animal reproduction studies have not been conducted with this ---[vaccine]. It is also not known whether the vaccine can cause fetal harm when administered to a pregnant woman, OR CAN AFFECT REPRODUCTION CAPACITY." (Emphasis added.)

It would also seem highly logical that a sterilization vaccine disguised as a pandemic influenza vaccine would require a complete blanket shield against liability lawsuits and litigation as well ­ for such claims would undoubtedly number in the hundreds of millions. (Oops, sorry the vaccine made you sterile Mrs. Jones ­ we had absolutely no idea, you see!) Of course, such blanket immunity from lawsuits is exactly what has been given to the "swine flu" vaccine manufacturers and promoters by our corrupt federal government.

It is clear that the "swine flu" pandemic is no more serious than the common cold ­ but it is also increasingly clear that the VACCINE is the real danger. If the squalene adjuvant cripples and even kills the victim in addition to making him/her permanently stable, then I am confident that is perfectly ok with George Soros and his breed. Make no mistake, however, the entire agenda behind this pandemic vaccine hype is very likely the covert "immunosterilization" of the human herd!

--True Ott, PhD, ND

Original article with addendums here

H1N1 Martial Law in Massachusetts?

Published Wednesday, September 30 2009

New Media editor Don Fenley casts a big net for hidden gems about and behind the news

If Trends Research Institute Director Gerald Celente is right another volley may have been fired in what he is calling the "Second American Revolution."

In August while most everyone's attention was still focused on the Tea Parties, Celente was already in fast-forward trend identification mode.

Here's part of an e-mail trend alert he sent to clients, "While there are many wild cards that could light the fuse, The Trends Research Institute forecasts that if the threat of government-forced Swine Flu vaccinations is realized, it will be the fourth shot (of the second American Revolution). Tens of millions will fight for their right to remain free and unvaccinated."

News reports about this issue have slowly registering it. The Wall Street Journal cited it Saturday. Headlines in Wednesday's papers stepped up the tempo as they heralded the protests of New York state health care workers who have been told to take the swine flu shot or lose their jobs.

But the issue is already beyond the New York state lines.

According to a UPI report , Hospital Corp. of America, with clinics and hospitals in 20 states including Tennessee and Virginia, is requiring its 120,000 employees to be vaccinated.

It's likely as reporters begin checking with their local health care providers they will find the same thing at other institutions. If so, hundreds of thousands of nurses, doctors and other healthcare workers could be ordered to become vaccinated as the second wave of the H1N1 pandemic spreads this fall. And the mandate trend from health care providers to their workers is fueling concerns and rumors that the H1N1 vaccine may become mandatory for everyone.

Lori Price of Citizens for Legitimate Government, a Connecticut-based group that opposes government expansion. "It's all part of an encroachment on our liberties," Price told The Wall Street Journal in a story published Saturday.

Celente says the Tea Parties and the fiery town hall health care meetings in August were just two of the symptoms of a larger issue. "America is seething. Not since the Civil War has anything like this happened. But the protests are either being intentionally downplayed or ignorantly misinterpreted.

"The White House and the media have labeled protestors "conservative fringe elements," or as players in staged events organized by Republican operatives that have been egged on by Fox news and right-wing radio show hosts.

"Health industry interests opposed to any reform are also being blamed for inciting the public. But organized or spontaneous is not the issue. While most protestors exhibit little grasp of the complex 1000 page health care reform document (that nary a legislator has read either), their emotion is clearly real and un-staged.

"Rightly or wrongly, the legislation is regarded as yet another straw on the already overloaded camel's back. A series of gigantic, unpopular government-imposed (but taxpayer-financed) bailouts, buyouts, rescue and stimulus packages have been stuffed down the gullet of Americans. With no public platform to voice their opposition, options for citizens have been limited to fruitless petitions, e-mails and phone calls to Congress, all fielded by anonymous staff underlings."

It would be a mistake to attribute the anger to Democrats or Republicans or President Obama. It's broader. if the current satisfaction ratings and opinion polls are right much of it is focused on a discontent with Congress and the various levels of government.

