Doctors in Mexico City Cured 2009 Swine Flu with Homeopathy

During the most devastating flu pandemic ever, the 1918 so called "Spanish Flu", homeopathy had a 90% cure rate. In those days, homeopathy was very popular. Since then, mainstream AMA medicine (allopathy) has pushed homeopathy almost to extinction in the United States.

There has been a resurgence of homeopathy recently, especially with its efficacy for post vaccination traumas and diseases. So why isn't even more known about homeopathy? Could it be it's not as profitable to Big
Pharma even though more effective and safer than pharmaceuticals?

During the recent 2009 swine flu outbreak in Mexico City, Mexican homeopaths once again proved the efficacy of homeopathy with a high cure rate and no serious side effects among those they treated. Find out more about that and homeopathy in general in this article linked here: Doctors in Mexico City Cured 2009 Swine Flu with Homeopathy.

If homeopathy was so effective during the worst flu pandemic in history during 1918, and once again in Mexico during the 2009 swine flu outbreak, why are we confronted this with government enforced vaccinations and pharmaceuticals? Who benefits? Follow the money.

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Homeopathy has a 200-Year-Old History of Success in Treating Epidemic Diseases

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Anti-Vaccine Song

The Vaccination Issue

In case you are only vaguely aware, partially aware, or even unaware of the coming vaccination issues, listen to the rap presentation in the Anti-Vaccine Song in the above video. I'm not a fan of rap but this one is exceptionally clever and accurate. The rapper did his homework! Actually, I think you'll enjoy it even if you are totally aware of the vaccination situation.

The lyrics are fast and furious, so if you need to read, here are two articles on the subject that will be helpful. Heed Flu Vaccination Warnings and Bad Omens for the warnings, and Solutions for Forced Vaccinations and Flu Pandemics for a host of possible solutions. With the latter article, pay attention to the directions regarding the numbers and sources information. That's where the details are.

Be vigilant, get healthier, and don't stress.

Say No To The Vaccination

Elderberry Tincture: A Proven Top Flu Remedy

Over a decade ago a Black Elderberry tincture, brand named Sambucol, was clinically tested on flu patients in two different countries, Israel and Norway. It was observed that virtually all the patients treated with Sambucol recovered from various strains of type A and type B flues much more quickly and uniformly than those given Tamiflu.

In addition to having greater efficacy at a lower price tag than
Tamiflu, there were no side effects. For several years Japan had banned Tamiflu because so many young people who had taken it had mild to severe neurological reactions. Anything from extreme hyper activity to attempting suicide! More recently in the U.K., over 50% of children taking Tamiflu had side effects of nasua, nightmares, and insomnia. Recently, a TV host in the UK said his daughter almost died from Tamiflu.

Any serious side effects with Tamiflu in the USA were hidden from public awareness. But it is commonly known that even normal side effects are similar to flu symptoms, which are exacerbated with
Tamiflu. And it takes almost as long to get over a flu infection using Tamiflu as it takes to heal without it! The curative results with Sambucol were much quicker with no side effects.

This is more evidence that pharmaceutical solutions are hazardous, expensive, and not as effective as promoted, while natural solutions can be more effective, cheaper, and without side effects.

Though much less expensive than the pharmaceuticals
Tamiflu and Relenza, the natural remedy Sambucol is rather pricey, especially if you have family members with flu symptoms. A family can go through several ounces quickly then be forced to reorder. Time lost and money spent.

That's why I recommend making your own Black Elderberry tincture in large quantities.
Make sure you use whole dried Black Elderberries (Sambucus Nigra), ordered from an organic provider, but not the powder form.

NOTE: We ordered our organic black elderberries from Mountain Rose Herbs at a great price. You can buy the elderberries right here at the Health Maven by clicking the Mountain Rose banner. Look to the far right and you'll see the light
blue sidebar. The Mountain Rose banner is located near the spices and health category. Thanks for your support!

Recipe Ingredients
  • A half pound or more of dried Black Elderberries
  • Grain alcohol if available, or vodka
  • Distilled Water (if using grain alcohol)
  • One or more glass jars (Mason jars are good)
Recipe Procedure

Grain alcohol is safe to drink and has a higher alcohol content than liquor. It ranges from 151 proof (75.5% alcohol) to 190 proof (95% alcohol). Mix that 50/50 with distilled water in a glass container. Distilled water is the best, perhaps only way to go for tinctures.

If you can't get grain alcohol, then use a high proof vodka, preferably 100 proof, which is 50% alcohol. Skip the distilled water. You will not mix the vodka with distilled water since it is 50% alcohol or 40% alcohol with the more common 80 proof vodka .

Pour berries to one third of the jar's volume or level. Then pour in the grain alcohol and distilled water 50/50 mix, or the vodka undiluted, to near the top of the jar. Leave enough space near the top to be able to gently shake for mixing.

Store in a dark, cool (not cold) space and shake gently for several seconds every day for 30 days. When the 30 days is over, strain a small amount into smaller glass, darkly tinted bottles. These bottles come in one to four ounce sizes. The smaller bottles will be your user bottles. Keep the larger jar with the berries in solution where it is and shake every few days instead of daily.

If you wish to minimize the amount of alcohol consumed, place the recommended dose into a half cup of hot water, let it sit for a few moments, then drink it. This is a standard procedure for evaporating some of the alcohol. The shelf life of alcohol tinctures stored properly is indefinite - virtually forever!


Recommended dosage during an infection is one teaspoonful straight or diluted in a small amount of water 4 to 5 times daily. For more details on Black Elderberry, go to my Natural News article, "Elderberry Trumps Tamiflu for Flu Remedy.


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