The "Ten Conditions" -- Identifying a Recurring Suppression Pattern of Genuine Cures

by Greg Caton

Escharotics are especially offensive to the medical community for ten very obvious and powerful reasons. Because these reasons reoccur with such frequency and poignancy as we continue our study, that we will end the first chapter by enumerating them now:
  1. The Products (Escharotics) Cure Cancer.
    (And as we'll see in further chapters, so do quite a number of other suppressed treatment approaches). The escharotic versions I went on to create worked better than 99% of the time topically, and better than 50% of the time on a wide range of internal cancers, excluding blood cancers (i.e. leukemia, lymphomas, and Hodgkin's). From 1995 to 2003, I ran and operated Alpha Omega Labs (, after already having five years experience in working with escharotics. I created a line of escharotic products that I named "Cansema® " (merging "cancer" with the popular trademark, Noxzema® and pronounced can-see'-muh.). [47b]. In only two cases did customers "claim" that the topical product did not work, and in only one case did a customer sue (Sue Gilliatt vs. Gregory James Caton, et. al.), and in even THAT case, the plaintiff admitted in sworn deposition that her cancer had been cured. [48]. As to the internal versions of Cansema® that were escharotic (Capsules and Tonic I), few customers failed to report some progress -- if not dramatic results. We were able to produce testimonial pages displaying an array of astonishing success stories.
  2. They're cheap.
    They are easy and inexpensive to make, not to mention inexpensive to sell (relative to orthodox treatment). Cansema® Salve, the primary salve I created and sold for $49.95 USD, could be used to cure a dozen or more average sized skin carcinomas. No monopoly, big profits, or advantages of extortionary regulation to be had here. Not good for the home team.
  3. No Doctor Is Required.
    They do not require the intervention of a doctor. They place most cancer treatments on the same level as going to the local drugstore to get a topical ointment to eliminate Athlete's Foot.
  4. They're Non-Toxic.
    They are not at all toxic topically. The internal variations are potentially toxic (especially with the use of bloodroot, which contain potent alkaloids, notably sanguarene), but not if properly formulated -- with adherence to a clearly stated, properly tested protocol.
  5. They Expose Long-Standing Industry and Government-Based Fraud of Unimaginable Proportion.
    Their very existence makes clear what an enormous fraud that orthodox chemotherapy, radiation, and most surgery is. Moreover, their efficacy exposes what a joke the multibillion dollar "cancer research" industry is and has been for the better part of a century.
  6. They're Non-Patentable.
    They cannot be meaningfully patented. Those escharotics that have been patented could not be reasonably defended. Without a basis to secure a monopoly, no faction with the drug industry could possibly condone the public becoming knowledgeable in the use of escharotics.
  7. They Do Not Lend Themselves to Proprietary Ownership and the Monopolistic Privileges It Brings.
    They've been around for so long that no one can claim credit or ownership to the essential principles behind them -- the principles supporting their efficacy.
  8. Indigenous Ethnobotanical Origins Are Shown to Be Superior.
    Escharotics' origins -- that is, if anyone at all is to get credit for their discovery -- go back to indigenous and aboriginal sources. Nothing is more embarrassing to modern science than the admission that we have spent many hundreds of billions of dollars on a project, and still we cannot improve upon the advice of medicine men ("those brute savages!") who fail to bow to the gods of our superior, industrial, mechanistic universe. This is cognitive disonance up with which we shall not put! It is a "tear in the matrix" that threatens to create a cascade among the weary electorate who just might decide to become "unplugged."
  9. True Democracy Is Exposed as a Sham
    Escharotics' existence undermines the legitimacy of representative democracy. It allows even the more obtuse among the civically ignorant citizenry to view the mythology of "government by the people" in all its disinformation. If escharotics are not proof that most Western democracies are, in actuality, plutocracies that put the interest of the rich and influential over those of the common man, nothing is. If the average citizen in the U.S., U.K., Australia, New Zealand, etc. knew what I knew, they would know that they possess absolute proof, in their hands, that modern medicine is the story of creative financial servitude. They would know that their so-called "elected representatives" are not only complicit, but are owned -- lock, stock, and barrel -- by the power elite. They would internalize, with unmistakeable clarity, the evidence that their houses of political representation were, in fact, little more than multinational corporate brothels. Not that many are not already aware of the fact; but it would most decidedly raise, as Alan Watts used to say, the "intensity of the concept" to a higher quantum of outrage. Most people, to this point, have not had the capacity to understand the cruel machinations that sit behind this kind of brutality. This gives a reason to obtain it.
  10. Knowledge of their Existence and Proper Use Would Lead to the Wholesale Bankruptcy of the Medical Industry in the West
    If the preparation and use of escharotics were widely known to ordinary citizens, this knowledge among the "People" would only lead to the embracing of other, equally effective natural remedies that are far superior to anything that modern medicine, generally -- and more specifically, modern pharmacology -- has to offer. Any significant movement in this direction would have an accelerating character and would -- as I will expand upon in upcoming chapters -- bring about the financial decimation of the pharmaceutical industry in the West and much of the medical industry that is allied to it.
Remember these conditions -- integral to what I call the "Suppression Pattern" -- as they form a recurrent theme in this book. The concept is further refined as we progress -- and, in fact, I will refer back to these points as the "Ten Conditions" in subsequent chapters.

For now, before I can complete the chronology of events that leads to the present, it is important to examine a brief history of escharotics, specifically; and trends in medical suppression generally.

Unless you believe, with the clarity and intensity that I believe, that these Conditions are true and beyond the pale of exaggeration or embellishment, you will not be able to appreciate the latter sections of this book and what they mean for you, your family, and society.

That is why I devote enough time and attention in what follows so you can see the Suppression Pattern for what it is and what it has done to Western Civilization.

Once you internalize these concepts with clarity, you will never be the same person again.

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