The bottom line according to Celente is the legislation is another instance of government taking another piece out of the citizens' lives and making them pay for it; again telling them what they can or cannot do.

He predicts that what he's calling the Second American Revolution "will become the most profound political trend of the century - the trend that will change the world" even if it is still invisible to the same experts, authorities and pundits who didn't see the financial crisis coming until the bottom fell out of the economy.

Clente predicts that with the "ubiquitous camera-equipped cell phone, universal access to YouTube, and millions of twitters and tweets, the uprisings cannot be ignored, contained, managed, spun or edited down in the media or spun to a more favorable viewing from politicians. "A false flag attempt, a genuine crisis, or a declaration of war, may slow the momentum of the "Second American Revolution," but nothing will stop it." he writes.

That was what Celente was telling his clients in August. He bases his trends identification business on the idea that currents events can point to trends that are missed by traditional economic or social science studies. In his book Trend Tracking, Celente says anyone can identify trends by disciplined reading news stories and applying some equally disciplined interpretations. The three things that first qualify a group of news stories on the same topic as an issue to watch is the issue has to have "social, economical and political significance."

While there's no one in the trends business with a 100 percent record, this element of the ongoing swine flu story is something to watch during the coming weeks.

Breaking News!
Hepatitis B Vaccine Linked to Brain Damage

And as a result, alarm bells are now ringing about the new swine flu vaccine.
Should you be worried?

A just released study by the peer-reviewed journal Neurotoxicology has seemingly confirmed a link between vaccines containing Thimerosol and neurological damage

  • A University of Pittsburgh research team monitored the reflexes of a group of 20 macaque monkeys. Thirteen had been vaccinated within 24 hours of birth by a Hepatitis B vaccine containing the preservative Thimerosol; the others had either received a placebo injection or were unvaccinated

  • Over two weeks, the researchers studied the infant monkeys' abilities to perform nine basic reflexes. Three of the reflexes were significantly delayed in the vaccinated monkeys, while two other reflexes were also delayed and "approached significance".

  • Those not given the vaccine showed no delays in development.

  • The vaccinated macaques learned more slowly to: 1) turn their head in response to a brush on the cheek (the root reflex); 2) open their mouth in response to a brush on the forehead (the snout reflex); and 3) suck on a nipple placed in their mouth (the suck reflex)

  • The amount of Thimerosal was adjusted for weight and the primates received only 2mcg.

  • Alarm bells are now ringing because the new AH1N1 (swine flu) vaccine contains 24.5mcg of Thimerosol - 49 times the FDA allowable daily limit for adults. It has been deemed ‘unsafe’ for children under ten years; however, pregnant mothers are being targeted as the first recipients.

  • According to Dr. Andrew Wakefield, Executive Director of Thoughtful House, "Thimerosal is still routinely used in Hepatitis B andnumerous other vaccines world-wide."

  • The researchers involved in the study were keen to point out that they could not be sure if it was the Thimerosol that caused the neurological damage, the vaccine itself, or a combination of the two. Clearly more research is needed before we begin a mass vaccination program for the AH1N1 (swine flu).

Comment: It is a great pity that infant monkeys had to be used in these studies to demonstrate what has been obvious for decades now. Let's hope that changes to the way we treat them and our own young are soon on the way.

Posted On: Homeopathy Plus!

Primary Source: Primate study shows significant harm from one birth dose of a mercury-containing vaccine.

Everything You HAVE TO KNOW about Dangerous Genetically Modified Foods from Jeffrey Smith on Vimeo.

This Is Why We Need to Escape the Medical Mafia Matrix!

Are you still buying the message of the medical industrial complex?



Alarming Facts and Shocking Statistics Behind America's 'Health Care' Facade

Avian flu vaccine development by reverse genetics techniques

Vaccination Is Not Immunization

Leo Rebello, MD, ND, PhD

Immunity is inbuilt -- it may be weak, medium or strong. If weak it can be built. For healthy immunity your blood should be 70% alkaline and 30% acidic. But because of the wrong food that we eat day in and day out this ratio is in inverse proportion. Impure blood then destroys the immunity and internal organs creating dis-ease state.

