Health Minister of the Ukraine - "No longer need to Publish Confirmed Cases of Flu Victims"

Do You See A Pattern Here?

NOTE: Were the Ukrainian "swine flu" numbers reliable to begin with? Or -- is this just a replay of the CDC manufactured "swine flu" numbers? Either way it looks beyond suspicious. WHO benefits? Follow the money...


The Health Ministry of Ukraine sees no need to publish information about a number of laboratory-confirmed cases of А/Н1N1 flu.

"Ukraine has pandemic of А/Н1N1 flu and now it doesn't much matter how many cases are confirmed, as we should treat everyone equally," Ukrainian First Deputy Health Minister Vasyl Lazoryshynets said at a briefing on Nov. 13.

He noted that in Ukraine as of Nov. 13, since the start of the epidemic 1.25 million people have contracted flu and acute respiratory infections.

The first deputy health minister said that A/H1N1 flu had been laboratory-confirmed in 14 people.

According to Jukka Pukkila, the Head of a WHO international mission that has been in Ukraine for two weeks, the mission will publish its final decision by the end of this week.

"According to the preliminary results, there is no difference concerning the rate of A/H1N1 flu infection in Ukraine compared to other countries," he said." '

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