An Inconvenient Truth Alert

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So in keeping with this inconvenient truth alert, below this is a post on our current real and present danger. Please don't kill the messenger. The post below does begin looking for solutions with a "solutions for forced vaccinations" link toward the end.

Whatcha Gonna Do When the Vaccinators Come For You

There has been a big buzz on the web regarding vaccination dangers. If you prefer to skip the article link you just passed, you can go here for the CBS 60 Minutes 1976 swine flu vaccination fiasco shown originally in 1979 when Mike Wallace and crew did real investigative media.

Remember this - there were millions in law suits back then from many of the 1976 vaccination victims. Now the Big Pharma vaccine fiends have managed to lobby in legislation that immunizes them from legal liability during a declared pandemic, which has been declared BTW. So they have carte blanch to collect their fees and have you stuck with garbage in your body as they walk away.

There are some solutions offered lately that I consider absurd, like claiming legal exemptions or asserting self quarantine. What? We've been rescued from tyranny? Obama to the rescue? Big Brother will give a nod and a wink as we flash a piece of paper claiming exemption or self quarantine rights? That would be super, but don't count on it!

When I asked someone who lives in Hawaii about his fellow Hawaii resident, Dr. Len Horowitz, perhaps the best vaccination investigative journalist around, I was told that he had left the state because he couldn't get vaccination exemptions for his daughter.

Sure, you could say he has a sign on his back that says, "Hey, I'm an anti vaccination activist who names names and connects dots big time while really rattling Big Pharma's cage". Regardless, I think his situation is a bad omen.

Isn't Hawaii the state that had an independence movement rumbling around like the early signs of a volcano eruption? Maybe that petered out. Maybe the New World Order (NWO) is more in place than we thought. And if so in Hawaii, what about the rest of the USA and the world?

There are signs of troops and cops and FEMA camps and whatever not so lean but very mean enforcement agencies being hatched all over the world to make sure everyone is unable to resist their share of Big Pharma poison. So whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

We could all pray for 2012 to be what the Mayans say it will be so that this monolithic, rapidly rising world government that protects the medical mafia will crumble before it spreads much more harm. Wishful or magical thinking - maybe. Even if accurate, that's two and a half years from now. So what to do?

Some are advocating the use of firearms. That certainly could complicate matters! Others are running off to regions less likely to be as enforceable by the WHO (World Health Organization) and the NWO.

This is a perfect time for being invisible and off the record for sure! Some intend to use their deep pockets for bribes, while others are gonna just say no and network with others saying no and display a solidarity of civil disobedience.

That's what is proposed in the David Icke "Say No . . ." video. Might work if enough say no, but there could be some casualties and martyrs.

Could be anything is better than a life of disease and slow death. Maybe dying a noble death with your boots on is better than dying as a whimpering victim of the NWO in some FEMA camp. Maybe becoming a fugitive, a successful one of course, would work.

Contemplating the possibilities does raise some "Catch 22's". Even worse, suppose you cannot resist or avoid and you or an important person in your life is jabbed with Big Pharma vaccine poisons?

As a back up, I'm looking into homeopathic solutions that have been successful with treating post vaccination injury or VIDS (vaccination induced disease syndrome). I think there is some real (not Obama) hope with homeopathy.

The only caveat is that homeopathy is not a one shot deal. It's usually long term, changing remedies as symptoms change until complete recovery occurs.

If you want to start your own research right away, check out this
solutions for forced vaccinations article, but pay attention to the instructions, especially regarding the numbers. I'm gonna be looking for more and distilling what I've found for sure. But this is a start for locating post vaccination disease cures.

In the meantime, do everything you can to build up your immune system: detox, rest with less stress, lotsa vitamin D and C, magnesium, super foods, abstinence from packaged and junk foods and aspartame and fluoride, etc.

There are some useful tips on boosting your health and immune system in my Natural News articles column under the Natural News banner to the right. You probably know some of the drill if you've landed here. But it has to really get real. Because the extreme threat to our collective and individual health is real.

So whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

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