The lethal brew called the vaccinations made from disease cells and so many obnoxious ingredients do not build up immunity. Rather these vaccines are introduced to create more diseases. As I have said in my new doctor's oath, vaccinations are worse than rape. It is heinous and those who have made vaccination mandatory, like in USA and in the EU countries, are the mass murderers. Hitler pales into insignificance when it comes to genocide of small children due to vaccinations.

So many clandestine events are planned behind the closed doors of the medical laboratories which have a set agenda to follow, namely population control. For example, how many people (including doctors, parents, planners, politicians, advocates, administrators, consumer rights organisation) are even aware that now the required number of childhood vaccines has increased to dangerous levels. These are the weapons of mass destruction.

1980 20 vaccines
2003 40 vaccines
2004 53 vaccines
2005 58 vaccines
2006 63 vaccines
2008 68 vaccines

Why is this number going up every year and it is never reported or discussed in the media or in the parliaments of the nations? Earlier, vaccinations were given only to small children. Now they are recommended even to senior citizens and there are 73 vaccines for adults.As a result people are getting sicker. Issues like, (a) Sudden Infant Death, (b) Autism, (c) Measles (d) Human Papilloma Virus Vaccine, (e) Flu Shots and Mercury in Vaccines, (f) Why infant deformities and deaths are increasing are deliberately not discussed.

New vaccines are being invented every year and routinely included in the "Mandated Immunization Schedule".

Who has made them mandatory and on what basis? Money decides everything. See how Bird Flu/Swine Flu scares are created and then inadequately tested or costly Tamiflu is promoted. But cancer and AIDS vaccine is nowhere in sight. Because these two diseases are created by infecting bloodline itself. Today, there are 68 vaccines mandated for use before a child is eighteen years old. And yet, our infant mortality rate and the health of our children are appalling. The incidence of both infectious diseases and degenerative diseases among Americans is skyrocketing. Allopathy is a pseudo science and allopathic vaccinations are based not on scientific premise but greed and more greed. The role of vaccinations over the past 100 years has been grossly exaggerated and the harm done has been carefully hidden from public view. Life-changing information is deliberately hidden by the immoral greed-driven industry. BBC recently removed the website on CAM. When I complained to them, they wrote saying they are improving it and it will be up again shortly. By the same token the Modern Medicine website, which gives much more misleading and dangerous information is not removed, I countered.

Veggie vaccines, urine vaccines, homeopathic vaccines (nosodes) are never discussed even though they are cheaper, safer and without any side effects. Likewise, the role of good diet and nutrition, as also herbs, fruits and vegetables (God's pharmacy) is never discussed. Now you require a doctor's prescription even to buy vitamins and minerals, even though banned and bannable drugs are freely available off the shelf.

Wake up folks, wake up. In this information explosion age if you do not get proper information or if you do not use your common sense than you are an educated fool. If you wish to remain in fool's paradise that is your look out. But do not rape your children willy-nilly.

Medical Voices


by Bill Sardi

"Reason 6. Over-vaccination is a common practice now in America. American children are subjected to 29 vaccines by the age of two. This means a little bit of disease is being injected into young children continually during their most formative years! Veterinarians have backed off of repeat vaccination in dogs because of observed side effects."

"Reason 10. This triple reassortment virus appears to be man made. The H1N1 swine flu virus of 2009 coincidentally appeared in Mexico on the same week that President Nicolas Sarkozy of France visited Mexican president Felipe Calderon, to announce that France intends to build a multi-million dollar vaccine plant in Mexico. An article written by Ron Maloney of the Seguin, Texas Gazette-Enterprise newspaper announces a “rehearsal for a pandemic disaster” scheduled for May 2, 2009. The article says: “Guadalupe County emergency management and their counterparts around the country are preparing for just such a scenario…” This means county health authorities across the U.S. had been preparing a rehearsal for mass vaccinations prior to the announced outbreak in Mexico. Virologists admit this part swine flu/part avian flu/part human flu virus must have taken time to develop. But it somehow wasn’t detected by hundreds of flu monitoring stations across the globe. On April 24, 2009 Dr. John Carlo, Dallas County Medical Director, alludes that the H1N1 strain of the Swine flu as possibly being engineered in a laboratory. He says: “This strain of swine influenza that’s been cultured in a laboratory is something that’s not been seen anywhere actually in the United States and the world, so this is actually a new strain of influenza that’s been identified.” (Globe & Mail, Canada)"

View Health Maven Video:Was the 'Mexican' 'Swine' Flu Caused by Vaccines? And check-out Len Horowitz's videos.
Read Bill Sardi's Complete Article HERE


Excerpts taken from Dr. Mercola's Commentary on
the video: Flu Vaccine Exposed: Think Twice!

The Flu Vaccine Does Not Prevent the Flu, nor Protect Against the Vast Majority of Flu-Related Deaths

The conventional treatment for bacterial pneumonia is an antibiotic, not a viral flu drug, so to think that taking a flu vaccine will prevent death from pneumonia doesn’t really make sense.

“But the vaccine will prevent the flu, which will prevent the possibility of developing pneumonia,” some might say.

That sounds good in theory, but the statistics simply do not support this assertion.

Because study after study, and master studies that compile the results from several studies to get a more objective result, keep coming to the same conclusion: Flu vaccines DO NOT WORK, and in many cases do more harm than good.

In fact, one shocking statistic brought to light in this video is that BEFORE the CDC advocated vaccinating children under the age of five, the number of children dying from the flu was very low, and on the decline.

Then, in 2003, just after children aged five and under started getting vaccinated, the number of flu deaths SKYROCKETED. The death toll was enormous compared to the previous year, when the flu vaccine was not administered en masse to that age group!

How anyone can consider a strategy that yields a higher death toll to be a “success” is a mystery to me.

The Problem with Flu Death Statistics

However, as frightening as much of this may sound, it’s important to keep things in perspective. According to the statistics shown in the video above, more Americans die from asthma, and even malnutrition each year, than the flu.

Unfortunately, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) grossly distort the facts about flu deaths, making the flu virus seem far more dangerous than is warranted. On the CDC’s main flu page, they state that about 36,000 people die from the flu in the United States each year.

But if you search a little harder, you can find the actual number of people who died from the flu in 2005 (this is the most recent data that’s available) was 1,806. The remainder was caused by pneumonia. In 2004, there were just 1,100 actual flu deaths.

The statistics the CDC gives are skewed partly because they classify those dying from pneumonia as dying from the flu, which is inaccurate.

Read Dr. Mercola's full commentary CLICK HERE

How To Identify And Avoid GMO Foods

Recent polls across the world have consistently shown that, if they had a choice, 90% of people would actively seek to avoid GMOs (genetically modified organisms) in their food.

Unfortunately, GMOs are taking over our farmland so quickly, it is virtually impossible to avoid eating GM foods... unless you know what to look for.


1. Look at the stickers on fruit - there is a PLU code with either 4 or 5 numbers. If your fruit's label has 4 numbers, it is conventionally grown. 5 numbers starting with a 9 means it was organically grown, and 5 numbers starting with an 8 means GMO.

2. Buy local & talk to your farmers - this is the best way to ensure you're eating real foods. It's estimated that up to 85% of pre-packaged and processed foods contain GMOs, so buying fresh from the farm is a great way to avoid that.

3. Avoid the Top Four GMO Crops of Soy, Corn, Canola and Cottonseed - most blended oils in North America contain canola and cottonseed. Replacing these with 100% extra virgin olive oil is a safe alternative.

4. Encourage your favorite food providers to label their food GMO-free. We don't need the government to force companies to label their foods, and we're seeing more and more that we as consumers have tremendous power, and if enough of us ask for GMO-free labels, and support the companies that use them, we'll see a huge increase in labeling. And we're already starting to see this.

Get to know the companies that are labeling their foods GMO-free.

5. Buy Organically Grown Food - For now, the organic certification process is a relatively safe bet to ensure your food is free of GMOs, although this may not be the case in the future. Help support global sustainability by purchasing certified organically grown food.

6. Conventional Sugar - Over 90% of this year's sugar beet harvest will be Monsanto's GM Roundup-Ready Sugar Beet. That means if you are using sugar, or eating anything with sugar in it, you're eating GMOs.

7. Grow your own food - Plant a garden using heirloom seeds! (thanks to Amy31415 on YouTube for pointing out this important tip!)

Organic Certifications, Labels, and What They Mean


There seems to be a lot of confusion about what that “organic” sign in the grocery store means. For many of us, it merely means “same stuff, higher price.” Most Americans are aware that our produce in the grocery store has to meet specific requirements in order to be able to display the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s seal and use the word “organic” on their label.

The most vocal critique of the USDA’s organic certification is in what is considered “organic” and what is not. The mandatory participation requirement is also a big one.


That second issue is probably the greatest one, since just using the word “organic” on your product label requires that you comply with all USDA requirements before being able to state that your product is “organic.” In other words, the USDA has the power over that one word and ultimately decides what is and what isn’t defined as “organic.”

This presents a huge obstacle. Under the law, anyone selling foods and labeling them “organic” must comply with the USDA’s record keeping and onerous compliance rules. Even non-USDA certification groups for food production aren’t allowed the name “organic” unless they are part of the USDA’s system.

This means that alternative labeling certification groups, like the Certified Naturally Grown certification alliance, cannot use “organic” in their very name.

This brings to question how the costly government certification requirements can be considered the right choice for giving consumers confidence that what they’re buying is really “organic.” Since the system favors huge operations over smaller, more localized ones, it’s obviously weighted in favor of factory farms (which can be organic certified) and Big Agra.

Further, because the certification and the very use of the word “organic” is now politically controlled, it’s possible for lobbyists and insiders to manipulate how the certification is done or the requirements for it. This leads to questions of how organic those things labeled “organic” really are.

In 2005, for instance, an appropriations bill for the USDA allowed 38 synthetic ingredients to be considered “organic” when certifying foods for the USDA Organic label. Among the beneficiaries was Anheuser-Busch (Budweiser), who now use the organic label on their Wild Hop Lager.

The control of the word “organic” allows the USDA and its subsidiaries to decide who does and who doesn’t get to use this valuable marketing term. Ostensibly, of course, this means that nefarious companies who’ll use the word wrongly to get more buyers will not be able to use the term. It also means, however, that small businesses and farmers (even home gardeners) who sell their organic wares can’t call them that either.


In my mind, I have to wonder why groups like Certified Naturally Grown aren’t allowed to use the word “organic” with their members when they withhold their label for only the most stringent of organic practices.

Small farms and food makers who wish to use the CNG label are required to not only keep their operations at the highest of organic standards, but are randomly audited by other members in the CNG to ensure that they are doing so.

By comparison, a USDA Certified Organic operation must keep costly and tedious records from seed to harvest, must pay for organization membership and for all inspections, etc. This is costly and works only for large-scale commercial operations, but for smaller operations—especially those that do not focus on one or two crops, but grow several—this is quite onerous.

Further, seed-saving and similar practices are not allowed under the USDA’s program unless the farmer doing so is also a certified seed supplier. Even if it’s just for their own use!

CNG farmers follow the same basic rules of the USDA program, but the record keeping can be tailored to meet their needs. Further, their farms are required to be open to public access (full time or by appointment) to allow any consumer or interested party to also come to the farm and see operations. This encourages public discourse on the CNG certification and also allows consumers to see where their groceries are coming from. Most CNG participating farms agree that this actually increases sales and local consumer interest in their operations.


Finally, the CNG runs entirely on free-will donations and volunteer, grassroots efforts. The USDA is a government-mandated, forced participation edict. Not only does this give the USDA full ownership of the word “organic,” but it gives them the power to decide how it’s defined and who gets to use it.

You tell me which you think is better.

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